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As a UCSB student, you have the ability to create an online web presence through your U-web
account. The following steps will show you how to successfully create a personal website with
U-web and Adobe Dreamweaver.
What you’ll need:
A computer with Internet access
U-Mail account
A copy of your logo
A copy of your resume
Updated LinkedIn Profile
Adobe Dreamweaver (30-day free
trial available)
Getting Started:
Download Adobe Dreamweaver
Create a folder saved on desktop titled “site”
Inside that folder create two more folders titled “pdfs” and “images”
Save your logo in the “images” folder as either a png or gif file
Save your resume as a pdf file in the “pdfs” folder
Create Your HTML Document:
1. Open Adobe Dreamweaver
2. Go to Site menu on top menu bar
! click New Site
3. Title it “mysite“ and choose the site
folder you have saved on the desktop
and then click save
4. On the right hand side your folder will
now appear under “files”
5. Click HTML in the middle column under Create New to create new html document
Sawamura 2
6. On the blank screen type “logo” as a placeholder and then your name on the next line.
7. Return down two lines and type “Resume | UCSB | LinkedIn”
(pipe located on the \ key)
8. To link your pdf resume to “Resume,” highlight the text
9. On the bottom of the screen there is a box titled Properties. Maker sure that HTML is
10. Find the link box and click the button shaped as a folder
11. Find your pdf resume and click choose
12. To link “UCSB” and “LinkedIn” to their respective webpages, highlight the text
13. Type in the URLS in place labeled “links”
Change the font properties:
1. Highlight your name
2. Go to the Properties menu at the
bottom for the page again.
3. Click on CSS instead of HTML
4. Choose desired font
5. New CSS Rule window will pop up
6. Create a class name style sheet by typing in “title” under selector name and click okay
7. Now you can control the font, alignment, size, etc
To insert your logo:
1. Highlight the word “logo.” Select Insert on top menu to ! click Image
2. Choose your logo from image folder on your desktop
3. Your logo should now appear and you can remove the alternate text
4. Save your html document titled “index “into the site folder on your desktop
Sawamura 3
How to Upload files using Uweb:
1. Log into your U-Mail account using your UCSB netID and
password (
2. Click Account Tools on the left hand side once logged in
3. Click U-Storage the first item listed
4. Once in U-Storage, click the first folder titled
5. Upload your index into the uweb folder
6. To upload a file, click Choose File and choose the desired file
! Click Upload File
7. Create two new folders inside the uweb folder titled “images” and “pdfs”
8. Upload your logo into the images folder and resume into the pdfs folder
9. Now open up your internet browser and go to to view your new webpage
Congrats!!! You have completed your web presence!
For more help contact: Alx Sanchez
The Student Support Center
Phone: (805) 893-5542
Quick reference sheets also available at
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