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1. How to change password

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アカウント管理システムAccount Management System (AMS)
Account Management System for Mitsubishi Materials Groups is the centralized system to manage User
ID, Password and Approval to access each system.
Overview of AMS
It is complicated for system users to set up their passwords for each system. Viewpoint of internal
compliance, each user should have one password under Information Security Regulation in order to log
in all systems which are allowed to operate.
пј»Password RegulationпјЅ
(1) The password will expire every 90 days after it is changed or reset.
(2) The password within three generation is not able to be reused.
(3) AMS locks out the ID if wrong password is entered over five times.
(4)The password is easily reset by yourself if you register “Your Security Question”.
Recommend to register strongly.
1. How to change password
(1) Log in to AMS
Enter User ID, Password and click “Login”.
(2) Click Change Password
You can check when your
password expires.
Click “Change Password”.
(3) Proceed to change password
Enter Current, New, Confirm password and
click “Change”.
----------------------------------------------Password should not include your User ID.
-Password should not include restricted
characters on the screen.
- Password within three generation should
not be reused.
アカウント管理システムIf you change your password successfully, you can see “The password has been changed successfully”.
2. How to register “Your Security Question”
You should register your own security question and your answer so that you could reset your
password by yourself.
(1) Log in to AMS
(2) Click “Register your security question”
You can register again if you forget the
answer with no limitation.
(3) Register PIN for “Your Security Question”, “Your Security Question” and the answer for “Your
Security Question”.
PINпјљAt least 4 characters, not more than 8
Security QuestionпјљChose questions on the screen
Answer for QuestionпјљEnter the answer for the
(Refer to Hint or help on the screenпј‰
Click Register after all fields are filled.
(*)System distinguishes Upper, Lower; Double bite and Single bite character.
(4) Click Register after your confirmation
アカウント管理システム(5) Confirm “Your Security Question” is registered.
3. You resister again if you forget “Your Security Question”.
(”Security Question” and “Answer” are never expire. You can register whenever you want with no
limitation.)How to unlock or reset Password with the help of “Your Security Question”
- Password is locked out because the wrong password is entered over five times.
в‡’You should try to Unlock Password by yourself.
- Unable to log in because Password is forgotten or expired.
в‡’You should try to Reset Password.
(1) Click “(If you cannot login)”to log in to AMS with rescue mode
(2) Enter User ID and PIN for “Security Question” and Click “Next”.
You could not proceed, if your ID
and PIN are not correct.
Click “Unlock” or “Initialize…” after you enter the correct answer for your security question
registered. You could not proceed, if your answer is not correct.
アカウント管理システム- If you unlock successfully, your current password is
available until the expiration
- If you initialize successfully, you should do follow steps.
New temporary password is on the screen.
You will receive an confirmation email if you register your email after you initialize password.
Click “Go to AMS” then follow the operation how to
change password. You should change the password.
a. New temporary password is not secured, you should change password in accordance with password regulation.
You register again if you forget PIN or Answer of “Security Question”. You can register again and again.
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