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How to get to Shantaa - Shantaa Koh Kood

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How to get to Shantaa
Location: 20/3 Moo 2 (Aao Tapao) Tambon Kohkood,
road or the new elevated Bangkok-Chonburi toll way which is
Amphur Kohkood, Trad 23000.
right above it. Toll fee is 55 Baht.
How to get to Shantaa Resort:
2) Exit from the main road,head to the left and follow the
Getting to Shantaa is not difficult. There are several ways.
1. From Bangkok to Koh Kood There are 2 steps;
Bangsaen-Pattaya signboards.
1) Bangkok to Trad by rental van/car, plane, and bus.
2) Trad to Koh Kood by speed boat ferry.
2. From Koh Chang to Koh Kood:
By speedboat from Bang Bao pier.
by-pass that
reads Pattaya-Rayong.
Rayong until you see the Banbung-Klaeng-Chantaburi and the
3) Take the Banbung-Klaeng-Chantaburi route on your left.
You are now on highway no.344
4) Turn right at the Bangbung-Klaeng intersection and head
By speedboat from Kai Bae Beach.
for Klaeng only until you reach the Chantaburi-Rayong
3. From Koh Mak to Koh Kood: By speedboat from Aao Nid
the town which is on your right. This is again highway No.3.
pier on Koh Mak to Koh Kood.
When you arrive at any pier on Koh Kood, Shantaa will pick
you up to Shantaa. Please let us know your boat in advance.
1. Getting from Bangkok to Trad
1.1 By rental car/van with driver (or private car)
Suggestion: Rental car/van with driver will take you from
anywhere in Bangkok and drive you directly to the pier. This
is the most convenient way with no confusion and the rate is
not too expensive compare to other choices. Traveling time
(Bangkok to pier) is about 4 hours with normal traffic
condition. You can even choose to leave your hotel whenever
you prefer. Just don’t forget that you need about 4 hours
commuting time. Please select your speedboat ferry time
accordingly. For more information, please contact us.
Bangkok-Trat (Car/Van)
4,700 THB/car/way (2-5 pax.)
junction.Take the left route to Chantaburi but do not enter
Instead go forward until you reach the Sa Kaew-Trad
5) Take the right turn and go all the way to Trad town.
The Motorway is another alternative. Starting from Rama IX
Road and onto Srinakarin Road, exit after paying the second
toll that leads to Ban Bung, Klaeng, Chanthaburi and finally
Trad. The total toll fee is 60 Baht.
1.2 By Air:
Suggestion: There are several flights from Bangkok to Trad
daily. Airport Limousine is available to take you to the pier. It
usually takes about 45 minutes to get to the pier. We could
also arrange an airport pickup if you prefer. Flight time and
boat time are usually in conflict. Most guests who flew to Trad
had to take afternoon boats at 1:00 pm. Please select your
flight accordingly to minimize your waiting time. For more
schedule, or call 1771.
If you drive, please see routes below. Please note that the
traveling time is about 4 hours. Parking is available at the
(315 Km.)
This is the more preferred route with the following details:
1) Take highway route no.3 (Bangna-Trad Road) until you
reach the Chonburi by-pass. You can either take the normal
Shantaa Resort
20/3 Moo 2 Tambon Kohkood Amphur Kohkood, Trad 23000, Thailand,
Tel: +66 8-1817-9648, +66 8-1444-1648
How to get to Shantaa
1.3 By bus:
1.C&P Speedboat: +668-7136-1102, +668-3110-4448
Suggestion: There are many buses everyday but most of our
guests come with the last bus of the day (23:30) so they can
Trad-Kohkood: Daily at 09:00 am and 1:00 pm.
Kohkood-Trad: Daily at 12.00 am. and 10:00 am.
take the morning boat (09:00). This bus will arrive very early
in the morning, around 04:00. You will need to take a trucktaxi to get to town for food or anything. It’s too early to go to
the pier at 04:00. Truck-taxis are available at the bus
terminal. Please asking for free pick up service from boat
company when you book the boat ticket.
If you wish to be on morning boat (09:00), you should leave at
23:30 on the day before. If you wish to take 13:00 boat, you
should take the 06:00 bus on the same day. Buses usually take
about 6 hours from Bangkok to Trad. They make a lot of stop
2.2 Ferry: 1.5 hours trip, Open all year.
along the way.
1. Koh Kood Express (Air-conditioned) +668-7749-0030
Please note that piers are not in Trad Town. You probably
Trad-Kohkood: Daily at 12:30 pm.
Trad (Leamsok)-Koh Kood (Hin Dam pier)–Trad (Leamsok)
need about 30 minutes commuting time.
Kohkood-Trad: Daily at 10.00 am.
1) The Ekamai Bus Terminal is the main terminal for the
2. Kohkood Princess (Air-conditioned) +668-6126-7860
eastern provinces. It is located at the Ekamai section of
Sukhumvit Road which is also easily accessible by the BTS Sky
train. Air-conditioned and ordinary buses depart almost every
hour. The trip is about 5 hours.
Please check schedule at:
Cherdchai tour:
Bangkok office: (02) 391-2237, (02) 391-4164
Trat office: (039) 511-062
The transport co.,Ltd: call center 1490 or
Trad (Leamsok)-Koh Kood (Aao Salad pier)–Trad (Leamsok)
Trad-Kohkood: Daily at 11:30 pm.
Kohkood-Trad: Daily at 09.30 am.
Please asking for free pick up service from Trat town-pier.
Please note that all boat schedules could be changed without
Please also note that if you miss all the boats available on that
day, you will have only 2 choices;
2) The Northern Bus Terminal (New Morchid) is the other
all necessary accommodations in town.
1) To stay overnight in Trad town. We can help you arrange
route. It is located at New Morchid of Kampaeng Petch Road.
The trip is also about 5 hours.
Please check schedule at:
The transport co.,Ltd: call center 1490 or
2) To charter the whole boat. This option is expensive. Please
check again for availability and price.
Getting from Koh Chang to Koh Kood
1) Ao Thai marine express: leaving from Kai Bae Beach
1.4 By shared minivan:
2) Bang boa boat: leaving from Bang Bao bay
Bangkok-Trad town: Leaving from Morchit and Victory
Monument to Trad town.
Trad town-Bangkok: Leaving Trad Town to Victory Monument
or Mochit.
Every 1 hours star from 5:00 am - 18:00 pm, the journey
time takes 4 hours. 350 THB/person/way
2. Getting from Trad to Koh Kood
2.1 By speedboat: 1.0 hours trip, Open from Oct.-May.
Trad (Leamsok)-Koh Kood (Shantaa pier)–Trad (Leamsok)
Once you arrive at Koh Kood, we will be waiting at the pier
that you arrive. If you arrange your own transfers, please
inform us your schedule. So we will know where to find you.В В Shantaa Resort
20/3 Moo 2 Tambon Kohkood Amphur Kohkood, Trad 23000, Thailand,
Tel: +66 8-1817-9648, +66 8-1444-1648
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