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New York

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Welcome to
Parts 1 & 2
Lizunova Svetlana Sergeevna
Secondary school № 1391, Moscow
2012-2013 school year
The United States of America
You are
in the USA now
and you are going
to see one of the
greatest cities on
the planet –
New York !
New York (NY)
New York
is in
the state of
New York.
It`s not the capital ,
but it is the largest
city in the country.
There are 50 states in America.
One of them is New York.
The state
of New York
New York
Part № 1
New words and names to describe New York
• To talk about New York we`ll need new words and expressions: some names of places
and main attractions of this great city, the name of the river in New York.
a borough [bʌrǝ] - район
Manhattan [mæn`hætn] –
Brooklyn [`brʊklin] – Бруклин
Queens [kwi:nz] – Куинз
Staten Island [`stætn`ailǝnd]
– Статен-Айленд
the Bronx [brɒɧks] – Бронкс
the Hudson [`hʌdsǝn] - Гудзон
• New York is on the Hudson River.
• New York consists of five
boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn,
Queens, Staten Island and the
- Манхэттен
• Manhattan is the heart of the city,
so let`s start with it.
• Let`s do Manhattan. –
Давайте осмотрим
• Manhattan is the main island
of New York City.
• Let`s see New York`s most famous sights: the Empire State Building, the Chrysler
Building, the Rockefeller Center , the Pan American Building, the Statue of Liberty …
a skyscraper -
• Remember the most famous
skyscrapers of New York .
1. The Empire State
[empaɪǝ(r) steɪt bɪldɪɧ] –
2. The Chrysler Building – здание Крайслер
3. The Rockefeller
[rɒkǝfelǝ(r)] –
4. The Pan American Building, now named MetLife
A bird`s eye view of Manhattan`s famous skyscrapers
Part № 2
“There are many apples on the tree, but only one Big Apple”
The old saying is very true when we talk about New York – America`s Big Apple
• The city has a lot of nicknames. Here are some of them: “The Big Apple”, “The City
That Never Sleeps”, “The Capital of the World”, “The Center of the Universe” …
New York is a show in itself
to do some sightseeing – осматривать достопримечательности
an impression [ɪm`preʃn] – впечатление
a ferry [`feri] – парóм
a masterpiece – шедевр a flier – рекламный проспект to book – заказывать (билет)
• New York City attracts more than 45 million tourists every year.
The Big Apple`s
mega star is
the Empire State
• It took less than two years to
build it (one year and 45
• The building has 103 floors.
• Total height is 443.2 meters
to top of the lightning rod.
• It is the world`s greatest TV
tower (1,454 feet)
• The work was completed on
November 13, 1930.
• Over 2,5 million visitors from
every state in the US and nearly
every foreign country visit “top of
the Empire State” each year.
The Empire State
Building became the tallest
skyscraper in New York on
September 11, 2001.
• The
Twin Towers of
the World Trade Center
used to be higher.
• They used to be the tallest buildings in New York.
• They were destroyed by terrorists on September 11, 2001.
The Statue of
• The millions of immigrants
who had to come to America by
sea were welcomed by a very tall
woman, America`s symbol of
• The woman is still there
looking out to sea. She is the
Statue of Liberty, one of the
most famous symbols of
• This monument was built in
New York Harbor in 1886. It
was a gift from the people of
• You can take the subway to Whitehall Street or to South Ferry . From there you can catch
a ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty. A short ferry ride from Battery Park.
The Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island
Sightseeing tours with helicopters
• You can book a helicopter tour. It includes Liberty Island and Midtown, which gives you
a perfect opportunity to get a bird`s eye view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.
The Rockefeller
• Located in the center of
Midtown Manhattan,
Rockefeller Center or
Rockefeller Plaza is a
complex of 19 commercial
• NBC studios, Radio City
Music Hall are among
• The Rockefeller Center Christmas trees are the largest and the most beautiful in New York
• The buildings and gardens make up this “city within a city”.
The Chrysler
• The Chrysler Building was
the world`s tallest building
until the Empire State
Building came along.
• The Building was finished in
• The Chrysler Building was
done in art deco style.
• The 77-floor building is
located in Midtown
The Guggenheim Museum
[`gʊgǝnhaɪm mju:`ziǝm] - Музей Гуггенхайма.
• It contains one of the world`s finest collections of contemporary art.
• Named the Solomon R.
Guggenheim Museum in
honor of its founder, the
museum is in fact better
known for its amazing
• The museum was opened in
1959 and immediately became
the focus of critics.
• It was designed by the
famous architect, Frank
Lloyd Wright, who broke all
the old standard rules and
came up with a totally new
concept of style.
• Look at its shape!
• Even if you are not interested
in modern art, you shouldn`t
miss a chance to visit one of the
world`s most extravagant
• Come and see this
architectural masterpiece,
which has not lost its ability to
excite and surprise.
art [ɑ:t] – искусство,
fine – изящный
contemporary [kɔn`tempǝrǝri] –
amazing [ǝmeɪzɪɧ] –
is the most famous street in New York. It is one of the longest
avenues in Manhattan (25 km.), but it is famous not only for this fact.
It is also famous for the small area near Times Square where Broadway crosses 7th Avenue.
This is the home of many Broadway theaters and is known as the “Theater District” . The
lights from all the theaters and advertisements are very bright.
• The hit which was born on Broadway is “Chicago”! This fantastic musical is still the
biggest hit in town. Thousands of people come to Broadway to see this great show in the
Ambassador theater.
• Hilton Theater`s hall
• Music Box Theater
• This part of Broadway is also known as “the Great White Way”.
Times Square
• There are always a lot of tourists here.
• New Yorkers and tourists like to celebrate New Year in Times Square. On New Year`s
Eve, December 31, crowds of people stand in Times Square and wait for midnight.
• At midnight everyone shouts: “Happy New Year!” to everyone else.
Central Park
• Central Park is so huge that you can get lost there. It can be called the lungs of New York.
• Central Park is used by thousands of New Yorkers and visitors every day. Here you will see
families walking their dogs and young people riding their bikes and roller-skating.
• You can also see baseball and soccer here.
• Some people come here just to rest. They walk, sit in the sun, listen to music.
Read and decide if the statements are true or false. Correct the false statements.
1. The Empire State Building is the tallest building in the world.
2. It took less than two years to build it.
3. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by
4. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center used to be the tallest
buildings in New York.
5. “Chicago” is the name of a theater.
6. Broadway is the main street in New York.
Answer the questions.
Which of the sights …
1. … was designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright?
2. … used to welcome millions of immigrants?
3. … can be called the lungs of New York?
4. … is famous for the largest Christmas tree in New York?
5. … was done in art deco style in 1929?
6. … contains a collection of modern art?
7. … looks out on the sea?
8. … is so huge that you can get lost there?
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