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iCreate UK - Issue 182 2018

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Mac iPad iPhone Watch
Essential downloads for your Mac,
iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
21 quick and easy ways
to save your mobile data
iCreate 182
“Sometimes exceptional features are
incorporated from third-party apps”
With millions of apps available for our Macs and iOS
devices, it is easy to settle with those that we know and
love and not look too much further afield for alternatives.
But don’t forget that not every innovation in your
device’s bolt-on apps comes directly from Apple.
Sometimes exceptional features are incorporated from
third-party apps – apps that have been readily available
for months, even years, before the system update
that embraces them. So we thought that it was the
perfect time to mine for gold in the App Store and
discover the best apps currently available for your Apple
devices. Some may showcase the hardware perfectly
and make exceptional use of the operating systems,
others may look fairly bland at face value, but add
brilliant additional functionality to your device. We hope
your personal app family expands dramatically as a
result of our preferences!
This issue we also compile 21 quick and easy tips for
helping you conserve your valuable iPhone mobile data
that should hopefully save you money. Enjoy the issue.
Ryan Butt Editor
Meet the experts
Roland Waddilove
Shaun McGill
George Cairns
This month Roland helps you tighten up your
iOS security, stop apps from slowing down
your Mac and shares ten of his best iOS
keyboard tricks to speed up productivity.
Charged with the task of uncovering the 100
greatest apps, Shaun has spent the month
mining down into the various sections of the
App Store to showcase the best downloads.
Our creative expert demonstrates how to
remove unwanted objects from your
otherwise great shots and create a horrorstyle intro for your iMovie projects.
Discover the creative treats in store this month
Celebrating the best downloads available for
your Mac, iOS device and Watch
06 FileSilo
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your creative resources
Free font
Stunning font to get creative with
Expert video guides
Walking you through new features
Stock video
Royalty-free clips for project use
Quick and easy tricks to
save your mobile data
Visit the iC
online shoreate
p at
Get more from your devices
26 Photos
sHow to remove objects and
clean up your images
28 iMovie
sCreate a spooky, horror-style
intro sequence
30 Final Cut Pro X
How to find out if your Mac is
tracking you
sCreate custom effects and
presets for your projects
32 GarageBand
sDiscover how to create
perfect movie soundtracks
34 Logic Pro X
sHow to create a lead synth
patch using Retro Synth
38 macOS
Discover how to sell with
confidence on eBay
co an
nd instantly transcribe
notes on your ho
sFind out if your Mac is
tracking you
sHow to stop apps from
slowing down your Mac
sSell with confidence on eBay
sConvert video and audio files
sEffortlessly update your blog
sDiscover how to build apps
from web pages
60 iOS
sIncrease internet security
on the iPhone
sTrain your device to improve
its autocorrection
sSet custom vibrations on
your iPhone
sDiscover all the hidden
features in Safari
sBuild a new music library
sRecord and instantly
transcribe notes
s10 keyboard tricks
74 watchOS
sHow to switch views
sForce-quit your apps
76 Apple TV
for back is
bookazine sues,
s & DVDs
this month…
Features, reviews and expert advice
08 Trending News
In light of the recent security
breaches, we ask: is Apple
winning the security war?
10 5 Things
Find out what we discovered this
month, including record App Store
sales and the Final Cut Pro update
12 5-Minute Projects
Tips on how to get more out of your
macOS and iOS apps and settings
80 Genius Bar
Fix your common Apple problems
with our resident Apple Genius
98 Time Machine
Take a trip down memory lane
with classic Apple hardware
The iCreate reviews
The latest kit gets the
86 Vifa Reykjavik
Wireless Speaker
87 Apogee Mic+
iOS/USB Microphone
88 Philips Brilliance QHD
LCD Monitor with HDR
89 Nuki Smart Lock
90 KitSound XDOCK 4+
Speaker Dock
92 Accessories
94 CrazyTalk Animator 3.1
96 Gorogoa
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sRecord your Apple TV screen
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More th
ha n
00 re
o sub
macOS High Sierra
security flaws
As Apple faces up to its second embarrassing security flaw in
as many months, we ask: is Apple winning the security war?
Face ID on iPhone X introduces a
revolutionary new way to securely
unlock, authenticate and pay –
and with it a huge amount of
new security provisions
“We greatly
regret this
error and we
apologise to
all Mac users,
both for releasing with this
vulnerability and for the
concern it has caused,” said
“The battle between convenience and
security is perpetual; no matter how hard
Apple tries, it will always be a raging war”
macOS High Sierra has seen
two security breaches in as
many months, much to the
embarrassment of Apple’s
development team
“Our advice is to always keep your
devices updated with the latest versions”
Things we learned
this month
Apple set to become the first
trillion dollar company Apple
Apple currently leads the way in the race to become
the first ever trillion dollar company, and will get there
in 2018 according to forecasters. At the turn of the
year, Apple had a market valuation of $869 billion,
$150 billion ahead of Alphabet, the parent company of Google.
Apple will reach the trillion dollar mark if its share price increases
15 per cent in the coming 12 months. In 2017, Apple’s share price
rose by 47 per cent. Let’s not forget, just 20 years ago, when
Steve Jobs took over as CEO for the second time, Apple was on
the verge of bankruptcy!
Apple releases most powerful
Mac ever iMac Pro
The long-awaited follow-up
to Apple’s iconic Mac Pro,
the iMac Pro, has finally
been released. The most
powerful Mac ever, it features Xeon
processors up to 18 cores, up to 22
Teraflops of graphics performance and
a 27-inch Retina 5K display. “iMac Pro
combines the incredible design of the
iMac with the most powerful workstation
architecture we’ve ever built,” says John
Ternus, Apple’s vice president of Hardware
Engineering. “iMac is the most popular
desktop for our pro users due to its
amazing display and elegant design, so
we completely re-engineered it to deliver
performance far beyond what anyone
thought possible in an all-in-one.”
Holiday period
breaks all-time
App Store records
Customers spent nearly $1
billion on App Store purchases
in the week between Christmas
Eve and New Year’s Day 2017,
smashing all-time records in
the process. The record-breaking shopping
spree, which totalled $890, culminated in an
eye-watering $300 million cashed in on New
Year’s Day 2018.
“We are thrilled with the reaction to the new
App Store and to see so many customers
discovering and enjoying new apps and
games,” says Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior
vice president of Worldwide Marketing.
“In 2017 alone, iOS developers earned $26.5
billion — more than a 30 per cent increase
over 2016.”
Pokemon GO was the festive period’s big
mover, heading back to the top of the App
Store charts after new AR features were
added to the app.
“Pokemon GO headed
back to the top of the
App Store charts after
new AR features were
added to the app”
Final Cut now supports VR
video editing Final Cut Pro X
Apple has updated its professional-grade video editing
app, Final Cut Pro X, to include support for 360-degree
VR video editing, advanced colour grading tools and
support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video. The
update also offers full optimisation for the all-iMac Pro, enabling
full-resolution 8K video editing for the first time on a Mac. “With new
features like 360-degree VR editing, Final Cut Pro gives video editors
the tools to create stunning, next-generation content,” says Susan
Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Apps Product Marketing. “When
combined with the performance of Mac hardware, Final Cut Pro
provides an incredibly powerful post-production studio.”
Apple hits back at iPhone
addiction claims iPhone
Apple has been openly criticised by leading investors, who claim
the company isn’t doing enough to tackle children’s overuse of its
products. It argues that Apple should be doing more about young users’
dependence on smartphones and social media. Apple hit back strongly,
claiming: “We think deeply about how our products are used and the impact they
have on users and the people around them. We take this responsibility very seriously
and we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.”
Parental Controls have been part of iOS since 2008, and Apple says it will be
expanding these features soon.
One of the most-used apps on our Macs and iOS devices will likely
be Safari. It’s testament to the intuitiveness of Apple’s default web
browser that you can jump straight in and surf without necessarily
knowing too much about the app itself, so we figured we would
remind you of some of Safari’s best hidden features. The following
three quick projects will help you get the most out of Safari to
make your web browsing experience quicker and cleaner.
closed tabs
1 Open
the tabs
2 Long
press on
the icon
If you keep a lot
of open tabs in
Safari then the
chances are that you may
close one by accident. If
this occurs, don’t panic
because there is a simple
way to restore closed
tabs quickly and easily.
Read on to find out how.
While in the
Safari app,
tap on the tab
button (that
looks like
two stacked
squares) to
the right of the
menu bar at the
bottom of the
Safari interface.
Once you are
on the tabs
screen (that
allows you to
scroll through
all of your open
tabs), longpress on the
‘+’ icon at
the bottom of
the screen.
3 Tap to
All of your
recently closed
tabs will now
be displayed
in a list format
on a separate
screen. Simply
browse through
the list and
tap on a tab to
re-open it if you
need to.
How to use
Reader mode
As enchanting
as the internet is,
pages constantly
bombard you to windows,
flashes and pop-ups
when all you want to
do is read a web story.
Thankfully, Reader mode
is on hand to remove all
the distracting clutter.
1 Tap Reader icon
2 A cleaner read
3 Text options
Reader usually works when you click
on individual stories rather than on
home pages. Load a story and you
should see a list icon to the left of the
Search/URL bar, tap it.
All of the page clutter will be instantly
removed, leaving just text and simple
images that are much easier to digest.
Tap the list icon again to return to the
normal default view.
If you tap on the ‘aA’ icon to the right
of the Search/URL bar then a menu
of text options will appear. Use these
options to increase text size, change
background colour and change font.
1 Right-click tab
2 Choose to pin
3 Unpin or select
Locate the tab that you would like to
pin by perusing your tabs bar at the
top of the Safari interface and then
right-clicking on it to display a small
menu of extra options.
From the menu of options, select the
‘Pin Tab’ option and the chosen tab
will be repositioned to the far-left of the
tabs bar and be represented as a small
icon rather than a full tab.
If you right-click on the pinned tab
then you will see options to ‘Unpin Tab’
or ‘Close Tab’. You can also switch
between pinned tabs by holding Cmd
and pressing 1, 2, 3… etc.
Pin your
essential tabs
If you like to keep
a lot of tabs open
but often can’t
find the one you need in
your congested tabs bar
then macOS offers the
perfect solution – pin it. By
following these steps you
will be able to keep tabs in
easy-to-find places.
Available at WHSmith,
or simply search for ‘T3’ in your device’s App Store
Celebrating the greatest downloads available
for your Mac, iOS device and Watch
hoosing the 100 greatest
apps is a challenge of
gigantic proportions
because there are millions
available and one person’s
opinion will differ wildly to
another’s. We will, however,
give it a shot and garner you
with what we believe to be a
selection of wonderful apps that
are available on all of Apple’s
main platforms that showcase
the hardware or perform tasks
better than the bolt-on apps.
From titles that stretch the
boundaries of what is possible
on a mobile device to those
that simply offer an innovative
approach to an age-old problem,
you are sure to find exactly what
you need for any task. Let the
downloads commence…
Shazam Encore This app has been around for ages and has proved to
be invaluable for millions of people. It will recognise songs by audio alone
and also integrates perfectly with Apple Music and Spotify.
2 TomTom
GO Mobile
TomTom has recently
updated its premier
navigation solution and it retains all
of the goodness from the original
version that has served customers well
for many years. For a relatively low
monthly or yearly cost you get traffic
monitoring which is at the top of the
pile in terms of reliability and accuracy,
and a host of other useful features
including speed camera alerts, points
of interest, advanced lane guidance
and world maps. It takes a little while
to get used to, but for important
journeys it really does shine and will
offer peace of mind like no other app.
Top 5 apps for navigation
Google Maps is
a free option that
offers all the main features
you need to get around on
foot, by train or driving. Its
familiarity is reassuring and
the presentation does exactly
what it needs to.
Apple Maps
offering has
grown in stature in recent
times and now offers a
reliable experience that is
easy to use. It is free with
iOS and macOS devices, and
even works on Apple Watch.
OS Maps
For exceptional location
detail when hiking in remote
areas, Outdoors GPS could
prove to be a life saver. It
is especially useful in wellknown walking areas.
Tube Map
– London
Real-time line
status, train delays and a
beautiful presentation come
together well in Tube Map to
ensure you can get around the
capital with minimum stress
every single day.
& Live
Waze is fun and quirky in
its presentation, but it uses
an ever-growing community
perfectly to offer all of the
updates you need when
undertaking longer trips.
The 100 Greatest Apps
8 Bear
Bear is a multipurpose app
that can be
used for coding, writing long
articles, taking notes and
even full-length novels. The
cost for synchronisation is
highly competitive and the
environment that you get
to work within is sublime.
A near-perfect solution for
anyone who writes.
Twitterrific 5
for Twitter
With only a couple of icons to
navigate in Twitterrific, you can
be sure of a desktop-like
experience for Twitter
wherever you are.
News apps come
in many flavours,
but few match
the breadth and quality of
Flipboard. You can choose
your own sources and topics,
including everything from
fashion and food to travel and
technology, to create a neverending stream of content. It
works perfectly.
Tweetbot 4
for Twitter
The official
Twitter app could
be described as ‘busy’ to say
the least, but it does offer a
familiar Twitter experience
which millions of people love.
Tweetbot 4 takes it further by
making the interface more
Apple-like and offering a
range of useful features.
Podcasts are
more popular by the day
and if you want to enjoy a
varied selection of audio
content you will need a
decent app to play the
shows. Pocket Casts uses
a simple interface and has a
myriad of features.
As if to
the variety of
specialist apps available
on all Apple platforms,
Watchville presents the latest
horological news and events
in a style that perfectly suits
the subject matter. It even lets
you check the accuracy of
your mechanical watch.
How could we
not include one
of the biggest-selling apps of
all time? iMessage is brilliant,
but WhatsApp gives you
the ability to communicate
with anyone, no matter what
platform they use. There is
even an accompanying app
that works well on macOS.
transactions as soon as they happen. You can also employ a wealth of
Pimp You
– Coo
Shift patterns, holidays and
general date management
are displayed by iPlanner UK
in a way that makes it possible for you to
manage short-term events and a whole year
in one screen. Adding new events is highly
efficient and you could end up using this
solution for years ahead.
Much of what this ap
offers can be done
manually, but in a wo
where iOS customisa
is limited it makes se
d som
to use an app to add
variety and personality to
your mobile experien
iPlanner UK
Reality gainss
a use in
n this
app where you can build
professional floor pla
by simply snapping a few
photos. It cleverly usses
the latest technologyy in
the background to offer
accurate results and to
minimise the time tak
ken to
build such complexitty.
Peak –
There are
many brain training style
apps available for Ap
devices, but if you arre
prepared to pay for a plan
then Peak could be the
best option for you. Keep
using it and you just may
nd oth
he r
find your memory an
areas improving quic
Genius Scan –
PDF Scanner
The paperless office is a reality… and
it’s mobile. Genius Scan lets you
capture high-quality scans of your
paperwork and then store/
organise them in any
way you like.
er 3D
g fligh
just bec
an immersive and fun
experience thanks to
o Plan
Finder 3D. The visua
als are
stunning and it is all back
up by accurate inform
which is presented in
n real
time. This is the future and
it is here now.
You rea
ally ha
to use Magnett
on your Mac to unde
how beneficial it can
n be. It
gives you excellent contro
over the screen real estate
on your Mac and can
potentially enable yo
ou to
manage what you se
ee in a
more natural way.
With so many task apps
available it can be difficult
to know what solution to
choose. 2Do works on the iPad, iPhone
and Mac, and syncs seamlessly over
Dropbox to create a system that will keep
you organised no matter how busy you
are. A fine productivity solution.
“2Do will keep you
organised no matter
how busy you are”
The 100 Greatest Apps
24 Calm
25 Readly
Taking time
to relax and
detox from
a busy life is incredibly
important and with Calm
you can do so in style.
The design makes the
app feel bigger than
any device it is working
on which will result in a
few precious minutes of
peace every single day.
For a
fee you can
have access to a huge
library of magazines on
your iOS device. The
presentation is superb
and many titles include
the ability to strip out the
images and text to make
longer articles even easier
to read. Very effective.
26 My
27 Medium
It’s not just
the superlative
experience that makes
Medium one of the best
ever apps. It is also the
system behind it and the
way the new articles are
curated through an evergrowing community. There
is always something new to
read in this great app.
Now this is
a clever app which will
give you and your friends
hours of fun. Take a few
seconds to choose a
photo of your pet and
then position the eye and
mouth markers. Record
a voice and watch the
magic happen.
Pillow: Smart
sleep tracking
Pillow does a lot and
could benefit your health
greatly if you take the time to use it
properly. From tracking your sleep
in detail through an Apple Watch,
to recording sleep sounds and with
advanced alarm functionality, it is a
stunning sleep aid.
“With Hive, you can tweak your heating schedule,
make changes to your home when remote and do
everything with a couple of taps and a swipe”
28 LiquidText PDF Reader
PDFs are dominant in many business
sectors and the iPad Pro is an ideal
tool on which to view, annotate and
manage your documents in a secure and quick
way. Add LiquidText to the equation and you get a
match made in heaven.
29 Hive
Hive has
nailed the user
with an app that barely
uires any thought when
d. You can tweak your
heatting schedule, make
nges to your home
when remote and do
everything with a
couple of taps and a
swipe. Simplicity nails
complexity here.
Habitify: Habit
Starting a positive habit is
easy, but keeping it going
can be difficult. Habitify aims to give
you encouragement to keep going
and its interface offers just the data
you need to aim higher over and over
again. A brilliantly designed app.
babylon health The service behind this app stands out more than the
app itself because it lets you get medical help without ever needing to
leave the house. A great app with just the right amount of features.
Top 5 Photography apps
Google Photos
Google Photos could be considered a
direct replacement for Apple’s Photos
app and it offers some advantages.
Free storage lets you save
high-res images automatically
and it has a whole host of
other features.
When it comes
to staying the
course, Camera+
has proved that if a developer
continues to improve
functionality and take care to
keep up with the competition,
great things are possible. It
is still one of the very best
replacement apps for the
main iOS camera.
For precise
control over
the tones
and other aspects of your
favourite photos, Enlight is
up there with the very best
photography apps. It is like a
dark room that you can carry
anywhere and really will help
you to make the most of each
shot you take.
Facetune 2
Selfies are
great fun
provided you
feel that you look great in
them. With Facetune 2 you
can present your best face
to the world when sharing
and this clever app might
just help give you more
confidence as well. A
well-built app.
– scanner
by Google
Old meets new in this very smart
app from Google. It lets you pick
up old photos, scan them and
add finishing touches to reduce
glare, poor edges and even
remove creases. It’s a perfect
way to preserve important
memories forever.
Manual –
RAW custom
Your iPhone camera is a
powerful tool and so you may
as well take full advantage of
it with an app like Manual. It
lets you dive deeply into what
is possible with the camera
options and it’s not just for
professionals either.
The 100 Greatest Apps
If you are
someone who
thinks visually,
MindNode 5 will be the ideal
creation tool for the projects
you need to complete. It
almost feels like you are
attaching blocks together
without the use of a computer
and it works brilliantly on
every Apple platform.
MarsEdit 4
Running a blog or website
means that you often have
to rely on the content
management system provided by the
platform owner, but with Mars Edit 4
you can make the entire setup more
macOS-like and control everything in a
much more efficient way. It just works!
MindNode 5
Netflix is wellknown for
providing a
consistent and fast streamin
service for films and TV
shows, and those familiar
traits have been translated
to iPhones and iPads just as
you would want them to be.
You really can now watch
anything anywhere.
is the baby
brother of
BBEdit and both apps
are legendary within the
programming community.
You can use the app
for normal writing as
well and it’s only when
you dive deep that
you realise just how
powerful and varied
the included
features are.
It’s fantastic!
Paper by
Paper offers a paperlike experience which
is not just marketing bluff. Once
are used to how the app works
you a
you w
will genuinely feel like you are
g real paper rather than a tablet
en. It’s a brilliant solution for
artists of all abilities.
“Once you are used
to h
how Paper works
you will feel like you
e using real paper
her than a tablet”
The Wonder
The Wonder
Weeks makes
tracking the early moments
of your child’s life very simple
and it works to not only help
with potential health-related
matters, but to give you
something to look back on in
the future. A truly worthy app
for a variety of reasons.
7 Minute
It is hard to
believe that just seven minutes
of exercise a day can bring
big health benefits, but
the difference will become
apparent after only a week or
so. The system used in this
app is so simple and effective
you’d be crazy not to try it.
Star Walk
2 – Night
Sky Map
Star Walk
2 has some of the best
visuals of any app and it
is as educational as it is
good looking. Just point
your iPhone at the sky to
determine the position of
stars, planets, constellations,
comets and more. Brilliant!
Not all of the greatest apps
need to stun you visually.
Some can simply offer a
feature that you will use again and again
and which becomes invisible over time.
FormatMatch strips formatting from text
and lets you paste it plainly. It really is
just about perfect.
The Uber
service is
somewhat controversial,
but there is no doubting the
effective way the app and
service work together. Once
set up, you can catch a ride
with just a tap and be on
your way to the destination
of your choice. Very efficient.
– Math
This is very clever. Snap a
maths question with your
iPhone camera, let the app
translate it and then tap
‘Solve’ to see the solution.
It uses multiple iPhone
technologies to save you
lots of time.
Dark Sky Weather With Dark Sky you can track the weather to the
minute. Whether you want to check if it’s worth a walk at lunchtime or are
planning a party, the beautiful interface will tell you all you need to know.
56 Affinity
If you are
a designer
and need a
professional tool to enhance
your creative ideas or even
to produce finished articles,
you need look no further than
Affinity Designer. It works
wonderfully on a Mac and
could give your career a big
boost immediately.
Turning a photo into a realistic
painting would take you hours
to accomplish. However, you could
instead download Brushstroke
and do it in one or two
taps. The results are
truly stunning.
Think Ladder
can help you
think in a new way – it
aims to combat negative
thoughts with positive ones.
It can relieve stress and
anxiety, and could change
your life. Lots of thought
has gone into making this
app genuinely useful.
Gmail –
Email by
It is the most
used email service in the world
and it feels just as at home on
an iPhone or iPad as it does
on a Mac thanks to the clever
way Google has integrated the
flexible feature set. You can
communicate anywhere with
this brilliant app.
Auto Sleep
Tracker for
Few apps offer an entire new
use for your Apple product, but
AutoSleep does. You can now
use your Apple Watch to help
track your sleep in accurate
detail which should help you
to analyse where you may be
going wrong.
BBC iPlayer
The content
from the BBC
remains as
strong as it always was,
but the corporation has
embraced the modern world
and created an app that gives
you access to your favourite
TV shows wherever you are.
The interface and speed are
notable highlights.
For some,
is the most
important app they own – it
allows those with sight
difficulties to get around, to
control their device by voice
and to receive reassuring
words no matter where they
are. A stunning solution that is
proven to work well.
The 100 Greatest Apps
Toca Hair
Salon 3
Toca Hair Salon
is approachable
enough for the youngest of
children to enjoy, but it offers
enough depth to keep them
coming back for more. It ticks
almost every box to keep kids
entertained on long car journeys
or if they need some downtime.
Fan Fiction is a
wonderful resource if
you take the time to
explore what is available and this
app is the perfect vehicle for doing
so. No matter what your favourite
TV show or book series, it is likely
you will find new reading material
to enjoy here, plus go to the forums
and make friends with other fans.
Messaging apps
are great and so are
social networks, but
if you want to communicate with
a team in a secure environment
Slack is an excellent solution.
You can call and message and
interact in ways that will aid
productivity instantly.
Forest ironically
makes the greatest
app list despite the fact it is
designed to keep you away
from your phone. Leave the app
and the tree you have created
will die, but if you can resist the
temptation to look at other things
on your phone it will flourish.
Little Builders
The best apps include
titles for little people as
well and Little Builders
is an excellent tool for younger
children to learn lots of new things
in a fun environment. They can
drive a digger, mix cement, operate
a crane, paint a house, and much
more. Good fun!
Forest by
Cocktail Flow
Learning to
make amazing
cocktails is not too
difficult providing you know the
ingredients required. In this app
you get to enjoy an amazing
presentation and will enjoy every
second you are using it. Some of
the best app visuals ever.
Calcbot 2
All iPhones na
have a calcula
installed by default,
but when you use Calcbott 2 on
your Apple Watch you can
n have an
advanced yet easy-to-use
e versio
on your wrist all of the time. It
highlights how excellent design can
lift an app to new heights.
Essential Skeleton 4
iPads are popular in the medical
arena and this app is a good
example of why. It displays hugely
complex detail in a visual way that anyone
can understand instantly. Power, visuals and
touch come together perfectly here to create a
unique experience.
“Visuals and touch come
together perfectly”
Checking train timess
to the minute
e is easyy
with Trainline UK, bu
ut it
nt with the
gets even more convenien
Apple Watch app. You can
n check
progress during a journey and
also get to enjoy the perfe
ect watc
presentation that will ensu
ure you
always arrive on time.
Mobile devices
tend to be used
to add website
content when there is no
laptop available, but with
WordPress you have the
ability to use the content
management system just
as you would on a full
computer. The system has
been designed with the user
in mind.
Ecoute is ideal
if you have a
large music
library of downloaded
tracks on your iOS devices.
It concentrates on gestures
and a colourful interface
to make music navigation
as easy as possible no
matter what you are doing.
Only serious music lovers
need apply.
Nike+ Run Club (Apple Watch)
Nike and Apple have grown close over the
past few years with the launch of the special
edition Nike Apple Watches. If you choose to
download the Nike+ Run Club app as well, your fitness and
stamina could change for the better almost instantly. It’s an
excellent system.
Trainline UK
Fantastical 2
Fantastical 2 highlig
just how impo
design is for some
productivity apps. The inte
offers a clear overview of your
next few days and is partic
e so
suited to the Apple Watch where
many other apps clutter th
he smalle
screen. Get organised in style.
Reeder 3 gives you the ability to collect the latest news as soon as it is
published and it uses a simple interface to good effect on the iPhone X. It
is surprising how much can be displayed at once in an easy-to-read way.
IFTTT is so
much more
than just
an app – it
is a service that can link
together 500 other apps
and use them in ways
that will automate many
of the mundane tasks
you have to undertake
each day. You can get
alerts when matching
searches are activated
online, automatically
have your media posted
on multiple social
platforms at once and
also back up important
files and data without
having to do anything at
all. Give it a try and your
digital life will be a little
bit easier in the future.
Deliciously Ella
will help you to
cook a variety of tasty meals
and learn more about cooking
in a fun way. The interface
and photos are sublime as
are the instructions which will
ensure that you never get a
recipe wrong. It’s one of the
best recipe apps available.
something that
would normally be considered
essential in a calculator and
that is the ‘=’ button.
It works even better without it
and the way it displays
and works on the iPhone X is
a prime example of how
to take advantage of the
wonderful screen.
YouTube is one of the greatest 100
apps due to the sheer entertainment
value it offers – and when used on an
iPhone X the experience becomes
even more immersive. It’s
quick and very easy
to navigate.
The world
has changed
thanks to Apple products
and Monzo Bank is an
example of how companies
are using them to create
new services. It’s a new
kind of bank account
which makes financial
management a lot easier.
One of the first
apps to take
advantage of the iPhone
X display just happens to
use it better than most. The
clean graphics and simple
interface somehow make
the iPhone X screen feel
bigger than it already is
when checking the weather
with CARROT.
Plan PRO
With this
superb app
you can measure every
part of a room and then let
it automatically draw an
accurate plan for you which
would otherwise take hours.
“IFTT links up
500 other apps”
There is no
shortage of fitness
related offerings for
Apple products, but Fitbit is the
app that shows how you can
track everything in one small
screen. The hardware is varied
and the software has grown to
become the one place millions
of people go for progress
reports. Superb!
Google Earth
offers huge
amounts of detail which is
understandable given what
it is designed to do and
on the iPhone X you get
to explore the world and
learn a lot at the same time.
With knowledge cards and
stunning perspectives, it
works perfectly.
Drafts: Quick Capture
At first glance Drafts looks like a basic notetaking app, but when you look a little closer
you will realise it is one of the most flexible
and powerful iOS apps available today. You can of course
use it to capture quick thoughts or notes and it is super
efficient in this regard, but the extensions mean you can
integrate it with a huge variety of third-party apps to do
many different things. Explore the app to see what it can
do and you will be amazed at the power available here.
The 100 Greatest Apps
Top 5 Reference apps
Wikipedia is a
rich source of
information on
any topic and it is presented
well on a desktop computer.
However, the official app
displays complex articles in
an even more pleasing way
on an iPhone or iPad. An
example of excellent mobile
design throughout.
There will be
when you need to find very
specific information or data
for a project and this is where
WolframAlpha comes in. It is
a highly intelligent service, a
bit like a grown-up Google,
which you are sure to find
extremely useful.
You should
install Google
Translate whether you need
it at this moment or not. It
lets you translate between
103 languages using type
and can also manage
camera translations,
conversations, handwriting
and phrasebooks.
iOS and macOS
devices come
with a handy dictionary facility
that will prove useful on many
occasions, but sometimes you
need a little more. This app, and
related service, offer exactly the
definitions and detail you need
to complete projects and to
make your text accurate.
Sky Guide
There are many
apps designed
to help you understand what
is above us all, but few are
as beautifully presented and
informative as Sky Guide AR.
It is visually superb, easy to
use and an app that will keep
you coming back for fun as
well as education.
Image editors come in all shapes and
sizes, but few are as purposefully designed
for the iPad as Pixelmator. It takes
advantage of the powerful iPad Pro hardware and lets
ou create and edit images in the most natural of ways.
It is hard to beat.
Amazon is
of course a
name you
will be aware of and the
shopping experience on
a computer is almost
too easy at times. This
experience has been
brought to the iPhone
and iPad in as effective a
way as possible so you
can now browse and
buy wherever you are.
“The Amazon
app lets you
buy wherever
you are”
Day One
Keeping a diary
is a natural thing
to do and if you can do so in
digital form you will find it is
much easier to look back on
your memories. With Day One
the input process is super
smooth and the visuals really
do feel like a paper journal.
It’s brilliant.
All of the major
newspapers are
of course available to read in
app form, but The Guardian
shows what can be done when
sensitive design is used to
let the content shine through
in the right way. There is so
much to read and you will
never get lost doing so.
TuneIn Radio Pro This app gives you instant access to more than
experience feel like the world’s radio in your pocket. Unbeatable.
92 iMovie
iMovie always has been
one of the easiest video
creation apps available
on any platform and over time it has
become more powerful, more fun and
even easier to use. On an iPad Pro the
sheer power makes the experience feel
like lightning throughout making this an
outstanding Apple app.
The iOS
is a perfect
example of something so
good that it’s been used for
almost a decade with few
changes needed. Swype,
however, offers a new take
on the iPhone keyboard and
for some it may be even
more efficient.
There are
apps that
are so tied to
the iPhone that they
became world-beaters
because of the partnership.
Snapchat is a way of life
for millions thanks to the
temporary nature of the
communication and really
has taken over the world for
many teenagers.
Another app
that has
become a
world-beater thanks to the
iPhone is Instagram. Post
a few photos and take time
to view the creations of
others to start enjoying the
experience. Chances are
it will become a daily visit
which explains why it is
so popular.
When time
is short you
may find that
reading is not possible,
especially if you are doing
other things like driving.
With Audible you can
‘listen’ to the latest books
whenever you want to and
with familiarity you may
prefer it. A great service.
My First
The design
of My First World Atlas is
highly original and it’s great
for children and adults alike.
It offers a different view of
the world and educates in
a new way. The visuals are
some of the best available
in any app.
Apple absolutely owns the
spreadsheet app world on iOS and
macOS with Numbers. It looks simple
when you first experience it, but
hidden within is every possible
complex calculation you
could need.
Spotify Music
Spotify is the
closest rival to
Apple Music for
iPhone, iPad and Mac users
because it offers a similar
experience with a huge library
of tracks to choose from. The
pricing is comparable, but it
differs in that you can listen to
many tracks for free and the
interface is completely different.
Spotify has opted for a dark
look in stark contrast to Apple
Music’s minimalist visuals and
the way playlists and other
features are handled may work
better for the way you like to
manage your music. This is a
superb app.
Not all book
apps are
the same. They may
come with similar
features, such as the
ability to change the text
formatting and page
layouts, but few manage
to do this as well as
Kindle. The Whispersync
feature is seamless in
how it keeps all of your
devices up to date and
the library of books
available is never-ending.
If you are a habitual book
reader and want one
solution to cater for all
of your eBook reading
needs, you won’t go
far wrong with Kindle
because it is still up there
with the very best apps.
It’s a free app too, so if
you’ve haven’t tried it
before, give it a go.
Remove unwanted objects
Use the Crop and Retouch tools to remove distracting objects for a cleaner composition
When shooting in a busy location it can be a challenge to
avoid capturing ugly objects such as signs and lampposts.
Take our supplied start image. We could have shot the Tower
Time needed
of London from a different angle to lose the cranes behind the
landmark, but then we’d lose the foreground fountains. The
sign at the right distracts us from the central subject. The shot
is also slightly tilted. Fortunately the Retouch tool is capable
of replacing the cranes with patches of blue sky and bits of
building to create a cleaner composition. With the Crop tool we
can lose the sign at the right, straighten the tilted verticals and
make a quick snap look like a more considered composition.
Crop and retouch
Lose distracting objects and improve composition
Retouch tool
Activate the Retouch tool in the Adjust panel by clicking
this brush icon. Drag its adjacent slider to use a small
or large tip depending on the object that you want to
remove. You can also change tip size using the left or
right square brackets.
Crop tool
Click here to access the Crop tool.
This enables you to remove unwanted
objects at the edge of the frame,
zoom in for a closer look at your main
subject and create a more balanced
composition. You can also counteract
titled verticals with the rotate dial.
By default, the Retouch brush automatically samples
adjacent pixels then places them into the brush tip. This
lets you spray sky over sensor spots or unwanted objects
such as this crane. To manually choose which pixels to
sample hold Option and click. The cross hair indicates
which sampled pixels are being placed into the brush tip.
Knowledge base
Retouching workflow
When retouching a problem picture it’s always
worth cropping it first and then bringing out the
Retouch tool. There’s no point wasting time trying
to hide unwanted objects at the edge of the frame
using the Retouch tool when you can crop them
out in an instant. Cropping also makes the central
subject look larger in the frame, as if you’d zoomed
in when on location.
The Retouch tool takes time to master.
Sometimes the areas that you spray
over become blurred or the tool
samples a bit of building instead of
clear sky. Press Cmd+Z to undo an
unsuccessful brush stroke. Click this
icon to undo all your retouching strokes
and start from scratch.
Cropping an image is a non-destructive process so feel free to experiment.
You can always click the Crop tool’s reset button to see the original.
Step-by-step Create a cleaner composition
1 Import photo
2 Create verticals
3 Choose aspect ratio
Go to File>Import and browse to our supplied
Retouch_start.jpg image. Click ‘Review for
Import’. Double-click on the imported shot’s
thumbnail and then click the Edit button.
Click on the Crop button. Drag upwards
on the rotate dial to rotate the shot until the
building’s walls run parallel with the vertical
lines in the crop window’s overlay grid.
In the Crop panel at the right go to Aspect.
Tick ‘Original’ to constrain the shape of the
crop window so that it’s the same as other
photos from your camera.
4 Remove edge objects
5 Access Retouch brush
6 Let us spray
Drag the crop overlay’s corner handles to
lose the sign. Drag inside the overlay to place
the sky in the grid’s top row, the tower in the
middle and the water at the bottom.
Click on the Adjust button. Drag the Zoom
slider right to take a closer look at the cranes
behind the building. Click on the Retouch
brush icon. Set Size to 40.
Spray the Retouch brush over the top of the
crane. When you let go of the mouse the
tool automatically samples adjacent sky and
places it into the strokes.
7 Zoom in
8 Sample a source
9 Precision editing
By spraying in short strokes you can cleanly
replace the crane with blue sky. Before
tackling bits of crane overlapping the building
zoom in and choose a smaller tip of 25.
Press the Option key and click to sample
a bit of building with sky behind. Spray the
brush tip over identical architecture. This
hides the crane with building and sky pixels.
To remove the crane between the two towers
hold down Option and click to sample an
adjacent section of blue sky. Spray the
sampled sky over the unwanted crane.
Create a spooky title sequence
Apply multiple effect layers to give your footage a scary look
TV shows such as The Walking Dead put their audience
on edge from the start using their title sequence. Shots of
abandoned houses and empty landscapes are graded to
Time needed
create a dark take on reality (especially when accompanied by
a menacing theme tune). Thanks to iMovie’s suite of grading
tools and effects we can give our pristine HD footage a rough
and ready analogue look that will suit a spooky title sequence.
By default you can only add one effect to a clip in iMovie,
whereas in Final Cut Pro X you can add multiple effect layers.
We’ll show you how to work round iMovie’s one effect limit to
add a range of effects to change the mood of your clips.
Getting spooky
Give your film a scary movie feel
Grade and export
Our original clip’s colours are too bright
and cheerful for a spooky title sequence.
After desaturating the clip’s colours,
boosting its contrast and adding a
grungy grain effect, we can export it as a
high-quality Pro Res movie.
Make the grade
The colour correction icon enables
you to desaturate colours, produce a
dramatic increase in contrast and cool
down the colour temperature for a
moodier, more sombre look. Combined
with filters, text and music this helps
create a spooky title sequence.
Spooky titles
iMovie’s Titles browser has a range
of styles that you can customise to
create more moody-looking text for
your spooky title sequence. Here we’ve
gone for a grungy, textured font to
complement the grainy, graded footage.
Knowledge base
Multiple effect layers
When we add an effect to a movie and
export it, we create a flattened version of
the clip with the effect applied. When we
imported the graded movie we can add
another effect layer to it. You can repeat
this trick to add multiple effects to a clip.
iMovie can compress a movie so it takes up less
space on your hard drive and is faster to upload.
Compression is a type of shorthand that describes
the clip’s content. If the movie is too compressed
you’ll notice artifacts such as jagged blocks of
colour instead of smooth gradients. As we’re
creating multiple versions of our scary movie to
build up layers of effects, we’ll use the Pro Res
(Best) compression setting to keep artifacts at bay.
To quickly preview different jingles, simply use the down arrow to choose a
new jingle and then tap the spacebar to play it.
Step-by-step Add multiple effects to your footage
1 Import clip
2 Add to timeline
3 Grade the clip
In My Media, click on iMovie Library. Choose
File>New Event from the menu and label it
‘Scary Movie’. Click ‘Import Media’, browse
to our start clip and click ‘Import Selected’.
Drag the imported footage into the timeline.
At this stage the colours are too saturated
and cheerful for a scary movie. Click the
Color Correction icon above the viewer.
Drag the adjust saturation slider left to
produce more drab colours. Drag the
contrast slider left to create a more stark
contrast between shadows and highlights.
4 Summon Clip Filters
5 Export graded movie
6 Imported graded movie
Slide the adjust temperature slider left for a
colder look. Click on Clip Filter. Click ‘None’
to activate the Choose Clip Filter window.
Slide the cursor over a thumbnail to see it.
Click on Film Grain to create a grungier look.
Currently we’re restricted to one effect. Go to
File>Share>File. Label it ‘Layer1’. Set Quality
to Best (Pro Res). Click ‘Next’ and ‘Save’.
Click on the graded movie in the timeline and
hit Backspace to delete it. Go to File>Import
Media. Browse to the exported Layer 1 file.
Click ‘Import Selected’. Add it to the timeline.
7 Add second effect
8 Add title text
9 Mood music
Click on the clip filter icon in the viewer.
Double-click on Vignette to add it to the
grainy and graded clip. You now have a clip
with two effects added to it.
Go to the Titles browser. Drag Reveal onto
the timeline. Click the Title Settings icon.
Set Font to Chalkduster for eroded edges.
Replace the default text with a new title.
To complete your title sequence go to the
Sound Effects section of the Audio browser.
Choose Jingles. You can loop a dramatic
jingle such as Phoenix to fit any sequence.
Final Cut Pro X
Create custom effects
Adjust colour, tone and other properties in an instant after creating personalised effects
Video editing can be time-consuming, especially when it comes
to grading your footage. You may need to fix problems with
exposure, boost weak colours and sharpen soft subjects to
Time needed
make a clip look better. Alternatively you might want to adjust
a clip’s properties in more creative ways to emulate various
Hollywood looks. Final Cut Pro X boasts a collection of drag
and drop preset effects that can change the look of a clip in an
instant, but they still may not produce the particular look you’re
after. Fortunately you can make multiple manual adjustments to
a clip and store them as a custom preset effect, so that other
clips can be adjusted instantly using the same settings.
Making your own presets
Tweak colour, tone and sharpness in seconds
Inspector properties
Create effect
After combining multiple effects and
manually tweaking their settings to
improve our first GoPro clip, we can
save the results as a new custom
effect. We can also store that new
effect in a custom category (such as
GoPro Effects).
We’ve adjusted a clip using
a range of preset effects from
the effects browser. These
effects (such as Sharpen, Crisp
Contrast and Hue/Saturation)
can be fine-tuned by adjusting
the appropriate sliders in
the Inspector.
Drag and drop
Your custom effect presets can
be located by clicking on your
custom category in the Effects
browser. In this example we can
quickly enhance other GoPro
sourced clips by dragging this
preset onto them in the timeline.
Knowledge base
Shooting modes
Raw footage
Here we have three GoPro sourced
clips that were captured using a
neutral picture style setting. This
preserves shadow and highlight detail
but creates clips that have a flat
contrast and drab colours.
Most digital cameras have shooting modes that
change colour and tone of the captured footage
in camera. This can produce richly saturated, high
contrast clips. You may find it more effective to
shoot using a neutral mode (or Protune on a GoPro).
This creates a flat contrast and less saturated
colours that you can adjust manually in Final Cut
Pro X to produce the look that you’re after.
If your custom preset effect goes astray, click ‘All’ in Effects, type the name
of your custom effect into the browser’s search field to see its thumbnail.
Step-by-step How to create custom preset effects
1 Import raw footage
2 Boost contrast
3 Boost colour
Chose File>Import>Media and browse to
our three source clips. As these clips were
captured using a neutral picture setting they
all need a boost in contrast and saturation.
Drag GoPro01 to the timeline. In Effects
go to Basic. Drag Crisp Contrast onto the
clip. In the Inspector reduce Crisp Contrast
Amount to 68 to preserve highlight detail.
Go to the Color category in Effects. Drag the
Hue/Saturation effect onto the clip. In the
Inspector, go to Hue/Saturation and push the
Saturation slider up to 1.25.
4 Stay sharp
5 Custom effect preset
6 Custom effect category
To help delicate details pop out, go to the
Blur section in Effects. Drag Sharpen onto
the clip. The default Amount of 2.5 helps
tease out the texture of the grass and rocks.
To combine our effects (and custom settings
in the Inspector) into a custom preset, click
‘Save Effects Preset’ above the Effects
browser. Label it ‘Colour and Tone Boost’.
By default your custom effect will be stored
in the Basics category of Effects. Set the
category to New Category. Give the custom
category a name such as ‘GoPro Effects’.
7 Save your effect preset
8 Add second clip
9 Instant adjustments
Click ‘Create’. You have the option to tick or
untick to choose which Effects you want to
store in your custom preset effect. Leave our
three applied effects ticked. Click ‘Save’.
Drag GoPro02 into the timeline. This file’s
drab colours and flat tones need the same
adjustments as the first clip. In Effects go to
the new ‘GoPro Effects’ category.
Drag the custom Colour and Tone Boost
effect onto the second clip to boost the
colour, increase contrast and sharpen detail.
Enhance the third clip in the same way.
Compose video soundtracks
Create music to a movie file added to the project timeline
A powerful virtue of GarageBand has always been its
remarkable versatility. One such usage that isn’t necessarily
obvious is the ability to work with movie files and compose
Time needed
synchronised soundtracks. This brilliantly powerful feature
allows users to open a selected movie and place it within its
own ‘Movie track’ along the top of the project tracks area.
GarageBand also cleverly places the original audio track of the
Download available
id in its own region below and includes a special pop-out
viewer window for monitoring. The new soundtrack can then be
built just like a song, with a few tools added for assistance and
the option to export the final result.
Movie track magnified
Get a closer look at the essential workspace
elements needed for scoring soundtracks
Movie track
This fly-out menu from
GarageBand’s top menu adds
a file to the project Movie track
initially. With a movie already
open, it can also be used to
remove it or export the audio to
the movie.
This track displays the movie above
the project as a sequence of frame
thumbnails, aligned to the timeline. The
zoom level of the tracks area dictates
the amount shown, with the first and last
always visible.
Movie audio
The original movie audio is added to a
track below within a region spanning
the video. To ensure synchronicity, the
movie and audio are locked together,
although this track can be muted or
removed totally.
Knowledge base
Thumbnail resolution
GarageBand also allows you to choose a
resolution level for the thumbnail video frames
displayed within the Movie track. To access this
option, navigate up to GarageBand>Preferences
in the application’s top menu bar and click the
Advanced tab. From here you can toggle the
Movie Thumbnail Resolution setting between
the default ‘High’ or ‘Low’ using the two radio
button controls.
Movie window
Shown via the Movie track header
thumbnail, this pop-out viewer floats
above the workspace and displays
the video playback. It features a slider
control for scrubbing forward or back
and can be resized as necessary.
Only one movie can be added to a project, but any can be removed easily
via File>Movie>Remove Movie or via the ‘Movie’ button in the track header.
Step-by-step Create soundtracks with the Movie track
1 Open Movie
2 Selecting file
3 Movie added
Starting with a new empty project, navigate
to File>Movie from GarageBand’s top
application menu bar. Hover right and select
‘Open Movie…’ to browse in Finder.
The following Finder window opens on the
macOS Movies folder by default. Browse to
the location where your desired movie file is
stored, select and click the ‘Open’ button.
The movie is added to the project, placing a
strip of frames into the Movie track. A floating
Movie window also shows that can be
moved aside, resized or closed for now.
4 Original audio
5 Time and alignments
6 Adding tracks
The movie’s audio is placed into a track
below. It can be muted in the header or
removed if unwanted, while the Smart
Controls (B) can be used to adjust output.
You might at this point wish to alter the time
format in the project LCD. Click the down
arrow on the right edge to pick Time and
align any subsequent regions accordingly.
The composition process is as simple as
normal. Loops or recorded regions are added
on extra new tracks, positioning them under
the Movie track above.
7 Preview playback
8 Audio exported
9 Viewing result
Show the Movie window via the thumbnail in
the Movie track header. Press the Play button
to preview how your track regions are synced
to the action, adjusting accordingly.
Once ready, navigate to File>Movie and this
time pick ‘Export Audio to Movie…’ to view a
dialog where you can name, locate and pick
the export quality before clicking ‘Save’.
With the new movie file exported, browse
for it within Finder and preview either via
spacebar or in QuickTime Player to watch
and hear the soundtrack now added!
Logic Pro X
Create a Lead Synth Patch
Logic Pro X’s Retro Synth puts classic synth sounds at your fingertips
Logic’s Retro Synth instrument combines four vintage synths
in one plugin, each with its own type of synthesis. It offers
standard analogue subtractive synthesis, analogue synthesis
Time needed
with synced oscillators and wavetable and FM (Frequency
Modulation) synthesis. In this tutorial we’re going to focus
on analogue subtractive synthesis, which featured in the
first compact analogue synths like the Minimoog. It’s called
synthesis because it treats sound like a sculptor
would treat a block of clay – chipping away and modifying the
sound with filters and envelopes. So follow along as we craft a
basic, monophonic lead sound from the scratch default preset.
Take the lead
Create a classic monophonic lead
synth sound with Retro Synth
Filter type
There’s a wide selection of filter types to
choose from, selected via this pop-up
menu. These include four types of lowpass filter, band-pass and band reject
filters and a high-pass filter.
Amp Volume
Use this knob to control Retro Synth’s
overall main output volume. This is
useful for boosting the output level if the
settings in the filter section reduce the
output volume.
Oscillator Mix
Use this slider to blend the sound
between the output of the two oscillators
– a value of 0.00 equates to all Osc 1
and no Osc 2, a value of 1.00 equates to
no Osc 1 and all Osc 2.
Knowledge base
Alternative synthesis types
Add delay FX
Monophonic synth leads almost always
sound a lot better with a splash of delay
added. We’ve sent the sound to a Stereo
Delay plugin inserted across FX bus 1.
All four Retro Synth models use the same modular
layout, making it easier to conjure up sounds using
any of the four synthesis types available. Sync is
similar to Analog, but the oscillators are synced,
resulting in a harder, more aggressive sound. The
Table model uses a table of sampled waveforms
as its sound source, while FM is modelled on
Yamaha’s iconic DX7 Frequency Modulation synth.
For precise adjustments, if you know the value you want to set a parameter
to, you can click on the number and type in that value as a new entry.
Step-by-step Subtractive analogue synthesis with Retro Synth
1 Open Retro Synth
2 Open settings
3 Choose Oscillator type
First, launch Logic and create a new Software
Instrument track. In the channel inspector,
click on the Instrument slot and select Retro
Synth from the instrument menu.
The default synth type is Analog – perfect!
We want a monophonic sound that plays one
note at once, so click the Settings button
and set the Voices parameter to Legato.
Retro Synth has two oscillators. We can
change Osc 1’s sound by choosing the
square wave waveform, then adjusting the
square wave’s pulse width with this control.
4 Tune up
5 Use a glide
6 Filter the brim
We’ll keep Osc 2 set to the sawtooth
waveform, but to add depth to the sound, we
tune it up by 12 semitones. Add extra sine
waves by Sine Level control in Amp section.
To get a cool-sounding swoop to the pitch of
the sound as we change notes, we turn on
the Glide function and set it to ‘All Osc’ with a
rate of 65ms.
The filter shapes the sound’s brilliance by
trimming off all frequencies above the ‘cutoff’
level, then boosting the resonance at that
point. We’ve set it to Cutoff 0.744/Res 0.49.
7 Close the envelope
8 Amp it up
9 Flanger FX
We want the sound to be continuous, so we
set the filter’s ‘Env’ control to 12 o’clock so
that the filter envelope has no effect on how
the tone of long notes evolves.
Equally, the Amp(litude) ADSR Envelope can
be used to keep the sound at its loudest level
as the notes are held down. A setting of A0
D490 S1.00 R38 will achieve this.
The FX section offers a choice between
flanging and chorus, both of which thicken
the sound. We’ve gone for the Flanger with a
setting of Mix 0.75, Rate 0.62Hz here.
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System Preferences
Is your MacBook tracking you?
Your location may be tracked every time you use your Mac, but that can be a good thing
Are you aware that your location is being tracked by your Mac?
If you travel with a MacBook it records where you go, the time
you arrive at a destination, when you leave and how long you
Time needed
spent there – and this information goes back months.
Some people see this as a useful feature. Companies can
track their employees and it would be possible to locate
a stolen Mac. However, other people may see this as an
Download available
invasion of privacy. To see where your Mac is right now, on any
computer, iPhone or iPad, go to the iCloud website and click
‘Find iPhone’. Select your Mac from the All Devices menu at
the top. Let’s see how it works…
See your location history
Find out where your MacBook has tracked you
View a map
Significant locations
The Mac tracks your location and
organises the places you visit into what
it calls significant locations. These are
places you visit every day and work on
your Mac. Our Starbucks habit is revealed!
Click the stored time and date for a
particular location and the map zooms
in to show exactly where it is. It is more
relevant to MacBook owners who take it
away from the home or office.
Clear stored data
Knowing where your Mac is right now
through Find My Mac could be useful,
but does your mac need to store months
of location history? Clear it by clicking
this button to maintain privacy.
Knowledge base
Location tracking
macOS analytics
The Mac collects information about how
it is used, what for and where, which can
be sent back to Apple and developers.
Go to Analytics to enable or disable the
sending of this information.
The location of an iMac or MacBook can only be
determined when it is powered up and connected
to the internet. If you visit a location and do not turn
on your MacBook, it is not recorded. The location is
not precise and sometimes the nearest significant
building instead of the real location is recorded. It
may be out by 30m.
Find My iPhone at the iCloud website does more than show where your
iPhone is located. It shows all your Apple devices, including your Mac.
Step-by-step See your Mac’s tracking information
1 Open System Preferences
2 Unlock the settings
3 View location services
All the location settings are stored in System
Preferences. Open it and use the search box
to find them by entering ‘location’ or click the
‘Security & Privacy’ icon.
Select the Privacy tab in Security & Privacy,
click the padlock in the bottom-left corner
and then enter your administrator password.
This unlocks the settings for editing.
The location services can now be viewed and
changed. Use the master switch at the top
to completely disable all location services or
scroll to the bottom and click ‘Details’.
4 System services
5 See past locations
6 Expand locations
These are system services that use your
location and Find My Mac is the location
tracking available from the iCloud website.
Click ‘Details’ to see the significant locations.
Significant locations are listed. These are
places that you frequently visit, places that
the Mac thinks are important, such as home,
work, or wherever you use your Mac.
Click the small triangle to expand a location
and then expand any subsections. It shows
all of the times and dates you visited the
location. Expand the others to see them.
7 View locations
8 Delete location history
9 Don’t share analytics
Click a location or the recorded time/date for
a location and the map shows exactly where
you were. Zoom controls aren’t available, but
the map shows the rough location.
If you are shocked by the tracking information
stored, click ‘Clear History’ to delete it.
However, the information is encrypted and no
one should be able to see it but you.
Back on the Privacy tab, select ‘Analytics’.
The top item shares Mac analytics
with Apple, which may include location
information. Choose whether to allow this.
Stop apps slowing your Mac
Does your Mac feel slower than it used to be? Here’s how to track down rogue apps
Time needed
If your Mac is running slowly, what could be causing the
problem? Old Macs suffer from slowing down more than new
Macs because they have less powerful hardware. If you have a
very old Mac, it might even have a hard disk drive instead of a
solid state disk, and this makes problems even worse.
When the Mac is running slowly it is often because of
apps running in the background or loading on startup. In
the main tutorial we show you how to use a free utility called
KnockKnock to see what is loading. It can identify bad apps.
We’ll also look at how to use Activity Monitor to see when apps
use too much processing power and memory.
Step-by-step See persistent apps that load with macOS
1 Install KnockKnock
2 Scan the system
3 Check the results
KnockKnock is a free utility from Download the zip and doubleclick it to extract the app, then drag it to the
Applications folder and click it to run it.
Nothing is displayed at first, so click the large
‘Scan’ button at the top of the window. Enter
your admin password so that the app can
check system areas of the disk.
Select each section on the left to see
persistent items that load and run in the
background, possibly slowing down the Mac.
Here we found Wunderlist, a harmless app.
4 Remove unwanted items
5 Check for malware
6 See login items
The best way to remove unwanted items
that add to the Mac’s workload is to uninstall
the app. Click the eye icon to open a Finder
window and see the location of an item.
Bad apps can cause a Mac to run slowly so
KnockKnock checks suspicious items with
VirusTotal. Only one of 60 scanners think this
is malware, so it is likely okay.
Apps that run when you log in are listed by
selecting the ‘Login Items’ section. Check
the app preferences for an option to stop it,
or go to ‘Users’ in System Preferences.
KnockKnock and Activity Monitor show why the Mac is running slowly. They
are geeky tools that require some knowledge, but are worth getting to know.
The KnockKnock interface
Look for bad apps with KnockKnock
Get more info
View system files
What are all these items?
Sometimes it is easy to tell, but
this is not always the case. Click
the ‘i’ icon to get more information
about the item. The information is a
bit technical.
KnockKnock hides macOS
system files because they
are safe and it focuses on
third-party extras, like adware,
which may be slowing the
Mac. This setting hides/shows
known macOS files.
Show location
Click the eye icon at the right to open
a Finder window to show the file
location. It is best to uninstall an app
to remove it, but as a last resort, bad
items can be deleted here.
Startup sections
Knowledge base
The apps that start with macOS
are organised into sections. The
number shows how many items
are loading and when a section
is selected the items are listed
on the right.
Speed up the Mac
To speed up the Mac you need to close apps or
tabs that are using too much CPU or memory and
remove apps that start with macOS. KnockKnock
and Activity Monitor do not solve your problems,
but they help you discover what is causing the
problem. Use AppCleaner (
appcleaner) to remove all traces of apps.
Check CPU and
RAM usage
If the Mac is running slowly and you want to know
why, click Go>Utilities and open Activity Monitor.
This is a general purpose tool for analysing the
state of the system and the two most important
tabs for discovering what is slowing down the Mac
are CPU and Memory, which we look at here. Go
to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘All Processes’ to
make sure you are seeing all items.
“Activity Monitor analyses
the state of the system”
1 Check CPU usage
2 Check memory usage
Select the CPU tab and click the ‘% CPU’ column
header to sort the list with the highest usage
items at the top. Here you can see that two URLs
are using over 90% CPU. Close these Safari tabs.
Select the Memory tab to see what is causing the
memory pressure at the bottom to turn red (that’s
bad!). A Safari tab, indicated by the URL, is using
1.13GB! Close the Safari tabs to fix it.
Sell on eBay with less hassle
Got a load of unwanted gear that you don’t want? Sell it with minimum fuss
Time needed
It is hard to believe that eBay is more than 20 years old. Over
that time, millions of items have been bought and sold and it
remains the go-to site for people looking to flog their unwanted
stuff. Unfortunately, this does have its downsides: non-payers,
scammers and timewasters are not uncommon. Thankfully
eBay has a number of features in place to make selling less
hassle. You can prevent people with negative feedback from
bidding on items, put a ban on people who don’t have PayPal
accounts, restrict the locations you’re willing to ship to and
even put a ban on returns. It won’t stamp out every problem
but it should raise the chance of a pleasurable transaction.
Step-by-step Alter your eBay site preferences
1 Open eBay’s dashboard
2 Select PayPal
3 Alter postage preferences
To see the available seller options, visit eBay’s
website and select ‘My eBay’ in the top-right
corner. Click the Account tab and select ‘Site
Preferences’ in the left-hand menu.
If you’d prefer people pay for your items via
PayPal, select ‘Show’ next to Payment from
Buyers and click ‘Edit’. Tick the middle box
under PayPal preferences. Click ‘Submit’.
Back on Site Preferences, click ‘Show’ next
to Postage and Packaging Preferences. You
can require a buyer’s phone number which
can help the courier deliver your parcel.
4 Alter buyer requirements
5 Auto-sort non-payers
6 Manage communication
Go to Site Preferences and select ‘Show’
next to Buyer Requirements. Click ‘Edit’ for
options aimed at barring troublesome eBay
purchasers (see the annotated image, right).
Buy It Nowers have two days to pay. You can
then open an unpaid item case. To automate
this, select ‘Show’ and ‘Edit’ next to Unpaid
Item Assistant. Click ‘Yes’ and refine details.
Good communication sorts out many issues
so click ‘Manage Communication With
Buyers’. Click ‘Edit’ in the section What Your
Buyers Can Do and select your preferences.
It’s worth bearing in mind that if you’re too strict in your requirements of
buyers then you may end up reducing the likelihood of your item selling.
Tailor your buyer requirements
The Buyer Requirements page can help prevent time-wasters and
anyone who is less likely to stump up the cash for your items
Cut off
One way of reducing
trouble is to instantly
ban buyers who have a
history of not paying for
items. Click this box and
decide how many nonpaid for items will make
you wary of a deal.
Insist on accountability
If someone doesn’t have a PayPal
account or a credit card on file, you
will have to find different ways for
them to pay. That can be a hassle
so head them off by ticking these.
Stop rule
Don’t fancy dealing
with anyone who
has breached eBay’s
policies? You can
tick this box and
alter the figures: if
you want to be strict
go for four breaches
over six months.
Knowledge base
Return preferences
Weed out bad eBayers
Most eBayers with a feedback score of
-1 or lower are either inexperienced or a
potential problem. You can stop them from
being your concern by selecting this option.
If you decide to accept returns, you can indicate
exactly how you will deal with the refunds. In
My eBay>Account>Site Preferences>Return
Preferences, you can even take away the hassle
of dealing with buyers who request refunds on
low price items by allowing them to keep those
products if they’re under a certain value or if they
give a reason you’re happy with.
How to alter
your listing
As well as being able to make changes in your
Account settings in eBay, you can also alter your
preferences for creating a listing. This allows you
to select your payment methods, dispatch time,
the location your item is held in, whether or not
you wish to auto-list, your preference for accepting
returns and more. You can see your current
preferences by looking at the bottom of your listing
page but here is how you can change them.
1 Start a listing
2 Make the changes
Click ‘Sell’ in eBay to start creating a listing. Then
scroll to the very bottom of the screen where
you’ll see a Settings icon and a list of preferences.
Have a look at them and if you don’t like what you
see, click ‘Change’.
You can input a different PayPal email address
or select if you’d prefer cash on collection. You
can also change the dispatch time and the item
location. By leaving Accept Returns blank you can
decide not to allow people to return items.
Smart Converter
Convert video and audio files
How to convert video files to play on almost any device using Smart Converter
The Mac plays a wide range of video file formats, but this is
not true of all devices and sometimes you need to convert
files to work on them. Will the 4K wedding video you shot on
Time needed
your iPhone X work if you send it to your granny who has a
basic Android phone? Will it work on your friend’s iPad Air or
iPhone SE? Even if the videos play, they may be unnecessarily
large and take up too much storage space. Smart Converter
Download available
is d
designed to take all the hard work out of converting video
to play on other devices. It supports all Apple and a lot of
non-Apple phones, tablets, TVs and game consoles. It even
converts audio file formats and strips audio out of videos.
Step-by-step Easily convert video file formats
1 Get started
2 Find video files
3 Add a video
Open the Mac App Store and enter ‘Smart
Converter’ into the search box, then install
the free version of the app. Run it afterwards
and you are ready to convert files.
The File>Open menu can be used to add a
video if you know where it is on the disk. Or,
open Finder and enter ‘kind:movie’ into the
search box to see all movies.
Click and drag the video file you want to
convert and drop it on Smart Converter. Use
the large buttons to select the output format
and click the Convert button to begin.
4 View video info
5 Select a device
6 View the result
There is more to the app and if you want
to know what format a video is, click the
thumbnail and a panel pops up showing the
video and audio encoding information.
Click the ‘More’ button and this is where the
app gets interesting. There is a very long list
of devices and selecting one sets the video
conversion to the optimum for it.
After clicking the ‘Convert’ button, the video
is converted and automatically added to
iTunes. Click ‘Show File’ and a window
shows the file. It can be seen in iTunes too.
There is a Pro version of Smart Converter that offers more features, such as
batch converting multiple videos and folder monitoring.
Get to know Smart Converter
Convert media files for any device
Find media files
Finder’s search facility is great for finding video and
audio files. Click in the search box and type ‘kind:’
followed by video, movie, audio, MP3 or whatever
you need. Select ‘This Mac’ next to Search.
A thumbnail image
of the video to be
converted appears
here. Click it to open
a panel that shows
the file format and
click ‘?’ to the right of
Conversion speed for
more information.
More devices
The ‘More’ button enables you to
select the right video format for
all Apple devices. It also supports
non-Apple devices if you need to
convert videos to send to friends
or relatives.
Knowledge base
Video converter for geeks
Smart Converter is easy to use because it hides
the complexity of video codecs and file formats
from the user. If you need more control over the
video conversion the free open source Handbrake
( is a brilliant tool. It has predefined
devices, but it also lets you fine-tune the
conversion, such as the video codec, framerate,
bitrate and more.
Format selectors
These buttons enable you to very quickly select
the target device that you want the video to
play on and most of the time they are sufficient.
The ‘Music’ button saves audio from a video.
audio files
Smart Converter does more than just convert
video files from one format to another and it can
also convert audio file formats. It supports the
main ones, Apple AAC, MP3, Windows WAV, and
the popular free OGG format. It can also strip the
audio from video files and save it in the selected
audio file format. This could be useful if you want
to edit the audio in a utility and then put it back in
a video editor.
“Smart Converter can also
convert audio file formats”
1 Add audio files
2 Convert the audio
The app works the same way as for videos.
Use File, Open to select an audio or video file
to convert, or open a Finder window and then
enter ‘kind:audio’ or ‘kind:mp3’ and drag the
file to convert.
Click the Music button or, better still, click
‘More’ and scroll down to the bottom of the list
to select an audio file format. See step 5 of the
main tutorial. After converting it, click ‘Show File’
to play it.
MarsEdit 4
Effortlessly update your blog
Discover how you can use MarsEdit 4 to build your online presence in style
Choosing which blog or website host to use is now more
difficult than ever with a plethora of choices available. Most
important, however, is how efficient and conducive to creativity
Time needed
the content management system is and this is where MarsEdit
4 comes in. It offers a slick interface that feels at home on
macOS and which could potentially save you a lot of money.
Some providers concentrate heavily on ease of use and
Download available
the system you use to the point that the pricing is higher
than the competition, but with MarsEdit you can avoid the
provider offerings altogether and use it to publish to Blogger,
WordPress, Tumblr and many other popular services.
Step-by-step Publish a blog with MarsEdit
1 Download and configure
2 It’s all there
3 Build a post
Once downloaded, you will be prompted to
configure your blog. Input the name of the
blog, the URL and then your username and
password in the next pop-up panel.
You should now let MarsEdit download the
latest posts on your blog. It may take some
time, but you want to reflect your published
content as accurately as possible.
Click File>New Post and a panel will appear
with various obvious sections. Here you can
add the post title, the text with formatting
and suitable categories and tags.
4 Add some media
5 Complete control
6 Time to publish
You can also drag images from your Mac or
those already uploaded to your blog into the
right-hand panel to include them in your post.
It’s incredibly easy to use.
Click the Preview icon at the top and then
select ‘Edit Template’ to see the HTML
code behind the blog post. If you have the
knowledge, you can edit every single aspect.
When you are happy with the content, click
Post>Send to Blog and it will be published
immediately. You will always know what the
world will see when you publish.
The app is free to download, but you can use the in-app purchase option
to buy the full app for unlimited usage.
A minimalistic powerhouse
Simple panels, powerful features
Cover it all
MarsEdit is not only a refined
space in which to enhance your
creativity, but it is also a fullycontained content management
system. You may never visit your
provider’s solution again.
Go deeper
Take time to investigate all of the
features in MarsEdit because you
will find that you can at times do
more than you could in a provider’s
content management system. It
really is very powerful.
Work in style
You’ll find there are no unnecessary
interface areas at all. Every aspect
of the visuals and included features
have been kept to only what is
required to help you grow your
online presence.
Knowledge base
Important features
MarsEdit lets you work offline which is a huge
bonus when compared to provider offerings.
You can create new work at any time and publish
later when you have a valid internet connection. A
Safari extension also lets you discover interesting
content on the web and then re-blog it with a
couple of clicks.
Media is vital
You have full control over all of the
media elements you include in your
blog. With patience, you have the
ability to ensure that images look
perfect in every single post.
How to preview
your posts
before posting
Despite the fact that MarsEdit is different to the
content management systems you would use
directly from the main hosting providers, you will
be able to preview your work as you create it
in perfect clarity. You have every opportunity to
ensure that what the world will see is displayed
perfectly on your blog or website. The only change
is that the MarsEdit interface is different; the
content remains true to your creativity.
1 As you type
2 Preview the post
The main panel displays your blog post
accurately as you create it, but you still have
to be sure that it will look how you want it to
when it is published. You will get used to not
previewing your work.
When you click on ‘Preview’ at the top of the
page you will see the post exactly as it will appear
on your blog. We would suggest that you do make
sure you preview your work when you first start
using MarsEdit.
Build apps from web pages
Your most-used websites can be turned into real Mac apps using Fluid
Many websites are so sophisticated that they would benefit
from also offering app versions so that you can really immerse
yourself in the experience. Of course, services such as
Time needed
Facebook and Dropbox already do this, but what to do when
a service is website only? Well, you download Fluid and in
seconds you can create apps of your own which genuinely do
offer app-like features that feel completely at home on the Mac.
Download available
You get to customise the icon, choose where the app is saved
and specify a range of options that will make you feel as if you
have developed part of the app yourself. Nothing here is difficult
at all – read on for our step-by-step guide…
Step-by-step Create new apps from websites
1 Download Fluid
2 A simple panel
3 Add the information
Go to and download the app.
It will be saved to the downloads folder and
does not require installing so drag it in Finder
to the ‘Applications’ folder.
A minimalist panel will appear which should
be obvious to use at first glance. Find a URL
you want to turn into an app, copy it and
then paste it into the top line.
Once you have entered the URL, type in a
name for the new app and then choose a
location to save it. Try leaving ‘Use Website
Favicon’ as it is already. Click ‘Create’.
4 A new app
5 Just a box
6 Real app menus
Click ‘Launch Now’ and you should see the
app displayed with an appropriate icon. You
can now double-click it at any time to go to
the web service you want to use.
The web page or service will display within
a simple box that really does look like an
app rather than a mere page within a web
browser. It’s a very clever solution.
You will also be able to use real menu options
at the top of the screen as you would in any
other app. It all comes together to create a
fully-fledged app solution.
In some cases Fluid apps will actually be more hardware efficient than
standalone apps and almost certainly cheaper.
Bland, but effective
The most minimal of interfaces
Your icons
You can use favicons or save your
own from the web to personalise
the apps you create. The end
results are more impressive than
may be expected considering the
time required to create them.
Four lines
The main panel does look
particularly bland, but it includes
every option you need to create
apps in seconds. It does what it
needs to and no more which is a
good thing.
Save to the
Applications folder
We advise you to save your apps in
the Applications folder by default
so that they reside in the same
place as all of your other apps.
Consistency is key to productivity.
Knowledge base
So many options
There are a surprising number of options
available in the Fluid settings. You can modify
the appearance of the apps interface, set general
preferences for individual apps that you create,
manage behaviours and even deal with app
shortcuts. Take some time to see what you can do
and you will be able to create a unique experience
designed for your needs.
Workings of the apps
The apps you build will behave just like
normal apps. They reside in the Dock when
open, they can be double-clicked and they
even look like standalone apps when open.
Discover how
to personalise
your apps
Some websites do not have suitable favicons that
work when displayed on the Mac and many have
none at all. There is, however, an easy way to
personalise your new Fluid apps using icons that
are readily available and mostly fine for personal
use. Here we’ll demonstrate how to add your
own icon. Remember to choose a name for your
app that is recognisable as well and not too long.
These are ‘your’ apps to play with.
1 Find an icon
2 Select and personalise
First up, open your favourite search engine
and search for the service you want to use plus
‘icon’. Now look for a standard image file such as
.jpg or .png and save it to a suitable location
on your Mac.
Click the ‘Icon’ option and then select ‘Other…’.
Now navigate to the saved icon and it will
be used for your new app provided it is in a
compatible format. It’s a very simple and effective
personalisation process.
“You’ll find you can eat
through your monthly data
allowance in no time at all”
21 ways to save mobile data consumption
on your iPhone and reduce your phone bill!
our iPhone is a portable supercomputer that can be used for
tapping into the internet on the
move, checking for important emails
when you are away from the office and
even streaming movies and TV shows
when you’re in the middle of nowhere
– but it all comes at a price.
Anything that you do on
your iPhone that involves
an internet connection
and when you aren’t
connected to a Wi-Fi
network requires mobile
data, which is controlled by
your mobile phone provider.
Depending on the type of
contract that you have with your provider,
you will be allocated a certain amount of
mobile data per month – from 500MB to
10GB. Unless you are careful, you will
find you can eat through your monthly
allowance in no time at all, forcing you
to either go without mobile data for the
remainder of the month, purchase a
temporary data increase or upgrade your
contract altogether.
But do you really need as much mobile
data as you are using? We suspect not
and to prove it we have delved into your
iPhone settings to come up with 21 ways
for you to save data as well as
explaining everything you need
to know in order to monitor and
scrutinise your monthly mobile
data consumption. Included
in our top tips are quick and
easy actions you can take
to reduce the amount of data
your iPhone uses on a day-to-day
basis, ways to enjoy your favourite
social media apps on reduced data
consumption, and even alternative apps
that specialise in data saving. So read
on for the full lowdown on iPhone mobile
data consumption and we guarantee that
we’ll be able to help you reduce your data
usage considerably.
Reduce your iPhone mobile data usage
Your Mobile Data Settings
In order to start saving mobile data you will first need to know your
way around your iPhone’s Mobile Data settings. To do this, start off
by going to Settings>Mobile Data…
Mobile Data Options
These are specific options to your
mobile data provider and may
include Voice over LTE (VoLTE),
which means better-sounding voice
calls or Voice & Data over 4G.
Wi-Fi Calling
When enabled, this allows you to
make phone calls and send text
messages over wireless networks
instead of using a phone signal
– perfect for when you are using
your iPhone at home.
Current Period
This is the amount of mobile data
that you have used in your current
billing period (typically monthly).
Period Roaming
This is the amount of data that
you have used when roaming
abroad in the current period (see
‘Data Roaming’).
Most mobile phone providers in the UK offer a free app that enables you to
access information on your account, so search for them in the App Store.
Mobile Data
This switch controls all
mobile data and, if turned
off, is the only sure-fire way
to ensure that you aren’t
using any mobile data. This
is generally useful if you
have exceeded your data
allowance for the month.
How to monitor
your mobile data
You can go to your Mobile Data
settings to monitor exactly how much
mobile data you use every month. But
this information isn’t served up on
a plate for you – you have to do the
legwork yourself. Here’s how…
1. Go to
Mobile Data
Calls on Other Devices
If you have other Apple devices, such
as a Mac and iPad, then as long as
they are all connected to the same
Wi-Fi network and signed in to the
same Apple ID, you can make and
receive calls on the other devices.
Personal Hotspot
This allows you to use your iPhone’s
mobile data to create an internet
connection for other Apple devices
signed into your iCloud account.
If you are using your
iPhone abroad then
data roaming charges
are something to be
very wary of with
additional charges
of around 70p per
MB. Even if you set
a daily data cap it
can still prove very
expensive so our
advice is to just go
to Settings>Mobile
Data>Mobile Data
Options and turn
‘Data Roaming’ off.
Go to Settings>
Mobile Data and
scroll down to
the Mobile Data
section. The stat
called ‘Current
Period’ is the
one that you
need to keep an
eye on – but it
will keep rising
if you don’t
reset it.
2. Reset
your stats
At the start of
the month when
the mobile data
on your current
contract is
refreshed, go to
Data and then
scroll down to
the bottom of
the page. Here
you will see the
‘Reset Statistics’
option; tap it.
3. Monitor
over months
It is good to
monitor your
data usage
over several
months to get a
fair reflection of
exactly how much
you use/need. We
recommend that
you set yourself
a reminder at
the start of every
month to reset
your stats.
Reduce your iPhone mobile data usage
Turn off
Wi-Fi Assist
Adjust your
Mail settings
First introduced with iOS 9,
Wi-Fi Assist utilises mobile
data as a backup if your
current Wi-Fi connection is a bit
dodgy. It sounds fine in theory but
as there is no visible indication or
alert that your connection is being
switched from a poor Wi-Fi signal to
your precious mobile data allowance
then you probably won’t even realise
it is happening. To turn off this feature,
go to Settings>Mobile Data and then
scroll down to the bottom of the page.
If you have your Mail app open in
the background on your iPhone
then the chances are that it could
be constantly retrieving new mail from the
servers in the background without you
realising, murdering your mobile data plan in
the process. Here we show you how to adjust
your Mail settings so that email retrieval is
restricted to Wi-Fi only.
How to limit
email retrieval
Here’s how to set up your email to
make sure you are not wasting your
data by constantly checking for
new mail in the background.
1 Open up
Accounts &
mobile data
to apps
A great many of
the apps installed
on your iPhone
consume your mobile
data. You might not even
know that they are doing
it and many probably
don’t really need it. Go
to Settings>Mobile Data
to see the full list and
then consider restricting
access to all but the
most essential apps
(such as social media
and navigational apps) by
moving the green sliders
to the ‘off’ position.
Turn off
iCloud Drive
We don’t mean log out of
your iCloud account on your
iPhone, just turn off the
specific ‘iCloud Drive’ option in your
Mobile Data settings that means that
a mobile network is used to transfer
documents and data to your iCloud
Drive when you are not connected
to Wi-Fi. Go to Settings>Mobile Data
and scroll down to the bottom of the
page to turn this option off.
The amount of mobile data that each app
consumes will be displayed underneath
its name…
Turn off background app refresh
By default, the apps on your iPhone will refresh their content in
the background (when you aren’t using them) when on a Wi-Fi or
mobile network, but obviously this can have an impact on your
mobile data (as well as your iPhone’s battery life). Go to Settings>General>
Background App Refresh and you can limit which apps use this feature (by
moving the slider next to a specific app to ‘Off’) or tap on the ‘Background
App Refresh’ option to limit it to Wi-Fi or turn it off completely.
“Apps refresh when you are aren’t using
them which can use your mobile data”
First you need
to launch your
Settings app and
then scroll down
to the ‘Accounts
& Passwords’
option. This will
display all of
your current
email accounts.
2 Tap
New Data’
Tap on the ‘Fetch
New Data’ option
at the bottom of
the screen and
then tap on each
individual account
and change the
option to ‘Manual’
to manually check
for emails.
3 Turn
off Push
If the ‘Push’
option at the top
is enabled then
new emails will
be pushed to
your iPhone from
the server when
possible, so it’s
a good idea to
disable this option
to protect your
mobile data.
To help save your mobile data, ensure that ‘Wi-Fi’ is constantly turned on in
Settings>Wi-Fi and enable the ‘Ask to Join Networks’ option.
Stick with Wi-Fi
Pre iOS 11
If your iPhone automatically
connects to Wi-Fi hotspots
while you are out and
about and you’re worried about the
security of certain hotspots then
the temptation is to temporarily
disable Wi-Fi completely. However,
this isn’t a good idea as you may
forget to activate it again when
you get home and use your mobile
data for web surfing, etc, without
realising it. The best option in this
case is to leave Wi-Fi on but when
it connects to a Wi-Fi network go
to Settings>Wi-Fi and then tap on
the network name followed by the
‘Forget this network’ option.
In older iPhone operating
systems you must go to
to find the ‘Fetch New
Data’ options. Here you
will be able to determine
the preferred schedule
option (‘Manual’) for each
account and turn off the
‘Push’ option.
Use Wi-Fi hotspots
With Wi-Fi hotspots
popping up all over
the place in the
cafés and restaurants of
our towns and cities there
is less and less cause to
eat into our monthly mobile
data plans while out and
about – simply jump onto a
hotspot to surf the net, check
your emails and update your
status before moving on.
It is advisable, however, to
execute an air of caution
when accessing hotspots
and try to only use ones that
are password protected for
extra security. If you are a BT
broadband subscriber then
Disable auto-play
It is easy to get caught out by this one, but social
media services such as Facebook, Twitter and
Instagram have incorporated an annoying feature
whereby videos that appear in your timeline will auto-play
you should definitely consider
downloading the BT Wi-Fi
app as this will allow you to
connect to any of BT’s five
million hotspots around the
UK for free (non-subscribers
can also pay a small fee to
use the service if you aren’t
a BT Wi-Fi subscriber). Also
check to see if your service
provider also offers a free app
for Wi-Fi hotspots.
“If you are a BT
broadband subscriber,
consider downloading
the BT Wi-Fi app”
as you scroll through them, regardless of whether you are
actually using Wi-Fi at the time – meaning that movies you’re
not bothered about watching could be eating into your data.
Mercifully, there is a way to disable them…
Tap on the menu
icon in the lowerright corner of
the interface
and then go to
and Photos>Autoplay and then
either change
it to ‘On Wi-Fi
Connections Only’
or ‘Never Autoplay videos’.
Tap on your
account icon in
the top-left corner
of the interface
and go to Settings
and privacy>Data
autoplay and then
either change it
to ‘Wi-Fi only’ or
‘Never’. Consider
changing the ‘High
Quality video’
settings too.
Tap on your
account icon in
the lower-right
corner of the
interface, then
tap the settings
cog icon which
is next to ‘Edit
Profile’. Now you
need to go to
Data Use and
enable the ‘Use
Less Data’ option.
Reduce your iPhone mobile data usage
Use Twitter Lite
Restrict your viewing
If you are a prolific tweeter then
constantly using the Twitter
app while on your travels can
seriously impact on your mobile data
plan – but did you know that there is
a much more data-friendly version
of Twitter available? This alternate
version, which we will call ‘Twitter Lite’ is
accessed through your preferred iPhone
web browser instead of the app, and
here’s how to do it.
If you tend to stream content through apps
such as YouTube and Netflix on your iPhone
then it pays to be extra vigilant when it
comes to how the content is streamed.
Below you’ll find a couple of quick and easy steps
it’s worth taking in YouTube and Netflix to ensure
that your viewed content doesn’t impact hideously
on your data plan.
1 Go to the website
On your iPhone, open Safari and go to to be taken to the
Twitter website. Now simply log in as
usual with your username and password.
2 Go to account
Tap on your profile picture in the top-left
corner of the interface and then go to
Settings and privacy>Data usage and
enable the ‘Data saver’ option.
3 View in a simpler format
Now, when you go back to your timeline it
will be in a stripped-down format whereby
you have to tap on GIFs and videos to
load them instead of it being automatic.
Tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner of
the interface, select ‘Settings’ and then enable the
‘Play HD on Wi-Fi only’ option.
Tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner and then
go to App Settings>Mobile Data Usage, turn off
‘Automatic’ and then select the ‘Wi-Fi Only’ option.
Send low-res
Prior to iOS 10,
whenever you
chose to send an
image in the Messages
app it would always be in
hi-res. However, if you go
to Settings>Messages and
then scroll down you will
see the ‘Low-Quality Image
Mode’ option – enable
this to automatically send
compressed versions of
your images instead.
You can also turn off mobile data for Photos by going to Settings>Photos>
Mobile Data and then turning off ‘Mobile Data’ and ‘Unlimited Updates’.
Adjust your iTunes &
App Store settings
Go to Settings>iTunes & App
Stores to make a couple of sensible
tweaks which will help protect your
mobile data allowance.
If you have Automatic
Downloads turned on for
Music and Apps then music
and apps downloaded on
other iOS devices will be
automatically downloaded
on your iPhone.
Use Mobile Data
Make sure that this option is turned off to
ensure that your mobile data isn’t used to
automatically download media and update
apps if the respective options are turned
on above.
App updates
If you turn on the ‘Updates’
option then every time an
update is released for an
app installed on your iPhone
it will automatically update
your existing version of
the app.
Video Autoplay
This option automatically plays app
preview videos in the App Store, but take
no chances and turn it off anyway to
ensure it doesn’t use any of your precious
mobile data.
Pre-save reading material
If you like to catch up on reading all the
latest news on your way to work, instead
of using Safari on the move and wasting
1 Navigate
to page
In Safari, navigate
to the web page
that you would like
to save for offline
reading and then tap
on the share button
in the middle of the
bottom bar of the
Safari interface. A
menu of options will
now appear.
precious data, consider downloading a selection
of web pages you want to read offline prior to
your commute. Here we show you how to prepare
your chosen web pages for offline viewing and
then access them on the move without eating
into your data plan.
2 Add to list
3 Access later
Among the various
sharing options
you will see one
called ‘Add to
Reading List’ on
the lower section
– tap this followed
by the ‘Save
option (if this is
your first time
using this feature).
To access the web
pages that you
have saved for
offline viewing, tap
on the open book
icon in the bar at
the bottom of the
interface then tap
the middle (glasses)
tab at the top of the
screen to see your
saved pages.
Turn off
Location Services
Many apps track your location using
a combination of GPS, Bluetooth and
crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotpsots. However,
unless you are
currently trying
to navigate
using the Maps
app or some
other directional
tool, do you
actually need
(or want) all of
your apps to
know where you
are? Launch
Settings and
then tap on
Services’ and
you can easily
turn it off if you
are unsure.
Disable Push
Some apps use mobile
data to send you push
notifications (the alerts
pop up on your screen). Howev
you don’t really need app alerts
why not turn them off completel
Go to Settings>Notifications and
you will be able to scroll down
through the long list of apps that
send you notifications. Tap on e
one in turn and then turn off the
‘Allow Notifications’ switch to e
that your mobile data will remain
untouched by such a trivial feat r
Check the app
Whenever you are downloading a
new app that may draw on your
mobile data, always make a point
of checking the in-app settings for options
that relate to lower data usage. For example,
WhatsApp – one of the most popular
communication apps available – has just such
an option. Here’s how to access it, and a
similar option in Snapchat.
Go to Settings>
Data and Storage
Usage and you
will discover that
you are able to
restrict all media
downloads to
Wi-Fi, and you can
also enable the
‘Low Data Usage’
option in the
call settings.
Tap on your profile
pic in the top-left
corner and go to
(under ‘Additional
Services’) and
turn on ‘Travel
Mode’ to reduce
data usage.
urn of
oud Photo
rary and
oud Photo
Sharing are great in the
– allowing you to store
tos in the cloud and
access them when you
want, and also use shared
albums. But how much
does this impact on your
ile data? Unless you
d such services you
ca go to Settings>Photos
and rn them off or,
n safer,
safer go o
to be even
Settings>Mobile Data and
turn off mobile data for
‘Photos’ completely.
TV content
Like with web pages, if there
are films and TV shows
you are likely to want to
watch when away from your Wi-Fi
network, you can download them
to your device to prevent them
from eating into your mobile data
when streaming. Apps such as the
BBC iPlayer allow you to tap on
a ‘Download’ button to save the
show to your device to watch offline
so look out for this feature in your
favourite streaming apps.
Manage your music
If you subscribe to Apple Music then make sure you’ve got
your audio stuff together before venturing out of the safe
confines of your Wi-Fi network. If you have playlists that
feature streamed content then tap on the cloud icon to download
the track to your device to ensure that nothing is streamed over
your mobile network. If you are unsure of how this works then go to
Settings>Music>Mobile Data. Once there you can either turn off the
‘Mobile Data’ option completely to kill all mobile network activity to the
Music app or tailor specific options. For example, you could keep the
‘Streaming’ option turned on, but disable the ‘High-Quality Streaming’
option to lessen the impact on your mobile data.
You can also obtain apps that specialise on monitoring your iPhone data
usage from the App Store, such as Data Usage (£0.49/$0.49).
Change your
web browser
Although Safari is your iPhone’s
default web browser you are
under no obligation to stick with it,
especially if other third-party browsers offer
better features for helping you save mobile
data. Here are a couple of prime examples.
Shut it down!
Remember, if all else
fails and your mobile
data is running on empty
then you can simply turn it off
altogether until a time when you
urgently need to call on it. Go to
Settings>Mobile Data and then
turn the ‘Mobile Data’ option off
and all mobile data connections
will instantly be severed.
Google Chrome
Chrome uses Data Saver, a feature that works
by sending most of your web traffic through
the Google Servers before it is downloaded
to your device. As it goes through the servers
they compact the data, meaning less gets
downloaded to your device. This doesn’t
apply to secure pages (ones that start with
https://) or if you’re browsing in private in
Incognito mode.
‘Uninstalled Apps’ –
what’s going on?
While browsing through
the Mobile Data settings
on your iPhone you
may be alarmed by one
statistic at the bottom
of the list of apps
that use mobile data
– ‘Uninstalled Apps’.
What does this mean?
Are apps that you have
deleted coming back
from beyond the grave to
steal your mobile data?
No, thank goodness!
This just means that
if you don’t reset your
data usage statistics
regularly (Settings>Mobile
Data>Reset Statistics)
then any apps that you
have deleted since you
last reset your statistics
which used data while
they were installed on
your iPhone will be added
to this total so that there
are no discrepancies
when you add up the
amount of data used by
your currently installed
apps against the total
data used in the period.
As well as apps, various
system services on your
iPhone use mobile data;
you can monitor them by
going to Settings>Mobile
Data>System Services.
It may be alarming to
see that services such
as Game Center eat into
your data – especially
if you don’t use it – but
unfortunately you cannot
turn these services off
individually. If you don’t
want to use them you
will have to turn off the
Mobile Data completely.
Opera Mini
The best all-round data-saving web browser,
Opera Mini comes with a range of built-in
data-saving options as well as a screen that
shows you how much data you are saving.
By tapping on the savings gauge you can
enable options to block ads and reduce the
quality of images so they load faster. How
long until Safari starts using similar features?
Increase internet
security on the iPhone
A simple tweak to the iPhone settings increases
safety and security when using the internet
Time needed
The internet is a brilliant resource but there is a dark side to it
and malware, phishing, scams and adult content can ruin your
enjoyment and make it unsafe to use. Fortunately, there are
ways of blocking the bad stuff and making the internet a safer
place. DNS servers convert the URLs we type in, like apple.
com, into the IP addresses that phones and computers use
to communicate with each other. Many DNS servers allow
everything – good and bad. However, a few are designed to
filter out bad sites and bad content so you are never affected
by it. Switching to one of these makes the internet safer and
more secure. There is an app for that, of course, DNS Override.
Step-by-step Set a custom DNS server
1 Go to Settings
2 Open Wi-Fi settings
3 Configure DNS
The options to change the DNS settings are
buried deep in the Wi-Fi configuration. Start
by pressing the Settings icon on the Home
screen and then tap Wi-Fi to continue.
Wi-Fi is active and we are connected to
a local network. It is a public one that is
unsecured, so is potentially a problem. Press
the Wi-Fi network name to configure it.
Swipe up to get to the bottom of the
Wi-Fi settings and Configure DNS is set to
automatic. This is the default setting, but it is
not always the most secure. Press it.
There is a very simple way to undo all the DNS changes you make and you
just switch back to automatic. It couldn’t be easier.
Automatic settings
This is selected by default and it
means that the DNS servers are set
automatically by whatever Wi-Fi network
you connect to. If you select it, the
manual settings are deleted, undoing
any changes.
Learn how to switch
DNS servers
Delete the defaults
After adding one or more alternative IP
addresses for DNS servers, the existing
settings must be deleted. Press the red
minus symbol next to them and then
press the Delete button on the right.
Manual settings
Instead of using the DNS servers
provided by the Wi-Fi network, you
can use alternative ones that protect
against malware, scams, phishing
and adult content. All you need to
know are the IP addresses.
Knowledge base
What are DNS servers?
Phones, tablets, computers and other devices
connected to the internet do not understand
domain names like ‘’ and they
are basically number crunchers. They work with a
unique set of numbers that identifies every device
on the internet. It is called an IP address, like A DNS server converts domain names
into IP addresses.
Add servers
Press the green ‘+’ button to
add one or more alternative DNS
servers. They consist of a set of four
numbers with full stops between
them. Only one is needed, but an
extra is often provided.
4 Switch to manual
5 Add a server
6 Delete old DNS
At the top are Automatic and Manual. Press
‘Manual’. All the changes we will make from
here on are instantly reversed by switching
back to Automatic. It is easy to undo.
DNS servers are often used in pairs, as the
defaults are here, but we will add a single
one. Press ‘Add Server’, enter numbers
‘’ and then press Return.
To finish off switching DNS servers we must
remove the existing addresses to leave just
the new one we added. Press the red minus
button and then press Delete. Tap ‘Save’.
Train your device to improve
its autocorrection
If your iPhone or iPod’s autocorrect drives you mad, then here’s
how to better manage the suggestions it throws at you
Time needed
Damn you autocorrect! There you are tapping merrily away,
composing a message to a friend. Then you press send only
to find that you need to write a second message correcting a
couple of words in the first – while sighing with relief that iOS
didn’t convert them into something rude and embarrassing.
Only it doesn’t need to be like that… You actually have
more control over the autocorrect feature than you may
have imagined and there are a few ways you can get the
suggestions back on the straight and narrow. So here we show
you how to train your autocorrect…
Step-by-step Fix your device’s autocorrect problems
1 Start typing
2 Reject suggestions
3 Activate predictions
When typing in iOS, a built-in dictionary
checks your words. If it spots a potential
mistake, it will make a suggestion next to the
word. It’ll use this word if you tap space.
Should you wish to retain the word that you
have typed, you need to press the ‘X’ next to
the suggestion to ignore it. In doing so, iOS
will begin to accept your word.
If, however, you turn on Predictive text
(Settings>General>Keyboard), the process
is slightly different: iOS tries to figure what
you’re typing, showing multiple options.
Sick of autocorrect? You can turn it off at any time by going to Settings>
General>Keyboard and toggling the green switch next to Auto-Correction.
Managing your
iOS keyboard
Aside from teaching your device to
recognise your often-used words,
you can speed up your typing with
these keyboard options
If you find iOS is adding capitals to
words you would rather it didn’t and you
want better manual control, you can opt
to turn off auto-capitalisation.
Spell checking
You can have iOS spell check your
words without autocorrecting them. It
will just put a red line underneath words
it feels are incorrect.
Enable cap lock
Fed up with having to press the Shift button
when you want to type all-caps? If you’re
frequently typing acronyms, consider
enabling the caps lock – activated by
double-tapping the Shift button.
Knowledge base
Reset the dictionary
There is a chance that, having encouraged iOS to
accept all manner of weird and wonderful words,
the dictionary within your phone will start to accept
and suggest lots of embarrassing misspellings.
If this happens, don’t worry: you can reboot the
dictionary and start afresh before retraining from
scratch. How? Simply go to Settings>General>
Reset>Reset Keyboard Dictionary.
Smart punctuation
Introduced in iOS 11, smart
punctuation automatically converts
straight quotes to curly, typographic
ones. It converts hyphens to
em-dashes too.
4 Retain your spelling
5 Correcting mistakes
6 Adding words
Three potentials are displayed just above the
keyboard. By selecting the left option, you
can retain your spelling and – after doing it a
few times – teach iOS that word.
There may be times when, by mistake, you
accidentally accept a misspelt word. Tapping
the word will show you alternatives that can
override the incorrect spelling.
You can also add words you use often. Go
to Settings>General>Keyboard and select
Text Replacement. Tap ‘+’ and add a word or
phrase to ensure your device is aware of it.
Set custom vibrations
on your iPhone
How to tap out custom vibration patterns and assign
them to contacts on your device
Time needed
Last issue we showed you how easy it is to create custom ringtones
for your iPhone that you can assign to specific contacts so that
you’ll know who is calling without looking at your screen. But what if
you don’t want to draw attention to yourself by having your iPhone
blare out ringtones? No problem, you can set it to vibrate only and,
as we will show you here, assign a custom vibration pattern to
specific contacts so that you will know who is calling without even
removing your iPhone from your pocket! The process is quick and
easy and you can create as many custom vibration patterns as you
want – so why not tap out the beats from your favourite tunes? The
possibilities are endless.
Step-by-step Create custom vibration patterns
1 Select a contact
2 Create a new vibration
3 Tap it out
Open your Contacts app (or Phone app),
pick a contact and tap ‘Edit’ in the top-right
corner of the screen. Scroll down until you
see ‘Ringtone’ and then tap to select it.
Tap on ‘Vibration’. You will see a selection of
preprogrammed vibrations; swipe down past
these until you come to the Custom section
and tap on ‘Create New Vibration’.
Tap out your custom vibration pattern on the
screen (holding down for longer vibrations).
Tap ‘Save’, give it a name, choose it for your
selected contact and then tap ‘Done’.
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Discover hidden
features in Safari
Get to know your way around Apple’s web
browsing app with these secret options
Time needed
There is a secret set of features built into the iOS 11 Safari
app that you can use to manage all of your open tabs, quickly
browse through your internet history and bring up secret
option menus that make accessing, managing and saving your
pages much easier, and it’s all done by long-pressing. Not to
be confused with pressing down hard and initiating the 3D
Touch features on selected models of iPhone, long-pressing
just means holding your finger on the screen with no force until
the desired feature is initiated or menu displayed. Here we will
guide you through some of Safari’s best-kept secrets to make
browsing the web a much more straightforward experience.
Step-by-step Using Safari’s secret features
1 Instantly see your history
2 Fast forward
3 Quickly add a bookmark
To drill down to see all of the pages that you
accessed to get to the current tab, simply
hold down the back (<) button. Your history
up to that point will then be displayed.
If you hold down the forward (>) button, all
of the pages that you have navigated away
from the original current tab will be displayed
in a list. Tap one to access it.
Long gone are the days of having to tap
the Share button in order to add a new
bookmark. Now you can simply long-press
on the bookmarks button for this option.
While in the Tabs screen, long-press on the ‘Done’ option to bring up the
option to instantly close all of your open tabs.
Reader options
While viewing a page in Reader mode,
you can long-press on the Reader
icon to bring up the option to apply it
to all websites for an instant, cleaner
viewing experience.
How to access the
many secret features
Rearrange Favourites
If you tap on the Search/URL bar you
will display your favourite sites. Longpress on any one and you will be able
to rearrange it within the grid by
dragging it around.
Show history
Long-press on the back or forward arrows
at the bottom of the Safari interface to view
your page history and quickly find pages
you have visited previously.
Knowledge base
New to iOS 11
You already know that you can view pages in
Reader mode for a cleaner, uncluttered format, but
in iOS 11 you can actually apply Reader mode to
entire sites rather than individual pages. While in
Reader mode, long-press on the Reader icon (to
the left of the Search/URL bar) and you will bring
up options to ‘Use on (current site)’ and ‘Use on
All Websites’.
Manage tabs
Long-press on the tabs button to
bring up options to close tabs, open
a new Private tab and open a new
standard tab.
4 Control your tabs
5 View link options
6 Request the desktop site
You can control tabs by tapping the tabs
button and tapping ‘X’ to close them.
Alternatively, long-press the tabs button to
bring up options to close or add news tabs.
By tapping any link you will instantly open it.
However, if you long-press on it you will call
up a menu of extra options such as ‘Open in
a New Tab’ and ‘Add to Reading List’.
To access the desktop version of a website,
long-press on the Reload button to the right
of the Search/URL bar and then choose the
‘Request Desktop Site’ option.
Build a new music library
Bandcamp offers thousands of alternative tracks for a different kind of music library
Time needed
You may think that the only music offerings are Apple Music,
Spotify and the other big players in the streaming sector, but
that is not the case. Bandcamp lets you access and preview
thousands of tracks and artists who haven’t hit the big time
yet and, if you are into your music, you will be aware that the
unknown artists are often just as good as the mainstream acts.
While the service concentrates on streaming when it comes to
music purchases, you can download anything you buy and use
it on your iPhone or iPad following a simple transfer process. It
is a manual setup in comparison to, for example, Apple Music,
but you do get a choice of audio formats and you can purchase
each track separately which you may prefer to a monthly
subscription. Indeed, many of the acts price their albums
competitively and in many cases you get to choose what you
pay. Supporting new music artists is never a bad thing.
Step-by-step Build an alternative music library
1 A new account
2 Discover new music
3 Name your price
Go to and set up a new
account. You will need to do this to make
purchases and to build your own music
library. The process is straightforward.
Have a browse around the site in the iPhone
Bandcamp app and if you find something
you like tap the ‘Purchase Info’ option. It’s
time to buy your first Bandcamp music.
You can name your price for most selections
and even purchase vinyl LPs from some
artists. It is of course the download option
you will be needing to build a digital library.
Remember that if you stop paying for a music subscription service, you will
not have access to any tracks at all. You are renting access.
4 Stream your music
5 Time to download
6 Choose a format
You can stream any of your purchases from
the ‘Collection’ section of the Bandcamp app
as many times as you want to. Be aware of
data allowances on your mobile contract.
To download your purchases you will need
to go to the Bandcamp site on your Mac. Go
to ‘Collections’ and look for the ‘Download’
links below each music selection.
Once the download is available, it takes a few
seconds to load. You can then choose which
audio format you would prefer. Consider your
space and quality requirements.
7 Add the library
8 Transfer the songs
9 Your new library
Once you have downloaded the tracks,
open iTunes and then select ‘Add to library’.
Navigate to the tracks in question and select
them to add to your iTunes library.
Connect your iPhone to your Mac and
transfer the songs as you used to do before
the days of streaming. It only takes seconds
to transfer hundreds of tracks from your Mac.
The tracks will now be listed in the Music
app and there is no need to access the
Bandcamp app to play them in the future.
You now have a new music library to cherish.
Streaming vs
Bandcamp does not allow you to download
tracks directly onto an iOS device, but there
are some ways to tweak the settings so
that you can play music when your mobile
signal is sparse.
“You can tweak
Bandcamp’s settings
so you can play music
when your mobile
signal is sparse”
1 Stream
2 A semidownload
By default
you get to play
your purchased
Bandcamp tracks
by streaming
them from within
the iOS app. The
performance is
very quick, but
you need a mobile
signal to play.
If you go to the
settings in the
Bandcamp app
you can change
the ‘Audio cache’
option to ‘Max’.
This will allow
some often
played songs
to be stored on
the iPhone.
Just Press Record
Record and instantly
transcribe notes
Install Just Press Record for an audio recorder that
not only records but automatically transcribes too
Time needed
The Voice Memos app has served us well over the years but
now it’s time for it to make way. Just Press Record, a paidfor app, does everything Apple’s offering does but with a few
bonuses. When you record, your voice files are stored in iCloud
Drive ensuring they’re available across your iDevices and your
Mac. The words you’re recording are also transcribed. As if
that wasn’t enough, you can share your files and record on
your Watch too. And if you delve into the settings, you can add
an external mic, choose between audio file types, allow longer
recordings to be transcribed and even switch to a dark mode.
Step-by-step Record and view your notes
1 Launch the app
2 Dictate a note
3 End the recording
Install Just Press Record from the App Store.
Now launch the app. When you’re ready to
start recording, tap the red Record button at
the bottom of the screen.
Now start talking. As you do so, the
onscreen sound waves will move. You can
halt your recording at any time by pressing
the Pause button in the centre of the display.
If you pause a recording, just tap ‘Continue’
to carry on dictating your note. When you
have finished, simply tap the Stop button.
The recording will stop and it will save.
By default, the app uses your device’s mic but you can connect an external
mic via the Lightning port and record up to 96kHz/24-bit pro quality.
Play back
your notes
Change the filename
If you tap on the timestamp on your
note, you will be able to use the
onscreen keyboard to change its name,
making it easier to identify your files.
Listening to your notes and
reading the transcriptions
is easy with Just Press
Record – just find the one
you want and tap
Read the transcription
Just Press Record does a great job
of transcribing your audio and this
is shown together with the audio
recording. Tap ‘Read’ to see it all.
Play it back
If you want to listen to the recording you
have made, press the Play button. Options
to rewind, fast-forward and speed the
playback by up to two times also appear.
Knowledge base
Recording with Apple Watch
Just Press Record also works on your Apple Watch
so it’s worth installing (go to the Watch app on your
iPhone, look for it under My Watch and tap ‘Install’).
It comes with a Complication so you can access
it from the Watch face. Once opened, you can tap
the Record button for unlimited recording time in
the background. The recordings will appear on your
iPhone under the Watch tab.
Share the file
Tap the Share button and you will be
able to share the audio, share the
transcript or share both the audio
and the transcript.
4 View the note
5 Browse for notes
6 Search for file
The note you created will appear under the
Recents tab and you’ll see it saved according
to the time it began. A transcription of your
recording will be included too.
The note will also be placed within a folder.
You can access these by tapping the Browse
tab. Just find the folder you want and find the
recording/transcription within it.
Since the recordings are transcribed, you can
also search for the one you want by typing in
keywords. Tap the Search button and type
the term to see the results appear.
iOS 11
10 keyboard
typing tricks
How many of these keyboard tips do
you know? Save time and typing with
these top features
There is a lot more to the keyboards on the iPhone and iPad than
just the keys you see and there are hidden features that can save
you time when typing emails, messages, notes, URLs, and so on.
For example, it is impossible to reach all the keys on the huge
iPad keyboard, but you can split it so you can hold the screen
sides in your hands while typing with your thumbs. On the iPhone
you can shift all the buttons to the left or the right to make it easier
to type one-handed.
Foreign characters, currency symbols, alternative quotes, and
many more characters can be accessed by long-pressing on
certain keys. Abbreviations can be defined that expand into full
sentences when typed. You can even replace the whole keyboard.
Keyboard tricks
Top typing tricks on the iPhone and iPad keyboards
Left vs right
Select internet
Typing one-handed on an
hone Plus is difficult because
your thumb cannot reach all the
keys and it might even be difficult
n the iPhone if you have small
ands. Long-press the emoji key
and select the left or right-handed
keyboard to shift the keys over.
hen typing URLs into Safari,
on’t type the domain name
ending. Press and hold the full
op to the right of the spacebar
and a list of common domains is
splayed. Slide your finger over
e one you want and then let go
to enter it.
Long-press keys
Many keys on the keyboard
hide alternative characters,
such as the quotes key. Press
and hold a key to see the
alternative characters and then
slide your finger over them to
select them.
Special toolbars
Some apps display toolbars just above
the keyboard. This one is unique to the
Notes app and it provides quick access
to a range of functions, such as inserting
tables and drawing tools.
iPad keyboard
This key is found on the iPad
keyboard and it enables the
keyboard to be split so you
can use your left and right
thumbs to type while gripping
the sides of the iPad.
Knowledge base
More keyboard tricks
Emoji menu
Press this emoji button to show the emoji
collection. Holding this down displays a
menu and on the iPhone you can choose
left or right-handed keyboards to make
one-handed typing easier.
The keyboard on recent iPhones can be turned
into a trackpad for moving the cursor around the
screen and selecting text. Press hard to activate
3D Touch and the keys disappear. Press again to
switch between moving and selecting. Alternative
keyboards, like Google Keyboard, enable you to
type by swiping over the keys you want without
lifting your finger.
If you have a word you don’t want corrected, create a Text Replacement
phrase (see tip 5), but leave the Shortcut field blank.
Speak, don’t type
Why type when you can simply
speak? Almost everywhere that you
can type in text, you can speak it
instead. Press the microphone
button next to the spacebar and the
phone’s microphone is turned on.
Press the keyboard when you have
finished speaking.
Configure the
There are many configuration options
for the keyboard and many are for
text replacements, which may help or
hinder you. Go to Settings>General>
Keyboards to set them. “.” shortcut for
example, lets you type two spaces for
a full stop and space. Set the options
as you prefer.
Add a keyboard
For a long time the Apple
keyboard was the only one, but
these days it can be swapped for
alternatives. Search the app store for
‘keyboard’ and install an alternative.
Go to Settings>General>Keyboard to
add the new keyboard. Press and hold
the emoji button to switch.
Floating keyboard
In the bottom-right corner of the
iPad keyboard is a special key. Tap it
to hide the keyboard or long-press it
for a menu and slide your finger over
Undock. The keyboard floats over the
content in the middle of the screen.
Show alternative
If you need to type the currency
symbol for foreign currencies, there is
a very easy way to access them. Press
and hold on the pound symbol and a
collection of currencies appear. Slide
your finger over the one you want and
then let go to enter it.
Create shortcuts
Typing fast on the iPhone or iPad
is not easy, but you can save lots of
time and effort by creating keyboard
shortcuts. Go to Settings>
Replacement and press the
plus button. Type the phrase
you want and the shortcut
you will type.
Pull to type
The larger size of the
keyboard on the iPad enables two
characters to be displayed on each
key. There is a large black character
and a small grey one. Press the key to
type the large character or pull down
and let go to type the small one.
Search and type
Add the Google Keyboard from
the app store and switch to it with
the emoji/globe button. Long-press
the globe to access settings and
customise the theme. Tap the ‘G’
button and search Google from within
any app. The search results appear in
the keyboard.
Apple Watch
View your Watch
apps in a list
Use your finger to scroll
up and down the list
or else use the Digital
Crown on the Watch.
Find yourself squinting at the app icons on your
Watch? Then have them arranged in a list ins
Time needed
Download available
The Apple Watch has, since its launch, presente
ed your apps
in a hexagonal grid with the clock app positioned directly in
the middle of the screen. This has served most Watch
very well indeed but that’s not to say that the arrrangement
can’t be a little fiddly at times. Certainly, if you ha
ave lots of
apps, then finding the one you want among a se
ea of app
icons is not always an easy task.
So, for that reason, Apple has decided to add
d a second
option, one which presents you with your apps neatly
organised within an alphabetically ordered list. The
T great
news is that you can switch between Grid View and List
View in next to no time, allowing you to decide on-the-fly
d since the
which of the two you prefer at any one time. And
names of the apps are also displayed in the list view,
w you how to
less likely to stab the wrong app. Here we show
switch and make use of the new view.
The order will always be
alphabetical. Unfortunately,
it is not possible to
rearrange these apps into
any other order. You can’t
put the most used at the
top, for example.
Reverting from an app
When you tap any of these icons to visit
an app and then quit it, you will be taken
to the exact same spot in the list when
you return to it.
Step-by-step Switch to List View
1 Go to Home
2 Press down
3 Swipe down
Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch
to go to the Home screen. By default, you will
see the icons arranged in a grid view with lots
of icons displayed on the screen.
Now press down firmly on the screen until
you see a menu appear with two options:
Grid View and List View. Since we’re already
on the grid view, select ‘List View’.
You will now be on the list view which, as you
will see, places the apps in alphabetical order
and makes them easier to identify and find.
You’ll also see the app names.
If force-quitting apps doesn’t seem to address the issue, simply hold down
the side button and then choose the ‘Power Off’ option to restart.
Force quit your
Apple Watch apps
If an app on your Watch is causing a problem then
you can force quit it and launch it again
Time needed
Download available
Most of the time, Apple Watch apps work like a dream,
causing you no problems at all. Every now and then,
however, an app may cause a problem. Maybe it will freeze
or perhaps it will refuse to work in the way that it should.
If this is happening, then you may want to consider force
quitting the app.
For those unaware, this is akin to pulling the plug on an
app, effectively resetting it so that you can start over afresh.
It should sort out those freezing apps or those that are not
refreshing data as they should. It also means that when you
restart the app, it will do so as if it is loading for the first time
rather than simply by picking up from where it left off.
Many will find it is certainly preferable to rebooting your
entire Watch and it should always be your first port of call. If
this fails to resolve the issue, however, consider deleting and
reinstalling the app instead.
Knowledge base
Watch your battery
Although force-quitting an app on your Apple
Watch will clear your device’s RAM, don’t do it
if you’re only looking to save battery life. Just as
on the iPad and iPhone, force-quitting apps and
starting them from scratch each time will only drain
your battery and slow your device. That’s because
it takes more CPU power and energy to launch an
app fresh than it does to ‘unpause’ one that has
been placed in the background.
Step-by-step Kill an Apple Watch app
1 Identify a problem
2 Release side button
3 Press Digital Crown
Has an app on your Watch thrown a wobbly?
Perhaps it’s frozen or is acting strangely. If
this is the case and you need to force quit it,
press and hold down the side button.
You should see the shutdown screen appear
on your Watch display. When you do, let
go of the side button. Make sure you don’t
accidentally press anything on the screen.
With the shutdown screen still being
displayed, press the Digital Crown. The app
will now force quit and you will be taken back
to the main home screen of your Watch.
Apple TV
Watch Amazon Prime Video
on Apple TV
It took a while but Amazon Prime Video is finally available via tvOS, widening
the choice of viewing content available to you
Time needed
When Amazon Prime Video was released for
Apple TV in December, it broke records for the
highest number of first-week downloads on
tvOS. But then it’s easy to see why. For, while
the app requires an Amazon Prime subscription,
it has lots of original content with top shows
such as Transparent and Man In The High
Castle. It also has the bonus of 4K HDR viewing
for those with the right television set.
Here we look at how you can get to grips with
it, starting with downloading the app to fourth or
fifth generation devices (those with an updated
third-gen Apple TV should see it automatically
appear). We will also look at how Siri can make
navigating the app a little easier – a godsend
given that the clumsy UI has been attracting
more than a little criticism.
“Amazon Prime Video also has the
bonus of 4K HDR viewing for those
with the right television set”
Step-by-step Use the new Prime app
1 Download and sign in
2 Navigate the UI
3 Search for movies
Download Amazon Prime Video from the App
Store and open it. Sign in using your Amazon
ID and, when prompted, register your device
on a computer to link your account.
Amazon Prime has lots of movies and TV
shows. The home page highlights featured
content and those included with a Prime
membership. Use the touchpad to navigate.
Highlight the Search tab at the top of the
screen and press the touchpad to select it.
Type in a search term. Alternatively, press the
mic button on the Remote and ask Siri.
When you are watching a film or TV, you can pull down on the touchpad to
see a description of the content and to alter the audio settings.
Watch a TV show
The user interface is very straightforward and it contains a wealth of
information about Amazon Prime Video’s television shows and movies
Suggested programming
Want some ideas about what to
watch next? Select ‘Customers Also
Watched’ and see the related shows
that other users have enjoyed.
Cast details
Want to know who is starring in a show?
Just select the ‘Cast’ option at the top
of the screen. You can then navigate the
actors using the touchpad and read a
brief biog of each.
Knowledge base
Using Siri with Amazon Prime Video
Key information
Aside from being told the age-rating and
whether there are subtitles available, you
can discover the running time, read a
description and see what Prime and IMDb
users think about a show.
Select the episodes
TV shows have multiple episodes so simply
navigate to the one you wish to watch
and select it. Amazon tells you how the
content can be viewed – either through a
subscription, purchase or rental.
Although Prime Video’s user interface is simple
enough, it can feel a little clumsy. But you can
avoid much of the fiddling by turning to Siri, using
it to open the app or to find shows and movies.
Universal Search also lets you look for programmes
when Prime Video isn’t open. Say “find X on
Amazon Prime Video” – and, if available, you’ll see
an option to play it.
4 Select your content
5 Create a watchlist
6 Catch up on TV
When you see content that you’d like to
watch, press the Remote touchpad to
select it. Find the episode you want (where
relevant), using the pad to select and play.
Content bannered ‘Prime’ is free with the rest
on pay-to-view. If you’re not ready to view
now, you can highlight the content and hold
the touchpad to add it to a watchlist.
You can watch TV catch-up services if you
have a subscription. Go to the Home tab,
scroll down for Featured Channels, select
one and choose a show you’d like to watch.
QuickTime Player
Video your Apple TV display
Show someone how something works on Apple TV or record its screen
There is no natural way to take a screenshot of Apple TV’s
display, or to make a recording direct from the Apple TV
interface. But you can do both of these by hooking your device
Time needed
to your Mac. All you need is a USB-C to USB cable and the
QuickTime Player, which is built into the Mac. By following the
method below, you can mirror the screen of your Apple TV
within a QuickTime Player window. From there you are able to
Download available
use the usual keypresses to grab a screenshot or press the
record button within QuickTime itself to produce a video. It is a
great way to highlight something from the interface, take a snap
of a high score or show how a process works.
Step-by-step Video the Apple TV screen
1 Insert the cable
2 Open QuickTime Player
3 Select Movie Recording
Set up Apple TV as normal, plugging it into
your television. Now grab a USB-C to USB
cable and plug the small end into the back of
your Apple TV and the other into your Mac.
Wake your Apple TV so that something
appears on the screen and open the
QuickTime Player that is built into your Mac
(you can search for this app via Spotlight).
In QuickTime go to File>New Movie
Recording. The QuickTime Player window will
appear and, by default, it will be configured
to select your Mac’s FaceTime HD Camera.
4 Choose Apple TV
5 View TV screen
6 Record the screen
Click the downward arrow which you will
see to the right of the Record button in
QuickTime. Now select Apple TV as the
option under both Camera and Microphone.
The Apple TV screen appears in QuickTime
and any actions performed with the Remote
will be mirrored. Maybe take a screenshot of
the Apple TV display (Shift-Cmd-4).
Or maybe record all of the actions you
perform on your Apple TV. To do this, hover
your mouse within the QuickTime window
and press Record to start and stop.
To see a picture within the QuickTime Player when you’ve connected Apple
TV, you must have an active HDMI connection with a TV or second monitor.
Recording an
Apple TV game
“You can record game
footage, most apps or
the Apple TV menus”
Want to show off your gaming skills?
You can do just that by recording your
progress and saving the video proof
Crank it up
You can turn the volume up and
down using this slider, depending
on the kind of video you are
looking to capture from your Apple
TV display.
Saving the video
Go to File at the top of the screen
and you can export your video in a
variety of ways from audio only to
480p all the way up to 4K. You can
also open previous videos.
Record button
When you are ready to take a video
of what’s on screen tap the red
Record button, turning it grey. You
can record game footage, most
apps or the Apple TV menus.
Knowledge base
Can’t record a programme?
Onscreen information
As the screen records, you can
see just how long you have been
recording for and the amount of
space the video is taking up.
Although you are able to record your Apple TV
display on your Mac using the method explained in
our tutorial, you won’t be allowed to record HDCP
protected content. This means television shows
and movies won’t be captured by the QuickTime
Player. While this can be frustrating, it is preventing
potential piracy.
Genius Bar
Our Apple devices and the software on them are some of the finest
products on the planet, but even they have their moments. We’re here
to give you expert advice and get you back up and running in no time
The place to
come for key
terms made easy
to understand
3D Touch
Touchscreen technology
first introduced with the
iPhone 6 and 6s Plus
that lets you access new
features depending on
how hard you press down
on the screen.
This is a new type of TV
and monitor standard
that is replacing HD and
is so-called because it
will have around 4,000
horizontal pixels.
Usually four-digit,
passcodes are a means
of securing your device
and add an extra layer of
security to other methods
of unlocking your device,
such as TouchID.
Batch renaming files
is a great time-saver
and makes them much
easier to search for…
I have heard that it is possible to rename multiple files in
batches on my Mac. How is this done? Christa Johnston
These are accessible by
swiping right from your
iPhone’s home screen and
provide access to certain
features from built-in and
third-party apps that you
have installed.
1 Highlight and select 2 Experiment a little
3 File management
Select multiple files in a Finder
window and then right-click to see
further options. Click ‘Rename
x items’ and a smaller panel will
appear with options to select from.
Once you have changed the file
names as a batch you can now
right-click and select ‘New Folder
with Selection…’ to create a fully
renamed batch of files to work on.
You can now replace specific
text in each file name to make
them searchable or even change
the format so that they can be
processed as a single batch.
Click on ‘Hot Corners’ in the Mission Control System Preferences to choose
a corner of the screen to instantly launch your Dashboard.
Someone told me that I can share music in Spotify by taking
pictures! How can I go about doing this? Adrian Parker
The one-stop
column for
Genius advice
1 Generate a code
2 View the code
3 Scanning codes
When you select a track, artist,
album or playlist in Spotify’s
iOS app that you want to share,
tap on the ‘…’ context menu to
generate a code.
The code will appear beneath
the music’s artwork. Tapping on
it lets you save it to your Camera
Roll from where you will be able
to share it as normal.
If you are sent a code from a
friend’s phone or social media
then click on the camera icon to
the right of the Search bar and
scan it. It will play in your app.
Are there widgets on a Mac like on an iPhone, and if so,
how do I go about accessing them? Sarah Mason
Launch Dashboard
If you click on Mission Control
in your Dock then you will see
two tabs at the top of the screen,
‘Desktop’ and ‘Dashboard’.
Click on ‘Dashboard’ and all of
your open Mac widgets will be
displayed across the screen.
Adding widgets
I don’t like the new way
to unlock my iPad in iOS
11. Is there any way that
I can change it back to
how it was?
Sort of. Go to Settings>
Home Button and then
turn on the ‘Rest Finger to
Open’ option.
Remove widgets
If you click on the ‘–’ icon
then small ‘X’ icons will
appear in the corners of the
widgets – click on this to
remove a widget.
Drag and drop
Click on the ‘+’ icon to activate other
widgets that you may have downloaded or
to shop for more widgets that you would
like to add. There are plenty to try.
Someone said that
my iPhone has a
built-in torch – how
can I access it?
Just swipe up from the
bottom of your screen to
access Control Centre
and then tap on the torch
icon to use your iPhone’s
camera flash as a torch. If
you own an iPhone 6S or
above then you can also
press and hold on the
flashlight icon to change
the brightness.
You can click and hold on a
widget and drag it around
the screen to reposition it.
Only activate the ones you
need otherwise the screen
can become cluttered and
prove distracting.
How do I add new
locations to my iPhone’s
Weather app?
Open the app and then
tap on the list icon in
the lower-right corner.
Now tap on the ‘+’ icon
and enter the name or
postcode of the location.
How can I change which
widgets are displayed
when I swipe to the right
on my iPhone’s screen?
Just swipe right from your
iPhone’s home screen
to access your widgets
screen and then scroll
down to the bottom and
tap the ‘Edit’ button.
Genius Bar
The one-stop
column for
Genius advice
I have multiple Gmail
accounts running
through my iPhone
but one of them has
stopped working – it’s
not downloading new
emails. I have checked
that all of the credentials
are correct but beyond
that I am unsure of how
to fix it. Any ideas?
Probably the quickest
way to sort this
problem is to go to
tap on the problematic
account and then choose
the ‘Delete Account’
option. We’re confident
that if you then re-add the
account it will magically
start working again.
When charging my
iPhone, I have to push
up or down on the
Lightning cable before
it accepts a charge.
Does this mean that my
iPhone is dying?
No, it most certainly does
not mean that your device
is on the way out – we get
about five readers every
issue asking the same
thing! What it most likely
means is that you have
some fluff trapped inside
the charge socket that is
restricting the connection.
As your iPhone is carried
around in your pocket it is
bound to attract fluff, so
turn your device off and
then carefully insert a thin,
blunt object inside to fish
out the compacted fibres
that are stuck within.
I have heard that there is a new feature in macOS High Sierra
that lets you colour emails. How is this done? Jason Rose
Colour your messages
There is a new option to set the
background colour of text when writing
emails in macOS High Sierra. Simply
start composing a new email, select
some text and then click on this colour
chip in the toolbar to show the palette.
Click on the colour you wish to apply to
the background and it shall be done.
I have been told that
there are easy ways to
manage the storage on my
Mac in macOS High Sierra.
Is there an app for doing
this or something?
Sophie Turner
From the macOS desktop,
click on the Apple menu (the
logo in the top-left) and choose
‘About This Mac’. When the
Overview window appears,
click on the ‘Storage’ tab and
you will be able to see exactly
how much storage space you
have on your Mac. Click on
‘Manage’ button and you will
see a further range of options
to help you free up space and
maximise your Mac’s storage
space, such as moving all of
your photos into iCloud.
Remove colour
Although there doesn’t
actually appear to be a
standalone option to remove
colour from text, there is
actually a special colour
option in the palette for this
purpose. Click on this one
with the line through it to
remove the colour.
With a bit of experimenting I managed to create a sound
file from one of my favourite songs in iTunes that I want to
use as a ringtone – but how do I go about getting it onto my
iPhone so that I can select it as a ringtone? Barry Linkins
First, locate the sound file and change the last three letters of the
file to ‘.m4r’, confirm the prompt and then connect your iPhone to
your Mac. Once connected, click on the iPhone icon in the top-left
corner of the
iTunes interface
then, in the
sidebar, click
on ‘Tones’. You
can now simply
drag the sound
file across to
copy it to your
iPhone to use.
Simply connect
your iPhone to
iTunes and drag
the sound files
across to sync…
Having trouble seeing notifications on your Watch? They won’t appear if
your iPhone is unlocked or if your Apple Watch is locked.
How can I restrict what information
is displayed in my Apple Watch
notifications? Daniel Hunt
Use your iPhone app
To control the notifications on your
Watch, open the Watch app on your
iPhone then select the ‘My Watch’ tab
and tap on the ‘Notifications’ option.
By moving this switch
to green, the only thing
you will see when you
receive a notification
is the alert itself – no
content will be shown.
Hide all
If you want to hide
the fact that you have
received a notification
at all then simply swipe
this switch to turn it
off – it’s easy!
I recently had a complete meltdown and forgot my Apple ID password –
please could you tell me how to go about resetting it? Michael Reynolds
If you forget your Apple ID password then the process for
resetting it is quick, easy and, more importantly, secure. In
your web browser, go to and
you will see a screen to log into your Apple ID. However,
you can’t do that because you have forgotten your
password right? No problem, just click on the ‘Forgot
Apple ID or password’ option underneath the login box
and you will be able to go about resetting either of these
two login components. We will guide you through the
process of doing this right here…
1 Enter Apple ID
2 Choose what to reset
3 Choose method
After clicking on the ‘Forgot Apple ID or
password’ option, enter the email address
associated with your Apple ID and then
enter the characters in the image.
You will now be able to choose which
information that you would like to reset, your
password or your security questions. Select
‘password’ followed by ‘Continue’.
The last level of security relates to how you
want to reset your password. You can do
this by receiving an email to your backup
address or answering security questions.
Genius Bar
How do I hide the changes that are showing on a
Pages document that my colleague edited? They are
proving to be very distracting! Neil Edwards
Turn it off
Just pause it
Tap on the ellipsis icon
in the top-right corner of
your document, then tap
on ‘Change Tracking’. You
can disable this feature
altogether here.
If turning off ‘Change
Tracking’ is a little too
extreme then you may just
wish to pause it; this is
helpful if you are passing
the document on.
Help! My iPhone camera seems
to have turned black and white.
Is it broken or is there a setting that I
may have missed somewhere along
the way? Katey Henley
The most likely cause of this is that your
camera has been switched to a black and
white filter and left that way. Have a look
at the filter icon in the top-right corner of
the Camera app viewfinder view. If it is
coloured in then that means that there is
an effect enabled. Tap on it and then tap
on the ‘None’ option in the middle of the
effects grid to return your camera back to
its standard view. If this doesn’t fix things
then head to your nearest Apple Genius
Bar for further assistance.
Make it the
final version
Switch it back
Changing the View
option to ‘Final’ will
show you what the
text will look like with
all of the changes
applied (hiding the
change annotations).
Don’t forget, if
you’re passing on
your document and
need those changes
tracked, you’ll want
to revert your settings
back to normal.
I heard that it is possible to play YouTube videos, such
as songs in the background on iOS. How? Gemma Dickinson
How do I create to-do lists in
the Notes app? I need to make
lists that I can tick off. Mark Carter
Launch your Notes app and then tap
on the paper and pen icon to create a
new note. Now tap on the tick icon and
a circle will instantly appear on the note,
next to which you can write text. If you
then press Return after each entry you
will compile a handy checklist. Now, as
you go through the list and complete
the tasks, you can tap on the circle icon
and a tick will appear within. Remember
you can also tap the ‘+’ icon to scan
documents and add sketches.
1 Get Dolphin
2 Visit YouTube
3 Tap Play
You can only do this through
the Dolphin Browser app
so download it for free from
the App Store (search for
‘Dolphin Browser’).
Go to (decline
any attempts to take you to
the YouTube app), search for
a song that you want to hear
and then press Play.
Now press the Home button
and swipe up to view your
Control Centre. You should
see the name of the song, so
tap Play to resume playing.
Go to Calendar>Preferences>Alerts and ensure ‘Show invitation messages
in Notification Centre’ is ticked to be sure you don’t miss family event alerts.
My teenage children all own Macs and iPhones and as we all
lead such hectic lives it is hard to get everyone together! Can I
make a family calendar that everyone can share? Marie Jukes
The one-stop
column for
Genius advice
I accidentally closed
some important Safari
tabs on my iPad. Is
there a way to retrieve
them as I really can’t
remember how to
access some of them?
Tap on the tabs button
in Safari to display all
currently open tabs and
then long-press on the
‘+’ icon. A menu called
‘Recently Closed Tabs’
will then appear and you
can select any that you
accidentally closed to
re-open them.
I often keep far too
many windows open
on my Mac desktop. Is
there a way to keep it
relatively uncluttered
while still having access
to all of my numerous
open windows?
There is a very clever,
very hidden tip for doing
just that! If your desktop
becomes horrendously
congested with open
windows, click on the
‘Windows’ option in the
Finder menu bar and then
you will see an option
called ‘Merge Windows’.
Select this and all of
your open windows will
be merged into one.
You can still access the
windows that you need
from the remaining open
one simply by clicking on
the tabs at the top of the
window. It’s a great way
to free up some muchneeded desktop space to
continue working.
1 Turn on Sharing
2 Open the calendar
3 Create an event
On your Mac, go to System
Preferences>iCloud, click on ‘Set
Up Family Sharing’. Once done,
a ‘Family’ calendar will be set up.
Open your Calendar app and
click on ‘Calendars’ in the topleft. Here you should see the
‘Family’ calendar – enable it.
Click on ‘+’ to create a new
event on the current day or rightclick on a different day and then
choose ‘Create Event’.
4 Choose calendar
5 Mail out event
6 Get notified
Double-check that you have
selected the Family calendar by
clicking on the dropdown arrow
in the top-right corner.
If you want to share the event
with non family members, click
on the event and choose ‘Mail
Event’ to email out details.
Once the event has been created
in the Family Calendar, everyone
connected to it will receive a
notification on their device.
The Reykjavik is available in two colours
that have also been inspired by Iceland:
Sandstone Grey and Lavastone Black
Connection ports on the side of the unit
allow you to connect the speaker via
USB-C and AUX 3.5mm mini-jack
Vifa Reykjavik
Bluetooth Speaker
A simple set of playback controls allow
you to adjust the volume, pause the
music and take calls…
Key features
Learn more
Available from
Named after European capital cities, Vifa’s range
of portable Bluetooth speakers are a sleek and
stylish bunch that really pack a punch in terms
of sound quality. The audio company’s latest
release, the Reykjavik, continues the theme on all
counts. Ultra-compact, the Reykjavik’s pebble-like
design is intriguing and understated – just like the
Icelandic nature that inspired its design.
The smallest unit in the Vifa range, the shape
of the Reykjavik’s design allows for a 360-degree
swirl of sound courtesy of its twin 19mm tweeters
and 70mm woofer – and the quality of audio
it produces is crisp, well-rounded and can be
edged up to serious levels without cracking up. It
feels well-made thanks to its anodised aluminium
construction and it boasts a satisfying weight
(0.6kg) that suggests that it has been made out of
quality components. In terms of connectivity, the
Reykjavik is predominantly a Bluetooth speaker,
but it does come with USB-C and AUX 3.5mm
mini-jack ports for extra versatility. Pairing the
speaker with your Mac or iOS device is quick
and easy – all you have to do is power it on and
then hold the power button for a few seconds
until it blinks blue, after which it will be instantly
discoverable and can start blasting out your top
tunes in seconds.
A leather loop attached to the side of the
speaker allows for easier transportation and a
simple set of controls on the edge enable you
to adjust the volume, pause the music and take
calls. While the design and sound quality at the
high-end is very impressive, it does lack bass
boom at the lower end of the scale.
Although the bass is slightly lacking at lower volumes, when cranked up
the Reykjavik comes into its own and produces crisp, 360-degree sound
for a very reasonable price. And it looks great too!
Apogee Mic+
iOS/USB Microphone
Key features
Learn more
Available from
In the age of the vlogger it is important
to get the right gear for the job –
equipment that offers professional
quality without costing the earth (not
until you rack up your first million YouTube hits
anyway). Apogee’s new Mic+ USB microphone
is just such a peripheral that is ideal for music
production, voice recording, YouTube or live
streaming. An upgrade on Apogee’s original
USB mic, the Mic+ boasts a new design and
features improved sound quality, dynamic range
and a built-in headphone output for latency-free
monitoring while recording on any device.
The pro-quality cardioid capsule coupled with
the high sensitivity and ample gain give the Mic+
a sound that is akin to the top studio condenser
mics going through high-end preamps – only you
will know that this is just a portable USB mic and
not something out of Abbey Road! Fully portable,
the mic connects easily to your Mac or iOS device
(it comes with Lightning, USB-C and USB-A
cables) making it perfect for mobile recording.
And the PureDIGITAL connection allows for
pristine sound quality up to 24-bit/96kHz.
The controls on the mic consist of a headphone
output Blend control button for zero latency
recording and a dial to adjust the gain (you can
push it in to mute). Three LEDs also allow you to
monitor the status, input level and Blend mode.
Aside from the cables, the mic also ships with a
desktop tripod and stand adaptor. Expensive, but
worth every goddamn penny.
Improves and builds on Apogee’s original 96k mic to become a
professional studio mic in everything but the studio. Perfect sound with
effortless mobility, this is undoubtedly as good as it gets.
As well as blend control, the mic has a
dial to adjust the gain (you can push this
in to mute it)
On the bottom of the mic is a microUSB
port for charging/connection and a
3.5mm AUX port for headphones
The mic comes with a handy tripod and
microphone stand adaptor (as well as
USB-C, USB-A and Lightning cables)
The SmartErgoBase provides users with
plenty of versatility in terms of how the
monitor is positioned…
The reversible USB-C connector means
users can charge devices, transfer audio
and video and connect to the web
Philips Brilliance QHD
LCD Monitor with HDR
The only real downside is that the
monitor is so hard to attach to the base.
Screws? Whatever next?
Key features
Learn more
Available from
Phillips’ 328P6AUBREB Brilliance monitor with
HDR delivers a wide colour range for lifelike clarity
in images and features an expansive crystal-clear
QHD IPS display for full colours and wide viewing
angles. Perfect for professional photographers,
video editors and graphic designers, the High
Dynamic Range delivers astonishing brightness
combined with deeper, more nuanced darks, as
well as a vast palette of colours – 1.074 billion of
them to be precise.
Supported by 12-bit internal processing, the
colours look incredibly natural with smooth
gradients and the IPS technology means that
they can be viewed from an angle of up to 178
degrees without losing any accuracy. As well as
stunning visuals, the monitor also boasts other
pleasing attributes, most notably a LowBlue mode
that reduces the potentially harmful shortwave
blue light and flicker-free technology for a more
comfortable viewing experience. We also loved
the SmartErgoBase that enables users to raise,
lower, swivel and tilt the display.
Unfortunately, attaching the monitor to the
stand is a little fiddly. There is no slot-andlock way of attaching the screen; instead you
have to lay it face down, line up the holes and
screw it together. And while it doesn’t have SD/
MMC connection ports as offered by some of
its similarly-priced competitors, it does have a
reversible USB 3.1 Type C connector that enables
users to connect to the internet, transfer audio
and video signals and even charge other devices.
When clarity of colour matters the 328P6AUBREB really delivers. This
competitively-priced monitor provides incredible image quality
and one-cable docking for enhanced convenience.
Nuki Smart Lock
Key features
Learn more
Available from
House keys: what’s the point? They can break,
get lost and even create holes in the pockets of
your favourite clothing – wouldn’t it be far better
to do without the blasted things altogether? Hell
yeah, which is where the Nuki Smart Lock comes
in. This unit can replace your existing door lock
to provide smart access – which means that your
door will unlock automatically when you get home
and then lock again safely when you leave – you
don’t even have to say “Open Sesame” (although
you can if you want).
By downloading the free app from the App
Store, you can set it up to recognise your
personal smart lock and then when you arrive
home and need to unlock your front door, it will
simply recognise your phone and open without
you having to do anything – you don’t even hav
h ve
to touch your iPhone! The app also providess an
activity log so that you can see exactly when
n yo
door was unlocked and by whom. You can also
a o
purchase the Nuki Bridge (either as a packag
with the Smart Lock or separately). This plug
device takes your Smart Lock online so that you
can control it from anywhere (handy for lettin
ng in
workmen, relatives and the like).
The Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of
your existing door lock, it doesn’t require anyy
drills or screws to install and it can be used with
w hin
about three minutes after the installation. It issn’tt
etcompatible with all doors and current lock se
ups (you can check these on the website), but
b for
futuristic security it is a step in the right direc
An intriguing concept that should improve security in your home and
mean that you have one less thing to forget when you go out. Well made
and easy to install, the Nuki Smart Lock could indeed be the future.
h free Nuk
ki app
pp pa y r iPh
with your Smart Lock so
o that the door
opens when you approa
The main unit features a
an LED ring to
signify the status (locked/unlocked)
(locked/unlocked) and
a push-button for instant opening
The Nuki Bridge is also available to take
your Smart Lock online so that you can
access/control it from anywhere
89 89
XDOCK 4+ Alarm Clock
with Bluetooth
No docking station with alarm clock
functionality would be complete without
a ‘snooze’ button to idly smack!
Controls on the side of the unit allow for
volume adjustment, alarm selection and
track skipping…
Key features
Learn more
Available from
The functionality of the XDOCK 4+ is by far
the biggest asset of this brilliant product from
KitSound. With this surprisingly lightweight piece
of kit you can: set up to two alarms; listen to
music through Bluetooth, AUX cable or lightning
connection; charge your iPhone or iPod; and tune
in to radio stations with the built-in antenna. The
mains plug also comes with three adaptors: UK,
USA and EU (the EU adaptor works in shaving
ports in bathrooms so you can listen to your
favourite tunes in the shower).
The sound quality from the speakers is far
better than you would expect from a dock that
only costs around £50. Although it may not be as
clear as extremely high-end products, the XDOCK
4+’s 40mm driver can really pack a punch. It’s an
ideal speaker for anywhere around the house and
can be easily moved around due to its petite size
and weight.
The only real drawbacks to the dock are the
slightly fiddly controls that are on the side of the
frame; this isn’t helped by a lack of remote which
means you have to physically go up to the kit to
adjust volume or other features. The XDOCK 4+
also must be plugged into the mains at all times,
which can be a bit tedious if you are moving
around a lot. However, three AAA batteries can be
put into the dock as a backup to neatly sidestep
this particular issue. An extremely effective piece
of kit that presents great value for money.
This dock is extremely good value with its multiple, well-crafted
functions. The sound quality isn’t perfect but more than does the job for
such a small piece of tech. A thoroughly recommended piece of kit.
The device comes with a mains adaptor
and you can also use an AUX 3.5mm
jack cable as a Bluetooth alternative
from all good
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Print edition available at
Digital edition available for iOS and Android
Available on the following platforms
Mamba Sleeve
This stylish sleeve from Booq
is designed to fit 13-inch
MacBooks with Touchbar
and is made from 100 per
cent natural fibre. The soft
plush lining offers premium
protection for your treasured
possession and dual YKK
high-quality zippers provide
quick and easy access when
you need it. Available in black
or grey, the Mamba Sleeve
provides an effective means of
keeping your Mac safe
in transit and comes
highly recommended.
iPhone X Case
As your iPhone X undoubtedly
posed quite a financial outlay,
you will want to provide it with
the best protection money
can buy – well this is probably
it. This case features impactabsorbing corners, a chassis
reinforced with aerospacegrade carbon fibre and a
machined aluminium bezel
– all of which meets militaryspec drop-test approval.
Needless to say, it does the
protecting job very well.
Libratone Q Adapt
In-Ear Headphones
Designed for all iPhone and iPad models with Lightning
connector ports, Libratone’s Q Adapt in-ear headphones
feature adjustable noise cancelling (CityMix) and don’t require
a cumbersome extra battery pack like other noise cancelling
headphones. Users can control exactly how much of the
outside world they let in and the headphones come with a
selection of different sizes of buds to fit all ears. They sound
phenomenal and look the part in four different colours. Why
not treat your ears to a sound sensation in 2018?
Roll Cage
iPhone X Case
Although Element Case’s other iPhone X case
doesn’t possess the same aerospace-standard
specs as the Formula (see below) it does offer a
slightly different protective solution – an actual
roll cage. You can snugly clip your iPhone X into
place as usual or, if you aren’t going to be using
it for a while and want to protect the screen, you
simply unclip the case from the back and snap it
onto the front. Not hugely practical, but it works.
Manfrotto PIXI Pano360
If you sometimes struggle to line up the perfect shot then
Manfrotto’s motorised PIXI Pano360 head could be just the
ticket. Using the supplied brackets, you can mount an iPhone,
action camera, CSC or DSLR onto this unit and then control
it using an app or remote control. You can connect to the PIXI
Pano360 via Bluetooth from a separate device (if you are using
your iPhone to photograph on) and with the app you can apply
the minutest of adjustments to frame the perfect shot.
Start animating
Scenes and props
CrazyTalk Animator 3.1
Bonus content
“With its
toolset there
is always
something new
and cool to
Learn more
Available from
Mac App Store
You may have to rush to snap up
CrazyTalk Animator 3.1 at its sale price,
but even at its full price of £69.99 for
the standard edition (or £179 for the
Pro edition) it is well worth the money.
This release builds on the solid foundations of
CrazyTalk Animator 3 by adding a small selection
of worthwhile enhancements, most notably the
option to import PSD files for characters that you
have drawn and then animate them inside the
app. This is done by dragging the character’s
body parts into corresponding folders ready to
animate them.
As well as Photoshop files, the app now
supports Affinity, Xara, Clip Studio Paint and Krita
files, and you can also now save the facial parts
of your character to use on other characters,
which is a massive time-saver when putting your
projects together. Whether you have updated from
CTA3 or are completely new to the app, using
CrazyTalk Animator 3.1 is incredibly easy. There
are batches of templates in place so that you can
simply pick a scene, drag in a character or two
and then start animating them via a series of preprogrammed poses and facial animations. If you
find that something isn’t quite working out when
viewing the sequence in Stage Mode then you can
swap it out there and then without having to revert
back to the proverbial drawing board – simplicity
is definitely one of CTA3.1’s key factors.
Of course, the app has all of the necessary
features in place for you to create your own
animations from scratch – once you are happy
with them, you can even flog them to other users
in the Reallusion Marketplace. We certainly had a
lot of fun using this app and, with its professional
toolset, there is always something new and cool to
discover. Quite, quite brilliant!
Great fun and packed to the rafters with tools to take your animations further,
this is certainly the pinnacle of animation apps as far as we’re concerned.
Discover the no.1 choice for web designers and developers.
Each issue is packed with the latest trends, technologies and
techniques, plus exclusive video tutorials. Don’t miss it!
The visual clues start off being
fairly transparent but they get much
subtler the further you progress
into the game…
With a limited number of objects to
zoom in and out of and rooms to
pan across, you can sometimes just
batter your way through a puzzle
There are only a few hours of
gameplay to be had and little reason
to replay more than once, but you’ll
not forgot Gorogoa in a hurry
“If you have
ever craved
a game that
is completely
different in style
and execution
then here it is”
Learn more
Available from
App Store
This curiously-titled adventure is the only
game that’s kept us awake at night for
quite some considerable time. It wasn’t
due to excessive screen flicker (this is as
mellow as they come) – more the concepts it asks
you to ponder and explore, and, ultimately, trying to
fathom the thought processes that lead to many of its
staggeringly diverse puzzles. If ever you have craved
a game that is completely different in terms of style
and execution then here is it, lovingly gift-wrapped!
The tale centres around a boy (and later a man)
who is chasing the eponymous creature, a hulking
beast who is both strikingly beautiful and imposingly
dangerous. Rummaging through a cupboard, the
boy finds a large bowl that is ideal for holding the
five coloured orbs that he intends to collect and
present to the beast to gain its favour. In order
to collect these orbs the boy must pass through
time, memories and dreams via doors and other
connections between panels in a 2x2 grid. You
can shift these panels around, zooming in and out
and occasionally stacking or splitting them to solve
puzzles and reveal new routes. Although this style of
gameplay isn’t an inherently new concept (we have
seen elements of it before in games like Monument
Valley), Gorogoa executes it in such a way as to feel
totally fresh and unique – maybe it’s the hand-drawn
art and considered, evocative animation, but it works
phenomenally well.
Apparently this was originally conceived as a card
game and certain elements of this still remain. For
example, some images can be separated into two
layers and an outline may be left in the corner of one
layer that can be matched with another frame to help
you find a way to progress. You can have up to four
frames onscreen and occasionally you have to shuffle
them up to get to where you need to be. It’s a brilliant
concept that has been impeccably executed.
It’s not a long game and there isn’t much replay value but Gorogoa ranks as one of the
most beautifully crafted and brilliantly realised games in living memory.
With so many demands from work, home and family, there
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