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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a perspective view, FIG. 2 is a front view, and FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view 01. 2
...... van full board, 3.4 ...... speaker mounting hole. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-53-Japanese Utility Model
Application Publication No. 50-54523 (2) Fig. 3-54-
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention relates to the conversion θ of a speaker
box fhhq made of resin concrete. The conventional speaker box is almost shaped like a cedar
because it is mostly wooden, and is generally high-convex because it receives a warmth for tesine
l'yJ and does not bluish. A cabinet made of synthetic resin is also proposed as an alternative to
this, or a combination of FM and S fat medium-Ya-bi-net is smaller in mass than wood, so it
produces a resonance publication or chattering noise, resulting in a turn-like The fact is that it is
not used as a speaker box for a 4% unit because it is not good. Since this device is a book
reconsidered in such circumstances, it has a large mass compared to synthetic synthetic fat, and
processing compared to wooden products. ? It is also an eye 1 to provide a speaker box integrally
formed of resin concrete, and to remove the above-mentioned defect of the speaker box made of
the above-mentioned wood-take synthetic tree r and the like. のである。 Seasonally this idea will
be spoofed in the illustrated example of N. In the figure, in the main body of a speaker box
molded by resin concrete, one corner of the speaker box has a flat, substantially triangular shape,
and each corner is formed by a series of curves. Upper = Upper main body 1's baffle board 2 is
moved into the bottom of main body l and inclined to the upper side 16] ... 4 is open, and the
speaker attachment of the upper @ 1 is formed so that the hole 4 is smaller in diameter than that
of the pull 1. In addition, the above baffle plate 2 is connected to the Shunbe Station of the main
body 1 through a semi-circular (4) ridge line 6 and the town ridge line 6 is below the main line 1(2) The 1λ 1 → is formed to have a large diameter and a gradually smaller diameter (see FIG. 3)
over the upper @ 11. On the other hand, the rear face of the upper 1e main body 1 is relatively
wide and middle lower, and from this open loft, the 蛸 speaker By is attached to the holes 3 and
4 when the speaker not supported by li # T is brazed into the anus. The overturn is a checkout
concrete and a cedar ton 7 cover is attached and closed. At the bottom of the main body 1, fibers
are flocked in a felt-like fashion to protect the upper surface of the table etc. which dislocates the
main body 1, and absorbs the transmission of the camera 1 etc. from the main body l @ It is
working. E Note: The main material is resin concrete with 41 in all except for @ 8. For example,
the following materials are used for resin concrete.
(1) polyester f finger (2) cold water stone 0.5 to 1,0 (3) borax 1 to 9 (4) crushed stone 5 to 15 m
(5) carbonic acid 7 carbonate (7) (2) "9" (6) Zinc stearate (7) Hard chopsticks 1! r "methyl ethyl
ketone peroxide B, P · 0 (8) accelerator cobalt of offlanate, cobalt naphthenate (9) other glass @
male, synthetic rubber foam, asbestos size heating capacity heating power suitable for C1 mass
production q The small mold is taken at t41, the molding temperature is 120 to 130 ° C., and
the mold for molding is 20 minutes to 30 min. In addition, although it changes with l / Jml
depending on the size and shape of the above-mentioned 1.1 lii 14 main body, it is possible to
adopt a method such as a common spinal cord construction method for a lift head with few jets
to be molded. As described in detail above, since the main body 1 is integrally molded of the
resin concrete as described above, the FN type is easy to be compared with the conventional
wooden speaker box. Because it is possible to obtain Sukikabo (4), 4 and Six, it is possible to
return to the child 1 Di [〆], and since it can be mass-produced, it can be provided to a song
cheaper than a product to wood. There is no possibility that the @ 1 wall resonates to generate
bibilli and so on because the mass is large compared to the synthetic resin, and the main body
1t7) the front surface and the peak surface are gradually narrowed upward. Because I was
inclined so that I could make I- if I made a sound also for sound # 1. In addition, since the baffle
board 2 of the main body l @ surface is inclined upward by i + jle, the diffusion of the rattle
coming out of the speaker is well performed. 1 [Eggs when the eggs become (唄 / 乙, bottom 3
has a flat triangle shape, and also has effects such as good stability.
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