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Презентация «Wonderful Spring!»

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“Seasons And Weather!”
Zakharova Katya, Aleksandrova Inna, Rodionova Diana,
Romodina Ira, Odinenko Tanya, Tkachenko Julia.
In this presentation we talk about spring and
winter. Spring is a warm season, when the sun
begins to shine brighter, snow is melting, the sky is
blue and all nature is blooming. In spring it is often
rainy. We like this time of the year!
Sun is shining so strong, strong,
Snow is melting, and the weather’s warm.
This is blue-blue-blueBlue-eyed and red March.
Our mother,
Telegram to her I send:
�I’ve got a present for you,
And through blue glass I look at you!!!’
April is the second spring month. It has 30 days.
April comes after March. In April the birds return
from warm countries. We often have strong winds
in April. The weather is much warmer in April and
we can play a lot in the street.
The first day, month is May!
Cold days go away!
And do not sleep, go and play.
With song the sun is met today.
A great Russian poet said:
В«I like the thunderstorm at the beginning of May
When the first spring thunder comes…»
December is the last month of the year. There are 31 days
in December. On the 31 of December at 12 o’clock we
celebrate the New Year. It often snows. The sky is cloudy in
December. We can’t play in the street.
January is the coldest month of the year. There are
31 days in January. On the 7th of January we
celebrate Christmas. In January the temperature is
usually 10-20 degrees below zero. The night are
very long and the days are short.
February is the shortest month of the year. For
three years February has 28 days and on the
fourth year it has 29. In February there can be
snow storms. At the end of February the weather
become warmer and the temperature is 5-10
degrees below zero.
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