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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows the appearance of a handset using the
noise-proof type microphone according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 shows the
appearance of the noise-proof type transmitter. In FIG. 2, 1 is a hole in the front plate, 2 is a hole
provided on the side, 3 is a connection terminal, and 4 is a case. FIG. 3 shows an internal side
view of the transmitter, and reference numerals 1 to 4 indicate the same parts as in FIG. 2, 5 is a
diaphragm and 6 is a partition plate. FIG. 4 is a front view of the transmitter. 1 1 竺 2 / / -13-開
47-so 07 (2) 弔 3 藁 5 藁 4 0 0 o Oooo ○ 000000 Q 00000-14
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a handset used for
each horizontal position, and it is a transmitter 1) having a structure capable of preventing noise.
Although a combination of a transmitting aFi microphone and an amplifier in each conventional
telephone may be used, a carbon transmitter which can easily obtain a large output is used in
most cases. These are the ones where the small amount of noise in the kin range is 1-1-1 and 1 1
1 (where you can make calls, but in areas where the noise around the silky areas is severe, one
ratio is affected (the calls are made. Shi K <(in order to become unable to go out. It is essential to
add an amplifier and perform amplification! There are 9 prices and it becomes bird price. It is an
object of the present invention to provide an anti-noise type microphone with a simple structure
that can eliminate such drawbacks. The principle of operation of the transmitter according to the
present invention is a modification of the structure of the transmitter to improve the acoustic
effect, and the diaphragm Km of the transmitter and the scrap SS sound of the rear surface Of the
microphone of the microphone, i.e., after the action of Ja and &, a hole is formed at a position
where noise pressure is applied. Wholesale 1 In the present invention, the noise components are
rounded in order to balance the non-directional noise component with the hole of the plate and
the hole of the threat itself, and the noise component is mutually canceled by the #i class of the
diaphragm. -The noise component decreases in S *, but most of the 9 minutes' power is given
only via ***, so m5 to 6 to O depending on the O sound pressure. In addition, the transmission
noise al K holes for noise prevention should be provided in mj [and be in the best performance
state with the round holes taking into consideration acoustic effects, use conditions such as
moisture proofing, protective use places etc. Needless to say, it can be opened. As described
above, in order to carry out the effect of preventing noise according to the present invention, the
microphone of the follower or the acoustic speaker is opened so that the noise pressure is
applied to the Il- of the peristaltic plate.夷 ll I can make a uniform call if there is a general noise
at a place where the ambient noise is intense and you can make a uniform call, and furthermore,
I am keeping the telephone that I am using now. It becomes possible to make a sexual exchange
IIl to Kushima without doing it. The effect is great. Next, I will refer to the present invention with
reference to the cabinet. The first one shows a parapet with anti-injury #I transmission lll m1)
according to the present invention, and as shown in-, there is a girder and a girder provided on
the persimmon 1I 11 S-□ 慟 f . Happy! Il#i。 Noise proof 1II 11 JL 2 y) 0 out-indicates a
hole, 1 indicates the location of the hole in the plate-01 H 1 K, 12 holes after 12 work plate @ 0
HF Ba hole opened to equalize the child pressure This is transmitted on the 0 side, or the
diaphragm portion is open.
The fifth Il shows the disconnection of the noise preventing type transmitter according to the
embodiment of the present invention shown in 11211, 1 is the above-mentioned 9 m @ I [K &
the large lI2 is the noise pressure on the diaphragm portion- In order to give six, S is an electrical
output connection terminal of the microphone, 4 is a housing case of the microphone. 4 shows
an acoustic diaphragm of the sti microphone, and 4 shows a terminal plate, a diaphragm unit,
and a partition plate which performs an O acoustic system. Next, the actual * Om production
according to the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. Use the
handset in the 1st place with many vh of noise. In the case of (11)-I $ from the ν1 prevention
type microphone IK11llll, it is also given from the inventory of 備-. これを
m5@KjJll#JllK11! lit! By placing 6 2 so that the noise pressure can also be
given from 1116-0 'in Fig. 4, 4-'J ^ 11 "/" o 雫% i4 /-". -When the noise pressure received from
the one hole 1 and the noise pressure received through the back hole 2 become equal, the
diaphragm diaphragm 11 does not vibrate due to the sound pressure at the noise pressure equal
to-11 k noise The noise Kl'l is said to be stationary. In this way, even if the noise-preventing
transmission speech is 5 Pvh in many parts of the noise, no output due to the noise is generated
from the transmitter, and the 1ll-OII sound can not be heard to the other party. This situation l!
When IK talk was made, I talked about noise prevention talkative ISK pottery. Sound pressure by
voice # 'i Because it is applied only from the hole 1 of the orchid self board, the sound pressure
received by the diaphragm is larger than the sound pressure from the key 11j K compared to the
8 Wh board's crackling and the blacking board Is the call sound pressure! ! 1 #)) will move. An
output is obtained from the electro-acoustic variation aS electrically and mechanically connected
to the paper moving plate by the peristaltic plate OII's movement, and a telephone call can be
performed as a partner. In this way, by using the noise-preventing type transmitter 5-, the
machine room, the technique V, etc., the noise V'- location T is also not affected by the ambient
noise, and the communication by the clear 7 R4r13 @, 箪 ta-1fr4'fJ'lF +; jjFj-'tt4QJjBk stool mtr
<L (J-# + / 14 、, 1.t, 214 214 + zr / 84 * 4 ih 117)纏 -Li, 〒, 4. $ 21 field) + <# · uZ, 1rffj-^
dream "-q q ',-, 2 n 4 el @ +? ti'f ') KK good, 3 + tj4Jki14h, iri <tJy-2t = pi, IJra + tJtiJla44r4 (fikJ, L,
1-4 tt'J2r4tlL-4--54, i play @ 4 also t-A "l, iri 搗 伽jk, t + * t1 Gong jktJi.
ψ ti + tiL 4 t 31-r positive 1 ハ 。. "E" + "EFJ @ 4- also IH + layer-,---492, + P,-4-9-5 □ 1 2 1 the 1
1 1 3 5 5 '4 σ 1 4 wards 0 、, 5.a ... 士 uμ @ ;, '-'% ,,, 'seventh floor □-' 47-ε 1007-084 111 FJ
& L out of 11 # 51 Tokyo-ward one poor 1 horizontal row ■ 4 · 1 o No. 3 Mitaka Building Mr.(Hz
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