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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1, FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 are sectional views of an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 a, b and c show equivalent circuits. 1 is a voice
coil, 7 supports with a substrate, 6 is a mass. Calculation 2 Figure C ^) 89--
Detailed description of the invention ζ O 紘 l ツ ィ ル ル ル ル ル ル 質量 質量 質量 質量 質量 質
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example, on a putter shell 7 type speaker, the cavi special 11 is small vhk, a sealed IIX beaker,
X7. . In the case of X1-Car 92jA 'Yoshi 60 Basic' 311 L 'take low' tkvh, so low-pass O
regeneration is ms, solve the problem, J6 to increase the me system mass of the speaker to
increase the me system mass and fundamental resonance When the frequency is lowered, the
other blue areas, ie, the midrange 0 range, are reduced and overwhelmed. 迩 當 振動 vibration
system; adopting a method to increase compliance% / h black, long-term balance 47-35136-02)
L · to continue stable operation Long-term continuation of company support O compliance Force
Kl! Itがある。 This effect is self-expecting, as it depends on the company and the cabinet ell @
e air 01 compliance when it sees in m as a speaker system dem to rich, CO idea completely solves
such n problem With regard to the speaker, the speaker is a speaker that lowers the fundamental
frequency and lowers the low-lying field without lowering Nobo, 6-Fig. 1, IIs, Fig. 4: An
embodiment of this invention is also O. Do not hold, 1-1 mass l O pui soil 1 in the magnetic sky 1
4 letter town) holding, so that it is sanded around its tip q. It is mounted with compliance of
corgage bran 1> par 3 with p compliance and also with wra of a mace coil l and compliance with
a mass of a diaphragm of MO that has a compliance of more than 400 g. The first one! 91)) <>: l
""-""> l> A-30 "" "-", (m near the die coil 1) a mass of O mass of 647-36136-03 n · 30 Linda
Wearing-4's. ζO1 mass □□ 6 can be divided into compliance OD% 0D110D2 because it divides
the corrugation braun damper 3 into the inside and the outside. · ζO and elementary mass 60
rinda 中 中心 (l Isfil 111F! I) So that ODA <Cj Dt 0 O O such speakers with low, middle and high
Aokiki Km strange vibration operation will be described at a @ t) equivalent circuit @ Figure 8 t
'7. 1) all (b) a low # 1 FIG. 2 (11) shows the equivalent circuit of the high 1 middle band and
firstly shows an abbreviation for it, firstly, FIG. % A and 1 voice coil 1, diaphragm number, and
added mass 6 move integrally and vibrate in the same phase, so that the shooting 0 [compliance
011 of the old edge unit 5 and the corrugated ball damper 30 inward] Compliance ovIB-deviation
t 700 wSa large value and it becomes an open state, and the effective mass increases by the
added mass 60 wage amount M'D after all, so the basic support Jl1w1Wk is small compared to
the conventional 7 ( Lower).
Four "busy first l! (In the case of (1) middle high region KJ #, additives □, □ □. え161!
81. □3カ9.7. M: 47-36136-04'-, and since the outer 04 acts as a damper from the ring
of the mass damper 6 of the Shishido damper 3 company, the respective 2 pump FIR and 0D 1 t
(zero-(shi-)) K- & RU · And vibration system effective mass company voice coil 10 mass m
Tortoise and mass of the diaphragm 4-oOmi and 7 completion 1 turtle l! No ore decline
compared to jIIO%-. Therefore, if a speaker like this is small-sized, O-sealed and sealed, it is
possible to obtain a low-frequency KJ # and a 17% larger self-oscillation system mass and a lower
conventional common grip frequency Ik. The reproduction blue region is expanded and is selfowned in the middle and high regions, and the conventional one and the Keimonichi Nohori are
obtained, and it is possible to obtain superior sound reproduction than before. In addition, as in
the sWJa 411st, the speaker company 1g speaker having a structure in which the added mass
body 6 is attached to the voice cary by the support 7 holding the compliance 1 and the gold 7 In
the present invention O embodiment, but in the middle and high mounting O equivalent rotation
KkVh, 0DRFi co-kW-shearing damper 纂 O compliance is represented by 1 o @ Hmlle 嬉 4 in
Figure 4- 36136-05S Support with OD1? In Fi No. 111 J [corrugage opening damper 30 inside
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