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How to join Jack's Family
Check us out!
Have you tried a Wrap? How about a Big Bowl? Review the information in the brochure.
Become familiar with the product and the concept.
Fill out an application form!
Once you know a little about us, we would like to get to know you. Fill out the application
form included in this package. This information is kept strictly confidential and will be
used by us to learn more about you.
Meeting of the Minds
Sit down with us and tell us where you want to open your restaurant. This is a good time
to get to know each other and find out each other's philosophy about the business and
determine if this is the business for you.
Top Secret!
After you meet with us and have decided you want to proceed, sign our confidentiality
agreement enclosed and provide us a refundable deposit for $2,250. Now we will give
you the franchise agreement and all the supporting financial numbers. If you are not
interested in continuing after reviewing this information just send us the materials back
and you will get your full deposit back. (Deposit made out to Badass Jack's Sub's &
Wraps Co. Ltd.)
Any Questions?
Now is the time to find out the answers to any questions you might have. Ask us
anything, or go and see any of our franchisees with your questions.
If you are ready to be a Wrapper/Badass Jack's Franchisee, it is now time to do the
paperwork. Review and execute the franchise agreement, which will be provided to you.
You are now part of Jack's family.
Location, Location, Location! We may already have a location for you. If not, we will work together to find the best
location that we can for your restaurant in the market you chose.
Family Support
We will be with you every step of the way to help you open and setup your business.
Badass Jack’s · Wrapper Jack’s
11307 53 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5W 3L1
Phone: (780) 468-3452 Fax: (780) 431-0247 E-mail:
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