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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of a bath
according to the present invention, a reflex, a cabinet, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a part of a
boat, and FIGS. FIGS. A to c and FIG. 5 are curve diagrams showing operation characteristics. A
ииииии bus ? Refuresokusu fist cabinet, B Ha plate, 1a~lc, 2a~2c ииииии partition plate. Fig.2-75 Open
system 52-433 (2) (a) (b)? Country ? ? 5) 5SL teaching, (H figure-76-
?Detailed description of the invention? Normal pass и 7 Letussis fist Kyabinetto (Penchit
entarogia) Fi, sealed the back side, light spy * in 11 Yabinette KJI-The front picture board, all the
holes with hooks of the work of the speaker Speaker O inner product same kind of [sealed oval
shaped O hole having 10 area, and before, a certain length O pipe (duct, port) having the same
shape as the shape of the above O hole -t) @ N @ shape 111 said the winged boat butterfly, the
effective mass of the air Og in the boat and the medium Yabinette gate lIO air = = consistent and
wave number determined by the compliance and k, and the lowest resonance shoulder number of
the speaker itself Its length is determined to be-3 to be consistent with. The nine-pass reflex
cabinet configured in this way is the speaker itself O lowest resonance frequency O above and
below (thereby making a resonance range for DR wave number part), the reproduction
characteristic of the speaker's bass region the speaker itself O view low resonance Although the
O is expanded to below the frequency, the reproduced sound in the bass region obtained from
the one-pass reflex cabinet is generally a broken OM--for example, a drum, so it can be used as a
drum. I was not satisfied with the reproduction of the low-end O-biso sound. In order to improve
the 110 points, conventionally, for example, squeeze glass cool or cotton cloth in the round part
of the boat to reduce the value of the sharpness q of the resonance K), Even in the conventional
method, the buying of the in-boat lIO air which determines the low-frequency am frequency
together with the compliance exhibited by the air inside the cabinet F is substantially zero in this
conventional method. There is a drawback that a resonance peak does not appear. According to
the present invention, when a maze-like passage is formed between the openings at both ends, a
plurality of sheets 11111 may be alternately provided from the opposite wall m so that a port is
provided. A conventional pass, 7 rettuss, middle yabinettes * tt & MII points (lhds, l's refles I s
cabinets are provided, and a circle is also O, and in the following, one embodiment showing that
O odorous content is attached. See your parents. tlsaa, home * o pass и 7 let's I cabinet Q cut *
wm is a fist, ah, 1 a figure figure port) 01 1 1 01 01 with a light O boat part O perspective view
showing the physical configuration aspect There, Jin O o m! In the gllc * -one, one side 01111 [is
illustrated in a good condition so that an internal O partition [011 attached lII like is apparent].
11 is $ Ln, m is a whole pass of a m butterfly pass, 7 letts, a conflict javinet is an evening, m is a
front picture board, 1 is a speaker, r is a whole sign of a port. The port 1 is placed in the front
tliH 11 and attached at its O end to the front board AIKm in a circular hole in a state of being
made to coincide with each other. "Affordable 4 said fence port P upper wall [l and lower wall @
dew and butterfly, respectively, multiple pieces o 91 91 @ la, lb, 1 m, k, To, II m are protrusively
installed i ) P (Illll end-to-opening maze-like passage-I4I11 # formed. b) In the case of shO, P # i,
whose M-plane shape is configured as a rectangular O%-but with a butterfly lIF face shape being
a circle O as one of port r, i is an O with any broken W-shape O % O may be used, and in any case
where K is 111K, a predicate-like passage is formed between the both ends or the Mo portion
regardless of what the Nm shape of seven is. As such, it is possible to alternately use a plurality
of partition plates experimented with each other so as to use the ports O??e. In order to form a
labyrinth-like passage between the openings at both ends as shown in FIG. Bath reflex reflex
cabinets) in the port door circle, it is easy to hold the air mass of the mass required for the Panu
reflex cabinet to perform its original operation. Both, Bo) a plurality of partition plates
experimented to 1 yen to p formed by ? ? ? ?? 9 maze-like O passage generates an acoustic
resistance at large 111 at the time of bass O impact blue O radiation In order to operate as O, in
the present invention O pass и Shi 7 I I и cabinet butterfly, bass O1? O At the time of shooting O ?
Darbyda effective-sharp O O good low-pitched OJ line in line 1-previous low-frequency
continuous amount 011, when normal O-pass и 7 Lettussu cabinet and ceramic like operating
principle In accordance with the nine self-made, it is self-involvement with the kernel that
radiates rich bass O continuous sound. Harmon 311 (J, ?? is an equivalent circuit of the
operation of the low range K of the pass, let's 11 and mid-Yabinet of the present invention! The
figure shows the equivalent circuit at the time of low-range O shock noise O section emission in
the respective figures, In the following, M (1, k,-indicates that it is, "Beka itself O equivalent mass
1 equivalent stiffness, 8-character-isoresistance," R @ is a cabinet circle, and it is 9 The
mechanical resistance by the sound absorbing material etc., 8C is the equivalent stay 7 n shown
by the medium circlet circle O air, the equivalent mass of the air in the boat at 1:00 o'clock etc.,
and the acoustic resistance is generated by the port immediately. I will.
O S @ (? II K equivalent circuit at the time of emission of the sound of the low frequency range
O continuous sound, and the equivalent circuit applied at the time of emission of the scorching of
the mass band shown in O 5 Iill (2) 5 I is the bow) PK The resistance is OK, as shown in the
figure, but it is OK as opposed to the figure in the figure. In the figure, the figure shows O% OK or
not. The acoustic resistance that is generated when forcibly passing 9 air into the pipe O is
expressed by the fact that large acoustic resistance occurs in the poda at the time of the radiation
of the amount of impact of the cocoon, and the sound resistance is adjacent to the nine air layers.
O If the sound wave normally propagates in a large diameter tube, but the viscosity is considered
to be friction between O, then the tube O axis K [all O in an angular plane? ! In the case of
pigeons where the sound particle propagates the sound waves into small diameter tubes, the air
O particle device is zero in the tube ambiguity, as the air particles carry out the same movement
and thus the losses (resistance) generated by the abrasives are small. And 61. Depending on the
position of the pipe O in the radial direction of the pipe, the amount will be large at the center of
the pipe. Influence on the air O flow Os Os length is large heat (It becomes% O where resistance
becomes large II, t, and the above-mentioned acoustic resistance Okichi S which is generated as
above, air O flow is electric Even when it changes continuously into the world, it will be greater
than if it flows continuously. Therefore, as shown in 1 ml and 1 o, both ends O! IIIqsl & IIK A
configuration in which a few partitions are alternately projected from opposing murals so that a
maze-like passage is formed O) PK or i is provided with a partition and the air is compared to a
single boat Since the diameter of the flow passage O is made small, nine sound resistance cities
are generated accordingly, and at the time of the impact sound O section, the sound resistance
assistance which appears in the steady state according to the particle velocity to rapid change of
the air flow ! Even the big acoustics! ? It is because assistance (but K) l) occurs. The above
mentioned port PK echoing resistance assistance! -A large heat of assistance can be set as in
place IIO by adjusting the number of sheets used during ? ? O 1% I1 interval of the partition
plate for +1 f?) PID III IFK to be installed, etc. weekly. ? And, as mentioned above, for the
provision of the required acoustic resistance, the fence partition plate is provided in the Pow 42
yen, and the pass / pass 7 rettuss / mid-yavinets are required for the boat to perform the O
operation originally. One yen! In the present invention, according to the present invention,
according to the present invention, the conventional example 0% GIC does not have one
drawback, and the bus ret It is possible to get a volume AK by Yabinette.
The Fang 4 garden gives the speaker an input corresponding to the bass O O-sound as shown in
the 4 4 (a) illustration and shows the waveform of the reproduced sound generated at 9 o'clock,
and the figure of 4 (4) In the conventional pass, 7 let's I set e in the middle of the playback sound
obtained in nine cases using the Yabinetto, the figure # 4 (Figure 1 shows the pass of the
invention; 7 let's cabinet) The reproduced sound O wave fist obtained when used is shown
respectively. In Fig. 4 (God, as can be seen by comparing (C), in the path of the present invention,
in the case of the 7 cabinets of the present invention, the conventional + 2) K compared to the
conventional K with shock O It is clear that a sound is obtained. -J, O Jll emits a continuous sound
from the speaker and rounds off the specific bite of the operating characteristics of the
conventional example 02 <S-Reflex Association cabinet and the Pass-Les Lets I + 1dP Yabinette
according to the present invention at 9 o'clock Characteristics of-III! In the figure, ID 1 ll IIIa, Ha,
Ia, and Tha respectively indicate output sound pressure characteristics, and before, bite 1b, 11+,
To. I show the impedance O change characteristics of I ssuile, respectively. 1 lines 1a and 11+
use the conventional O path ? reflexes and middle jabinez ? 9 and put their own M1m and I ?
in the Posi circle with grass cool Lee example of conventional cases, 1IUIIa, D is sealed wet a key
y vignette. me, amlk, Ins show the 10 houses of the book 'Jl ?1 lGA space for 7 records (l's ls
lssss). More, details KI2 @ L Well ? furnace shell can be seen in a single pass fist devised 7
column in I scan ? Yabinetto Km- information, rich psychedelic bass is emitted at the time of
radiation of the low frequency range of continuous sound, In addition, in the low-frequency
region, the amount of impact O radiation # emits an effective but low amount of regeneration,
and according to the present invention, all of the butterflies that are problematic in the
conventional example O% O have already been described. It is determined to be a storm, and it is
decided to take 10 students.
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