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top grade logistics
Efficient transport logistics is a key to success of modern
business, where the enormous significance is taken on by right
choice of most cost effective transportation mode of cargo carriage.
ENERGO-TRANS is an international logistic
company offering full spectrum of services in the field of
transport, warehouse and customs logistics.
With custom-tailored flexible approach to each individual
client in quoting rates for services of temporary storage
warehouse, Germany based warehouse and customs
representative, we make our offer invariably interesting and
advantageous for you. We offer both complete “door-to-door”
and specific solutions.
Core element of whatever services offered by the
Company is irrevocably excellent quality and strict
fulfilling of all commitments. The basic principle we
follow is “customized and fast” servicing, which ensures
top quality and comfort guaranteed to every client.
ENERGO-TRANS offers full range of freight forwarding
services. With its 15 years expertise in the international cargo
carriage market the Company has fully optimized the entire
delivery and paper work processes and procedures in respect of
whatever cargo from whatever place in the world.
All modal cargo carriages:
General cargos’ carriages;
Package cargos’ carriages;
Custom designed carriages;
Multimodal carriages;
Sea carriages;
Railway carriages.
Freight forwarding solutions offered by ENERGOTRANS always meet most strict requirements our
customers may have in connection with delivery and
processing of their cargos!
ENERGO-TRANS has unique and extensive expertise in
arranging and fulfilling of custom designed carriages of whatever level of
sophistication, from production lines to most complicated industrial
пЃ¶ Delivery of 5 Rolls-Royce turbines with total 26 MW electric
and up to 16 MW heat power from England through Moscow
to final destination in the city of Irkutsk at power station
intended for Verkhnechonskoye oil and gas condensate field
пЃ¶ Delivery from Austria of 5 LOOS boilers, 98 tones and 190
MW heat power each for construction of gas-fed water
boiling facility located in Lyubertsy residential district
пЃ¶ Delivery of 8,2 MW power boilers (boiler station assembly)
intended for power station located in Krasnogorsk Region
(Pavshino bottomland)
пЃ¶ Delivery of 2 Rolls-Royce turbines of 36,26 MW aggregate
power from England to the city of Nizhnevartovsk, Russia,
for the needs of Van-Yeganskoye field
пЃ¶ Delivery of GE gas turbine with 20,8 MW output power from
the USA to the city of Obninsk, Russia
License no 10108/100017
of 24.12.2010
ZNAMENIYE LLC Temporary Storage
Warehouse offers:
• Warehousing of goods both prior and after
customs clearance;
• Carriage, loading, unloading, reloading
• Customs clearance;
• Execution of all client’ documentation;
• Rigging services;
• Warehouse cargo processing;
• Cargo marking services;
• Cargo packing services;
• Cargo insurance services.
Custom-tailored flexible approach to each individual client in
quoting rates for the temporary storage warehouse’ services makes our
offer invariably interesting and advantageous for you.
Gerros-Trans GmbH, foreign branch of ENERGO-TRANS LLC
in based in Berlin, Germany, offers consolidation and customs
warehousing services. Gerros-Trans GmbH provides full range of
services in connection with delivery, storage, processing and
distribution of your goods from out Germany based consolidation
warehouse across the entire European Union and CIS countries.
Consolidation and Customs Warehouse offers::
Cargo consolidation services (consolidated cargos, mono cargos)
Cargo warehousing services
Delivery of goods across European Union, CIS and Russia (including further
customs clearance)
Rigging services
Cargo insurance services
Warehouse cargo processing services
Cargo marking services
Cargo packing services
Customs processing services
Customs Representative (Custom Broker) services offered
through SPETSGRUZAVTOTRANS LLC, available in all regions, will
considerably shorten time required for customs processing of your
goods. Combined services of customs broker and forwarding agent
offered by one and the same company will also reduce your costs. Our
customs representative SPETSGRUZAVTOTRANS LLC mainatains
own dedicated offices in 15 regions of Russian Federation.
Customs representative’ Services:
Custom clearance;
Execution of all client’ documentation;
Control over fulfillment of all customs procedures (custom clearance);
Consulting with regard all maters concerning customs processing procedures;
Drafting and coordination of documents required for proper customs processing;
Expert opinions;
Obtaining of necessary permits and approvals;
Consulting with regard to all customs processing aspects.
Vyborg city based affiliate of ENERGO-TRANS LLC provides
top quality customs processing services to support export and import
of various goods, available at all customs and logistic terminals of the
region, as well as in Vyborg sea port.
Services offered by Vyborg based affiliate:
Filling and execution of customs declarations and full set of required
documents in proper formal formats (e-declaration)
Obtaining of compliance certificates
Classification of goods as per the Foreign Trade Nomenclature of Goods of
the Russian federation
Declaring of goods
Drafting of foreign trade contracts
Consulting with regard to various matters of customs processing
Support of import, export, transit operations
Vyborg Port is the nearest to the border between Russian
Federation and Finland. Located in northern part of the Gulf of
Finland. Northern bay of the port has connection with Saimaa
channel and Saimaa lake in Finland. This port features thirteen
universal moorings with total length of docking line of 1490 meters.
Total area of the Port is 17 hectares (Permanent Customs Control
Zone), including 35 000 sq. meters of open air stacking facilities and
3 700 sq. meters of covered storehouses. Vyborg port supports
whol;e-tear shipping season.
ENERGO-TRANS LLC provides additional services in connection with :
• Foreign Trade Outsourcing
• Foreign Trade Consulting
• Administrating
• Certification
• Insurance
To summarize the foregoing, ENERGO-TRANS LLC provides full
range of services in connection with and in support of foreign trade activities.
We assist our clients in effecting of their international transactions involving
customs processing, warehousing, handling and forwarding of various goods.
Our Company is in position to carry out whatever complicated international
carriage, customs clearance of goods, we provide complete documentary
support of transactions and lots of auxiliary services. We offer best Foreign
Trade Outsourcing Solutions thus enabling you to engage professionals to
exercise functions not naturally inherent to your own company.
Central Office Moscow
Mutchurinskiy Prospect 51, 119607,
Moscow, Russia
Tel.:/Fax: +7 (499) 558-08-18
Tel.: +7 (495) 504-22-65
40-letiya VLKSM Quay 1, office 1,
188800 Vyborg, Russia
Sembaza village, Rylskiy Region,
307359 Kursk Oblast, Russia
German Office:
Courbierestrasse 15, 10787 Berlin,
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