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How to record, upload and share video using YouTube

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How to record, upload and share video using YouTube
There are two main ways to record and upload video to YouTube:
1. Using a Web Cam directly into YouTube (See Recording and uploading a video on YouTube Capture).
2. a) Record using a video camera.
Using a camera on your mobile/ tablet; a dedicated video camera such as a dedicated Flip cam; or make
use of the video mode on a standard compact photo camera.
b) Upload your video to YouTube from your mobile device or from your video camera via your computer.
If your device doesn’t offer a means of sharing directly to YouTube (e.g. smartphones will generally allow
you to share video on YouTube via the gallery feature), you will need to transfer your video to a
computer before following the steps below.
Will my video work with YouTube?
With a standard YouTube account videos must be no longer than 15 minutes in length and no larger than 1Gigabyte1. Most file types will work with YouTube, contact JISC Digital Media if you need advice on how to change
your video file format.
Steps and recommendations to sharing your video using YouTube
1. Sign-in to, or Create, your YouTube account
2. Upload your Video to YouTube and skip step 3 of this instruction
3. Locate the Video Manager and click on the Edit button
4. Edit the sharing setting and edit/ add detail about the video:
a. Under the privacy settings, select �Unlisted’.
The �Unlisted’ option is recommended as it allows you to share your video using a link with other
e.g. via email or a news item. It also allows you to embed video in other online environments,
e.g. NOW (see Adding a video from YouTube into a learning room).
b. change the title in the title box
c. add a description of the video in the description box
d. add tags i.e. keywords that explain and promote your video
e. categories your video by selecting a pre-defined category that suits your video
�Save changes’
5. The �Video URL’ can be accessed under �Video Information’ on the same page. This URL can be copied
and shared with others.
6. Pasting the video URL into your address bar (or clicking on the video itself on the Video Manager page)
will allow you to access the other sharing options.
For more information (inc. how to videos) visit YouTube Help
Verifying your YouTube account using a mobile phone allows for unlimited length and size of videos to be uploaded (20GB
browser limitation).
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