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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway side view of the present
invention and FIG. 2 is a rear perspective view thereof. Fig. 1-67-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention is mainly for automotive small-sized
speakers. The wind pressure received from the outer cylinder-low is reduced by one, and it is
intended that the superior of the moving plate of the driver unit is frustrated. In the figure, 1 is
the outer cylinder 2 as the middle cylinder and 3 is the inner cylinder. The numeral 4 represents
a driver unit, and the numeral 5 represents a proposed hammering hammer. Following the
proposal in detail by WJ. The car speaker is worn in the horn fist, and furthermore, the patrol
car, the fire engine, etc. are always installed with the opening of the horn facing to the side, so
the 60 district 睦 100 district In the case of an umbrella mounted on a car with this mouth
vehicle r mounted at this port, the horn outer cylinder 0 picture is subjected to a wind pressure
close to that of the hall further when the wind is from 20 sec. And, even if it is deviled from
Hornuro part, the life of the driver unit Yuuki will be in the forefront of the tubular III: Il! As a
result of being threatened, the 111 pressure is pressed to be added to the dominance, so that the
percussive dormancy of the II @ board is to be restrained sadly. Such good-restraint is inevitable
(one chair coil, which causes a sharp drop in impedance, and the acoustic conversion rate also
decreases, so that the cost of the wire coil in the voice coil is $$ It is often the case that the heat
buildup of the coil is caused by overheating. Kijima was able to find out its wild garden like Koki
by having such a broken accident mainly in the rope guard car and then in the police car, so after
the horn outer cylinder as cabinet protection as its defense measures In straight m and along the
arc of the horn circumference, open each of a plurality of 〇-shaped hammers 5 to expel
excessive wind pressure to the outside, thereby reducing pressure by 11 El. Because no rain
water is discharged to the outside by this strike test 115, the rain water is squeezed out. There is
a feature of the peak that is not to be introduced like a plate-4, real layer new 11 111 flk M 求
IIII open * outer cylinder II 嶽 W to the umbrella-along the circumferential I L Umbrella-n-
speaker car that is a τ that covers each 5 Utility model No. Bankan-People-Nopol Electric
production new 1 m tI! il, Z] Fig. 3000 J / ρ4-8, "qI ゞ ', f-' ,, 3; tar 4 龜 碩 age 1411 誇 zr1 + Jamount N cap"
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