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Test 1

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При выполнении задания необходимо указать Вашу фамилию, имя, отчество, группу и выделить правильный ответ в виде подчеркивания
Test №1.
Ex. 1. Supply the articles or possessive pronouns where necessary. l. It's... enquiry from... English company.... company is interested in... chemical equipment. They know we are selling... new model of... equipment. 2. of Blake & Co is very good. They sell it to different countries. 3. In... morning ... engineers look through... Russian and English newspapers and journals. 4. Where are... newspapers? They are on... desk. 5. ...engineers of ... firm often go to ... plants with foreign inspectors. 6. ...inspectors would like to go to... plant in... afternoon. 7. It's ... plant of chemical equipment plant is outside Moscow. It's... very large plant.
Ex. 2. a) Supply the correct tenses.
It's 5.30 in the afternoon. Voronin (to finish) his work. He usually (to come) home at 6 o'clock in the evening. He (to like) to be at home in the evening together with his family. They usually (to watch) TV or (to read) newspapers and journals. Now you (to see) Voronin and his family in their comfortable sitting-room. Voronin (to sit) in an armchair and (to read) a newspaper. He (to be interested) in the latest events of the day. His wife (to sit) on the sofa. She (not to read). She (to watch TV). She seldom (to watch TV) in the day-time. She (to have got) much work to do at home. Voronin's son (not to like) to watch TV. In the evening he usually (to do) his homework. Sometimes he (to write) letters to his friends in Moscow. Now you (to see) him at the table. He (to read) an English book. He (to read) English books every day. He (to like) the English language and he (to want) to speak this language well. b) Say what you have learned about evening hours in Voronin's family.
Ex. 3. a) Supply the correct prepositions.
Stepanov is the director of the firm. He works ... Russ-export. The company is very large. They sell different goods... very many countries. Stepanov's firm does busi-
ness ... French and British companies. Many customers come... Russ-export to dis-
cuss business matters... the engineers ... the company. They usually discuss prices, terms... payment, shipment and delivery. Now you see Stepanov... his office. He is sitting... the table and speak-
ing ... the phone. The com-
pany manager ... Bell & Co is phoning him. They are making an appointment... Friday. Bell & Co are interested... a new model... "
Lada". Mr Bell would like to have the catalogues and a quotation... the model.
b) Say what you have learned from the text about Stepanov and his company.
Ex. 4. Choose and use.
a) interesting, interested in.
1. This book is very
2. We are... chemical equipment.
3. Is your company... kitchen equipment? 4. Moscow is an... city.
5. What companies are... your goods? 6. I'm always... political events.
7. It's... to learn English.
b) good, well 1. Our company is doing... business with many countries. 2. The engineers of our firm know the prices for chemical equipment very 3. Does your friend speak French ~ Yes, his French is very 4. I know this man very He is a... engineer. 5. Nancy is a... secretary. She does her work
Ex. 5. a) Read the text. Philip Blake is Mr Blake's elder son. He has got a small house in Bishopton. Bishopton is a small place near London. Philip works in London. He is the manager of a plant. He always goes to London in the morning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He doesn't go to his office on Saturday and Sunday. Every morning Philip looks through newspapers. He is interested in the latest political and business events. Sometimes Philip goes to different cities to discuss business with their customers. He is a very busy man. Floy Robinson is a secretary to Mr Philip Blake. Her office is not large. She has got a typewriter, and many letters, cables and telexes on her desk. Every morning from Monday to Friday Floy comes to the office at nine. At 10 o'clock Floy usually looks through the mail and at 11 she comes into the manager's office with the letters. The manager reads them and gives answers to the letters. Floy writes them in her book and goes to her office. Floy usually has lunch at home but sometimes she has lunch at the plant with her friend Tom. She stays in the office till 5. In the evening Floy has French lessons. She learns the French language with pleasure. Floy wants to know French well to read books and see films in French.
b) Ask questions on the text. c) Say what you have learned from the text about: 1. Philip Blake; 2 Floy Robinson.
Ex. 6. Read a passage from Stephan's letter to Anna. He isn't fluent in English and to make things still worth he was very much upset when writing the letter. Correct the mistakes he's made (10 mistakes).
Dear Anna, You wanted to know if I was passed my driving test. I should confess, I haven 't. On my first test I had run out of petrol. Shortly after the restart the car was stopping again, although I didn't brake. I had tried five times to restart it. The instructor got angry, he taught me how to restart a car. The examiner moved into the driving seat and I had pushed the car to the nearest service station where I pay for the petrol. Then I had tried several times but the car wouldn't start. I was feeling awful. I am not surprised that I failed the test.
Ex. 7. Translate the article.
Чтоделать можно, а что - нельзя?
Что можно или нельзя сделать и сказать очень сильно отличается от страны к стране. Например, знак "большой палец вверх" (thumb up) во всем мире обозначает "ОК", но не в Австралии. Вы не должны делать такой жест (sign), это очень грубо. Вы можете бросить сигарету на улице Европы, но нельзя это сделать в Сингапуре. Это преследуется законом (illegal). Представления (idea) о том, что вежливо и не вежливо также различны. В Корее, например, вы должны обязательно прикрыть рот рукой, когда вы смеетесь, женщине нельзя входить в дверь первой, это должен делать мужчина. В Германии следует идти слева от женщины, а в Англии мужчина должен идти между женщиной и дорогой. В Америке нельзя дарить часы, это плохой знак. В Англии когда кто-то чихает (sneeze), вы должны сказать "Bless you", что предохраняет вас от дьявола (beep away). Таковы традиции.
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