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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of the speaker according to the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a front view with a part cut away vertically, and FIG. 3 is an inner
view of a cover on which a treble speaker is attached. L: Bass speaker, ■: Treble speaker, C:
Cover, K1: Bass speaker cone, K2. -Treble speaker cone, S1 ... Bass speaker support frame, S2 ...
Treble spy-One car support frame. Hino 1! {}-53 1 開 52-16920 (2) 誹 21 brother 妄 3 I −-54
[Detailed description of the invention] In order to emit as faithful sound as possible for all audio
frequencies, a speaker in which two bass speakers (woofer) and two treble speakers (tweeter) are
connected is adopted, or a conventional one In the format, it is common to separately attach a
bridge frame to the support frame of the bass speaker, install a treble speaker to this, and attach
a cover to the (1) O support frame of the bass speaker. In this type of speaker, the material cost
for the bridge frame is increased separately, and the need for installation is also required. Busy
knees, so that in the present invention, one cover attached to the support frame S1 of the beaker
L is shared with the cover of the treble speaker H to the bass, and the support frame S2 of the
treble speaker H is centered on the inner surface of the cover. It is a speaker characterized by
attaching and installing. In the drawing, 1 is a cone of the bass speaker L, and Kg is a cone of the
treble speaker H. As described above, the speaker of the present invention is also used as the
cover for the low-pitch speaker L and the cover for the all-high-pitched speaker H, and the highpitched speaker H is attached and installed at the center of the inner surface. Because it does not
require a separate bridge frame, it has the benefits of reduced material costs and installation
costs, and cheap speakers.
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