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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, a weight ring made of
rubber is incorporated into a whiss coil to enable reproduction in the low frequency range, and
moreover, it is 1A for a speaker showing a custom-made addition of 7 in the middle and high
frequency range. As a conventional speaker of this soil, as shown in FIG. 1, the configuration is
such that a ring 2, a ring magnet 3, and a ring top plate 4 are arranged on a plate 2, a ring 2, a
center ball-. The frame 6 is connected to the first air circuit 5 to be connected, the peripheral
portion of the diaphragm 8 is bonded by adhesive bonding with the gasket of the frame S of the
C frame, and the voice coil 9 is The middle part of this Heuss coil 9 is held by damper 1o, and the
lower part of the Heuss coil 9 is inserted without magnetic gap 111 / C of the magnetic circuit 6,
without centering, the upper surface of the central part of this diaphragm 8 In addition to
affixing the objective cap 12 to the above, it is configured by affixing a hollow circular-bed-like
subweight 13 made by using uretano resin or the like. In such a configuration, as shown by the
characteristic curve a in FIG. 6, the attenuation of the high-frequency characteristic is large, and
1 is abnormal. The present invention, which has the disadvantage that a constant lifting can not
be obtained due to a change in hardness due to a difference in the amount of application, is
intended to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional defects. 3 and the following, the present
invention's effect, will be described by [flash scene 2 · bad ~ Figure 6. A magnetic circuit 14
includes a plate 16 having a center ball 15 and a magnetic circuit 141ri. Ring shaped magnet 17.
A frame 19 is connected to the magnetic bath 14 which is constituted by the upper plate 18 in
the form of a ring or ring, and the frame 190 is rotated 1. In the engaging portion, the 81Il- # I
portion of the 1 / c diaphragm plate 21 is joined with the gasket 20 as an adhesive. A coil 22b is
wound around the lower outer periphery of a cylindrical coil bobbin 22a at the center of the
swinging support plate 21 and a coil 22b is wound. The middle of the coil 22 is held by a damper
23. The coil portion 22b is indented without being eccentric to the number cap 241'c of the
magnetic circuit 14. On the upper portion of the coil bobbin 22a of the Heuss coil 22, a weight
ring 254 composed of an Iopreno, a butyl comb, and a hard 1ff 200 or less is connected. The
weight ring 25 has an upper outer portion 11IjIlt1C 鍔 25b of the cylindrical body 26a, and has a
width Q05 to Oj mm and heights of 0.5 to 5 such that the outer diameter portion of the
cylindrical body 25a is extended to the lower surface of the lower surface 25b. The ring-shaped
slit 25c of omm is provided, and the weight of the weight of the wei-trick 25 is such that one
circle 25b is inserted inside the coil hoshino 22a, and the upper end of the coil hoshino 22a is
embedded in the slit 28c.
The dust cap 26 is attached to the upper surface of the central portion of the diaphragm 21 to
form a speaker-like structure, and the VC is custom-designed by VC. Becomes a characteristic
curve as shown in b of FIG. The characteristic song @C in FIG. 6 is a first frequency support of
the speaker obtained by removing the waiterch 25 from the speaker shown in the present
invention. As a result, according to the uninvented speaker, the low band is extended and the
holding is stabilized in the middle high band, and even in the high band 5, it is extended
compared to the conventional speaker, the reproduction band is wide, and the case is flat and
stable. It can be done. As described above, the speaker according to the present invention is
remarkably inconspicuous in one dwelling, has a wide reproduction band, and can be sufficiently
coupled with a voice coil, and can also measure the same in terms of one quality. It is a dog that
has a mochi and is Amagawa-like.
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