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How to install OpenSim - Anti-Bullying Village

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How to install OpenSim
Before you can access our virtual village, you first have to install the OpenSim software on your PC. The
easiest way to implement OpenSim is by downloading the software first, to copy it on an USB stick and
to start it from there.
The following steps lead you through the implementation of OpenSim:
Step 1: Download OpenSim
Here you can download the package with the portable version of the SL client:
Step 2: Copy the file on an USB stick and unzip it there
Now, copy the file that you just downloaded to an USB stick. When you have done this, unzip the file.
After that, you can find the folder "SecondLife" and the file "RunSL.bat".
Step 3: Start OpenSim
To run SL client you have to double-click on RunSL.bat file.
A command line window (a black window) will open (don't close it!) and SL should start.
How to register for OpenSim and get an avatar?
Before you access our virtual village for the first time you need to register and get an avatar.
Please note that in the first year of our project access is restricted to the school teams from Germany,
Israel, Poland, Norway and the United Kingdom who are involved in the planning and creation of our
virtual village.
For registering please use the online registration form that you find at
Please use your real name when registering your avatar!
As we want to make sure that only young people we know from the schools we cooperative with get
access to the virtual Anti-Bullying-Village, our technicians will check your registration first (which in busy
time can take a bit). After we will have checked and approved your registration we will inform you by
If you are not a member of a school we are cooperating with but interested in exploring the
virtual Anti-Bullying-Village please contact us.
You can find contact addresses below:
Contact addresses
Thomas Jäger,
Eyal Rabin,
Г�ystein SamnГёen,
Piotr Plichta,
United Kingdom
Andy Hickson,
This project has been founded with support from the European
Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the
authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any
use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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