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How to Reserve Tax Credits on AL Department of Revenue for

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H o w t o Re s e r v e Ta x C re d i t s o n
A L D e p a r t m e n t of Re v e n u e f o r D o n a t i o n s
to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO)
under the Alabama Accountabili ty Act
1. Register on Alabama Department of Revenue website.
a) You will need your Social Security Number and Alabama Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)
for previous year’s tax return. Note: Federal AGI will not work.
b) Visit
2. Sign up for a MAT account.
a) Look for the “First Time MAT Users - Sign Up Here!” on the right side and click the
“Sign Up” button (see below).
3. Select from the drop down list which applies for your business (see below).
a) Add your Social Security # and Alabama AGI from last tax return then validate.
4. Create a Username, Password and “Secret Question” (see below).
5. Enter your personal contact information (see below).
6. Choose to allow a “third-party access” or not.
7. Print Confirmation screen or write down Confirmation information.
a) The Authorization Code required for initial login will be sent to your email.
b) You will need to logoff the ADOR website and check your email account.
**You have now completed the ADOR MAT account registration process.**
You may now donate to the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund.
Re g i s t e r Yo u r S G O D o n a t i o n t o Re c e i v e A l a b a m a
Ta x C r e d i t U s i n g Yo u r M AT a c c o u n t .
1. Sign into MAT using your new username and password.
2. Enter the Authorization Code sent your email.
3. Once signed in, click on “Donate to SGO” on the left side of the
4. Enter your personal information and select “Alabama Opportunity
Scholarship Fund” from the drop down list.
5. Print your confirmation screen.
Checks made payable to:
Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Mail to:
Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 59188
Birmingham, AL 35259
Note: Once AOSF receives and processes your check, we will verify your tax credit on
ADOR website and send you a receipt. After your donation is verified, the ADOR
will send you a separate Alabama Tax Credit Receipt
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