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МОУ «Вейделевская средняя общеобразовательная школа
Вейделевского района Белгородской области»
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«Колледжи и университеты США»
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Выполнили учащиеся 11а класса
Гарьковская Надежда
Кушнарёва Елена
Учитель: Ушакова Т.В.
The University of
Made by Garkovskaia Nadezhda
and Kushnariova Yelena
Form 11а
Teacher: Ushakova T.V.
The university of Pennsylvania is a private
university. It is the fourth oldest Penn using the
founding dates claimed by each institution.
The University of Pennsylvania was founded by
Benjamin Franklin in 1740. Franklin's new school
would not focus on education for the clergy. Franklin
assembled a board of trustees from among the leading
citizens of the city, the first such non-sectarian board in
Undergraduate programs
The University of Pennsylvania has four undergraduate schools:
- The School of Arts & Sciences ("SAS" or "The College")
- The School of Engineering and Applied Science ("SEAS")
- The School of Nursing
- Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Graduate and professional programs
The following schools offer graduate programs:
- Annenberg School for Communication
- Graduate School of Education
- University of Pennsylvania Law School
- School of Arts & Sciences
- School of Dental Medicine
- School of Design
- School of Engineering and Applied Science
- University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
- School of Nursing
- School of Social Policy & Practice
- School of Veterinary Medicine
- Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Symbol of Penn.
Penn's Libraries, with associated school or subject area:
- Annenberg (School of Communications)
- Biddle (Law)
- Biomedical
- Center for Advanced Judaic Studies
- Chemistry
- Dental
- Engineering
- Fine Arts
- Rare Books and Manuscripts
- Van Pelt (Humanities and Social Sciences)
- Veterinary
- High Density Storage
The present core campus covers over 269 acres in a contiguous
area of western Philadelphia's University City district. All of
Penn's schools and most of its research institutes are located at
this campus. Recent improvements of the surrounding
neighborhood include the opening of several restaurants, a large
upscale grocery store, and an art-house movie theater on the
western edge of the campus.
The first athletic team at the University of Pennsylvania was a
cricket team. Penn's sports teams are called the Quakers. They
participate in the Ivy League and Division I (Division I-AA for
football) in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In
recent decades they often have been league champions in
football and basketball.
"The Red and Blue"
Penn students have a school anthem, “The Red and Blue”. The
song is sung especially loudly when competing against Ivy
school rival, Princeton University, and with different lyrics. The
official alma mater of the university is "Hail Pennsylvania".
The University of Pennsylvania is often confused with
Pennsylvania State University. "Penn" or "U Penn" refers to the
University of Pennsylvania, while "Penn State" and "PSU" refer
to Pennsylvania State University.
Nobel prize winners:
- Alan MacDiarmid
- Christian B. Anfinsen
- Lawrence Robert Klein
- Stanley B. Prusiner
- Michael S. Brown
- Gerald Edelman
- Haldan Keffer Hartline
- Otto Fritz Meyerhof
Website of the University
of Pennsylvania:
301 Boucke
University Park , Pennsylvania 16802-5901
Phone: 814.865.7550
Fax: 814.863.5889
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