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Instruction on how to extract song tracks in Video CD Karaoke disc

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Instruction on how to extract song tracks in Video CD Karaoke disc for JB-199
Software requirements:
Divx Codec 5.2.1:
note: softwares should be installed before starting the steps below.
1. Insert the VCD karaoke disc into CD-ROM drive.
2. Open the directory of the disc drive. There will be a folder MPEGAV which
contains .dat files.
3. Copy .dat files into hard drive, into a directory of your choice.
4. Start VirtualDub program.
5. Press File, then select Open Video File and select .dat file that you copied into the
6. Press Audio, and select No Audio.
7. Press Video and select Compression. From the Select video compression screen,
and select DIVX codec.
8. Choose Configure from DIVX codec, and select the bit rate of 1200-1500 Kbps.
9. Press OK and return to the main menu.
10. Press File and choose Save as AVI. Select the directory and the name under
which AVI file will be saved.
11. Press SAVE button to initiate the encoding process.
12. When AVI encoding is done, press Audio and select Source Audio.
13. Press File and select Save Wave. Select the directory (same as one used to save
avi file) and name it with the same name used for avi file.
14. When encoding is finished, now you should have e.g. avi and 0001.wav
15. Start dBPowerAMP program
16. Open .wav file. Multiple files can be selected for batch processing.
17. Select “Converting file to mp3”.
18. Set the bitrate at 128Kbps
19. Uncheck the Preserve ID Tag.
20. Press Convert button to begin conversion.
21. Now you should have 0001.mp3 0001.avi and 0001.wav
22. Delete 0001.wav and start to download mp3 and avi files into JB199.
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