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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional front view showing an
embodiment of a horn speaker according to the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1
... Yoke 2, 2 ... Magnet, 3 ... Field part, 4 ... Backing, 5 ... Domed diaphragm, 6 ... Voice coil, 10 ...
Horn. ???
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The device of the present invention is simple,
inexpensive, and has a characteristically stable horn speaker Kll. As a conventional horn speaker,
it is formed on a driver 1 Et K11 J4 @ incorporating a field wedge K11 klk plate and a winding
coil, and a number of screws are attached by using nine horns. It was composed holding the
department. In addition, it requires assembly or tWO hand opening, and by the tightening O of
the screw itself, the holding of the diaphragm shoulder edge is unstable and the te # Im is
carefully studied) Variations may be fired and quality-] 2 anxiety lil stuff. The present invention
W WII the conventional defects such as above & A. Print version, present invention according to
one embodiment. Light up. 1 & i Center @ @ Column-shaped cast snail, To 2 standing up, 6D%
with a round-shaped ? ? ? ? ? 1 and magne, 1) The field section 8 is made up by 1 # The
field portion soJ: gB, soda-soda-e1 The upper my is disposed with the adhesive agent cloth
backing layer 4 on both sides, and the peripheral portion of the dome-shaped torsion plate 6 on
the backing 4 The dome-shaped diaphragm 60 scraps are fixed to the crucible 1. And the abovementioned dome j vibration @ Is K suspends the voice coil 6 and the voice quill 801 is positioned
at the magnetic gear, g иии, where the field quill 801 is composed of field gear 11 g, It is
configured to And the horns 1o are arranged on them, and the horn 1o is arranged, and
furthermore, the lower K 61 m of the ho y 1 o and the outer periphery of the evening 1 have an
opportunity l 111 to be integrated as an opportunity. It's like being destroyed by most of the
rubbish 1). The fitting 1111 of jin and cao-yu 1 # i Okaer me adhesive agent is used to join the
self and the bed 9 both fit 1 to make the engagement unevenness for the shaft stand I am selfmade. The horn 10 # i, A equipped with the fitting cylinder 11. It may be threatened with 1.8
resin, and it is possible to use the system during construction by Yas pK. As described above, the
hornsby ? of the present invention is equipped with a voice coil on the surface of the field, and
the adhesive is applied to both sides of the dome g # sliding plate of the sliding plate and good
performance, king and condensation are performed. Because the Umbrella is worn on the 1st, the
70111 is extremely strong and 1k), and the improvement of the productivity is achieved for the
7th, the l-even at the time of assembly, the para life, the dome cleaning vibration I [E position
shift is also self-proof, at least # chain shoulder & 0 stable thing and tml, L can be cheap and
good, and the practical price is ? O ?-& ?.
4, wise-simple I! Fig. 11 is a schematic diagram showing an embodiment of the horn speaker
according to the present invention. ) 411 I ? и и и ?-/, jt и и и и и и и и @ 8 и и fist ? и field 111! , 4 и и и
? tucking, 611 и и и и dome shape lN 1 kl [, e-и и и и и и voice coil, 10 и writing ? и horn. Mrs. Fumio
Nakao and others 14) g customers 95 in the fall down. IO ?---/ / 23 '3692] Part-time name
Patent attorney Toshio Nakao 16 Inventors and agents other than the above (1) Inventor's
address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City's "t' Kadoma 1096 numbered Matsushita Electric
Industrial face Industry name G Inc. vG Ta JaV (2) agent working bl ? ? 1006 1006 Address
1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.--Name (6152) Attorney Attorney Shigeno Shigeno)
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