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How to Dominate a Creative Kickoff Call

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How to Dominate a Creative Kickoff Call
Who to Beam Up?
The Creative Team (
Your Client Contact for the Project
Your Client’s Strategy Person (if applicable)
Why Abduct Them?
The kickoff call is super important, as it gives the
Creative Team a chance to probe the client directly
and make sure we’re all in the same universe as
we’re launch a project.
What Instruments to Bring?
Printouts of the Creative Brief
The Creative Schedule
A space pen or other writing mechanism to
take notes during the call
Start off the call by introducing everyone on the line, with names, titles and companies. If you’re not sure who is on the call from
Creative, introduce the CD or ACD and let him or her handle the remaining introductions.
“We have Susanne, the Marketing Director from HP. Donnie, the Acxiom Strategist on the HP account.
And Ben, our Associate Creative Director in San Francisco who will introduce the rest of the Creative team.”
Next, make sure everyone on the call has the latest copy of the Creative Brief ready to walk through.
Let everyone know that you’re going to proceed walking through the contents of the brief.
Tell the client know that she should jump in anytime she’d like to add more detail to what you’ve said about the brief.
For each section of the brief, give a short synopsis of the contents... then pause for questions from the Creative Team or comments by
the client. Don’t read the brief word-for-word, as everyone attending the meeting should have read the brief in full prior to the call.
After you’ve walked through all of the sections of the brief, ask the client if she has any other details to add.
Then ask the Creative team if they have any remaining questions.
Finally, let the client know what date she can expect to receive Round 1 concepts, according to the creative schedule. Let her know
you’ll be setting a meeting on her calendar that day to present the concepts.
Thank everyone for taking the time to have the Kickoff Call. Then update the Creative Brief with any notes from the call and re-post it
to Basecamp.
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