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Workshop 2- How to Make Change In Your Union (facilitators

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2011 marks the 100th celebration
of International Women’s Day.
В В Acknowledging the ground-breaking progress of many women over the century, ongoing
feminist action across the globe and in Australia is fundamentally necessary if we are to secure
a socially just and equally prosperous future for all.
Workshop 2- How to Make Change In Your Union (facilitators – Catherine Day and
Michelle Rosicky)
The AEU 5 Year Plan for Women will be reported to conference. Its origins lay in a gender audit of
the union’s leadership in 2007 and the concluding report will assess progress and offer some
strategies to strengthen women’s participation in the union. But what to do once women are
Often union members become involved in campaigns, committees or attend conferences and feel
thoroughly �in the thick of it’, yet are still unsure (and reluctant to admit it) about the actual structure
of the union, how decisions get made, how to run for positions and how to make the most of the
power to make change.
This workshop hopes to discuss the structures of the union, and in general how change can occur
whether it be in a policy sense, a campaign direction or the inclusion of a particular perspective.
AEU 5 Year Plan For Women
AUE 5 Year Plan for Women- Interim Report to the 2008 AEU Federal Conference
ACTU Women in Unions Report 2011
Education International Quadrennial Report on the Status of Women in Unions,
Education and Society 2011
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