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How to use this resource - Victorian Refugee Health Network

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How to use this resource
Intended use of resource
This resource is designed to be used by community workers who work with people
with low literacy levels. It contains handouts and information intended to be used as a
tool for education on general nutrition principles. Images of food with brand names are
used only as an example and are not specifically encouraged as a superior choice.
The information in this resource does not replace a consultation with a Dietitian. For
more specific nutrition advice and individual guidance, always consult a Dietitian or
Doctor. A Dietitian can be reached at your local Community Health Service:
Greater Dandenong Community Health Service
55 Buckingham Ave, Springvale. 8558 9000
229 Thomas St, Dandenong. 8792 2200
This resource was developed by Monash University Dietitian Students, Carol Ho and
Kelly He in August 2008 under the supervision of Jenny Trezise (APD, AN) City of
Greater Dandenong and Shireen Hii (APD, AN) Greater Dandenong Community
Health Service.
After consultation with stakeholders, one of the needs identified was access to nutrition
resources suitable for people with low literacy levels. Such existing resources were
obtained from various sources and compiled into a folder, as well as a CD, and is also
available on the Victorian Refugee Health Network website:
New pictorial resources were also developed and added to the resource.
The following stakeholders participated in consultations and provided valuable
comments for the development of this resource:
Mimi Woon (Greater Dandenong Community Health Service), Margaret Whelan, Mary
Fox, Sue Young and Anthony Leigh (Keysborough Learning Centre), Elisse Donnelly,
Karen Curson (City of Greater Dandenong Maternal & Child Health Department), Tony
Setter (Royal District Nursing Service), Gill Latchford (Avocare), Judy (Avocare training
cafГ©), Jan McCaffrey (CGD Council), Antonietta Vatta (Mission Australia), Habte
Bechere (South East Alcohol and Drug Services), Jo Lee (Dandenong Neighbourhood
House), Kathryn Voutier, Tatjana Krneta and Jeanne Chippett (South Eastern Migrant
Resource Centre), and Doris Wong (Playgroup Victoria).
Appreciation also goes to community members for their participation in the
consultation process: clients of the Refugee Health Clinic in Dandenong Hospital,
participants from Keysborough Community Kitchen and a trainee from Avocare training
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