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In the present invention, the center position of the speaker unit disposed in the center between
the two speaker units in the coaxial spill force in which another slider unit is disposed
independently in the center of the flat stationary plate type speaker unit. And with the regulation
of the front and back position. The present invention relates to an fC coaxial speaker restricting
device for fixing an inner edge of a thousand-lifting plate type speaker unit. This will be
described in detail by the illustrated embodiment. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a coaxial
speaker to which the present invention is applied, and in FIG. 1, (1) tl frame, (2) a flat image
moving plate type Sveika unit for low frequency reproduction), +31 tri flat diaphragm, A circular
window hole (4) is formed at the center thereof. (5a) ij flat plate 3) outer edge, (6) is a magnetic
circuit, this magnetic circuit, the inner circular space of this magnetic circuit and the window
formed on the flat plate (3) With the holes (4). A through chamber (8) in which a cone speaker
unit (7) described later is disposed is formed. (9) is a voice coil of the flat plate moving plate (3),
(1 (1 indicates a damper). a〃 is a position restricting body, and the restricting body is composed
of a 9 circular frame concave, a plurality of legs 0, and a plurality of legs 0 turbidity; frame a'at 'I,
It is formed in the window hole (4) formed in the said plane swing plate (3) in the magnitude |
size which does not contact with this window hole (4). In this embodiment, it goes without saying
that yjl and M may be integrated to integrate the frame portion grip and the leg portion αJ.
Further, on the inner surface of the position restricting body aII, a downward engaging step
surface a4! For restricting the position of the speaker unit (7) in the front-rear direction. Is
formed. And this position control body (lll ', its center line force 5. After fixing to a magnetic
circuit (6) with a screw etc. so that it may be in agreement with a center line of a plane 動 plate
type speaker unit (2), respectively. By sticking the-side edge of the inner edge (5b) of the flat
plate moving plate (3) to the upper surface of the frame portion 2, the flat plate temporary
moving speaker unit (2) is completed. Next, a high frequency reproduction speaker unit) (7) K
disposed at the center of the flat diaphragm type speaker unit l-f2) will be described. This
speaker unit) (7) Vi purpose flat type. Although other types may be used, one drawing shows that
using a cone shape. In the figure, 0ω is a magnetic circuit, and this magnetic circuit 0ω is. The
magnet aω, the pole piece (17), and the yoke a to. G mark is this magnetic times!
The outer peripheral edge (19a) of the frame 8aω is fixed so as to be able to engage with the
engagement step surface α of the position restricting body 01J. Further, the upper outer
peripheral surface (19b) d ≦ 2 of the outer peripheral edge (19a) is formed so as to be airtightly
fitted with the frame portion (1z) of the position restricting body (11). Also, (a) is a cone, 21 Jfi
voice coil, and the figure is a damper. Next, a description will be given of coaxial assembly of the
above-described planar video temporary speaker unit (2) and the speaker unit y (71). However,
the two-car unit (2071) needs to be assembled in advance. Therefore, if the speaker unit (7) is 11
people in the through room (8) of the flat diaphragm type speaker unit (2) behind the room (8),
the speaker unit (7) The outer peripheral surface (19b) is engaged with the frame portion strike.
Positioned in the center and with a frame (1! The outer peripheral edge of I (the second layer
position restricting member (193 layers) (the engaging step surface a41 of the plate 131 is fixed
to determine the position in the front-rear direction). As described above, until the positioning of
the speaker unit (7) is determined, in order to enable taking out of the speaker unit (7), the
concave surface of the magnetic circuit of the speaker unit (7) and the flat diaphragm type The
magnetic circuit (6) of the speaker unit (2) is mounted across the back surface of the speaker
unit (2), and if both are capable, as shown in FIG. 2, a mounting tool consisting of a coil spring
(23a) You may use the connection means sound of the θ equal signal. As described above,
according to the present invention, in the coaxial type speaker in which another speaker unit is
disposed so as to be separated in nines in the center of the one-sided moving plate type speaker
unit. A position restricting member which has a fixed structure in the magnetic circuit of the flat
diaphragm type speaker unit and which is used for both the control of the center position of the
speaker unit and the fixation of the inner edge of the moving plate type speaker unit. With its
position restriction body, it is possible to stick the inner edge of the flat shooting 4 / ii type
speaker unit. The central position of cis-becaninit is determined by joining with the position
control body. Further, the front-rear position of the #speaker unit is restricted by the
engagement of the speaker unit with the locking step surface of the position restricting portion.
Furthermore, since the position restricting body is as described above, the volume of the back
chamber of the 1000 mm sliding plate type speaker unit for low pitch reheating does not
decrease. It is possible to prevent the deterioration of the characteristics. FIG. 2 is a cross
sectional view showing another embodiment #JflI of the present invention.
In the figure, (2) is a 1000 F moving plate type speaker unit, (5b) / ri inner edge, (7) is a speaker
unit, ■ is a position restricting body, aa #: frame, Q31a 31a aat-s locking Step surface. Agent
Masao Oiwa
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