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Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение
«Сиверская СОШ №3»»
Гатчинского района Ленинградской области
ПРЕЗЕНТАЦИЯ к УРОКУ “The best place in the world”
5 класс
к УМК «Английский нового тысячелетия»
учитель английского языка
Михайлова Елена Владимировна
Ленинградская область
п. Сиверский
The best place in
the world
Students: Vorontsova P., Kikina N.,
Shatilova Zh., Tashlikov K.
Chelpanova L.
Teacher: Mikhailova E.V.
London is the biggest
city in Britain. More than
7 million people live and
work there.
It’s the center for
business and for
tourism. There are a lot
of beautiful places of
interest there.
The symbol of London is
The Houses of
Parliament and Big
Big Ben is the biggest
bell in the clock tower
in Britain
The most popular place for people
to meet is
Trafalgar Square.
In the middle of the
square there is
Nelson’s Column,
which is 51 m high.
The oldest place in London is
The Tower of London.
It is a very big castle. It
was a castle, a palace,
a zoo, a prison and a
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
is the most famous
place in London. It’s
the home of the
Queen. There are 600
rooms in it. It has an
indoor swimming pool
and cinemas.
The oldest and the most
important church in England is
Westminster Abbey.
It’s the official church
of the British Monarch.
The coronations of all
British monarchs have
taken place here since
1066. Besides, it’s the
most beautiful church
in the country.
St. – Petersburg
St. – Petersburg is one
of the most beautiful
cities of Russia,
Europe and whole
world. A lot of small
rivers and canals
separate different
parts of the city from
each other.
There are many beautiful bridges over the Neva River. Some of
them are not very high. That’s why at night specialists raise the
bridges. So, ships can move on the Neva River.
Many people all over
the world know
theatres, museums
and beautiful
churches of St. –
One of the most interesting
museums in St.-Petersburg is
The Russian
Museum. You can
see wonderful
collections of beautiful
works by famous
Russian painters.
The most famous symbol
of the city is
The monument to
Peter the Great
The best period of the year in
St.-Petersburg is
The period of the
“white nights”. It’s
light even at night.
It’s the city of museums.
There are more than 70
museums in Stockholm.
Junibacken – the world
of Astrid Lindgren
It is a museum of fairy
tales, fun and
surprises. There is a
fairy train here and
you can travel to the
world of adventures
and interesting
Vasa Museum
Vasa was the
name of the ship.
On 10 August 1628
the Vasa started
the1-st voyage and
sank in Stockholm
This ship was 333
years under the sea.
But it was
reconstructed 95
percents original.
Today the Vasa is
one of the world’s
popular tourist
Tomteland is the land
of Father Frost or
Santa. It’s the most
interesting place for
children during their
winter holidays. Last
winter I visited this
place. It was so
Here you can meet a lot of characters of
fairy tales. It’s interesting to know that you
can have a good time here even in summer.
East or West – home is best!
The best place in the world is my motherland.
There are no famous museums, theatres or
hotels in our town. It is not very big, but it is
cosy and beautiful.
Many famous painters and writers lived here,
such as Shishkin, Kramskoy and Maykov.
There is no place
like home.
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