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Specification Claims @d (1) An electronic buzzer having a plurality of diaphragms spring-coupled
to each other as a vibration system and having a plurality of mechanical resonance frequencies of
the vibration system in an audible chest wave number region. @) A plurality of drive plates
having a spring value matching each other and having a vibration system, and this vibration in
the audio frequency range a: 4. o Electronic buzzer with multiple mechanical resonances and
driven at O excitation frequency near mechanical resonance frequency. (3) Percent AllowableElectrostatic Buzzer-In the electronic buzzer described in the second paragraph a, the electronic
buzzer is constituted by an air spring having a spring coupling. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE
INVENTION The present invention relates to an electronic buzzer provided with a number of
diaphragms. It is an electronic buzzer Oj! That the diaphragm be repelled in the vicinity of the
resonance frequency of the diaphragm which is the sound source. The electronic buzzer, which is
used for an electronic watch, a pager or the like and generates an alarm sound, is required to
operate with low power consumption for improving Ii efficiency, and the above-mentioned
conditions are important. However, assuming that the mechanical resonance frequency of the
lifting plate 5 is fl in an electronic buzzer of a conventional structure in which a driving plate is
constituted by one, for example, an electromagnetic buzzer as shown in FIG. The frequency
characteristic of is as shown in Fig. 4, and the frequency band where sufficient sound pressure
can be obtained is narrow, and it is necessary to use a means 111 for adjusting the drive
frequency to f In order to change the tone of the buzzer sound was also unreliable. The object of
the present invention is 4f! By configuring a plurality of moving plates and setting a plurality of
resonance frequencies of one moving system to be 111 ffi, respectively by these to be in the
region of the flexible ground wave a, the range in which the sound pressure can be obtained is
expanded or The present invention is to provide an electronic buzzer in which the tone color can
be changed by selectively driving the drive frequency. The operation is performed according to
FIG. No. 111 is a conventional structure in which the vibration plate EndPage: 1 is -autumn. First,
from this 1w production-, 1 is a plate made of a soft magnetic material, and there are 1-, 4- It has
a center ball 2 made of a soft magnetic material. Reference numeral 2 is a coil wound around the
center ball zK, and 4 is a drive unit made up of one or more components which are arranged
outside the center ball and which are nine ring magnets, as shown in FIG. 42 and FIG. This drive
is the same. The first vibration & 5- is supported by the support 7 and disposed at a suitable gap
from the drive unit. Furthermore, a plate 6 of a soft magnetic material is laminated on the first IJ
7 j II III plate 5, and a magnetic loop is formed by the plate 6, the magnet 4, the plate, and the
center ball 2.
If it is assumed that the coil 4 is made to flow current i i 工 5 ine j t vr, then the force coefficient
eclipse of this converter acts as a force X on the diaphragm 5 to become J'z j (field aixt m t, 0, α),
Although the ice plate 5 was photographed, the driving oak was regarded as a voltage, and the
vibration velocity type 1 was regarded as an electric current. The equivalent mechanical circuit of
the vibration system is as shown in FIG. 9, where os ′, j and rl are the compliance, effective
mass and mechanical resistance of the diaphragm 5 including the soft magnetic plate 6, and KA
Is the acoustic load impedance. Assuming that the drive capacity is constant regardless of the
frequency, the current (oscillation block * tr) flowing to zA is maximum at fs-1/2 wr T-mtst, ..., a),
and the frequency and sound at this time The pressure control is maximum near 11/1, as shown
in FIG. In the case of the characteristics shown in this figure, the above mentioned 4I! An
embodiment of KA will now be described in the main part of the present invention as shown in
FIGS. 2 and 3. First, in FIG. 2, the plate, the center ball 2, the coil 3 and the stone 4 constitute the
same drive unit as in FIG. 1, and the plate 6 made of soft magnetic wedge is fixed and the ninth
disc 5 is supported. It is supported and arranged around the body 7. Further, after passing
through vc and nitrogen rich 9, the second swing plate 8 is disposed on the support 7 with its
periphery supported. In this case, the current flowing through the coil is "x = x, 4% .omega.t1
force coefficient is K", and the same equation as the above equation .alpha.) Is applied to the first
diaphragm. The drive system vibrates the vibration system constituted by the first diaphragm 5,
the air 9, and the second diaphragm 8 by this driving camber, and the equivalent mechanical
circuit at this time is as shown in FIG. In FIG. 10, cml, fig and 't'1 are the compliance, effective
mass and mechanical resistance' of the first vibration IIJ 榎 5 including the plate 6, and '' 1tLt +
mtr1 '' is the compliance of the second diaphragm, Effective mass, mechanical resistance.
Assuming that the CAI is the compliance of the air chamber 9 and the effective areas of the first
diaphragm and the second diaphragm are equal, the value is self, the volume of the air chamber
9 is W1, the speed of sound is C1 air Assuming that the density of 密度 is 、, Oh is obtained by
the following equation, Oh = W 皇 / (C3 ・ S8)... 0) Further, ZA is an acoustic load impedance
viewed from the second diaphragm. Supplement 112k14 about effective mass and effective area,
fIm described here. ! The I-plate has a structure supported on one side, and the displacement of
its vibration is zero at the support point and produces a maximum at the center point. Therefore,
the equivalent mass is the effective mass when this is replaced with piston transport. And the
equivalent area is the effective area.
Now, in FIG. 10, if the driving torque is made constant regardless of the frequency, there are two
frequencies at which the current flowing through ZA (the vibration velocity 'x of the second
diaphragm) becomes a peak, each of f, f, In this case, the peak is in the vicinity of f = -f * and the
appearance is as shown in FIG. The existence of two sound pressure peaks in this way can be
easily analogized from the 10th equivalent function circuit, but will be further described as
follows: rl. r If the mechanical resistance of laziness and Zh are assumed to be smaller than other
impedances, the vibration velocity of the second diaphragm! は、? @ = (F, 11L1, 0m * -m-/ (Am'B # "100))-to, ..., 4), where-is an angular frequency, m, B, 0 Is a constant determined by the
following equation. A=B、、m11. O’7FL1.0m2.0Al。 B-(stamlOmg-1mlafilaAtQfiafJO good, C s + C 惧 1 、 C thirst) EndPage: 20 = O · 惧 1 + OWL heavy + OA double
formula-) from the # # ~ B ω 2 + c = o, t, Is almost a peak, so f and / or f will be calculated by the
equation above, f and f will be roughly determined, and the frequency at which the sound
pressure peak is Zh wax and fls de, according to IIIvc Also depending on the fact, it is roughly
around this fllj '*' D, and the characteristics shown in Fig. 5 should be beaten. The characteristic
shown in FIG. 5 is the case where f and f are separated, but it is also possible to make the valley
close as shown in FIG. As can be understood from the equation (15) and the button, fl and f can
be brought close to each other by making the 171-4 AOO value smaller than that of the B turtle.
Next, the electronic buzzer of the structure of FIG. 3 will be described. FIG. 3 shows the electronic
buzzer of the structure of FIG. The first diaphragm, the second diaphragm, and the drive unit are
the same as in FIG. In this case, an equivalent mechanical circuit of a vibration system constituted
by the first diaphragm 5, the air chamber 9, the second diaphragm 8, the air chamber 11 and the
third diaphragm 10 is as shown in FIG. Here, the driving force is also given by the equation α),
and C 惧 at 愼 B # rm is given by the third diaphragm's consistency, equivalent mass, and
mechanical resistance. Also, OA is the compliance of the air chamber 11, and assuming that the
second diaphragm and the third ti diaphragm effective area are equal, if the volume of the 81 air
chamber is 甑 2, then OA, It can be expressed by the following equation similarly to 弐 弐
UA*! ’@/(・。 P, BR) (7) Other circuit settings a are the same as those of 纂 10iA. There
are three frequencies at which the current flowing through the acoustic impedance ZA (the
vibration velocity of the M3 diaphragm!) Peaks as shown in FIG. Assuming that / 冨 and f 畠, the
sound pressure peaks near j't and flmfm, and the frequency characteristic of the sound pressure
of the electronic buzzer of the structure of FIG. 3 is as shown in the seventh factor. FIG. 7 is a
diagram in the case where f * = ffm and fm are respectively separated, but by appropriately
selecting the constant of the vibration system, each proximity is described as shown in FIG. And
when the number of air chambers driving it increases, the resonance point at which the sound
pressure peak is the same due to the same effect is the increase in the number of diaphragms, ie,
the increase in the number of vibration plates K. Moreover, in this embodiment, the transmission
r of the driving force of the cabinet of the diaphragm and the fM moving plate! A: It is possible to
use a nitrogen chamber, but this can of course also be configured by mechanical means. As
described above, the electronic buzzer according to the present invention has, for example, the
characteristics shown in FIG. 5 and FIG. 8, but if using the electronic buzzer having the
characteristics as shown in FIG. In this case, a large sound pressure can be obtained, and hence
the frequency of the drive current 1 is intermittently changed by fl and f 寓 as shown in a twelfth
curve. For example, two resonance points can be used at the same time by passing the frequency
composite current of the Fourier transform IE011 & waterfall waveform, etc., etc. The fact that
two frequencies can be used changes the timbre, the code of the sound as an information
transfer means In the case of a buzzer that can obtain a large sound pressure at three points of f
if iff as shown in FIG. 7, the same effect is great as the electronic buzzer that emits unique
sounds. Become. As another effect, the frequency of the discharge lamp (D aim is shown by / 1
and f in FIG. 6 by using an electronic buzzer with a colliding point approaching as shown in nest
6 and 7. , In the middle / ', 48 in the figure also fl and f. Means for absorbing the manufacturing
variation as an integrated electronic browser including the drive S power supply means, by
broadening the frequency band in which the sound pressure can be obtained with respect to the
aim, as compared with the conventional example. It is effective as Furthermore, as shown in FIG.
2 and FIG. 3, in the structure in which the diaphragms are connected to each other in the air
chamber, there is an advantage of simpler m-configuration than using a mechanical spring
material for the connection. EndPage: 3 In the past, a converter provided with a thin film such as
a synthetic resin corresponding to the second diaphragm of the second wJ of the present
invention for the purpose of preventing moisture or dust or dust of the converter can be seen. In
this thin film, the resonance frequency according to 9 is outside the audible frequency range, and
the effect of the effect increase by the resonance is extremely small in the rounding of the thin
film of the father thin film. The fourth aspect of the present invention is to use the resonance
point newly generated by the vibration plate of the super Lole 96.2, the third CD @@ and so on.
Brief description of the drawings The first gi is a conventional electronic buzzer, Fig. 2-1 is an
example of the present invention 91 jC, and Fig. 2 is an example with 21 diaphragms and Fig. 3
with 3 M. It is. Figures 4, 5, 46, 7 and 8 show the relationship between sound pressure and the
driving aid%. Figure 4 shows the timing of the electronic buzzer of the structure of Figure 1.
Figure 5-1 shows the timing of the 2m (2) # O electronic buzzer and shows Fig. 9, Fig. 10, and
Fig. 11 show the evaluation value of the vibration system. 9 shows the electronic buzzer of the
structure of FIG. 1, FIG. 10 shows the electronic buzzer of the structure of FIG. 2, FIG. 11 shows
the electronic buzzer of the structure of FIG. It is a drive current waveform in the case of driving
the electronic buzzer which has the time property shown in FIG. 5 by the frequency of f and f. 1
。。 プレート2 、センターボール、3 。。 Coil 4. ,, @ stone 5. . . 1st diaphragm 6 °. ,
Plate of soft magnetic material, 7 ° support 800. 20th diaphragm lO. Third diaphragm 9eH,. ,! 2
M M. Above Figure 9 East Figure 12 EndPage: 4
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