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Subcultures in Kurgan
Emo is a teenager, who so
comes short of love,
understanding, attention,
saturation to lifes. They even
look somehow like babies,
skinny, in torn jeans, in blackrose cloth with baby picture
on her, with long forelock and
ruffled hair. Particularly the
girls look like-baby naive with
baby bright in black hair.
Emo has chosen the black colour, in the
same way as Goths for symbolism.
The Black colour is the colour of
secretiveness, protection, barrier. But
presence in Emo style lives in their hear of
bright colour can say that the bright world.
Emos are bright, emotional and pervaded
life children. They have nothing general with
Goths. Emo rebell against evil ills, they work
for peace in all world. There is no nothing
dark and mystic in them, as there is in
Goths. Emo do not understand or simply do
not want to understand many laws of this
adult and cruel world, Emos want to live
There is one more very important moment of
the difference Emo from Ready-it is psychical
condition of Emo. They are wounded and
psychically unstable.
"Juice (the angel.
Ska) music style,
appeared on Jamaica
at the end 1950s.Original styles are
connected with
appearance of the
sound installation
(the angel. sound
systems ), allowed to
dance straight in the
1.SKA goes in monochrome, carry badge, heap badge, listen to certain
music, and do not cry, as EMO
2.pop mixed with fate of the variants of the crossing fate-musics and music traditions of
South-american negro.
4.merry and positive music in most cases.
5.they listen to the fate, punk-fate. They wear bright sportswear, sneakers,
ride on skates
6.SKA is in the first place of music after lifestyle,and only afterwards
exterior! think on need to copy
7. in the first place it is necessary to begin to listen juice a music, but
already afterwards stili. unnecessary to carry all in monochrome counterstrip or ride on skeyte. music-main!
Z.Y. from music can advise: distemper, ska-p, skaapple, stripes.
8. to be Juice it is necessary to listen to juice a punk, ride on skate and it is
necessary to be an отвязным... And it is necessary Slip in counter to have...
But in general if you want to be juice from for modes that from you juice fig
is got....
9. positive
music and style of the life on first place
rather then "as it is necessary be dressed"
10.sка - the best that there is in music )))
utter positive
In general, I respect the
people, who try to chose from
society, proving that they are
For the first time, the word
Goths has sounded in times of
barbarian, but in 1980-1981
this word became to mark the
people, who joined to specific
It was formed in England and
is spreading over Europe.
The Goths not only take the back of life-death, but also
cull from there power and energy The True goths have
thinned feeling of the beauty based on to mystic.
The Goths sharply do not take the stereotypes,
standards of the behaviour and exterior.
The Goths, either as all people on planet individual and
inimitable, they all miscellaneouses. But beside ready
there is all their own discriminating line. First of all this
prevalence of the black colour in all. This colour them is
chose not simply so, black colour is defensive against
varicoloured cloth of the usual people. The silver gild
prefer From metal Goths. The Girls-готессы most often
have a denominated style Vamp. This blackenning supply,
red or black tone of the pomade and varnish for ногтей.
Gotessy look very stylish, sexual and strictly, as it were
requiring all type from surrounding befitting relations to
individual, and each try to
protect its individuality,
expressing its internal world by
only its own way, all there is two
exceptions. This is a black
colour and metal silver. This
single two victims, which Goths
allow to each other. Exactly in
this they similar, but for the rest,
they absolutely miscellaneous
people. This victim for the sake
of associations and fortifications
gothic subcultures.
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