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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a speaker enclosure
according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a duct portion as a main
part, and FIGS. 3 and 4 are graphs showing frequency characteristics. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... Speaker enclosure, 2 ... Buckle board, 3 ... Speaker: 4 ... Duct, 5 ... Sound absorption
part. Two Inino-JV Two Difference One! [[65- Juyo 51-78731 (2) X X −5− 5-1 ロ ー sound 9
front frequency noise RPJ + RP 安 3 3 1 Hz) → = stem-i-2一一 力 and 〔d81 外 外 亙 ψ 亙 ψ? 4
epilepsy cans 1 main 3 l · · l シ l 001 Kt Q K .. ? j, n station = number (Hz 3 → 66-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the bass reflex
type enclosure. As is well known, bass reflex type enclosures. It is also called a phase-reversal
baffle, and it works to strengthen the front and the front. The duct (port) of the bass reflex type
enclosure radiates the front sound in phase opposition to the front sound field outside the
enclosure with the (1) 1 and the like. And sound waves other than the low frequency among the
pre-sounds of this phase inversion tend to be in a relation of opposite phase to the frontal sound
and cause interference. The present invention is intended to combat the above mentioned
interference phenomena in a bass reflex speaker enclosure. Hereinafter, the present invention
will be specifically described based on the drawings. In the speaker enclosure (1) of the present
invention, the speaker (3) is dispersed on the front baffle plate (2), and a duct (4) which is bent in
an L shape inside the baffle plate (3) is provided inside A sound absorption unit (5) is attached to
a part (4 g) of the weir so as to constitute a weir. The friendly sound emitted from the back of the
speaker (3) passes through the duct (4), that is, the boat. However, because da (2) j g (4) is
broken in the middle, and there is 1/15 in the bending part (4,), the sound of frequencies higher
than about 200 (H,) is propagated Absorbed by And this sound absorption w (5) is, for example,
glass wool. If porous materials such as felt are used, there is little sound absorption of low
frequency sound. Therefore, the sound of 10 G (H,) or less necessary for phase inversion acts to
strengthen the frontal sound after one phase inversion. The applicant conducted the following
experiment to confirm this effect. The internal volume of the experimental speaker buffet fist
enclosure (1) is 50 [t], the speaker (3) uses a low I 8 (inch) dynamic speaker, and a duct (41 r L 'i
diameter 70 [■]) internally MIIIIL and large ol were used for direct II4. The frequency
characteristics of the experiment by Jin are as shown in the graph of FIG. This (3) Chino. As
apparent from the graph of 1), the local drop in sound pressure observed in the frequency range
of 40 ports (H,) to 2αH2] is eliminated. Therefore, in order to confirm this phenomenon, the
applicant measured the sound pressure just before the duct. The results are as shown in the
graph of Fig.4. As can be seen from the graph in the figure, when the sound absorbing portion (5)
is present in the bending portion (4,) of the duct (14), the sound pressure level Although there is
a large fluctuation, when the sound absorbing section (5) is present, the sound pressure level is
not fluctuated and is uniformed.
From experimental results such as the kernel, it will be confirmed that the sound-absorbing part
(5) in the genus of the track-shaped duct (4) works effectively. As described above, according to
the present invention, there is an advantage that the interference in the high region is reduced,
and the peripheral liquid number fluctuation is further flattened (4).
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