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How to Read your Remittance Advice - Coventry Health Care of

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It is your responsibility to verify Remittances. If you wish to appeal a payment, you must
contact CHC within ninety (90) days of the check date or within the time frame specified in
your contract. If you do not notify CHC within time frame specified, payment is considered
final. Unless otherwise agreed upon, a claim shall be considered final one hundred and eighty
(180) days after the date of the adverse determination and neither you nor CHC can request a
review of the claim.
The following is an explanation of the remittance advice you will receive for medical
services rendered.
How to Read your Remittance Advice
Here are detailed explanations of the fields on the remittance advice to aid you in reading
your remittance advice.
Claim Detail
Patient Name – The name of the Member receiving the services.
Account # -- Patient account number taken from your claim submission.
Place of Service – Identifies the type of facility where the services were provided, e.g.,
Member # -- Our identification number for the Member receiving services.
Date Received- The date the claim was received by Coventry Health Care.
Processed Date – The date the claim was processed in our system.
Claim # -- A unique number that we assign during the claim imaging process. Please
provide this number when making claim inquiries as it will speed specific claim retrieval.
Auth # -- The number that we assign to our referral that is associated with claim, if
Claim Provider – Identifies the name of the provider in the HIPAA compliant format,
who performed and billed the service.
Carrier – The information in this field may vary by product and account. It indicates the
entity responsible for funding the claim, including the employer group if a self-funded
arrangement is applicable.
Network/Division – Division of referring physician, if a referral is applicable. May also
signify network accessed.
Product- Indicates which one of our products defines coverage for the Member, e.g.,
HMO-Commercial, PPO, etc.
Service Dates – Dates of service corresponding to each procedure code. From first date
the Member received the service from the provider (from date) through the last date the
Member received the service from the provider (to date).
Procedure Code – Code pertaining to the procedure performed and billed by the
provider on the corresponding service date(s).
Mod Cd – Indicates the modifier for the procedure code and procedure description, if
DRG/APC- Reflects the specific DRG or APC used to process the claim, if applicable.
Procedure Description – Describes the procedure performed for the procedure code
CAP Y=yes, Indicates the claim line was adjudicated as a result of a capitated agreement.
N=No, indicates the claim line was adjudicated as a result of a fee for service agreement.
Total Charges – The amount billed fro the procedure(s) performed on the corresponding
service dates(s).
Allowed Amount – Amount of billed charges less any ineligible amounts;
Ineligible Amount –Amount that is not covered or is in excess of the provider’s
contracted rate and for which the Member or provider is responsible.
Inelig DC – Disposition Code assigned to indicate the reason for ineligible amount;
applicable disposition codes descriptions are noted at the bottom of the last page of this
COB DC- Disposition code assigned to indicate ineligible amount(s) after Coordination
of Benefits; applicable disposition codes descriptions are noted at the bottom of the last
page of the remittance advice.
Deductible Amount – Amount of deductible specified under the Member’s Certificate of
Copay Amount – Amount the Member is responsible for paying to the provider at the
time services are received, as defined by their Certificate of Coverage.
Mbr Coins– Amount coinsurance applied as defined by Member’s Certificate of
Mbr Respons – Total dollars that is Member responsibility (as displayed in columns 17,
18 and 19) in addition to any Member responsible ineligible amount dollars (as displayed
in column 14).
MBR DC –Disposition code assigned to indicate the reason for Member responsibility;
applicable disposition code descriptions are noted at the bottom of the last page of the
remittance advice.
ADJ DC –Disposition code assigned to indicate the reason for claim reconsiderations;
applicable disposition code descriptions are noted at the bottom of the last page of the
remittance advice.
Paid Amount – The amount being paid to the provider, calculated for each service minus
Member responsibility, if applicable.
Interest Calculations- Interest paid as a result of claim processing that extends beyond
the defined number of days allowed by State or Federal regulatory requirements, if
Check # -- The number of the reimbursement check.
Claim Totals – Totals columns
Withhold Amount – Indicates Contractual Withhold; the total dollars withheld for the claim
in accordance with the terms and conditions of the provider contractual agreement.
Back-Out & Replacement – If a claim is backed out and replaced by another claim, the claim
number of the backed out claim and applicable (negative) dollar amount is listed, as well as
the number of the replacement claim.
Back-Out & Refund -- Message indicates specific claim that was backed out as well as the
vendor’s refunded dollar amount, check number and check date. The refund represents
positive dollars.
Distribution: Payments are processed one to two times per week, depending on the specific
Health Plan schedule. Checks and Remittance Advice Summary reports are printed and
mailed to you. You may receive more than one check/remittance advice summary in one
envelope, since we have individual bank accounts for our various product lines. Electronic
Funds Transfers are also processed according to this schedule. Please note that remittance
advices are not printed for EFT providers. To access the Remittance Advice, you must log
onto or sign up for electronic remittance advices (ERA).
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