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Essay on the topic: «Motherland is my world»

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Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus
Minsk State Vocational College of Printing named V. Z. Khoruzhey
Essay on the topic:
«Motherland is my world»
My Minsk, my joy and faith...
Savitskaya Daria
Group 11
Minsk, 2018
Essay on the topic:
«Motherland is my world»
My Minsk, my joy and faith...
And Motherland again
Meets me with a rainbow She has been waiting, it seems…
And I'm so glad to see her,
And I quickly
Spread my little wings:
Why, hello, my love!
Though small you are so...
Oparina Anna
My memory is a little paper boat. It rushes down the river of my fate.
Wherever the ship is, be it sharp turns of my life or just quiet waves of the time's river,
it provides me with wonderful memories. Again and again I recall my childhood,
with all its important events, which are connected to the place of my birth –
wonderful, beautiful, magical city of Minsk. My lesser motherland, my Minsk is but a
little spot in comparison to the Universe, but for me it is a whole another world.
When I started thinking of myself as myself, I began to acknowledge the beauty of
this world, I spoke to kind and smart people, and I listened to the fascinating melody
of my lovely city: birds' singing in spring, trolleys' humming, people's morning
noises at the subway station, loud and happy rattle of the city market. What a
charming place! It was the beginning of my journey, which led me to who I am today,
the journey of a little memory-boat, that holds fragile and wonderful jewels of my
memories – precious experiences and past events – on its paper deck. There I go to
the kindergarten, excited and horrified at the same time. I am paralyzed with delight,
I am terrified by the unknown. And there I am already a first-grader. In my hands I
hold a sweet photo of a shy girl with huge snow-white bows on her braids, embracing
a bunch of fragrant dahlias. My mom holds my hand, she is so proud of me. Then –
another jewel – my graduation from school. The whole class went to stroll on the
night streets of our beloved Minsk. We met the dawn, we saw the sun casting
morning rays of light all over the sky of our dear lesser motherland, we saw the sky
turning azure, birds waking up, announcing a new day and a new, independent,
mature life...
My boat goes further. A memorable summer – the last summer before college –
went by fast and left no trace. And there I apply for college admission. It is the
College of Printing, a single, unique institution in the whole Belarus. I've studied
there for almost three years already. My Minsk gave me the opportunity to acquire a
profession in the best college ever. How could I not love my city?! I adore it with all
my heart. Genius Belarusian poet Yakub Kolas once said: «A person does not have
anything more beautiful and precious to them than their motherland. A person
without motherland is a poor creature». My city is my roots, the place where my
granddads and grandmas and all my relatives have been living in. I am a rich person!
My lesser motherland is an island, that protects me from anxiety and sadness. And
my first poem is dedicated to nothing else but Minsk:
My Minsk, my joy and faith,
All your days are important to me,
Green parks and squares,
Century-old trees and
Their shadows.
I know all your people,
We all are brothers and sisters.
Our souls are full to the brim
With flaming love of our small land.
The blue glass of the skies
Drowns in Svislach's waters.
I don't need any faerie lands –
My Minsk is the best of all cities!
Snow-white boat floats gently on the waves of life's river. I want the load of
precious jewels to be light and bright, and I hope that those jewels forever will be
filled with love to our motherland, happiness of our people and prosperity of lands of
our wonderful Belarus.
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