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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are central sectional views showing an
embodiment of a conventional dome-shaped speaker, FIG. 3 is a central sectional view showing
an embodiment of a loudspeaker according to the present invention, and FIG. It is a frequency
characteristic view of a speaker. In the figure, 9 is a pole, 9a is an opening, 10 is a diaphragm, 15
is a cap, and 16 is a sound absorbing material. -79- Japanese Utility Model Sho. 48-36831 (2)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to a loudspeaker, in
particular to a dome shaped loudspeaker. The dome speaker has good characteristics for high
range reproduction, but lower midrange and low 48-36831-024. · · □ was not suitable for the
reproduction of the tone range, could not be reproduced faithfully. Therefore, some methods
have been taken to faithfully reproduce even the mid-low range from before. That is, as shown in
FIG. 1, a conventional general dome-shaped speaker has a pole (1) having a flat, concave or
convex (flat surface in the drawing) head and a dome-shaped diaphragm (21, the diaphragm (2)
fixed to the pole 11) and the plate (voice coil (3) located in the space between the ship and the
yoke 15 to which the pole 111 is fixed at the center) and between the registration (5) and the
plate 141 It is comprised from the magnet 161 held and held. And in this structure, fo can not be
lowered sufficiently because the size of the pack chamber (-) formed by the pole port), the
diaphragm (2), and this is limited. The low # 1 number of re-48-36831-031 was difficult.
Therefore, in order to improve 2, a dome-shaped speaker having a structure as shown in FIG. 2
has been proposed. The structure of this speaker is such that the cylindrical shaft hole (Sa) is
drilled in the pole hole of the speaker in FIG. 1 and the hole (s) in communication with the shaft
hole (1a) Drill *). In addition, a cap (7) is fixed so as to form a back space c9. And in this
structure, the pack chamber (turn) can be enlarged, f. It can be waxed, but it is not possible to
drill the tube resonance of the drilled shaft hole (la) in the pole mouth) or if it is not possible to
drill a large hole in the pole +11 The whole C pack chamber (turn) is a Hermholno resonance
tube, and it must be filled with 1,5 □ aya yA- (a) F'3 "'# ca sound material (8) as a single product.
Even if it is filled and 4 & -318B / -o4 + H 升 匈 → ← →, no flat II # property can be easily
obtained, and a large amount of sound absorbing material is required to prevent tube resonance
of the axial hole (1a). When filled in the shaft hole (Sa), the shaft hole (1a) is thin, so the air w
from the cap (7)! The bangs are introduced up to 1, substantially noric chamber (ml has become
smaller, so the reaction to the diaphragm (2) is increased, and the fo is raised, resulting in the
regeneration of the bass region It was difficult. The present invention was made focusing on the
point on the boat, and the purpose of the device is that the size of the pack chamber can be
arbitrarily selected, and furthermore, the air in the pack chamber can suppress the reaction to
the diaphragm to a small extent. In order to be able to do so, it is an object of the present
invention to provide a speaker capable of producing the mid-low range flat.
4, 48-36831-. The other object of the present invention is also to provide a speaker capable of
reliably reproducing and faithfully vibrating the diaphragm by increasing the magnetic flux
density crossing the voice coil. is there. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described together with FIG. 3 of the drawings: i 【Description, (9) is an opening (開口 ·) which is
opened so as to increase in diameter sequentially toward the front (diaslam) Ic. A pole with a &, a
mouth, a dome-like diaphragm, a whistle is a voice coil, a whistle is a plate, 0 is a pole mouth
described above) is inserted into the central hole (IIIL) #C. Gnett, (d) is a cap fixed to the back
surface of caustic oxide, by the cap (d). By the air chamber (b) and the open hole (axis) IC
between 9 <C)! A pack chamber is formed. A sound absorbing material (d) is filled in the air
chamber by the cap (d). 48-36831-06 而 The above structure Iil! Until the effect is explained
based on the above, the sound emitted to the rear (pack chamber 順次) by the diaphragm は is
sound pressure gradually as it travels through 9 (C) by the wide hole (· a) ec Then, it is effectively
collected by the sound absorbing material in the space of 9 hems by the cap (late to four, the air
is heavy). At this time, since A (* a) is opened so as to increase in diameter 1-sequentially toward
the front, tube resonance or the like may not occur even if the sound absorbing material (2) is
not filled in the opening (turtle) portion. Does not produce harmful resonances. Also air 1! (1)
Since a large amount of sound absorbing material is filled in the inside, Helmholtz resonance etc.
can be prevented. Moreover, because the sound pressure of the space ((13 and the air chamber
(b) in the pack chamber is low near the diaphragm), the pressure in the pack chamber is low, so
4 The rise in stiffness of the vibration system is relatively ineffective. 1 Cf can be lowered, so the
middle bass 1 range also plays 11! It is as flat as the mouth characteristics in Fig. 4 and can
obtain reproduced sound with a large gain. である。 The characteristic b in FIG. 4 is the
characteristic curve of the conventional dome-shaped speaker shown in FIG. Also, in the present
invention, since the front portion of the pole (9) (III close to the diaphragm) is sharp in cross
section, the magnetic flux is focused and the magnetic flux density with the plate 0 is achieved.
Becomes large, so the magnetic field acting on the voice coil tin # c becomes strong. Thus, the
vibration of the diamond flat Al 111 is surely performed, and a more faithful reproduction is
The AP-168- '(1-08 ij upper embodiment) shows that the open hole (9a) of the pole 19+ is 4
expanded towards the late C # direction, It is a gradual 4 and 4 or other shapes and 4 is possible,
and it is only necessary that it be expanded in such a way that the diameter is considered to be
large in the forward direction. Also, the pole (9) is not fixed to the center hole (taa) c of the
caustic ring (taa) c. By opening the hole in communication with the open hole (shaft), the same
effect as described above can be expected. In the wood design, as described above, the ball is
formed by forming an opening in the ball forward (diaphragm) K-which is opened so as to
increase in diameter one by one. Since the sound from the diamond 7AO-liΩΩ 1-nn / 9-go · τ
ram is effectively absorbed by the sound-guiding member of the air guide without producing
harmful resonance such as resonance, the inside of the back chamber 51! The reaction to the
diaphragm by jalc can be suppressed small, so that even the small-diameter dome-shaped
speaker can reproduce relatively flat low-pitched sound, and the cross-sectional shape of the pole
becomes pointed toward the front. Therefore, the magnetic flux is focused and the valence
density becomes large, and hence the magnetic field acting on the voice coil is strong, so that the
vibration of the diaphragm is surely performed and the reproduction such as faithful
reproduction is performed. . one
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