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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the speaker of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a horn used for the
speaker, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker of another embodiment. Fig. 4 is a
perspective view of a horn used for the same speaker. E · Voice coil · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · cover · 9 · · · · · · storage cylindrical portion, 1 · · · · · · · · · grandchild union cylindrical
portion, 11 , 18 · · · · · · · · Positioning cylinder part, 19 · · · · · · · cut. 1 1 79 1 54 1-77 136 (2) FIG.
2 FIG. 15 FIG. 3 FIG.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] Page 1 Increase l1 os name speaker · ’, 'l @ M new ideas!
Place the fake gold on the top of the cover with the quantity-question 聰 ■ 5 collection 5 ils. 'Tt)
m bar K11tlfLh ho yo outer periphery 111C cover ° O engagement-engaged fLh engagement
engagement part is a part. In the case of loading of cover, t 螢 會 14. 儒 切 金 金 1 1 am am 決 め
.界 O 界 轟 − − 1 ° 1) ー 會 會 會 ド ー ム 横 横 テ イ テ イ テ イ テ イ テ イ テ イ テ イ テ イ t
テ イ テ イ L 鏡 鏡 カ カ カ. ° 畠, t WtO-1 a a @ 1s book ell is depayeerae t) cover '() II @ 0 j l Kll
會 f 4 $-yll 1 m 1 a A-K III ° and then correctly priced * SSa, 、, II 會吹 と と と F, F F シ ー シ ッ
ト 本 ν ν QP 4 1 1 QP QP QP QP QP QP 暑 暑 轡 轡 轡 轡%%%% l l l l- It is scolded by IS & Sh%.
務 · J2 page ー ー ホ ー ン ホ ー ン ホ ー ン ホ ー ン ホ ー ン ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス
憔 憔 憔 憔 憔 憔 憔 憔 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 . For this reason, conventionally, when attaching a
horn to a driver, it has been properly positioned and connected with a screw or the like.
However, in such a construction, the production ** is 畢 '(、, 計 t 電 量 量 量 j j j j jl l I RI RI RI
RIt) J6? l # JI and & p, & J + Iif * 1 1 IQ IQ K 鳳 鳳 ti ti ti tiI 書 鬼. ° The invention of leather is
more than o1 aa to eliminate the shortcomings of the rice, chronic-% satisfactory, only t amount
I11 conventional t ° needle fL, also dressed in quality 9tt, 搗 speaker It is ゐ °% O. The
following 1 home II tube-operation 儒 OIm 纂 1 寥 1 寥 4 K KJCIII11. ■, 111-, am-K, 1 is a
cylindrical wee-seven, arranged in 511 in ζ oym-1 m PIO, and 寓 櫨 * w / * v) IIJ 1 h field
am'thh, ea field-1116 A dome g # 膳 3 page @ ′ ′ 1 horizontal 6 is placed on the top 11 via an
electromagnetic damper 4. The dome-shaped vibrating plate 5 is combined with a double □□
chair coil 61. · 01 · coil lll # i field lK 1011 air gap 7 is located. This field W1. Dome-shaped
image pickup motion @ Ss voice ": Driver unit tsgt by IL 6", 1% 4 @ ° And, this driver unit is
housed in the bottomed cover 8.
This cover is a joint tree WK "so IEitt, 10p9 @ of the storage circle llIm @ of this cover 8 is the
upper boundary 11. Fixing ring4. The dome girth, as in the case of the outside of the theory II8,
this storage cylinder 鵬 · ffl, this storage circle asss ぶ り large 掻 scratch engagement 藝 10
integrated KNm Further, the engagement hole 11 is wound on the threshold 110 of the bond
point WIL in the circle 110 for this reason WIL. At the same point of the O circle for engagement
O circle 1 III 110, a 1-shaped blow-up building 18 is formed into ζa%-$ g1 milk. ° 1 ζ, ζ O
engagement engagement circle の 1110 # 11 ー # 't electricity'? # 111 豐 1 Snow ready because
no electricity! [111 a-role is 藝 t L ′ ′ C p p, this · Tera Naru 1s is a Pow X + + house 7-4 page
[@ · O Dart 纏 and 1 l Ill f Lh. · For such a cover 8IC, horn 1s is a thin lLh, that is, a horn 16%
rhombus of a plinth, composed of snow fL, the outermost rubbish has 5 engagement circles of
the cover S 1110 OPill K ζ 、 複数 こ の 係 合 係 合 係 合 係 合 係 合 係 合 K K K K K 複数 複数
複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数
複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 複数 Max. 1111 117 and IIIK of the holding
piece 16 are placed in the above-mentioned station of the station, and the value 10 is set to 11 g.
In this device 1111111, a well known name 1 gang is included 1 ·. It became Im-like and 1 / '4 @
° t. The sound of horn 16-1 TQ yen g is not easy-80-1 fist cast. In this way, 榔 g is fL 4% OK or
not, which means that mA-4 PIK field 111. lii electric! 1 / / a, equipped with a # ° chair coil @
dom Kage-II love wear Ka "6 Li Sall / &? Hon-n 1 會 cover 5 oa Q bo bo 込 み directly, umbrellam m @ e engagement piece engagement t! 1 cover 0 fs 9 layer layer 11100 engagement hole in
the lock hole 11 can be made to be a complete single crystal according to 1. In this case, the
lower end 111111TO of the horn 16 is pressed against the peripheral edge Wt of the 1 dome
shaped vibration lever 6, and it is strongly held between the field 1111116 and the upper end. '5
bvc, ts bar aK against the field mail,-electricity y · da 4. The dovetailed ridge-416 is inserted to
insert the shell 4 J in the same position, the horn 16 is positioned 11 · · · force, <-aO storage
circle ま 9 會 · IA, ζ 0 station storage ° The position 1 ° is determined by cutting 190 惟 I @
into the inner wall of the cylinder we and 1llllts is elastically enacted by 8EN, so that centering
can be performed to all i against iI par 8 by this Ichiaki O 會 會 行 ζ fi a 'a Ke! .
Place 11% (Nt, *-) / 11l + e on '11 *, WIilam, l1ia 'and set a 110 tube (constitute a cover me1 °
IR storage circle as many as 1 -1 Turtle 1 also, 1h), in the case of this 111 界, the field side 1,
electric 菅 1 蟲 1 蟲%, dome 11 111 @ 砿 %%% 會 this t 歇 ^ "" ■ ■ · In order to make it 6n @,
1)-need to be "-" Toh · Pain port and il stand K · ー, horn 160 ffill 'decision J6 m 1811 m K) "A"
am MB, fixed ring 4 ° field In order to fit in the application of the cover III from the lower part,
engage the inner end 111100 engagement hole 11 of the engagement piece 189 cover 8 of the
horn 16 into the engagement hole 11 1 positioning cylinder Nata 1 cover no collection wt Yen
tamevc @ mm 會 1fL. It's a sum of having done one S alignment of all S products at this point. As
mentioned above, the speaker of Kx augmentation is equipped with the IIIK engagement Il on the
cover 9 to cover the IIL storage circle °°, and the cover 纏 ° on the outer cover 11 of the O
cover Ka1 combined tt 4 ho y In the case of holding S engaged, the cover oix is placed on the
cover oix circle 11111, and a plurality of cuts are formed to provide a ridge positioning ridge,
and the ridge cover and the horn III are separated by a ridge a And, this field-of the magnetic gap
blindly attend "a dome shape with a voice 謬 謬-亀 1] turtle JkF twiber Eytt is stored in 40 ^.
“Does it do not cover O 颯 W or Ho 10 positioning item-position control at @ fL, * bar and book7 7 vane IEI is centrally located at the position item f L & 1 食 O OII · IEI IIl Ink As a result, it is
possible to have a characteristic of the power as a force, and one that can be small and green.
Only 5%, so as to make a notch in the t'Ik part, 1 positioning screw S elastically fit in the cover
storage 8 bell 11KII, so the cover and the horn also hold the mto engagement In the case of a
factory, it can be improved by 4% of I + and quality-which is n% dressed and discharged. 10
Further 1 assembly% R only need to be incorporated, bis-condensed 4P 會 fll 會 is food (not
necessary, extremely easy, rich in raw Jl, rich in cost reduction. I can do something like 夷 偵 O
IIO large 1 °% O '' ch 4 °
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