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Petro Kalyta,
President of Ukrainian Association for Quality,
President of International Guild of Quality Professionals,
Director of the European Centre for Quality Movements Supporting
• UAQ was established in 1989 as All-Ukrainian non-governmental
professional public organisation.
• UAQ unite about 450 leading enterprises form all regions of Ukraine and
about 1000 specialists in the field of quality from different countries.
• EOQ National representative, EFQM National Partner Organization,
Basic organization of the International Guild for Quality Professionals.
• UAQ has regional branches, branch technical committees, units, clubs
(including Ukrainian Quality Leader’s Club) and professional
organizations for quality.
• UAQ conducts its activity without financial support from government.
UAQ’s Mission
п‚·UAQ is bearer of new knowledge in the field of quality and business
п‚· UAQ is a driving force of formation in Ukraine of European quality culture,
which contributes to increase of competitiveness, encourages integration
of Ukraine in EU and WTO, improvement of the people’s life.
UAQ’s Vision
п‚· UAQ is a leader of movement for quality and excellence in Ukraine.
п‚· One of the leaders of public movement for quality and excellence in the
Central and Eastern Europe.
Main Tasks of UAQ
п‚· Formation of a progressive public opinion and policies in
the field of quality
п‚· Distribution of best business practice, improvement of
quality and excellence.
п‚· Providing companies with all-round professional
assistance in increasing of competitiveness.
Principles of UAQ
- Orientation to the generally accepted human values
- Financial independence from power and political structures
- Partner relations with state, public and commercial
- Cooperation with international and national organizations
in the field of quality and mass media
- Active stand in the market of services in the field of quality and
business excellence; forestalling other organisations due to
high professionalism, prevision and fast adequate reacting
on a situation
National Projects and Developments
п‚· Goals and principles of Ukrainian National policy in the field of quality
п‚· Recommendations on development of the regional programme on
elaboration of the mechanisms and conditions of production quality
improvement and enterprises’ competitiveness increasing (1998)
 Ukrainian Charter “To business excellence and quality” (1999)
п‚· Project of Ukrainian National policy conception in the field of quality
п‚· Ukrainian Code of Fair Manufacturing Practice (2002)
п‚· Complex Assessment System of the Ukrainian Enterprises and
Organisations (2003)
National and International Projects of UAQ
 International Forum “Quality Days in Kiev”
(since 1992, annually)
п‚· European Quality Week in Ukraine (since 1995, annually)
п‚· All-Ukrainian Conference for Testing Centers (since1996,
once in two years)
п‚· All-Ukrainian Quality Convention (since 1999, once in two
 Complex International Project “Constellation of Quality”
(since 2000, annually)
 All-Ukrainian Science Conference “Quality Management
Problems” (since 2000, once in two years) and other
Main International Authorities of UAQ
п‚· Personnel certification in the EOQ system
п‚· ISTO personnel testing
п‚· Assessment of companies in accordance with EFQM Levels of
Excellence Scheme (“Recognised for Excellence in Europe”)
п‚· Accrediting and certification in the system of International Association for
Quality “SovAsK” (CIS)
п‚· Certification of quality systems (issued certificates are recognized in
Europe and in the world)
п‚· Translation, publication and distribution of the pocket Guide under
licence agreement with company GOAL/QPC (USA) on quality and
management issues
Key results
п‚· More than 400 EOQ certificates were issued to environmental and quality management
systems managers and auditors and 25 certificates ISTO on understanding of the ISO
9000:2000 standards;
п‚· About 1200 managers and specialists were trained in EOQ system
п‚· More than 200 enterprises were provided with methodical and practical assistance on
improvement of management systems on base of ISO standards and TQM conceptions
п‚· More than 200 conferences and seminars was conducted and gathered more than 15000
п‚· More than 55 publications (with edition more than 120000 copies) on quality issues was
published and distributed
п‚· More than 1000 media materials on quality and business excellence was published
п‚· 22 enterprises became winners of the Ukrainian National Quality Award; two of them
became finalists of the European Quality Award; 13 companies have received EFQM
certificates “Recognised for Excellence in Europe”
Main factors of UAQ’s success
п‚· Awareness in the middle of 80 years by group of the scientists and
specialists of exclusive importance of quality ideas
п‚· Developed scientific base in the field of the system quality management,
which was formed at the end of 80 years in the Institute of cybernetics of
the Ukrainian National Academy of sciences
 UAQ’s leaders distinguished by the high feeling of a civil liability, high
vocational training, advanced prevision and purposefulness
 Continual generation of new viability ideas in field of quality by UAQ’s
leaders and its successive realization
п‚· Long-term cooperation with EOQ, Р•FQM and UNECE
п‚· Developed and stable infrastructure of quality supporting created in
Ukraine in frame of the Ukrainian Association for Quality and distinguished
by competent personnel
Perspective projects
 Creating of the Web-portal “Quality World of Ukraine” and National
Business Center “Quality World of Ukraine”
 Creation on UAQ’s base of the European Centre for Quality Movements
Supporting (under UNECE and EOQ approval). Formation of the
Coordinating Council of Quality Leaders from the Central and Eastern
European countries
п‚· Conducting of the First International Quality Tournament of the Central
and Eastern European countries “UAQ Open Cup” on the base of the
EFQM Excellence Model (by EFQM supporting).
п‚· Conducting of the 5-th International Conference of the Central and
Eastern European countries on the theme “International Quality
Programmes and National Quality Awards – Tools of the Movements
Towards Quality and Excellence” (under auspices of EOQ, EFQM and
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