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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a right side view showing an embodiment of
the present invention, FIG. 2 is a front view thereof, and FIG. 3 is a central sectional view of an
AAI portion in FIG. Fig. 1-71-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 50-29130 (2)
Fig. 2 Fig. 3-7-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to the mechanism of a hand
held microphone which prevents howling back around the speaker and microphone during
transport in a loudspeaker system. In this type of howling cancellation 11 microphone for
conventional feeding equipment, two well-known single-directional type microphones, and two
upper and lower primary and secondary cartridges arranged in front of the microphones are
connected in reverse series to operate differentially. There is a difference ** talk, etc., but the
thing of the former method is a finger. -1 -I direction very strong (If the speaker and 7 directions
are adjusted, there is an effect on howe ring blocking but the directivity is high, so if the voice
input angle from the front of the cartridge center changes by 30 degrees or more The closetalking microphone belonging to the latter, which has the drawback that the sound quality is
significantly deteriorated, and the same microphone cartridge has two unique key layers, etc.,
and the cost becomes high. In order to do so, the microphone itself suffers from drawbacks such
as the layered volume of the microphone itself becoming larger and larger. The present invention
was able to obtain the original work based on the novel facts described below as a mechanism to
compensate for the forehead defect of this kind of microphone as described above. is there. The
configuration of the present proposal is, as shown in No. 3111, the same for both inside and
outside of the double cylinder that has been punched enough to ventilate enough to the outer
surface 1 and the front surface 8 flat 112 etc. A cylinder 3 of a diameter smaller than that of the
double cylinder, which is molded into m, is disposed on its concentric axis and fixed, and in the
small cylinder, the microphone cartridge holder 4 holds the microphone cartridge 5 With the
front center fixed under the center of the outer cylindrical flat ore, a space circle 6 is formed
between the small cylindrical outer circumference and the outer large cylindrical inner
circumference, and the space circle is a hollow of medium density foamed urethane.
Characterized by imposing something that can be confeded, like this & c [! 1 fixed to its bottom,
the central zone small circle cartridge push protrusion 7. The high-density urethane foam
provided with the above-mentioned structure is closed by 7Q, and the space emperor 8 is
established on the back of the five-microphone cartridge, and the operation and effect thereof are
as follows. In order to prevent howling by using the microphone cartridge of page 4 ie the rear
chamber Nktl, ambient noise and background sound supplied to the diaphragm first are the same
on the front and back of the diaphragm. If it is supplied as a signal level, the fine movement
becomes both positive and negative, so it is clear that if such a thing can be established, howling
can be completely blocked even at the time the supply of the announcement speech signal is
stopped. Is extremely difficult, so if it is possible to obtain the non-oscillating point of positive
and negative zero with respect to a certain noise level 迄, this can be expressed as X. This
mechanism was implemented focusing on this point Although the present invention implemented
in the hand chisel microphone body 9 is provided to project forward from the main body, the
surrounding single sound or background sound is a long time work board. Outer cylinder
circumference via medium density foamed urethane with surface and air permeability which can
pass through the inner cylinder through the inner cylinder and enter the space emperor and is
also supplied to the back of the diaphragm, but at this time the microphone unit front box The
mouth of the person making the announcement is close, and the face is also close to the front of
the microphone by 5 pages (usually it causes howling when it gets close in this way), then the
meeting front face microphone front body 10 and In the meantime, the noise M reflection occurs,
which is sequentially amplified by feedback circulation of the microphone, amplification shifter,
and speaker, and finally becomes howling, but the stage of the invention is at this stage. In this
case, diffuse reflection should not be applied only to the front diaphragm (at the same time as the
rear side is considerably large, the sound absorbing material urethane absorbs radio waves, so as
to control rapid return circulation. Useful, so well known The pauri 'g of the speech does not
occur during the vocal tract talking 1 and it occurs when the low level blue at the turning point
of the transmission sounding and it goes away, so before being triggered by such redness,
According to the actual practice of the invention, there is a feature that can be completely
stopped. In comparison with the conventional microphones from the results of measurement
conducted, the layer when the microphone input level is measured as constant under the same
conditions As for medium output, it was possible to raise the volume adjustment device to obtain
2d1 or more of electrical output compared to the conventional one, and at the same time, it
obtained the ill performance and characteristics that obtained 1 frequency characteristics
extremely well. It is a thing.
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