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2019-01-14 Womans World

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January 14, 2019
God Bless America
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Cover photo: Erik Revills Photography. H&M/Stylist: Elaine Harrison. Other photos: Getty (2)
Woman’s World
F il l y o u r w e e k
Make things happen!
If your motivation for knocking out those
resolutions starts to wane, try rephrasing your
goals as questions, like, Will I save enough
money for a vacation? In a Journal of Consumer
Psychology study, people who did so stuck
with new habits for more than six months!
The path of yeast resistance
A woman was making her way out of the supermarket with an
overloaded shopping cart when her bags started tumbling out.
An employee ran over and started helping her pick them up.
As he reached for the final item, a bag of flour, the woman said,
“Oh, don’t bother, young man, it’s self-rising!”
Why? “When asked about a future behavior,
we tend to recall societal expectations about
that behavior, as well as times we ‘should’ have
engaged in that behavior and didn’t,” says
study author Ioannis Kareklas, Ph.D. “These
thoughts can influence future actions.”
Pop up fun!
Take a break!
What better way to celebrate this day than by learning to do, well,
nothing? “It pauses the frenetic energy, and that’s so important
to the psyche,” asserts Dan Howard, who created the Intentional
Resting method as a way to respond to stress. To do: Close your
eyes and pause for 20 seconds as soon as you feel yourself getting
amped up, whether you’re in line at the grocery store or at your
desk. “There’s a rejuvenation that happens,” he says. “It’s magical.”
“Popcorn is the ultimate blank canvas,” says Ashton Epps
Swank, author of Party Popcorn. “It begs to be covered, smothered, drizzled and sprinkled with something exciting and delicious.” Here, she shares an easy recipe to celebrate this tasty day.
To make Swank’s Mexican Street Corn popcorn: Whisk
2 Tbs. melted butter, 2 Tbs. mayo and 1 tsp. lime juice; drizzle onto
8 cups popped popcorn. In another bowl, mix 1 tsp. salt, 11 ⁄2 tsp.
paprika, 1 ⁄4 tsp. granulated sugar and 1 ⁄8 tsp. cayenne pepper.
Sprinkle on popcorn; toss to coat. Optional: Mix in pumpkin seeds.
Donate gift cards!
Woman’s World
If you have a Walmart gift card to spare, send it to the
National Police Defense Foundation ( The
nonprofit uses them to support police officers in difficult
times. Mail to: National Police Defense Foundation, 21
Kilmer Drive, Building 2, Suite F, Morganville, NJ, 07751.
w i t h s m i le s !
Sip a classic!
“A hot buttered rum is a perfect winter drink,” says
bourbon educator Tim Knittel (
“It warms you with a little sugar, a little fat and, of
course, a little alcohol. Plus, it’s easy and quick to
make when friends and family drop in.”
To make Knittel’s rich hot buttered rum:
Add a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove to an
empty glass and add 6 oz. boiling water. Mix in 41 ⁄2
tsp. brown sugar and stir to dissolve, then add 11 ⁄2 oz.
barrel-aged rum (like Cruzan Single Barrel). Top with a
generous pat of butter. Garnish with a cinnamon stick or
two and enjoy!
Q Why did the banana go
Spread warmth!
Keep the spirit of the “season of giving”
alive by donating homemade or storebought winter hats to those in need. Warm
Up America (
always accepts knitted or crocheted hats,
which they donate to the homeless and
other people in need. But if you prefer
to donate store-bought hats, reach out
to the doctor?
Because it wasn’t
peeling well!
to your local United Way—many chapters host winter clothing drives. Even easier? Many charities, like Ellie’s Hats—a
nonprofit organization that donates
hats to sick children—post wish lists on
Amazon, so you can order winter hats to
donate right to the organization without
having to visit a drop-off location.
Getty (3) ; Popcorn Board; Media Bakery. Text: Shay Trotter
“Man I hate leg day”
Kids are f Unax
, went
y 3-year-old son, M
with his dad to see a lit
t home,
of kittens. When they go
to tell me
he ran into the kitchen
y kittens
that there were two bo
ow did you
and two girl kittens. “H
know?” I asked. “Daddy
them up and looked un
inted on
said Max. “I think it’s pr
the bottom !”
— L.G., Flagstaf f, AZ
Woman’s World
R e la x a n d h a v e
TOUR Sing along live with Dierks Bentley!
Dierks Bentley just wrapped up his last tour in October with a blowout show at the
Hollywood Bowl that featured a crowd-wowing duet with Dwight Yoakam, and
now he’s hitting the road again! His “Burning Man” tour kicks off January 17 in
Hamilton, Ontario, with Dierks performing songs off his new album, The Mountain,
along with hits like “What Was I Thinkin’” and “Somewhere On a Beach.” Opening
for him are Jon Pardi (for the third time!), plus Tenille Townes and Dierks’ ’90s
tribute band Hot Country Knights. Go to for more information.
Dierks is known to
collaborate with pals
like Sheryl Crow—
will one make a
surprise appearance
on his tour?
Be inspired
by The
When young widow
Florence Green (Emily
Mortimer) risks everything to follow her dream
and open a bookshop in a
small coastal town, she’s
met with resistance from
a local woman of power
named Violet Gamart
(Patricia Clarkson). As
Violet schemes to evict her,
Florence finds unexpected
help from the town’s reclusive loner, Mr. Brundish—
who just happens to be an
avid reader. See the story
unfold January 15.
Do sinister
lurk behind
the smiles?
Bake up big fun
with kid chefs!
Which one of these bakers
will the judges be sweet on?
Woman’s World
See what amazing new flavors and
recipes 12 tiny bakers come up
with as they compete for $25,000
on Kids Baking Championship!
The young pros will present
their delicious creations to judges
Valerie Bertinelli and Duff
Goldman, who’ll taste and critique, then eliminate one contestant each week until the best kid
baker is announced. The competition kicks off January 17.
f u n t hi s w e e k
It happened
this week!
Getty (5); Greenwich Entertainment; Food Network; Jacobo Garcia Fernandez/BBC Studios; Theo Webb; Alamy; Photofest. Text: Beth Weissman, Victoria Conn
O The first comic book based on
The Jetsons hit shelves in 1963.
The original futuristic show, set in the
year 2026, only ran for 24 episodes!
Queen Victoria chose
a white wedding
gown (an unusual
choice at the time) to
better show off the
dress’s lace!
Marvel at the splendor of this royal wedding!
It’s the event that changed weddings forever—and you’ve got a front-row seat, thanks to
this re-creation! In Victoria and Albert: The Wedding, travel back to 1840 London, when
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were married, and she opted for a white dress instead
of a typical colorful bridal gown, starting a trend that continues to this day. See all the
details in this special that airs after the season three premiere of Victoria on January 13.
Get up close with
animals in Dynasties!
You’ll feel like you’re a part of the pack
with this five-part series filmed over four
years! Each episode follows a particular
family from an iconic yet endangered
species—chimpanzees in Senegal,
Emperor penguins on Antarctica, lions
in Kenya, painted wolves near Zimbabwe
and tigers in the jungles of India—as they
struggle to survive and protect the next
generation. Catch the premiere January 19.
See how this
tiger, named
Raj Bhera,
watches over
her four cubs!
O Julia Louis-Dreyfus
was born in 1961. She
is the only actress
to win Emmys for
three comedy series:
Seinfeld, The New
Adventures of Old
Christine and Veep.
O The first
Super Bowl was
played in 1967 in
Los Angeles—
the Green Bay
Packers beat
the Kansas City
Chiefs 35-10.
Luke Bryan
(left) names
Milsap (right)
as one of his
Enjoy new sounds
from a country legend!
Country Music Hall of Famer Ronnie
Milsap is teaming up with some big stars
for his new release, Ronnie Milsap: The
Duets. He’s joined by Luke Bryan, Kacey
Musgraves, Dolly Parton, George Strait,
Willie Nelson and more for updated
versions of his best-loved hits like “No
Getting Over Me,” “Stranger in My
House,” “Smokey Mountain Rain” and
“A Woman’s Love.” Listen in January 18.
O Diana
Ross and the
performed their
final concert
together in Las
Vegas in 1970.
O The sitcom
Happy Days
premiered in
1974. It was so
popular at its
height, it had a
Saturday morning cartoon
Woman’s World
T his week ’s best ne w books
The Gown
by Jennifer Robson
With dynamic characters and
enthralling drama, this novel—
told throughout different points
in time—first brings readers
to 1947, where embroiderers
Miriam and Anne receive the
honor of helping create Princess
Elizabeth’s wedding gown.
Then in 2016, a girl named
Heather finds a set of royally
embroidered flowers in her
grandmother’s things and begins
unravelling long-lost family
secrets. A richly detailed saga.
Dare to Love a Duke
by Eva Leigh
Meet the rebellious and racy
Thomas Powell, the Duke of
Northfield, who isn’t ready to
live up to his family’s proper
expectations. Instead, he ignores
his duty and sets his sights on
Lucia, the owner of the Orchid
Club, a secret society where fantasy becomes reality. But Lucia
is too busy working toward her
dream: opening a home for
underprivileged girls. Though
sparks fly, she has no time for
love…but can she resist a duke?
Woman’s World
Lost Books and
Old Bones
by Paige Shelton
Full of quirky characters and
charming settings, the third
book in Paige Shelton’s Scottish
Bookshop Mystery series revisits
amateur sleuth Delaney Nichols
as she settles into her new life
buying and selling books in
Edinburgh. She befriends medical students after they sell their
used textbooks, but when one
is found dead behind her shop,
Delaney must race to solve the
crime before she’s in danger!
Watching You
by Lisa Jewell
International bestselling author
Lisa Jewell has penned 16 novels, and her latest is an eerie and
bone-chilling thriller. Set in
an idyllic neighborhood, Joey
and her husband are getting to
know their new town and their
neighbors—one of whom is the
local school’s headmaster, Tom
Fitzwilliam. Soon Joey develops
a secret crush on Tom, but he
isn’t who he seems to be. Told
from multiple perspectives, this
page-turner surprises and stuns.
Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet? by Erin Boardman Wathen
We’ve all been there: We’ll start a new diet and do well for a few weeks, but then
we fall off the healthy-food wagon and find ourselves right back where we started.
But in this feel-good guide,
weight-loss coach, counselor “I know how you’re feeling when you
and former sugar addict Erin diet: the frustration, exhaustion,
Boardman Wathen insists we struggling to be perfect. But there’s a
already have all the strength better way—and we’ll do it together!”
we need to succeed—for
good! Using humor, her own struggles to lose weight and science-backed tips, she
creates positive, personal plans to stay on track during our weight-loss journeys!
Natalie Brown Tangerine; Jacqueline Hanna Photography; Andrew Whitton; Martin Bentsen. Text: Maggie Dillard
W Book
My hairdresser
noticed a difference...
few years ago, I was under a lot of
stress from work. My hair started shedding and thinning, which made me very
I saw the supplement Hair VolumeTM at
GNC, and since the reviews were good
and the cost was low, I decided to give it
a try.
I have taken Hair Volume every day now
for two years, and the results are just
amazing. My hair seems to have stopped
shedding as much and now appears to
grow faster and thicker. I did not tell my
hairdresser about Hair Volume, so when
she cut my hair, she asked me “Have you
done something different? Your hair feels
Seeing my results, my mother also began
taking it. She too is getting great results,
and claims it even helped her her with
gray hairs.
I strongly recommend this great
product to everyone! It’s a must for
any woman that wants her hair to
look good. Thank you New Nordic!“
- Rachel H., Oklaho a
• #1 hair supplement in the world
• Contains a hair growth-promoting
factor from apples
• Easy to take - only one tablet a day
• Nourishes the hair from within
• High quality - made in Sweden
• With naturally sourced ingredients
discount code: volume19
Available at participating pharmacies, health food stores and online. For more information, or to purchase, please call 1-877-696-6734 or visit
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always read the label and follow the instructions prior to use. Results may vary.
1 877 696 6734
for more information
“Even the smallest
gesture of love can give
others endless comfort”
“I feel blessed that the
pillows we make give
so many sick kids and
their families hope,”
smiles Laura, with
son Preston, now 6
Preston hooked
up to so many
tubes was
but the pillows
helped me
stay calm
and see him
as my baby
boy,” recalls
Laura of when
her son was
hospitalized at
9 months old
Woman’s World
The hospital can be a foreboding
place—especially when you’re a
terrified parent with a critically ill
child. Laura Kupper knows firsthand
how that feels, so this mom is
bringing a splash of color and
comfort to thousands of families
with her hand-stitched pillows!
tepping into the pediatric intensive care unit of
her local Phoenix hospital, Laura Kupper’s heart
squeezed as her eyes fell on her 9-month-old son,
Preston, lying in a coma, hooked up to a respirator.
I can’t believe this is happening, she wept.
“It’s croup,” the urgent care doctor had diagnosed
just days before when Preston had developed a
fever and barking cough. But after undergoing a
routine steroid breathing treatment, little Preston’s
condition only worsened.
Soon he was struggling to breathe, and when Laura
and her husband, Bryan, rushed Preston to the hospital, doctors discovered his airway was practically swollen shut, narrowed to the width of a coffee stirrer.
Sitting beside Preston’s crib, watching her son’s
tiny chest heaving in and out to the rhythm of the
ventilator, Laura burst into tears.
“I know it’s very hard seeing your baby this way,”
a nurse soothed, and suggested Laura bring in a
few familiar items from Preston’s nursery at home.
“They’ll be a comfort to him…and to you,” she said.
The next day, Laura gathered Preston’s plush
Winnie the Pooh, his Linus blankie and the oblong,
brightly colored animal-print pillow a friend’s mom
had hand-sewn for Preston when he was born and
that he’d always loved to cuddle.
“Perfect,” the nurse said with a smile, and when she
spotted the pillow, her eyes lit up. “This is phenomenal!” she exclaimed, and used the pillow to replace the
rolled towels that had been propping Preston up in his
crib so he could breathe easier. “Any chance you can
get more of these for our other little patients?”
loves to
pick out
the pillow
Grace’s vibrant
pillow kept her
smiling as she
recovered from
a liver transplant
5,000 “Pillows
from Preston”
have comforted
kids like Miela,
who had a heart
Campbell’s Batman pi
helps him sleep soun
after treatments for a
mitochondrial diseas
Laura explained the pillow had been a
handmade gift. But as she gazed at Preston,
seeing him nestled cozily against the colorful pillow, a sense of calm swept over her—
and Laura knew other moms would feel
the same way if their babies had one.
It doesn’t look too hard to make, Laura
thought. And smiling, she said, “I’d
be happy to make a batch.”
generous donors and shopping fabric sales,
Please, God, let him be okay, Laura
Laura and her mom have been able to purprayed as her precious baby was wheeled
chase enough supplies to make sure that
into the operating room. The hours
every child who needs a pillow gets one—
dragged by, but when the doctor emerged,
more than 5,000 to date! And while makhe was smiling: They’d successfully
ing them is time-intensive, both insist it’s
removed the lesion.
After only a few hours, Preston’s breath- a labor of love.
Even Preston, now 6 years old, helps pick
ing was regular again. And a few days later,
out fabric and pitches in as lead stuffer.
he was well enough to go home.
But while her family’s ordeal “They’re filled with magic!” he beams.
Moments of peace
Parents across the country agree.
was over, Laura couldn’t stop
Laura’s mom volunteered
You bring bright moments into a scary
thinking about all the other
to help and hurried off to
stitch is a kiss moms and dads still at the
hospital stay that can often seem dark and
buy some bright, fun fab- and every ounce hospital with their sick babies.
lonely, one grateful mom of a baby girl
rics, filler and other supwaiting for a heart transplant wrote.
I will keep making pillows to
plies. And as they sat vigil
And every thank-you note and picture
bring them just a little more coma hug!”
at Preston’s bedside, the two
of a child cuddling a pillow Laura receives
fort and hope, Laura decided.
women stitched and stuffed
fills her heart with joy. “For me, each stitch
Stitched with love
pillows, grateful to have something
is a kiss and every ounce of fluff is a hug,”
Laura notified local hospitals of her project she says. “Having been in these families’
useful to take their minds off the constant
and set up a website, PillowsFromPreston.
shoes, I feel blessed to be able to offer
org. And soon she was getting hundreds
Indeed, after finding the pillows easy to
comfort to them and their precious babies.”
make, it wasn’t long before every child in the of requests for pillows. With help from
—Bill Holton
hospital’s PICU had a comfy
pillow, and the nurses hapScience proves it! Easy ways to give comfort
pily shared how touched and
Offer an encouraging word!
Heal with a simple hug!
appreciative parents were.
Studies show that comfortNever underestimate the
But sadly, news from the
ing someone is often just one
healing power of touch. A recent
Smiling warmly at a
doctors became more grim.
compliment away! The Harvard study at the Touch Research
stranger can instantly help
After eight days, Preston’s
Business Review reports that
Institute in Miami showed that
them feel better! Studies show
vitals had plummeted and
88% of people associate kind
when pressure receptors on the
that when we see another pertests revealed that he had
words with a feeling of being
skin are stimulated, stress horson smile, “mirror” neurons in
developed a lesion on his
valued, and that receiving
mones fade and the “feel good”
our brains are activated, which
bronchial tube that was
a compliment automatically
hormone oxytocin floods the
trick us into thinking we were the
completely blocking his airboosts their mood and helps
brain, fostering feelings of trust in ones who smiled, causing us to
way. He needed immediate
enhance relationships.
both the hugged and the hugger! feel the same joy and comfort!
surgery to remove it before
he suffocated.
Share your own inspiring story with us, and we’ll pay you $250 if we publish it! Read or heard someone else’s story you think belongs in
Woman’s World? Send it to us! If you’re the first to share it and we publish it, we’ll pay you $100! Email the story with your name and phone number to: Or mail to: Scoop, Woman’s World, 270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632.
Woman’s World
We pay
Cozy-chic in at
No need to sacrifice fashion for function, thanks to these
comfy and stylish finds that’ll leave you feeling laid-back
and looking polished
Slim pasteltoned Fitbit
tracks your
daily activity
with style
$60, Fitbit
(, style
name “Fitbit Flex 2”)
Steal Jenna’s style!
leggings slim hips
and trim the tummy
Get the look for less: $40,
Danskin (,
style name “Pintuck Detail
Soft wine-colored
boots have a faux-fur and
sheepskin interior for
added warmth—terrific
for chilly days on the run
$80, Koolaburra by UGG
(, item
#1017090 in Zinfandel)
Woman’s World
lines create a
effect that
helps legs
appear longer
$50, Fabletics
style name “Salar
Mesh Powerhold
Legging in
Charisma, Posie,
Black Cherry”)
Vibrant leggings add
pizzazz to a neutral top
Get the look for less: $50, Lotus
Leggings (,
style name “LOTUSX™ Galaxy
Leggings” in Pink)
Instar; Getty (2). Text: Victoria Conn
Ultra-soft chenille
sweater features
trendy sleeve cutouts
$65, CALIA
(, style
name “CALIA Women’s
Effortless Chenille
pullover will
look great with
printed leggings
or a pencil skirt
$55, Fabletics
For anytime wear, this
sports bra’s control fabric
and adjustable straps
offer full coverage and
support—simply zip,
cinch and lift to get the
perfect fit
$70, Shefit (, style
name “Ultimate Flex
Sports Bra” in Blush)
style name “Sadie
Scrunched Sleeve
Pullover” in Black
comes in
six colors
$40, Old Navy (,
style name “Frost-Free Puffer
Jacket for Women” in Lilac Opal)
knitted snood is
a snuggly and
stylish way to
fend off the cold
$25, CALIA
style name “CALIA
Women’s Chenille
Versatile sneakers go
with anything from trousers
to denim to yoga pants
$70, Ryka (,
style name “Women’s
Haiku Sneaker”)
Steal Eva’s style!
Flexible moisturewicking fabric moves
with you to keep you
carefree all day
Get the look for less:
$60, Reebok (Store., style name
“Reebok Crossfit Lux
⁄4 Tight-Stone Camo”)
Shine with double-duty accessories
Sleek water bottle holds
up to 24 oz. of water and acts
as a tracking device that
glows when it’s time for you to
drink more! We like: Hidrate
Spark 2.0 Intake Monitoring
24 oz. Water Bottle, $44,
A moistureabsorbing belt
keeps you dry
while multiple
side slits securely store your belongings!
We like: FlipBelt Small Running and
Workout Belt in Hot Pink, $29,
Make every day easier with
clever add-ons that complete your
casual look with style
Bluetooth headphones let you
listen to your favorites tunes and
monitor your heart rate to help you
meet fitness goals! We like: Jabra
Sport Pulse Wireless Bluetooth
Earbuds with Built-In Heart Rate
Monitor, $35,
Woman’s World
The steamy secret to
a younger you!
Beat winter’s
chill and look
radiant and
rejuvenated with
DIY steams
The fruit is packed with
vitamin C, which brightens skin and speeds cell
turnover to erase age spots
on hands. Pair it with skinlightening parsley to boost
the benefits.
Q TRY IT! Add the peel from
half an orange, 2 tsp. of parsley (dried or fresh) and
4 cups of boiling water to a
heat-safe bowl. Prop elbows
on a table; place a towel over
hands, palms up, and hold 6"
above steam for five minutes.
Repeat three times a week
for results in three weeks.
Woman’s World
Getty (6); Robert Milazzo (3); Amber Gray (2). Text: Lauren Gatcombe
with orange peel
Fade wrinkles
Hydrate dry hair
with sage & thyme
with coconut oil
“Sage’s vitamin A speeds collagen production, and thyme’s
antioxidants repair skin cell
damage,” says celebrity aesthetician Karee Hays. And the warm
steam they’re steeped in boosts
circulation. The result? A tauter
complexion and a youthful glow.
Steam’s heat opens hair’s
cuticle so coconut oil’s
unique compounds can penetrate locks to moisturize and
repair damage deep within.
Q TRY IT! Place 2 tsp. each of
sage and thyme (fresh or dried)
in a heat-safe bowl; add 4 cups
of boiling water. With your face
6" above the bowl, drape a towel
over your head. Relax for 10
minutes. Repeat twice
a week for
results in
one month.
Q TRY IT! Comb 1 Tbs. of
coconut oil through wet hair
from roots to ends;
dampen a towel, then
microwave until
warm. Wrap the
towel around
hair; cover with
a shower cap.
Rinse after
15 minutes.
Soothe red, rashy skin
with green tea
The anti-inflammatory tea reduces any winterrelated redness instantly. And pairing it
with antibacterial lavender helps fend
off future irritation, says Hays. Plus,
the steam opens pores so ingredients
can absorb into skin better.
Q TRY IT! In a bowl, add 2 green tea
bags, 2 tsp. of dried lavender and 4
cups of boiling water. With your face
6" above the bowl, drape a towel over
your head and
relax for 10
Soften rough patches with rose oil
To get steam’s perks all over, toss a tablet
made of rose oil (to hydrate), baking
soda (to ease inflammation) and sea salt
(to repair skin) into your shower.
Q TRY IT! Mix 1 cup of baking soda, 1 ⁄2 cup
of sea salt, 2 tsp. of water and 30 drops
of rose essential oil. Pour mix into an ice
cube tray (do not
freeze); let sit overnight. Once set, pop
one out, place near
the water stream on
the shower floor and
shower as usual.
Banish the winter blahs
with ahh-romatherapy
Tired? Grapefruit essential oil increases
energy levels. Stressed? Ylang-ylang oil
lowers blood pressure and eases anxiety.
Congested? Eucalyptus oil eases nasal congestion to clear airways. And getting the benefits is easy: Add 5 drops of the essential oil
of your choice (found at natural-food stores)
to a damp sponge and set on the shower floor
close to the water stream, then simply inhale!
Woman’s World
Nat ural wa ys to
Genius ways to
flu-proof your body
Even if you’re among the 43% of Americans who got their flu shot,
it still pays to take precautions—last year’s vaccine was only 36%
effective. The good news: These strategies kick-start your immune
system’s production of strong, feisty, flu-destroying white blood
cells—boosting immunity in as little as 48 hours!
Enjoy “me time”
Munch on carrots
Some lucky folks are actually fluresistant—they don’t get sick even when
they inhale live viruses, say University of
Michigan researchers. What’s their happy
secret? Making time every day for little
luxuries, like reading, crafting or soaking
in the tub. Turns out, as stress levels drop,
your production of virus-killing antibodies
rises! Australian researchers say taking care
of your own needs for 40 minutes daily
could plunge flu risk by 42% in two days!
Clean these hotspots
Staying at least six feet away from
sneezing folks cuts your risk of
inhaling flu viruses by 55%. For added
protection, University of Arizona
researchers suggest de-bugging…
Your purse. Up to 80% of purse
bottoms are contaminated with flu
viruses. Clean them weekly and keep
them off your home’s counters and
tabletops to avoid spreading germs.
Restaurant trays. They’re coated
with five times more flu viruses than
the grimiest mall floor. To cut your risk
of contamination by 85%, set your
plate and cup on the table, discard
the tray and then clean your hands
with an alcohol-based sanitizer
before eating.
Shopping cart handles. Up to
78% of them are speckled with live
flu viruses—but a quick rub with a
sanitizing wipe can destroy 100%
of those troublemakers.
Woman’s World
Up your D-3
Crunching on 1 cup of carrots daily could
triple your body’s ability to kill invading flu viruses, suggests research in The
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Study co-author Ian Young, Ph.D.,
explains that beta-carotene in carrots
revs your production of key antiviral
compounds. Other great sources include
sweet potatoes and greens. Tip: Cooking
vegetables—and sprinkling with pepper—
boosts beta-carotene absorption by 60%.
Don a sleep mask
At least 25 studies prove vitamin D-3
supplements prevent flu more effectively
than even vaccines—cutting risk of illness
by 50%! “D-3 kick-starts the production
of virus-destroying compounds,” explains
Michael Holick, M.D., a professor at Boston
University School of Medicine. The proven
dose: 3,000 IU daily. Note: Check with
your doctor before taking supplements.
If your sleep is disrupted by light—from
your alarm clock or the morning sun—
donning a sleep mask could rev your flu
protection by as much as 31%. A Japanese
research team found that when women get
at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep
nightly, their production of virus-killing
immune cells shoots up by 40%—often in
one week. —Brenda Kearns
Dodge sick days with carrot–sweet potato mash
Nutrients in this creamy side triple immunity!
1 lb. carrots, chopped
1 lb. sweet potatoes,
peeled, cut into chunks
⁄2 cup milk, warmed
2 Tbs. butter, melted
⁄2 tsp. pepper
Toasted walnuts
1 In pot, combine carrots
and sweet potatoes with
enough water to cover.
Over high heat, bring to a
boil. Reduce heat; simmer
until tender, 20–30 min.
2 Drain vegetables; return to pot. Add milk, butter
and pepper; mash. Season to taste with salt. Serve
topped with toasted walnuts. Makes 6 servings
fe e l g r e a t
SOS for “restless legs”
Jolted awake by twitchy, itchy legs? Thankfully, these science-proven tricks
help calm limbs naturally, letting you sleep peacefully through every night
Snack on seeds!
Stretch before bed!
“Magnesium is nature’s muscle relaxant,
blood-vessel relaxant and nerve-signal
conductor, making it critical to preventing and helping treat restless legs syndrome [RLS],” says Michelle Schoffro
Cook, Ph.D., D.N.M., author of Be
Your Own Herbalist. Yet up to 80% of
Americans over 70 are magnesium deficient! The great news: Simply upping low
magnesium cuts
RLS symptoms in
41% of patients,
helping them sleep
through the night,
according to
German findings.
“Restless legs syndrome is like running
a marathon all night, so you wake up
exhausted,” says Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.,
author of Real Cause, Real Cure. Treat
the problem like a runner by stretching
before you snooze. Researchers at West
Virginia University School of Public
Health found that daily stretching nearly
halved symptoms and improved participants’ sleep in eight weeks, on par
with pharmaceuticals—without the side
effects! To do: Sit on the floor with your
legs straight in front of you and gently
lean forward, reaching toward your feet
(bend knees as necessary). Hold for five
to 10 deep breaths. Repeat three times.
Try this ancient cure!
For more than 2,000 years, folks have
used St. John’s wort to treat insomnia and
depression—and recent research proves it
has a calming effect on RLS too! Indeed,
81% of people who supplemented with
300 mg. of the flowering herb improved
their symptoms by 70% and reported
sounder, more restful sleep. Note: Check
with your doctor before taking supplements. —Katherine Kluznik
Slash your dementia risk—now!
Memory lapses, trouble concentrating…we can’t help
worrying when our brain seems scattered. Indeed, a
recent study reveals staying sharp as we age is now our
number-one priority! And experts say you can stop—and
even reverse—brain aging, cutting your risk of dementia
by 88% or more. And it’s surprisingly easy! Just…
Getty (5)
Move every day
Getting 25 minutes of brisk
exercise daily could cut your
risk of dementia by 88% —
plus help your brain function
as if it’s 11 years younger, suggests research from Sweden’s
University of Gothenburg.
Turns out walking, cycling
and other aerobic workouts
keep your heart strong and
your arteries relaxed, and that
makes it easy for oxygen-rich
blood to reach every nook
and cranny of your hardworking brain!
Go nuts for
your noggin
Eating ⁄3 cup of any type
of nut daily can turn back
the clock on brain aging,
Australian researchers say,
giving you the memory,
focus and concentration that
you had 10 years ago—often
in as little as 12 weeks!
Switch up carbs
Six recent studies suggest that
up to 80% of us could prevent
dementia and slow brain aging
by 55% by replacing grains
and simple sugars with fresh
fruit, vegetables and legumes.
Explains David Perlmutter,
M.D., author of Grain Brain,
“This healthy diet shift reduces
the body-wide inflammation
that causes brain aging.”
Have happy goals
Having a long-term goal you
feel good about—such as trying a new recipe or ingredient
every week—can cut your risk
of dementia by 58%. That’s
the word from a Canadian
research team, who say regularly tackling fun, meaningful
projects revs the production of
a brain-nourishing hormone
called nerve growth factor.
Brush and floss
You can cut your risk of
memory troubles by 41%
just by brushing and flossing
daily, according to a study in
Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy.
The bacteria that causes gum
disease can travel through your
bloodstream and speed aging of
your brain. —Brenda Kearns
Woman’s World
More nat ural health ne ws
Sidestep worse-inwinter health hassles!
Freezing temperatures, blustery winds, parched indoor air…winter takes an
extra toll on those of us dealing with health hassles like eczema, arthritis or
fibromyalgia. But completely easing these woes is just a sip away!
Drinking four mugs of oolong
tea daily cuts winter eczema
flares by 54% in the first
week—and it erases those red,
itchy, rashy patches for 63% of
women who enjoy it year-round,
report researchers in the journal
Archives of Dermatology. Oolong
brims with plant compounds
that boost moisture retention,
reduce tissue inflammation and
speed healing of damaged skin.
Soothe arthritis
with hot soaks
Weather keeping you inside and
inactive doubles your risk of
feeling stiff and achy if you have
arthritis. The good
news: Soaking
in a hot tub for
20 minutes
makes joint pain
Stay Young with
plunge 40%—and daily soaks
by 45% if you enjoy 2 tsp. daily,
can keep soreness at bay
stirred into tea or cofmore effectively than
fee! Note: Check
painkillers, Asian
with your doctor
your breath? before trying
researchers say.
Hot soaks kicksupplements.
On brrrr days, wrapping a
start blood flow
scarf over your nose and
mouth to create a pocket
to tender joints,
of warm air to breathe
flush out inflamreduces chest tightness
mation and loosen
with deep
tendons, ligaments
and muscle tissues.
If you’re prone to
Ease fibromyalgia
hypertension, your blood preswith this sweetener
sure could be 12 points higher
D-ribose is a real boon for folks
when temperatures dip. That’s
with fibromyalgia, says Jacob
because your body tightens up
Teitelbaum, M.D., author of
to prevent heat loss. But accordFrom Fatigued to Fantastic!
ing to University of Connecticut
That’s because this natural sugar researchers, regularly breathing
extract reduces muscle aches,
slowly and deeply reduces your
calms overactive pain nerves
production of artery-tightening
and revs nighttime production
cortisol, cutting your risk of
of sleep-inducing melatonin,
winter blood-pressure spikes
cutting fibromyalgia symptoms by 67%. —Brenda Kearns
Sunny scents
for dark days
Inhaling the sweet scent of
rose, bergamot or sandalwood essential oil boosts the
production of energizing beta
brain waves, chasing away
winter doldrums in as little
as two minutes, according to
a recent review of 12 studies. Rub a few drops on the
inside of your wrist or simply
inhale an open bottle of oil.
Healing help for dry hands!
We found and tested the best remedies to soothe painfully parched hands in a flash
Best kitchen cure
Honey is a natural humectant
that locks in moisture for longterm hydration. Plus, its antimicrobial properties are proven
to prevent broken-skin infection.
To do: Rub 1 Tbs. of honey onto
hands; slip on cotton gloves.
Rinse after 10 minutes.
Woman’s World
Best drugstore cure
Vaseline Clinical Care
Extremely Dry Skin Rescue
Lotion rehydrates with glycerin and protects with petroleum jelly, instead of the more
commonly used lanolin, an
ingredient that can cause
inflammation (
Best all-natural cure
FarmHouse Fresh Sweet Milk
Hand Lotion—free of irritating parabens, sulfates and
phthalates—is made with almond
oil, which strengthens skin’s barrier to keep water in, and aloe,
which eases redness and repairs
cracked skin (
Jumpfoto; Getty; Masterfile
Tame eczema
with oolong tea
If you are feeling exhausted and in need of revitalization, you
should consider a detox or cleanse. With Active LiverTM you
have the tool to do this gently and on a daily basis.
Detox your body every day!
ach day, our liver is working hard to remove waste products and toxins from
processed foods, unclean air, water and even our own body. But as we get
exposed to increasingly more toxins, the liver struggles to remove them all
and can start storing them in our body fat. We quickly may notice the results in
our energy levels, in our lack of youthful appearance – and surprisingly, on our
A detox, like a water or juice fast, is an excellent way to rid the body of stored
toxins, but it is often difficult to abide by, and involves days or even weeks of
feeling tired and sick. However, there are other ways.
I suffer from headaches or brain fog
I have a hard time losing weight
I have indigestion & bloating
I’m tired all the time
My skin itches and I see brown spots
My tongue is coated
Does this sound like you? Then try Active Liver as a help to promote your liver health.
Active LiverTM is a dietary supplement that helps promote a healthy liver and
helps you detox on a daily basis – all year round. With just one tablet a day, it
gently but effectively uses known herbal extracts to facilitate detoxing of the
body –without the “side effects”.
The Liver &
Your Waistline
The liver is an important fat burning organ. If the
liver is sluggish or clogged with waste material, it
can start building up around the waistline, and
even inside the internal organs (which may
lead to a fatty liver). Making sure your
liver is working well will help you flush
fats from the body.
Active Liver™
dic contains milk thistle, an herb
known for protecting the liver and reducing heavy metal toxicity.
It also contains turmeric, a superfood and one of the most antiinflammatory and protective antioxidants known. Finally, Active
Liver contains globe artichoke, a plant used for centuries for
increasing bile production. Bile is used to bind and flush toxins and
fats from the body.
Available at participating pharmacies, health food stores and online. For more info or to buy directly, please
call 1-877-696-6734 or visit our website
1 877 696 6734
for more information
Grow younger
Kick off 2019 feeling like a healthier you with
tricks to supercharge your memory, reverse
weight gain, up your energy and more!
Erase joint pain
with a ginger massage!
Chronic aches and stiffness don’t have
to limit how you move about your day.
Instead, restore your range of motion and
dampen pain with this simple spa-like
fix: In a small bowl, combine 12 drops of
ginger essential oil with 1 oz. of jojoba oil;
massage the mixture into sore joints and
muscles while breathing deeply. Do this
once or twice daily, and research in the
journal Pain Research and Treatment
reveals that you can dial down discomfort
by 71% and improve your mobility!
Research in the journal Clinical
Interventions in Aging found that
a 500-mg. daily dose of natural
eggshell membrane dampens
joint pain by as much as 72%
and increases mobility by 42%,
helping you move as freely as
you did in your youth!
Reverse brain aging
by cutting a rug!
Sign up for dance lessons at a local
studio (or check out free videos on
YouTube), and you’ll keep your mind
sharp for years to come. Researchers
reporting in the journal Frontiers in
Human Neuroscience report that
learning a simple dance routine each
week reverses signs of aging in the
brain and triggers a 21% boost in
the size of the hippocampus—the area
of the brain linked to emotional stability,
balance and preserving memory.
Jumpfoto; Getty (10). Text: Rachel Cosma
this year!
Dial down stress
with mini meditation!
Feeling fatigued after activities that used
to be a breeze? Blame a decline in your
body’s ability to produce the energizing
brain chemical GABA, which typically
declines after age 40. But spending just
five minutes sitting comfortably and
focusing on the present—like the sound
of your breath and the sensation of your
lungs filling with air—ramps up the production of this brain chemical by 27%,
report researchers at Boston University
School of Medicine, giving you a feeling
of calm energy to power through the day.
Bundle up and head outside
for 10 minutes on your lunch
break, and you’ll feel up
to 33% more energized,
a Rowan University study
revealed. That’s because half of
adults over 40 are deficient in vitamin D,
but replenishing this nutrient—through
sunlight, D-rich foods or a supplement—
renews vim and vigor in a flash.
Fade fine lines
with mall walking!
The secret to youthful, radiant skin starts with
your feet! Cleveland Clinic researchers report
that 30 minutes of moderate exercise (like taking
a brisk stroll around the mall) activates the body’s
production of human growth hormone, a potent
compound known to plump skin, fade crow’s-feet
and smooth wrinkles. All told, your complexion
could look up to eight years younger!
AND SMILE! Researchers reporting in JAMA
Dermatology found that practicing facial
yoga every other day can erase three years
from your face in five months. One move:
Smile with a closed mouth, then place your
fingertips at the corners of your lips and
push upward. Hold for 20 seconds.
Sharpen your mind
by doing crosswords!
Mind fog and memory lapses? Forget about
them! Relaxing with a crossword puzzle
daily can make your mind function as if it
were 10 years younger! British researchers
found that regularly doing word puzzles
like crosswords or word searches—even if
you don’t complete them—keeps the brain
engaged and bolsters connections between
cells in the memory center. This improves
grammatical reasoning speed and enhances
short-term memory.
Sleeping on your side boosts the
body’s ability to flush brain-aging
toxins by 25%. Tend to roll over?
Prop a pillow between your knees to
stay in the anti-aging position all night.
Slim down by sipping
a glass of red wine!
The bad news: An age-related metabolism
dip means you burn as much as 450 fewer
calories per day by age 50. The good news:
You can rev your metabolic rate by up to
29% in four weeks simply by sipping vino
daily! A study in the journal BMC Physiology
found resveratrol—a polyphenol in red
wine—perks up fat-burning systems.
AND SNACK ON THIS! An apple a day can
keep weight gain at bay! University of Iowa
scientists report that munching on this fruit daily
helps you build 14% more metabolism-revving
lean muscle mass within two months.
Woman’s World
What happens when two of the world’s most powerful
slimming techniques—soup diets and the keto diet—join
forces? You get a turbocharged approach that has women
shrinking by up to 18 pounds a week! “The results are
extremely impressive,” confirms
blogger Mellissa Sevigny, whose Keto Soup Diet has
gotten more than 600,000 online hits in recent months.
Experts agree that since soup makes going keto a cinch
for busy women, it helps maximize weight-loss benefits.
“You’ll cut your appetite, stimulate metabolism, release fat
from the fat cells and significantly improve overall health,”
raves A-List Diet author and keto advocate Fred Pescatore,
M.D. What a great way to start the new year!
he thing most of us love
about diet soups is how
simple they are—and
keto soup is no exception. “You
can cook one Sunday afternoon
and have delicious heat-and-eat
meals that last you for weeks,”
says 112-pounds-slimmer
Kristie Sullivan, Ph.D., author
of Keto Living. “It’s faster than
fast food!” Adds Mellissa,
“Starting any new diet can feel
overwhelming, and keto can
seem especially complicated.
Kristie lost 153 lbs!
Tipping the scales at 272 pounds and
“always hungry,” Kristie Sullivan read
that keto shuts down hunger and gave
it a try. “After struggling my entire life, I
finally found a diet that felt natural to me,”
recalls the North Carolina mom
and college dean. Experimenting
with ways to make keto work for
her busy life, soup became a go-to.
“A big pot of soup makes so many
meals—and the flavors actually
deepen over time,” she says. “Soup
and keto both help you naturally
eat less and see more success. It
seems magical!” All told, Kristie
has shrunk from a size 24 to a 10.
But when your fridge and
freezer are stocked with meals
that you look forward to, it
eliminates so much stress. It
gives you a real edge to succeed.” And that’s far from the
only advantage you get…
Burn fat to the max
Just like the traditional keto
diet, this souped-up version of
the strategy gets at least 70%
of its calories from fat, no more
than 25% from protein and
Soup off weight, keto-style!
Keto soup makes keto dieting
easier and more effective no
matter how often you eat it. But
to shed up to 12 pounds every
five days, follow the guidelines
Have soup meals twice daily;
avoid nuts, dairy and artificial
sweeteners; and keep total calories under 1,400 per day (with at
least 70% from fat and no more
than 5% from carbs). If you
opt to create your own menus,
a free tracking app like Carb
Manager does the diet math for
you. As always, get a doctor’s
okay to try any new plan.
2 eggs prepared with butter,
2 slices bacon, half an avocado
and 1 mug “keto coffee” (To
make: Whip 8 oz. hot coffee with
2 Tbs. coconut oil in blender with
lid vented to let steam escape).
Erik Revills. H&M/Styling: Elaine Harrison. Fotolia (2); SuperStock; Media Bakery. Text: Allison Nemetz
Surprise soup advantage
no more than 5% from carbs.
While a keto diet doesn’t
That’s a formula scientifically
require any calorie counting to
proven to “shift our bodies
take off pounds, Yale research
into fat-burning mode,” notes
shows that the fewer calories
Dr. Pescatore. How? Basically,
keto dieters end up eating, the
when we eat a lot of carbs,
more weight they lose.
our bodies are proAnd that’s where soup
grammed to burn
is a huge factor—
carbs as their
Keto dieters not only
main source
lose because keto soup
ge — up to 45 pounds
tends to contain
of fuel. But
in eight weeks — a ne
far fewer calobecause keto
study found
ries than other
dieters slash
end up with
keto meals.
carb intake
faster metabolisms th
an On top of that,
other dieters!
landmark Penn
Dr. Pescatore
State research has
explains, “you start
determined that the way
burning your backup
soup solids are suspended in
fuel source, ketones.” Ketones
warm broth tricks our bodies
are compounds made from
into releasing extra appetitefat—the kind in your fat cells
killing hormones, so we suband the kind you eat. So when
consciously end up eating 400
you’re burning ketones, you
calories less with a soup meal
can enjoy mouthwateringly
than we normally would. Adds
rich soups and other foods
Mellissa, author of Keto for
while—per recent university
Life: “It’s also impossible to
findings—speeding your fat
rush through soup, so it gives
loss by a whopping 900%!
your body time to process that
feeling of fullness. You consume far fewer calories without realizing it and are 100%
Real-world wow!
We love Kristie’s recipe (right) as well as
Mellissa’s recipes on IBreatheImHungry.
com. You’ll find other great options on Alternatively, enjoy a regular keto
meal with a serving of protein, lots of fat
and a serving of nonstarchy veggies.
loss was possible—and that’s
exactly what keto soup dieting
did for me,” says the New York
nurse, 56. “I lost 10 pounds in
my first five days and I felt full
the whole time. It really got
me going, and now I’m down
50 pounds. I want to spread the
word. I want everyone to know
how easy it can be to get to a
healthier weight!”
“My inbox is full of emails
from people who are shocked
and thrilled that keto soup
worked for them when nothing
else would,” says
Mellissa. “Many
tell me they use
it as a jumpingoff point to a
traditional keto
diet and go on to
totally transform
their bodies.”
Lisa McGill is
one of them. “I’m
someone who
needed to see a
big difference
on the scale right
away so I’d have
Keto Chicken
hope that weight
This jump-start plan gets 2019 off to a skinny start!
You can soup off
18 lbs in 7 days!
Experts say the fewer calories you eat,
the more you’ll lose on keto—so don’t
snack unless you’re hungry. But if your
tummy grumbles, nibble on any highfat, low-carb option, like broccoli with
guacamole or a handful of olives.
S ou p
Kristie wins raves for this version
of the
classic soup that swaps cabbage
in place
of noodles to keep carbs low…
4 stalks celer y,
2 medium carrots,
12 oz. mushrooms,
16 cups chicken
4 cloves garlic,
6-8 cups shredded
4 Tbs. dried minced
4 cups green
cabbage, sliced
8 oz. butter
into bite-size
4 tsp. dried parsley
In large soup pot, sauté celer y, mu
garlic and onion in butter 3– 4 minu
tes. Add
parsley, carrots and broth; season
with salt
and pepper. Simmer until veggies
are tender. Add chicken and cabbage; sim
mer until
cabbage is tender, 8–12 minutes.
16 servings about 4 grams net ca
rbs each
Woman’s World
“Every challenge
has a silver lining!”
“Getting healthy
is my greatest
says Randy
When Grammy-winning producer and former American Idol judge
Randy Jackson was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he could’ve
been singing the blues. But instead, the condition inspired him to
lose 120 pounds, and now he’s helping others live long, healthy lives!
Randy (left) just after
his diagnosis, with
Paula Abdul and Simon
Cowell in 2002
and realized the more he moved, the better
he felt. By monitoring his diet, exercise and
medications, plus controlling his stress with
yoga and meditation, Randy successfully
lost 120 pounds—and has kept it off!
Today, 18 years later, Randy is energetic
and healthier than ever. “I always say there’s
a silver lining to my diagnosis—it forced
me to take control of my health,” he shares.
And now he’s helping others do the same
by teaming up with Colgate Total and to remind diabetics—who are
twice as likely to develop gum disease—to
also tune in to their oral health.
And as he reflects back on that day in the
ER when he nearly died, Randy is grateful
that he got the chance to transform his life.
“Life is precious and short, we have to make
sure we’re living our best everyday reality!”
—Lisa Maxbauer
3 fun & easy ways to keep blood sugar swings in check
Take a hot soak! It’s not just relaxing: A study in the Journal of Applied
Physiology found that a one-hour hot bath
lowered participants’ fasting blood-sugar
levels by as much as if they had exercised.
And prior studies show that baths reduce
blood pressure for optimal heart health!
Go for a stroll! Walking for 30 minutes
can keep blood sugar steady all day. How?
Working muscles pull glucose from your
bloodstream to use as fuel. And Norwegian
scientists reveal leisurely walks—like
strolling through the mall or grocery store
aisles—are enough to bring on the benefit!
Nosh on almonds!
Taiwanese research shows
eating almonds after meals
lowers levels of insulin and
blood sugar. Credit the nuts’
anti-inflammatory properties, which also
slash risk of heart disease and weight gain.
Share your own inspiring story with us, and we’ll pay you $250 if we publish it! Read or heard someone else’s story you think belongs
in Woman’s World? Send it to us! If you’re the first to share it and we publish it, we’ll pay you $100! Email the story with your name and phone
number to: Or mail to: Scoop, Woman’s World, 270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632.
Woman’s World
We pay
Michael Becker/FOX; Getty (2)
aybe I have the flu…I feel terrible,”
“You’ve got to get it together,” his docRandy Jackson sighed wearily to
tor had urged. Even his dentist, noting
a nurse in the emergency room
worrisome changes in Randy’s gums,
one Saturday. But minutes later, a doctor
had pushed him to have his blood sugar
stepped in and delivered news that
checked. But like many others, Randy
would change Randy’s life forhad dragged his feet, even after his
ever: “Your blood sugar is dan“We have symptoms—like feeling tired,
gerously high—over 500. You
sweaty and thirsty—intensified.
have Type 2 diabetes.”
But with his life on the line,
we’re living our Randy knew, I can’t put this off;
The news hit Randy like
an 800-pound piano. “My
it’s time to take action.
very best
dad had diabetes, but I never
every day!” A new lease on life
thought it would happen to
Over the next few months, Randy
me,” he confessed to the doctor.
sought help from a nutritionist to
“But I kept putting unhealthy food
formulate a healthier diet plan. He also
in my mouth, knowing it could kill me.”
Reeling and worried, Randy feared, How focused on portion control. “Don’t deprive
yourself—try a couple of bites to enjoy the
am I ever going to turn things around?
flavor,” he was advised when he battled cravOvercoming lifelong habits
ings for his favorite Baton Rouge cooking.
For years, Randy had many warning signs
After shedding 16 pounds, Randy
of the disease. Raised on Louisiana cookdecided to undergo gastric bypass surgery.
ing, he was addicted to fried and sugary
“This is only a jump-start to get you moving
foods. “The ‘Dawg’ loves Willy Wonka and
in the right direction,” his doctor reminded
the Chocolate Factory!” he’d tell friends with him. “There’s no magic pill, it’s still work.”
a laugh. His sedentary job in the recording
After recovering from the procedure,
studio also allowed the Grammy winner’s
Randy shed more weight and began to
weight to ratchet up to 355 pounds.
enjoy greater mobility. He took up tennis
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Warm hearts
When the temperatures dip, invite your nearest and dearest
to cozy up to a cup of comfort—served in style!
Offer a DIY hot cocoa bar
Hot chocolate is inexpensive and loved
by kids and adults alike, so it’s the perfect
treat for a crowd, says party planner Ngoc
Nguyen Lay, of Skybox Event Productions.
And a serve-yourself bar takes the pressure off you! Simply make a big batch of
hot chocolate before your guests arrive and
transfer it to a slow cooker set on low. Place
it on a table next to a ladle and mugs, then
line up bowls of easy-to-spoon mix-ins like
shredded coconut, chocolate chips, peppermint candies and marshmallows.
Top treats with wintry sweets
Enchant guests with easy
rustic touches
To give your room an inviting glow, pick
up a few winter-themed coffee cups at
the dollar store and pop a pillar candle
inside each, then surround the candle
with snippets of greenery and berries
from the yard. Light the candles and
place around the room.
Woman’s World
A cocoa-themed dessert is easy with this
fun idea from party pro Michelle Stewart
( Simply pick up
a box of brownie bites in the bakery section
of your local supermarket or whip up a batch
from a box mix of brownies, following directions for a 13"x9" pan. Let brownies cool,
then cut them into circles using a 11 ⁄2" round
cookie cutter. Top each brownie with a dollop of vanilla icing, then sprinkle on crushed
peppermint candies (or leftover candy canes)
for a hint of flavor. Top treats with an edible
mug (like Hot Cocoa Lollipops, $5 for 12, Just wiggle the pop to
loosen it from the paper stick, then pull.
with a cocoa party!
Send them home with a smile
Remind guests of the fun they had long after they
leave with a “hot chocolate in a jar” favor, says Lay.
To do: Layer 1 ⁄2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder,
¼ cup of powdered milk and 1 ⁄2 cup of sugar in a jar.
Add a label with a note to stir the ingredients into a
cup of warm milk to enjoy. Set jars by the cocoa bar
so guests can dress up their drink with mix-ins.
3 delicious hot
cocoa upgrades
Skybox Productions (3); Getty; Fotolia; Flora Press; Friedrich Strauss; Michelle’s Party Plan-It. Text: Brieanne Dyas
Protect hands with cozy DIY mug “sweaters”
A knit sleeve adds a cozy-cute touch to coffee cups—and it provides a little layer of
insulation that will keep guests’ hot cocoa
warmer for longer. And the sleeves are surprisingly easy to make! To create each one:
Turn an old knit sweater inside out, then use
sharp scissors to cut one sleeve off about
6" up from the cuff. Sew the cut end of the
sleeve shut, forming the cozy. Next, turn it
right-side-out and cut a vertical slit along
one side of the cozy (to fit the handle of the
mug). To finish, simply stretch the finished
sleeve over the mug.
No time to craft? Pick up premade crochet
cozies that fit any size mug in the “Purple
ValleyDesign” shop at, $5 each.
Infuse surprising
flavor into your sip
The unexpected add-in that’s a popular order at New York City’s famous
City Bakery: bananas! Just steep the
peel in the chocolate as you heat it and
remove before serving. (You can also
use this technique with orange peels.)
Make your own flavorboosting spoons
Get creative with
Gourmet food shops sell spoons
dipped in melted chocolate, but it’s
easy—and much more affordable!—
to make your own. To do: Dip plastic
spoons in melted chocolate chips,
peanut butter chips, white chocolate
or caramel and dry on a sheet of wax
paper. Place the finished spoons on
a plate, then invite guests to flavor
their cocoa with a stir!
Transform mini marshmallows into
giant star-shaped hot-cocoa toppers.
To do: Grease a star cookie cutter
and place on a sheet of wax paper.
Next, melt mini marshmallows in the
microwave until smooth and pour into
the cookie cutter. Cool until set, then
set atop a mug of cocoa!
Woman’s World
Jamie’s easy
Star chef Jamie Oliver dishes up meals so
delicious, your crowd will never guess they take
just a few ingredients and one pan to whip up!
Fabulous Fish
Tapenade, basil and red
wine vinegar give this
simple dish fantastic flavor
11 ⁄3 cups white basmati rice
7 tsp. green olive tapenade
12 oz. mixed-color cherry
tomatoes, halved
Half of 1 bunch fresh basil
leaves, 1 ⁄2 oz.
In large, deep skillet, mix
rice with 3 tsp. tapenade; add
21 ⁄2 cups water. Cover; over high
heat, bring to a boil. In bowl,
mix tomatoes with 1 Tbs. each
olive oil and red wine vinegar.
Woman’s World
Season to taste with sea salt and
pepper; tear in most of basil.
Place fish in skillet, pushing
into rice; scatter tomatoes on
top. Cover; simmer 10 min. or
until rice is cooked through.
Uncover; cook 2 min. more
until liquid has evaporated.
Serve topped with remaining
tapenade, basil and a drizzle
of olive oil.
1 lb. skinless white fish
fillets, such as haddock,
cut into 4 pieces
Servings: 4. Kitchen time:
15 min. Total time: 30 min.
Calories: 371 Protein: 23g Fat: 9g
(1g. sat.) Chol.: 61mg Carbs.: 48g
Sodium: 442mg Fiber: 2g Sugar: 1g
5-ingredient dinners
Harissa Chicken Traybake
Jamie uses harissa chile paste to
give this dish a kick of heat, but
Sriracha can work in a pinch
4 mixed-color peppers
2 red onions
1 chicken, 21 ⁄2 lbs.
5 tsp. red harissa paste
Background: Getty
Leaves from 4 sprigs
fresh mint
Heat oven to 350°F. Cut peppers into big chunks. Quarter
onions; break apart into petals.
Place vegetables in 16"x12"
roasting pan. Use large sharp
knife to carefully cut down
back of chicken so it can be
opened flat; cut leg joints so
they lie flat but are still connected to chicken.
Add chicken to pan. Coat
chicken with harissa and a little
red wine vinegar. Sprinkle with
sea salt and pepper. Arrange
chicken flat on top of vegetables, skin side up. Roast 50
min. or until chicken is cooked
through. Sprinkle with mint.
Servings: 4. Kitchen time:
20 min. Total time: 1 hr., 10 min.
Calories: 371 Protein: 29g Fat: 23g
(7g. sat.) Chol.: 112mg Carbs.: 10g
Sodium: 158mg Fiber: 2g Sugar: 4g
Woman’s World
Crab & Fennel Spaghetti
Dinner couldn’t be easier or faster,
thanks to this company-special
skillet pasta that goes from prep
to plate in just 20 minutes
1 bulb fennel, trimmed,
2 Tbs. feathery
tops reserved
5 oz. spaghetti
1 fresh red chile,
seeded, sliced
6 oz. mixed-color
cherry tomatoes, halved
Halve fennel; slice. Heat
1 Tbs. olive oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-low
heat. Add fennel; cover and
cook 5 min. Meanwhile, cook
pasta in pot of boiling salted
water according to package
Woman’s World
instructions; drain, reserving
1 cup of cooking water.
Stir chile into fennel; cook,
uncovered, until soft, stirring
occasionally. Add tomatoes;
cook 2 min. Add crabmeat;
cook 1 min. Stir in pasta,
adding a splash of reserved
water as necessary to make
pasta saucy. Season with sea
salt and pepper; sprinkle with
reserved fennel tops. Drizzle
with 1 tsp. olive oil.
6 oz. crabmeat
Servings: 2. Kitchen time:
10 min. Total time: 20 min.
Calories: 485 Protein: 28g Fat: 12g
(2g. sat.) Chol.: 83mg Carbs.: 67g
Sodium: 655mg Fiber: 8g Sugar: 8g
Roast Tikka Chicken
This Indian-inspired dish infuses
roast chicken, potatoes and
cauliflower with classic curry
taste, courtesy of convenient
seasoning paste
1 bunch fresh cilantro, 1 oz.
13 ⁄4 lbs. potatoes,
cut into 11 ⁄4" chunks
1 small head cauliflower,
1 ⁄4 lbs., cut into 11 ⁄4" chunks
2 Tbs. tikka curry paste
Finely slice cilantro stems,
reserving leaves in bowl of cold
water. In 16"x12" roasting
pan, toss cilantro stems with
potatoes, cauliflower, a pinch
each of sea salt and pepper and
1 Tbs. each olive oil and red
wine vinegar.
1 chicken, 2 ⁄2 lbs.
Rub tikka paste all over
chicken. Place rack in pan
over vegetables; place chicken
on rack. Roast 1 hr., or until
chicken is golden and cooked
through. Let rest 10 min.
before carving. Drain with
cilantro; sprinkle over chicken.
Servings: 4. Kitchen time:
15 min. Total time: 1 hr., 25 min.
Calories: 610 Protein: 40g Fat: 34g
(9g. sat.) Chol.: 140mg Carbs.: 36g
Sodium: 378mg Fiber: 5g Sugar: 4g
You’ll find
more delicious
meals in
5 Ingredients
by Jamie
Excerpted from 5 Ingredients: Quick and Easy Food
by Jamie Oliver. Copyright ©2017 by Jamie Oliver.
Reprinted with permission from Flatiron Books. All
rights reserved. Photography by David Loftus.
Woman’s World
Smiles guaranteed!
A shot of coffee kicks up the yum factor
in these luscious from-scratch brownies
that take just minutes to whip up
Extra-Fudgy Brownies
Ooey-gooey, double-choco delight!
1 (12 oz.) pkg. dark chocolate
chips (2 cups)
1 cup butter, cut into chunks
2 oz. unsweetened
chocolate, chopped
⁄4 cup all-purpose flour
11 ⁄2 tsp. baking powder
⁄2 tsp. salt
11 ⁄4 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 Tbs. instant coffee
1 Tbs. vanilla extract
Melted chocolate fudge
sauce, raspberries and
mint sprigs
Easy as 1,2,3!
In small bowl, combine ⁄4 cup flour
and remaining chocolate chips;
Woman’s World
reserve. Combine remaining flour with
baking powder and salt; reserve. In
large bowl, whisk together sugar, eggs,
coffee granules and vanilla extract; stir
into melted chocolate mixture until just
combined. Stir in flour mixture until just
blended. Stir in reserved chocolate chip
mixture. Spread in pan. Bake 45–55 min.
or until toothpick inserted into center
comes out with moist crumbs clinging.
Cool completely on rack.
Using foil, lift
brownies from
pan. Cut into
squares. If desired,
serve brownies
drizzled with sauce and
garnished with raspberries and mint.
PREP time: 20 min.
TOTAL time: 2 hrs., 20 min.
Heat oven to 325°F. Line 13"x9"
baking pan with enough foil to
overhang sides by 2"; coat with cooking
spray. In pot, combine 11 ⁄3 cups chocolate
chips, butter and unsweetened chocolate;
over low heat, cook until melted and
smooth, stirring Remove from heat; let
cool 5 min.
Dinner made easy!
Pear, Pomegranate and
Blue Cheese Salad
Black Forest
Food & Photo (4)
Woman’s World
So easy, so delicious!
Cauliflower Gratin
Smoked Gouda cheese and a touch of white wine dress up
store-bought sauce mix to make an extra yummy topping for
our golden vegetable casserole
1 head cauliflower (about
2 lbs.), cut into florets
4 slices bacon, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
⁄4 cup white wine
11 ⁄2 cups milk
1 (1.5 oz.)pkg. four-cheese
sauce mix
2 cups shredded smoked
Gouda cheese (8 oz.)
1 Tbs. seasoned dry
Heat broiler. In pot of
boiling salted water, cook
cauliflower until tender, 4–5
min; drain. Transfer to 2-qt.
baking dish. In dry pot, cook
bacon over medium heat until
crisp; drain. To drippings, add
onion; cook 5 min., stirring.
Add wine; cook 1 min.
Pear, Pomegranate and
Blue Cheese Salad
Your family will love our easy gourmet salad of good-foryou greens, juicy pear slices and rich blue cheese that goes
from prep to plate in just 15 minutes
3 Tbs. red wine vinegar
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
⁄4 tsp. salt
⁄4 tsp. pepper
Over medium heat, stir in
milk and sauce mix; bring to
a boil. Cook until thickened,
stirring. Stir in cheese. Pour
over cauliflower; sprinkle with
breadcrumbs and bacon. Broil
until browned, 1–2 min.
Servings: 6. Kitchen time: 25 min. Total time: 30 min.
Calories: 326 Protein: 17g Fat: 23g (12g. sat.) Chol.: 61mg Carbs.: 13g
Sodium: 0mg Fiber: 2g Sugar: 6g
⁄3 cup olive oil
1 Tbs. minced shallots
3 pears, cored, cut into
thin wedges
3 cups baby kale
6 Tbs. crumbled blue
3 Tbs. pomegranate arils
1 (12 oz.) pkg. frozen pitted
dark sweet cherries,
thawed, juices reserved
⁄3 cup sugar
1 Tbs. cornstarch
6 cups milk
1 (5.9 oz.) pkg. instant
chocolate pudding mix
1 (5.1 oz.) pkg. instant
vanilla pudding mix
Whipped topping,
chocolate shavings
and cherries, optional
In pot, combine cherries,
sugar and reserved juices;
over low heat, bring to a simmer. Mix 2 Tbs. water and
cornstarch; stir into pot. Cook
until thickened, stirring. Pour
into bowl; cool. Chill.
Using 3 cups milk, prepare
chocolate pudding according
to package directions. Prepare
vanilla pudding with remaining milk. In each of 6 glasses,
layer 1 ⁄4 cup chocolate pudding, 1 Tbs. cherry mixture,
⁄2 cup vanilla pudding, 1 Tbs.
cherry mixture and 1 ⁄4 cup
chocolate pudding. Garnish.
Servings: 6. Kitchen time: 30 min. Total time: 1 hr., 30 min.
Calories: 406 Protein: 9g Fat: 8g (5g. sat.) Chol.: 24mg Carbs.: 73g
Sodium: 841mg Fiber: 2g Sugar: 62g
Woman’s World
On serving platter, arrange
pear wedges; top with kale.
Sprinkle with blue cheese and
pomegranate arils. Stir dressing again and serve drizzled
over salad.
Servings: 6. Kitchen time: 15 min. Total time: 15 min.
Calories: 198 Protein: 3g Fat: 15g (3g. sat.) Chol.: 6mg Carbs.: 16g
Sodium: 224mg Fiber: 4g Sugar: 10g
Black Forest Trifles
A duo of delicious puddings layered with sweet cherry sauce
makes an impressive dessert that’s a cinch to create
In small bowl, whisk
together vinegar, mustard, salt
and pepper until salt dissolves.
Slowly whisk in oil until dressing is emulsified; stir in shallots. Reserve.
Maple-Mustard Chicken
We transformed ordinary chicken into a company-special
dish just by roasting it under a buttery rub of maple syrup,
tangy Dijon mustard and a dash of cayenne
⁄4 cup butter, at room temp.
2 Tbs. maple syrup
1 Tbs. Dijon mustard
⁄4 tsp. salt
⁄2 tsp. cayenne pepper
1 chicken (5 lbs.)
Heat oven to 350°F. In small
bowl, combine butter, maple
syrup, Dijon mustard, salt and
cayenne pepper until blended;
reserve 1 Tbs. Carefully
separate skin from chicken
breast, starting from neck.
Rub remaining butter mixture over breast meat; pat skin
down to smooth.
Rub reserved butter mixture over skin on chicken
breast. Loosely cover breast
with aluminum foil. Roast
2 hrs.–2 hrs., 15 min., removing foil halfway through
cooking, until juices run clear
when pierced with fork. Skim
and discard fat from pan
juices. Serve pan juices with
roast chicken.
Servings: 6. Kitchen time: 20 min. Total time: 2 hrs., 20 min.
Calories: 553 Protein: 53g Fat: 34g (12g. sat.) Chol.: 232mg Carbs.: 5g
Sodium: 544mg Fiber: 0g Sugar: 4g
“Backsplashes are an important
layer of kitchen design, but they can
be costly,” says Burger. Her walletfriendly ideas to fake a backsplash,
which gives your space a focal point
and adds texture: Use removable
wallpaper, a stencil pattern or stickon tiles, like Art3D Peel & Stick
Subway Tile in White, $4 per square
“I love stainless steel in a kitchen—
it always looks sophisticated and
sleek,” says Burger. “To get the
look for less, all you need is some
paint!” Simply brush a few coats of
liquid stainless-steel paint on appliances. For ovens and dishwashers,
use a variety that withstands heat,
like Giani Liquid Stainless Steel DIY
Paint Kit, $24,
“From cabinets to tiles, kitchens are
filled with smooth, hard surfaces, so
I like to weave in feel-good pops of
color and warmth throughout,” notes
Burger. She recommends starting
with bright dish towels and place mats,
then adding a throw rug or statement
runner to boost coziness and charm.
Get the look: nuLOOM Southwestern
Tribal Floral Medallion Multi Runner
Rug, $55,
Easy updates to
renew any kitchen!
WW Picks: Little hits of happy!
“Floating shelves bring depth
and openness to a space,”
says Burger. “They’re a trendy
solution for stowing extra
dishes or showcasing décor.”
Simply hang three wooden
shelves on any blank wall.
Warm their hearts
This sturdy pot adds a fiery
pop of color to your kitchen!
($40, Food Network 3.5-qt.
Dutch Oven,
Bring on smiles
Pretty printed mugs make
morning coffee extra special.
($16 for a set of 4, Flea Market
Belly Mugs,
Turn functional into fun
Make cleaning spills a cinch with
a citrus dish towel. ($14, Sliced
Citrus Watercolor Towel,
Brighten a countertop
For more décor inspiration
and savvy style ideas, visit
It’s surprisingly simple to revamp the
heart of your home without the hassle
of a pricey renovation. Interior designer
and DIY pro Jenna Burger shares her
genius solutions guaranteed to transform
your kitchen into a sleek and stylish
space—on a shoestring!
John Ellis/Styling by Sunday Hendrickson; Olaf Szepaniak. Text: Lauren Blum
A chic steel bowl brimming
with fresh fruit spruces up any
surface. ($13, Spectrum Leaf
Fruit Bowl,
WW DIY: Transform a wooden
tray from plain to pretty!
All it takes to
turn a wooden tray
into a sweet server is
a few coats of paint
and an easy, elegant
stenciled design.
Here’s how
What you’ll need:
R Old serving tray
R White spray paint
R Patterned stencil
R Orange craft paint
1 Paint the tray
Lightly buff the tray with sandpaper, then wipe away dust with
a soft cloth. Apply two light
coats of white spray paint all
over the tray and let dry.
2 Stencil a design
Lay a stencil of your choice
on the tray and use a foam
brush to dab craft paint over
the stencil. Lift stencil; let dry.
Repeat pattern as desired.
No time to craft? Check out the Coral and White Damask Pattern
Decorative Serving Tray, $43,
Woman’s World
Your o
Quick fixes for
winter woes!
These easy DIY tricks will help you stay
warm and weatherproof all season long
Make shoveling
a cinch with a
“cooking coating”
Protect gutters
with a candle
Icicles can form when warm air
escaping through your roof melts
the snow, which then re-freezes
as it drips off the edge, causing
an ice “dam” that can damage
gutters. The fix: Just walk around
the edges of your attic with a lit
candle to pinpoint places where
warm air might be escaping. If
the flame flickers near, say, an
attic window, simply add a bit
of caulk to seal cracks. Another
benefit to stopping attic leaks?
It’ll reduce your heating bill!
Get a cold car to start
by filling it up
Be sure to fill your tank at least halfway before
a cold snap. Why? Cars need more fuel to
start in the winter, so a tank near “E” makes it
harder on your engine. Plus, the more gas,
the better—that’s because it contains ethanol, which prevents ice crystals in the fuel
line, a top culprit behind sluggish engines.
Woman’s World
Melt slippery spots
with pantry staples
Forgot to restock your road salt? No worries! You
can easily make an ice remover with ingredients
from your kitchen cabinet: Simply combine 1 tsp. of
dish liquid, 1 Tbs. of rubbing alcohol and 1 ⁄2 gallon
of warm water. Pour the solution over your walkway
and watch the ice melt! Also effective? Pickle juice,
thanks to its high salt content.
De-ice your windshield
with rubbing alcohol
No need to scrape ice off your windshield—just fill
a spray bottle 1 ⁄3 full with water and the rest with
70% isopropyl alcohol, says Ed Sprigler of windshield replacement company Strategic Initiatives at
Safelite. “Spray your windshield, and the ice will
melt! It also works on frozen locks: Spritz before
inserting your key, and you’ll be on your way!”
Jumpfoto; Getty (3); Fotolia. Text: Kristina Mastrocola
The secret that makes it a snap to clear
away snow? Coat your shovel blade with
cooking spray—the slippery surface will
prevent flakes from sticking. Then take
a cue from professional plowers: Clear a
path around the perimeter of your driveway first, then work from the center out,
pushing the snow (instead of scooping
and tossing) toward the nearest cleared
edge. Bonus: It’ll help you
maintain good posture and avoid
back strain, says
physical therapist Taruna
“That means
arching your
back slightly
and bending
from your knees,
not your back!”
One solution for oxygen at
home, away, and for travel
Introducing the INOGEN ONE
It’s oxygen therapy on your terms
No more tanks to refill. No more deliveries. No more hassles
with travel. The INOGEN ONE portable oxygen concentrator
is designed to provide unparalleled freedom for oxygen
therapy users. It’s small, light-weight, clinically proven for
stationary and portable use, during the day and at night,
and can go virtually anywhere — even on most airlines.
Reclaim Your Freedom And Independence NOW!
Call Inogen Today To
Request Your FREE Info Kit
or visit
© 2019 Inogen, Inc. All rights reserved.
$$$ C
“I make $55,000 a year
selling Hula-Hoops!”
After Ali Fitzgerald lost 40 pounds doing a “hooping” workout, she
decided to turn it into a business. Now she’s raking in cash! Here’s how:
bout 10 years
ago, I attended
a music festival, and a
group of women dancing
with weighted Hula-Hoops
caught my attention. I learned
that this was the newest dance
and fitness craze. I bought one
and learned how to do it by
watching videos on YouTube.
I started doing it regularly and
lost 40 pounds! Then I came
across a video tutorial about
how to make the Hula-Hoops,
so I decided to start making my
Ali Fitzgerald, 40,
Lawrence, KS
own using materials I bought
online and at the hardware
store. They were tricky to make,
but eventually, I figured it out!
At first, I sold my hoops in a
local shop, but when they sold
out quickly, I realized it could
be a viable business.
“I opened an Etsy shop
( and
spent a lot of time taking pictures of the hoops to make sure
my shop would attract customers. The hoops are custom-made
for any age, ability or body type.
“After four years, I hired my
first employee, and today I have
three people on my team. I market my business on Instagram
and Facebook and have sponsored affiliate hoopers: performers who post about our products
on social media and make a
commission on their sales.
“Since 2009, we’ve made
$1 million in sales, and I take
between $45,000 and $55,000
as a salary. This work brings me
so much joy that I love sharing
with others!”
Win a NYC Wine & Food Festival gift bag!
Win $1,250!
The New York City Wine & Food Festival (NYCWFF) celebrates
America’s favorite eats—and even if you can’t make it to the Big
Apple, you can indulge in the fun with one chance to win a NYCWFF
Celeb Gift Bag curated by GBK Productions—a $1,000 value! It includes
Loacker wafers, Spindrift sparkling waters, a VinGardeValise wine
suitcase, a PortoVino wine purse, Warther Cutlery, a Power Air Fryer Elite
Oven and Spektrum Glasses. U.S. only. Ends 11:59 PM ET, 2/8/19
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account a big boost
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one chance to win
$1,250 in cold, hard
cash! U.S. only. Ends
11:59 PM ET, 1/31/19
Win a Nutrisystem subscription!
Keeping your New Year’s
weight-loss goals on track
will be a cinch if you’re one of
five winners of a three-month
subscription for Nutrisystem
FreshStart—plus free home
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A sk A mer ica’s U lt imate Ex per t s
“Help! Is it too late to make a
career change?”
Making a switch to a job you truly love is easier
than you think, promise our experts, who share
the confidence-building steps that’ll help you
start fresh and land your dream gig!
Focus your
Know your adaptability
Pinpointing your transferable
skills will help fire up your
drive, says career coach Dawn
Graham, Ph.D. “Drill down on
the details of what you do,” she
advises. “If you’re in customer
service, for example, rather
than simply noting that you
have great communications
skills, jot down specifics like
‘building relationships with
customers’ and ‘asking probing
questions’—portable skills you
can take anywhere!”
Build your can-do team
Revving your confidence is as
easy as calling your pals. “Ask
what they think your talents
are,” says Hannon. They’ll
often shed light on skills you
don’t give yourself credit for,
such as that you’re a great
photographer, something that
can expand your job search
in surprising ways!
your talents to potential jobs and
finds the right fit, says career pro
Thea Kelley. “Then look at job
postings for the kind of expertise they’re asking for. You can
close the skills gap with a class or
certification program at a community college—a lot of people
don’t know that in some states,
residents are entitled to free community college career services!”
Make your
action plan
Make connections
Networking doesn’t need to be
scary, promises Kelley. Simply
connect with industry groups
on to find others in your targeted field. And
consider joining a professional
association—just do a search
Close the skills gap
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Transform your résumé
Rather than go into detail about
unrelated experiences, highlight
the jobs that reflect your new
career aims, advises Kelley. “Say
you have a background in volunteer work but want a career
in writing,” she says. “Instead of
mentioning your fund-raising
chops, include that you drafted
newsletters. And rather than
describing former positions that
aren’t relevant, simply list them.
Your résumé isn’t about your
past—it’s about your future!”
Our expert panel
Kerry Hannon, author of
Dawn Graham, Ph.D.,
Thea Kelley, author of
Great Jobs for Everyone 50+,
is AARP’s jobs expert and a
nationally recognized expert
on career transitions. Learn
more at
author of Switchers, is the
career director for The
Wharton School’s MBA for
Executives Program. Visit her
Get That Job!, has more
than 20 years’ experience in
career services. Find more
of her tips at JobSearchAnd
Woman’s World
Getty (2). Text: Kristina Mastrocola
Let yourself dream
“If you’re thinking of moving in
a new direction, it’s important
to first do some soul searching
to zero in on your true passions,” notes career expert Kerry
Hannon, who says that creating a dream board is one of the
most inspiring ways to do just
that. “By physically cutting out
pictures, you’re literally putting
things in motion and building
momentum. For example, I
know a woman who created a
board with images of dogs and
people laughing, and she now
runs a dog-walking business!”
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Re l
Tiny bubbles
Use the letters highlighted in the finished
puzzle to spell an effervescent type of water
Really impressed
Compass pt.
Set down
Hotel staffers
Use a shovel
Blue Bonnet, e.g.
Solving, as a
23 Keats, for one
24 Bullwinkle, e.g.
26 down
25 Tom of Blue
26 Looks after
27 Upper and lower
28 Fitting
29 Store selection
30 Restroom sign
31 Not together
34 Hot cocoa
container, maybe
35 Wheel of
39 Toothpaste holder
40 Kept going
42 Purrers
43 “Send help!”
44 Metal in rocks
45 Gadot of Wonder
46 Puzzling question
48 Chick’s sound
49 Modus operandi
51 Loch
52 Like some hair
53 “Oh
(2 wds.)
Tee follower?
of Sandwich
Oasis trees
Gentle heat
Law & Order:
Even finish
Wisc. neighbor
Gymnast’s feat
Pizza topper
Feeds the flame
Tax org.
Slow mover
Tin Tin
Flower holders?
Take it easy
Transport to Oz
Hula dancers
shake them
Kind of exam
97 Spry
98 Sheltered from
the wind
99 Battery size
100 Jane Austen
101 Hotel posting
102 “Check this out!”
103 Zilch
104 Snorkeling site
1 Rainbows
2 Hanger material
3 And others, for
4 State with
5 Formal decree
6 Swim’s
7 Bird-to-be
8 Actress/singer
9 Home
10 Requires
11 Pencilandpaper
12 Dues
13 Measure
14 Computer
15 Work
16 Observes
22 Set aside
26 Wild feline
29 Aspen or
30 Bit of dust
31 Molecule
32 100%
33 “Not on
!” (“No
2 wds.
34 “Cool”
35 Bogus
37 Carol
38 Catch a
40 Boys
41 Kitchen
42 Bank
45 Takes off
47 Gidget star
48 Orange juice
50 Song of praise
52 Clip
54 Absurd
55 Deli meat
57 Breezed
58 Guinea pigs,
59 Diva’s delivery
60 In
62 Sea eagle
64 Castaway’s
65 Bad to the bone
66 Has dinner
68 Clown’s supply
69 Something to
Erie Canal mule
Causing more
“That’s easy!”
Makes a
mess of
Useful skill
King or queen
Fly high
Forum wear
Give off, as
Crack, in a way
(noodle dish)
#1 spot
British title
Fill the empty squares with the numbers
1 through 9 so that each row, column and
3x3 square contains all the numbers from
1 through 9
2 8
5 1
2 9
8 3
Getty (2); Fotolia; Alamy
For answers to Crossword and Sudoku, turn to pg 48
Woman’s World
Candy shop caper
he sleet was
like needles
against my face
as I crossed the street to
Seagram’s Sweet Shoppe. I
remember coming here as
a kid, sampling all the delicious goodies they offered,
but I never imagined that I’d
be here as a detective investigating a crime. I entered the back
door and squeezed past bags
of sugar that lined the hallway
to the owner’s office.
“Good morning, Mr.
Seagram. I’m Detective
Sanders. You reported a theft
that happened sometime last
night. Is that right?”
The elderly gentleman
nodded. “Yes, it’s horrible.
Yesterday’s cash deposit was
ready for the bank. I
always leave it ready, on
my desk, with my office
door locked. I worked late
last night. When I came
back this morning, my
door was pried open and
the cash was gone!”
“Do you have a night
crew here?” I asked as he
offered me a taffy stick.
“Yes, but a very small
one…only three people:
my chocolatier, my sugar
artist and the warehouse
manager. But they’ve been
with me for years. I can’t imagine any of them stealing.”
“We can’t rule anyone out,” I
cautioned. “Are they here now?”
“Yes, as soon as I discovered
the theft, I called everyone back
to the shop.” He scurried out
and within seconds, the sugar
artist entered.
I began to speak but my
words were cut off within
seconds. “First off,” she interrupted, “I didn’t steal anything.
And second, I’m an artist. My
love is creating. I have no interest in that old man’s cash.”
“Okay…well, did you hear or
see anything out of the ordinary
last night?” I asked, patiently
“Only if you call blasting
rock and roll music all night
from the production room out
The winter olympics
of the ordinary. Maybe you
should speak to John-Paul, our
annoyingly ‘stuck in the rock
era’ chocolate guy.”
“Will you please send him
in,” I said, jotting down notes.
“Sure thing,” she said and
sashayed out of the room.
A ponytailed man soon
appeared, complete with a bandanna on his brow and a torn
shirt sporting a concert date
of nearly two decades ago.
“Sir, I was told you were blasting music last night while you
worked…” I began.
“Yeah, I always do. Is that
a crime now? Did I wake the
neighbors?” He chuckled under
his breath, but soon stopped
after noticing there was no trace
of a smile on my face.
“No, but playing loud music
would drown out someone
attempting to smash through a
door, wouldn’t it?” I asked.
“Listen, I was in the production room all night. I play
music every night. It’s nothing
new. Now that some money’s
gone, the music is a problem?
You’ll need better evidence then
that. Arrest me if you want.
Otherwise leave me alone.”
With that, he slammed
through the double-doors. What
a bunch of sour people in such a
sweet place, I thought. But the
investigation had to continue
and only the warehouse manager remained.
“Sir, would you mind retracing your steps here last night?”
I requested.
“Of course not. Follow
me into the freezer for a
moment and you can see what
As we walked in to the
freezer, my foot squelched in liquid chocolate. He sighed. “It was
around midnight when I began
to stock the freezer from an earlier delivery,” the manager said.
“I was just about done, when I
tried to place this bucket of molten chocolate on an upper shelf.
The lid popped off and it all fell
right on my head, covering me
and—as you can see—the floor.
“I couldn’t work like that, and
since I had nothing else pending, I left early and went home. I
was surprised when I got the call
to come back this morning.”
“Thank you. I have no more
questions,” I said, dismissing
him and going to find the owner
once again.
“Good news, sir,” I smiled. “I
know who took your money!”
—Michael D’Angona
Q: Who stole the
candy shop cash?
A: Turn to pg 49
Order Up!
Person, Place or Thing?
Can you guess which
happened first, second
and third?
Can you guess what I am?
Q My face has no eyes
Q People like it when I’m on time
Q My hours are numbered
Q I’m not a TV, but sometimes
Q Sometimes, I’m quite alarming
people watch me
Q I could be a grandfather
Q As a verb, I might hurt
Q You can find me on a cellphone,
in a car or on a microwave
Q Big Ben is one of my kind
Person, Place or Thing? I am a clock
A. The Rat Pack stars in Ocean’s Eleven
B. John Denver tops the charts with
“Thank God I’m a Country Boy”
C. Krazy Glue debuts on store shelves
Q I’ve been around for centuries
Order Up! A. 1960
C. 1973
B. 1975
My Guardian Angel
Readers share their stories of divine intervention
7 Days of
Take one a day and feel
great all week!
Day 1
Any day is
a beautiful day
when you’re
in it
Day 2
Hope: It’s a
100% effective
mood booster!
Day 3
You are the
answer to
Day 4
are still
Day 5
Look for a
reason to
smile and
you will always
find one
Day 6
Kindness costs
nothing yet its
payoff is great!
Day 7
You exceed
Woman’s World
Angel of courage
When Woman’s World reader Amy Genzlinger
of Fort Myers, Florida, was in pain and on the
brink of despair, an angel appeared! She writes:
he summer before my
senior year of high
school, my father
passed away. I was devastated
and became depressed.
Then that fall, I was in a
terrible car accident and suffered a crushed pelvis, broken
ribs and internal bleeding.
The pain was constant and
unbearable, and my body felt
as broken as my heart that
was still aching over the loss
of my dad. I just didn’t want
to live anymore.
One night, a nurse called
my mom to say they were very
concerned because I wasn’t
eating or drinking. Mom
called me in tears, begging
me to be strong
and fight. I was
in so much
pain and so
sad over Dad,
I honestly felt
like I had no
fight left in me.
That night
I prayed, God, I am
scared, sad, lonely and in so
much pain! Please either help
me get better or let me die and
be with my dad.
Shortly after, I fell asleep
and dreamed an angel came
to my room, took my hand
and said, “Come with me.”
“I can’t walk,” I replied.
The angel just smiled, and
urged me to go with her.
I took her hand and was
astonished. The pain was gone
and I was able to walk. Soon
I was in a meadow filled with
beautiful flowers. I found
myself running through the
flowers, feeling incredibly light.
Next, I was at a banquet
table filled with delicious food.
I could “feel” people all around
me laughing and talking.
I couldn’t see who anyone
was, but I knew that my
dad was there. The angel
encouraged me to eat, telling me that I needed to
gain back my strength.
Suddenly, I was starving and
began to eat.
“My guardian
angel gave me the
courage to fight!”
The angel took my hands.
“Amy, you can do this. You
need to go back now, but I will
be here helping you.”
I woke up in my hospital
bed. The pain was back, but I
felt hopeful and stronger. From
that day, I began to heal and
was soon healthy and joyful,
and grateful to know that I
have a guardian angel with me.
“We all have a guardian angel who will be
with us for our lifetime, and they are dedicated to
our wellness on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual
level. God heard Amy’s prayer
that night and sent His messenger to her with encouragement, healing and support.
“The angels could see that
Amy was in a challenging
place, and her prayer opened
the veil between Heaven and
Earth, allowing them to bring
their loving comfort and
encouragement to her.
“Amy’s experience is another
clear reminder that we should
never underestimate the power
of our prayers!”
If you have an angel story you’d like to share, please send it, along with a clear photo of yourself and your
name, address and phone number to: Angels, Woman’s World, 270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, or
email us at We’ll pay $100 for each featured story. All submissions become
the property of Woman’s World and may be edited, published or reused. Kyle Gray ( is an
internationally known angel expert. He is the author of six books, including Angel Prayers, Wings of Forgiveness and
Raise Your Vibration, as well as two bestselling card decks and the host of “Angel Club” at
Shutterstock (2); Getty
We pay
Circle of
Instant aah…
Take a moment to leave your worries
behind and lose yourself in loveliness
Readers share little reminders of how much
goodness there is in the world
I was grocery shopping and found
myself short five dollars. I started rummaging through my purse, looking for my debit card,
forgetting that I had given it to my son to make a
deposit for me. In the meantime, the lady behind me
tapped me on the shoulder and said she’d pay the balance for me. When I asked for her address so I could repay her, she
said to forget it. I thanked her over and over. Such a lovely act of
kindness! Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I will
be sure to pay it forward! —Tania Dru, Glenview, IL
For the past eight years, I have stopped at a convenience store every Sunday on my way to visit my
mom in the nursing home. Sue, the very nice clerk at the
store, would always inquire about my mom.
Sadly, my mom recently passed away, and
a week later, I stopped in to give Sue the
news. She offered her warm condolences
and a hug. Yesterday, I stopped in again to
get my morning beverage and Sue greeted
me with, “Do you like flowers?” She then
offered me my choice of beautiful roses! It was
a month since Mom’s passing and I had been
having a rough weekend, so her kindness came at the perfect time!
—Leigh Jackson, North Aurora, IL
On my way to work, I stopped to get
some food, and the woman who took my
order was so kind and happy. I thought
about how much she had brightened my day, so I
told her that I loved her energy and that I appreciated
her attitude and her smile. She thanked me, and her smile got
bigger and bigger. She was elated by the compliment. It made her
feel special, and it made me feel great! As I drove away, I thought
about how easy it is to brighten someone’s day with kind words! It
changed both of our days, which rippled out to all the people that
both of us touched that day. Now I plan to make paying compliments a daily habit! —Judy Dixon, Salt Lake City
We pay
“Winter is a time
when the whole family can
belong to themselves and each
other. Winter is a time when
breaks for warm, spiced cider,
hot chocolate or popcorn
seem like necessity.”
—Anne Wilson Schaef
Do you have an act of kindness of your own to share? We thought so! Please email it, along with your name, address and a clear photo of yourself to: Or mail it to: Circle of Kindness, Woman’s World, 270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632.
We’ll pay you $50 if we publish your story. Please be aware that submissions may be edited for style.
Woman’s World
A Moment for
A truly
special treat
After her husband died, Cheryl lost all of her joy.
But on a trip to the Grand Canyon, a handsome
stranger showed her how beautiful life can be
Fotolia; Shutterstock
It is said that
something good
comes from just
about everything—
and it’s true!
Difficult times have
a way of calling
angels to our
sides, of making
us smarter and
stronger, of steering
us to better paths.
And remember: Life
still has more ups
than downs. Storms
always pass, and
there are always
blue skies ahead!
winter road trip to the Grand
“Which do you suggest?” she asked, a
Canyon? Cheryl mused as she
thrilling tingle running down her spine—a
watched a documentary on the natu- feeling she hadn’t felt since Paul had passed.
ral wonder. It wasn’t so farfetched. She
The man grinned. “A little of both, but
and her husband, Paul, had wanted
I’d start with hiking the rim.”
to see it together, but when he’d
passed away suddenly two years
He turned at the sound.
ago, that dream had fallen
“Over here, Angie.”
away, leaving Cheryl in a haze
Cheryl glanced at the
hitched as his
of grief that colored her world
woman walking over, disaphazel
a single hue: black.
pointment settling over her. Of
met hers” course he’s married, she thought.
But as the deep reds and golds
of the canyon swirled on her televi“Where’s Maura?” he asked.
sion screen, Cheryl felt an excitement
“She’ll be down.” Angie held out her
that she hadn’t felt in years. Her business was hand to Cheryl. “I’m Angie, from St. Louis.”
in the slow cycle, and she could use a mini
“I’m Cheryl. Small world. I’m from
vacation. It’s time, she thought, her fingers
Missouri too,” she said with a warm smile.
skimming the keyboard of the laptop in front
“Where are my manners? I’m obviously
of her. Time to start living again.
By that evening, Cheryl had made all her
Turn upside down for Brain
online arrangements, and mere days later,
she stepped out onto the porch of a lodge to
a sweeping view of the Grand Canyon. She
shivered, eyes wide at the wondrous pageant
before her as the rising sun illuminated the
canyon’s rich purples, reds and golds.
“Incredible,” she murmured.
“First time seeing it?” A man with dark
hair shot through with silver asked. He
flashed a friendly, very handsome smile.
Cheryl’s breath hitched as his hazel eyes
met hers. “Yes…and it’s spectacular.”
“It’s your lucky day. More snow tonight,
so this view will be gone by morning.”
“Then I’ll have to make the most of it
today,” she smiled. “Been here before?”
He nodded. “Every winter. Are you going
down or walking the rim?” He leaned
toward her, his eyes glimmering with genuine interest and…something more.
Crossword Jumble: seltzer
Life is filled
with silver
This week’s Crossword solution
Woman’s World
Glen,” he said, extending his hand. “My
sister is the more civilized one.”
His sister. Cheryl felt her mood lighten.
“Maura is my other little sister,” Glen
smiled. “This is their first time here too.”
“He comes every year,” said Angie, who
looked to be near 50 years old, around
Cheryl’s age. “He knows all the best sites.”
“If you don’t have any other plans, I’d
love it if you’d join us for our hike,” Glen
said, a hopeful note ringing in his voice.
“I’d love to,” Cheryl said, smiling.
As promised, they walked along the rim,
and when the path allowed, Cheryl would
find herself side by side with Glen. She
learned that he was long divorced and lived
about an hour’s drive from her in Missouri.
Once, she stumbled, but he steadied her,
Games Answer Key
Brain Games
on page 44
and the light pressure of his hands made her
heart race, a pace that kept up the more she
got to know the open, warm-hearted man.
By late afternoon, Angie and Maura
pleaded a nap before dinner.
“We’re a bit tired, but you two should
definitely catch the sunset,” Cheryl said.
“We’ll see you back at dinner a bit later,”
Glen said, as his sisters smiled and
exchanged knowing glances.
For the rest of the afternoon, Glen and
Cheryl sat near the lodge fireplace, their
heads close together as they talked and
laughed about work, books and their lives
before hurrying out to see the sunset.
Outside, the sky lit up in fiery yellows
and magenta, as the shadows of the canyon
turned gorgeous royal purple.
“You’re in for a special treat tomorrow,”
Glen said, gently taking her hand. “The
canyon decked out in white.”
Cheryl’s eyes met his, and they stared at
each other for what seemed like an eternity.
“As special as it may be,” she breathed, “I
think the real treat is meeting you, Glen.”
He squeezed her hand tighter. “I couldn’t
agree more.” Cheryl’s heart thrummed in
her chest, and suddenly, the future seemed
brighter and more colorful than ever before.
—Veda Boyd Jones
For more heartwarming romance
by Veda Boyd
Jones, pick up her
latest novel, Here’s
Your Trouble, about
a doctor and a police
officer who find love
in an unlikely place
(Amazon Kindle, $1)
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This week’s Sudoku
The warehouse
5 7 9 6 8 3 1 4 2
manager stole the
3 4 7 9 2 8 5 6
cash deposit from
2 8 6 5 1 4 3 7 9
7 9 5 4 6 8 2 1 3
4 1 2 9 3 7 5 6 8
8 6 3 2 5 1 4 9 7
he told
3 5 7 1 2 9 6 8 4
Sanders that he
6 4 8 3 7 5 9 2 1
had entered the
9 2 1 8 4 6 7 3 5
freezer to stock it
around midnight,
the chocolate on the floor when he and the
detective walked through was still in a liquid
form when they walked in the freezer. If he
had spilled it at midnight, the chocolate
would have been rock solid, instead of in a
liquid state. The warehouse manager lied
and was arrested and charged with theft.
For the week of Sunday, January 13 to Saturday, January 19
by Maressa Brown
CAPRICORN Dec 22–Jan 19
Speaking your truth with a coworker has positive results on the
13th, as Mercury pairs up with
Saturn in your sign. On the 15th, a little
fun flirtation with your mate could quickly
turn into some serious romance!
AQUARIUS Jan 20–Feb 18
A night out with pals is full of
laughs on the 17th, when the
moon in your romance zone
harmonizes with Jupiter in your friendship
zone. On the 18th, opening up about a personal concern can help soothe your soul.
PISCES Feb 19–March 20
Working diligently with others can
lead to a win on a group project on
the 13th. Look forward to a dreamy
time with your mate on the 19th, when the
moon in your romance zone harmonizes
with Neptune in your sign.
Your lucky days: Jan. 15, 16, 19
Your lucky numbers: 5, 8, 14
Your lucky days: Jan. 13, 14, 17
Your lucky numbers: 2, 11, 12
Your lucky days: Jan. 13, 15, 19
Your lucky numbers: 3, 7, 11
ARIES March 21–April 19
Get ready to move up the job
ladder on the 13th, when a
Mercury-Saturn meet-up in your
career zone makes you shine! On the 19th,
tread lightly when it comes to family matters and you’ll be able to keep the peace.
TAURUS April 20–May 20
Conversations about cash flow
with loved ones help shore up
your finances on the 17th, with
the moon in your money zone. On the
18th, prioritizing some “me time” leaves
you feeling refreshed and revitalized!
GEMINI May 21–June 20
Spending quality quiet time
with your mate on the 13th boosts
your bond. With the moon in your
sign squaring off against Neptune in your
career zone on the 17th, seeking clarity
from higher-ups helps you stay on course.
Your lucky days: Jan. 13, 14, 17
Your lucky numbers: 5, 9, 10
Your lucky days: Jan. 15, 16, 19
Your lucky numbers: 2, 3, 12
Your lucky days: Jan. 13, 14, 18
Your lucky numbers: 8, 14, 17
CANCER June 21–July 22
Open communication with your
partner could lead to a positive
transformation in your relationship
on the 18th. With the moon in your sign
and Mars in your career zone on the 19th,
staying calm at work helps you rise above.
LEO July 23–Aug 22
Follow your gut on the 15th, and
it’ll lead you to better work-life
balance. On the 18th, Mercury
and Pluto meet in your health zone, inspiring you to create a new wellness plan.
Transformative results follow!
VIRGO Aug 23–Sept 22
On the 13th, it’ll be easy to share
deep-rooted, loving feelings with
someone special, thanks to a MercurySaturn meet-up in your romance zone.
Communicating clearly with colleagues
on the 17th sets you up for work success.
Your lucky days: Jan. 14, 15, 18
Your lucky numbers: 7, 14, 16
Your lucky days: Jan. 13, 15, 18
Your lucky numbers: 6, 8, 9
Your lucky days: Jan. 13, 15, 16
Your lucky numbers: 5, 6, 8
LIBRA Sept 23–Oct 22
A talk with your mate may turn
emotional on the 14th, when the
moon and Uranus meet in your partnership zone—tackle it head-on to bring
you both peace of mind. On the 19th, take a
work time-out to restock your energy stores.
SCORPIO Oct 23–Nov 21
Your creativity could turn into
cash on the 18th, thanks to
Venus in your money zone boosting your bottom line. On the 19th, trying
something new with your mate adds extra
excitement to your relationship!
A serious conversation on the
13th seals the deal on a promising
moneymaking project. When Venus
in your sign harmonizes with Mars in your
romance zone on the 18th, doing something
active with your mate makes sparks fly.
Your lucky days: Jan. 17, 18, 19
Your lucky numbers: 7, 10, 15
Your lucky days: Jan. 16, 18, 19
Your lucky numbers: 7, 9, 18
Your lucky days: Jan. 13, 17, 18
Your lucky numbers: 3, 6, 9
Dolly Parton
January 19, 1946
Woman’s World
Relying on your intuition will
lead you to success this year,
Capricorn! That’s especially
true come March, when
Mercury retrograde in your
communication zone makes
misunderstandings and
technological issues more
Year-ahead forecast for those born this week
likely. Follow your gut, and it’ll
steer you through with ease!
Relationships take center stage
in July—revisiting an old emotional issue gives you a healing
perspective that allows you to
move forward once and for all.
In late summer, Mercury takes
a trip through your adventure
and higher learning zone, and
honing your skills or planning
exciting travel proves extra
fulfilling. And in November,
taking steps to ensure clear
communication guarantees all
your endeavors go smoothly.
Happy Birthday!
The creativity
clues in your
From the curl of your P’s and Q’s to the slant of
your signature, your script is like, well, a script,
telling the story of how you express yourself and
underlining key traits that reflect your imagination
If your letters…
Lean to the
left: You’re a
reflective creative
“Slant is an emotional barometer,” reveals handwriting examiner Sheila Lowe. Your left tilt
hints that you have strong feelings yet tend to be reserved.
Indeed, you express yourself in
very personal, detail-oriented
ways, from writing private journal entries to crafting art projects that require laser focus.
Tend to be big and bold: You’re
a take-charge collaborative creative
Striking and dynamic, your style underscores your leadership
skills and also suggests that you’re a sociable extrovert. You likely
come up with your best insights through brainstorming. Whether
you’re working with others to devise a surprising theme for a
charity bake sale or simply making your friends laugh with clever
observations, you thrive on the energy of those around you.
Tilt to the right:
Shutterstock; Getty (4). Text: Kristina Mastrocola
You’re a pioneering
Your forward-leaning script
practically pushes past the page,
as if looking to write tomorrow’s
next “chapter.” Future-focused,
you thrive on experimenting with
new ideas and novel ways of
approaching challenges. An ace
problem-solver, you’re able to
break free of boundaries—and
margins, as the case may be.
Are full of curls: You’re
an open-minded creative
“Loops are like ‘containers’ for emotions,” reveals Lowe. “Large ones indicate
that you’re highly sensitive—you likely
both laugh and are moved to tears easily.”
What’s more, upper loops signal ideas,
showing that your flourishes reflect an
expansive curiosity—a trait that draws you
to everything from unique art pieces to
sophisticated decorating choices.
Run small: You’re an
intellectual creative
Discreet penmanship implies that
you’re a profound thinker, subconsciously keeping your script tiny
to leave more room on the page for
as many ideas as you can dream up.
Utterly without ego, you’re generous
and deeply empathetic. In other
words, your compassion is as big
as your letters are little.
Woman’s World
Get swept away in
Serenity awaits you in the storybook coastal town of Carmelby-the-Sea. Brimming with European flair, this tranquil village
offers everything from scenic waterfront trails to gourmet
restaurants to picturesque wineries—making it one of
California’s best-kept secrets and the perfect winter escape!
urround yourself in the fairy-tale ambiance of Carmel-by-the-Sea! Covering
just one-square-mile, what this sweet village
lacks in size, it makes up for in charm. In
fact, to maintain its historic 18th-century
character, there isn’t one streetlight, parking
meter or numbered street address in town!
Start your morning with a peaceful stroll
along the pearly white sands of Carmel
Beach City Park, bordered by beautiful
cypress trees and sparkling ocean waves.
Woman’s World
Next, head into the heart of town to explore
more than 500 unique boutiques, cafés and
galleries nestled along stone-paved alleyways.
There, you can buy crafts from local artisans or
savor a piece of marbled fudge from Cottage of
Sweets, the town’s famous candy shop.
As the golden hour draws near, get whisked
away on a sunset dinner cruise with Monterey
Bay Sailing. Enjoy wine and appetizers as you
glide alongside dolphins and migrating whales,
all while admiring the hues of the setting sun!
The stunning
Carmel Mission
Basilica dates
back more than
two centuries
Getty (3); Fotolia; Alamy. Text: Victoria Conn
See endangered sea
turtles as you enter
the underwater world
of the Monterey Bay
Enjoy a light lunch
in the courtyard
of one of Carmel’s
many whimsical
and floweradorned eateries
Sip on a coastal margarita!
Feel as though you’re right there on the shores of Carmel
as you sip this easy and delicious tropical cocktail—
there’s no better way to end the day!
R Margarita or kosher salt
R Lime wedge
R 2 Tbs. tequila
R 2 Tbs. orange liqueur
R 2 Tbs. fresh Key lime
R 1 tsp. agave nectar
O Pour salt into a shallow
dish. Rub the rim of a chilled
margarita glass with lime and
dip rim of glass in salt.
OFill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Add tequila, orange
liqueur, Key lime juice and agave nectar. Cover with lid; shake
until thoroughly chilled. Strain into prepared glass. Serves 1
Everyday Hero
You deserve
Proof that it only takes one person to make a difference
“Hope and friendship
connect our hearts!”
your life is
easier than
you think!
We tend to greet
the new year with
a list of all the
things we need to
“fix,” but there’s a
better way to get
those goals to
unfold: seeing
yourself as worthy
of good health,
happiness and a
life filled with joy.
Wonderful things
start happening
once you do!
andace Vance switched
on the TV news one
November morning,
wanting to check the weather
before her morning run. She
was doing some warm-up
stretches, listening for the temperature, when a story came on
about a man in Boston who’d
started a book club for the
homeless at his local library.
How touching, Candace
thought. And as the report
unfolded, she became more and
more engrossed—and inspired.
I love to read, and I want to
help people…maybe I could start
something like this here?
Excited, Candace called her
Charlotte, North Carolina,
Mecklenburg library. “What do
you think?” she asked, sharing
her idea with the director.
To her surprise, the director
agreed on the spot, offering her
a room to host the meetings on
Tuesday mornings.
Candace got busy creating
flyers, hanging them up at local
shelters and handing them out
at the library, announcing the
“Turning Pages” book club.
Come join us on Tuesday mornings for a free book, refreshments,
lively conversation and great
people! the invitation read.
“This book club gives everyon
At the first meete
a place to feel heard and valued,”
ing, 10 people
says founder Candace (top lef t)
showed up, and to
Candace’s joy, as
volunteers also began helpthey drank coffee and nibbled
ing one another find housing,
on snacks, they truly seemed to
jobs and ways to pay for medienjoy reading and discussing
cal expenses. They all even
their first book, Chicken Soup
attended Candace’s wedding
for the Soul. More people came
and threw her a baby shower at
the next week, their faces lighting up as they shared their opin- the library when they learned
she was pregnant.
ions about characters and plot.
Today, nine years after the
“You gave me my dignity
inception of Turning Pages, the
back today,” one book club
group still meets every Tuesday
member told Candace. “I
haven’t felt so touched by some- morning—and is currently
thing someone has done for me looking forward to reading a
in a long time.” Shared another, book called Moving On, written by one of the club’s long“There’s no judgment, no fear.
time members! “Turning Pages
I’m so grateful.”
means a lot to me,” says the
This is really helping people,
Candace thought, tears welling proud new author, Christina
Williams. “It takes my mind
in her eyes as she realized she
off of my troubles and has
wasn’t just giving these folks
helped me grow.”
a place to go and something
And Candace couldn’t be
to do—she was giving them a
happier. “I wanted to create a
voice, love and respect.
group where people could conMysteries, romance, hisnect,” she smiles. “It truly is a
torical fiction…the books
network of friends who care
were as varied as the members
about one another. Everyone
in the group. And as the men
needs a friend, and in creating
and women shared their life
these friendships, I’ve realized
experiences, Candace began
that barriers can be broken and
to realize that it was no longer
everyone is worthy of love!”
just a book club: This was a
—Alexandra Pollock
group of friends. Members and
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Woman’s World
We pay
Getty (2)
When Candace Vance saw a news report
about a man who started a book club for
the homeless, she was inspired to start
one at her own local library, and it ended
up transforming lives—including hers!
Love & Laughter
little cherub
Reilly, 8 months,
by GreatGrandmother
Veronica Reilly,
if you’re
“Taking iron supple
of steel”
won’t give you buns
ex isn’t
“I’m concerned R
eating his homew
Omari, 1, submitted by
Mother Lauren Session, MD
"Life is a
21 months,
submitted by
“To have
faith is to
have wings”
s a mom of two toddlers, I have a habit of
keeping clean tissues tucked into my bra
for minor emergencies. One Sunday morning
while attending a church service, an older lady
in our pew sneezed. Without missing a beat,
my 3-year-old daughter
reached into my bra, pulled
out a wad of tissues,
handed it to the lady and
said, “God bless you!” The lady smiled and
accepted the crumpled ball, but boy was my
face red! —D.M, Broadview Heights, OH
—J.M. Barrie
Three peas
in a pod !
Summer, 3, with
Zac and Eli,
41 ⁄2 months,
submitted by
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Was my
face red!
hide and
treat! "
by Maddi
Phillips, VA
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