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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of
the configuration of a horn driver using a porous equalizer, and FIGS. 2A and 2B are a rear view
showing the configuration of a porous equalizer on the same side and FIG. FIG. 3 is a rear view
showing the structure of a porous equalizer according to an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 4 is an exploded perspective view of the porous equalizer according to the
embodiment. Fig. 5 is a porous type according to another embodiment of the present invention?
FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view of a porous equalizer according to another embodiment of the
present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Magnetic circuit, 1a ... Ring magnet, 2 ...
Diaphragm, 2a ... Voice coil, 3 ... Horn, 5 ... Back cover, 6, 7 ... Porous equalizer, 61 to 63.71 to 77
... partial pieces. □
The present invention relates to a horn driver which constitutes a main body of a horn speaker,
and more particularly to the alteration of a horn driver having a multi-purpose equalizing cup.
For reference, a horn driver using a porous equalizer is formed, for example, as shown in FIG. In
the figure, in the figure, 1 is a magnetic circuit unit configured using a ring magnet 1a, 2 is a
voice coil 2a at the edge of the frame with a La air circuit, 1 is a rainbow diaphragm driven by 1,
3 horns, 4 is a horn A multi-hole equalizer provided at the throat portion of the second
embodiment, R-QQ, 15 is a back cover. As shown in FIG. 2 (alfbl shown in FIG. 2 (alfbl, a plurality
of sound guiding holes 4a are provided so that the point PK should be located at the throat
portion of the horn 3). So as to adjust the phase of the sound wave and to guide it to the horn 3
[7. By the way, such a porous equalizer 4 is. Since the small sound passage holes 4a are radially
provided and have a double shape required for the rattling accuracy, the molding is to be
integrally molded into one piece 11 'in an integral molding of a gold ring die cast Fiit According
to the external shape, a block-like WXW is formed in advance according to the external shape,
and then a plurality of sound path holes 4a are individually provided by a drill or the like.
Processing molding [7 was. However, in this case, not only are there many working processes on
molding, but many units are required for molding, which is not only difficult to mass-produce,
but also precise processing machine equipment and cutting tools are required in manufacturing.
オた。 Therefore, the manufacturing cost is high. Therefore, the horn driver using the
conventional porous equalizer has a large problem of being not easy to manufacture and
expensive. The present invention is based on the above-mentioned circumstances and provides a
porous equalizer with an easy-to-use structure and an easy-to-use and inexpensive monthly horn
driver using the porous equalizer f. The purpose is to do things. In the following, with reference
to the drawings, '#! Customs the service of 11 FIG. 8 shows a porous equalize 6 according to the
present invention, and in this case, as shown in FIG. 2 (al (a plurality of sound paths 4a of the
conventional porous equalizer 4 in FIG. On the other hand, in the direction of rotation, the
division is performed so as to be 111F [7, and the division as a unit as a unit 1 in the center part]
small part W61, the division of the part surrounding the first partial piece 61 Partial unit 62 of
the furnace 2 in units of i and I! It consists of a partial piece 63 of the bowl 8 as the outermost
part $ 1w position surrounding the partial piece 62 of two.
1) 1i (4 [al, as shown in the detailed perspective view of the divided steel, the first hall 1 min.
Piece 61-is placed on the central axis to form the central chorus hole 6 a, I'i? + Center L7 LtRoadhole 6a? -Form a number 61 of amount of contribution that crosses a part of each of the
number of sound path holes 6b of the number provided so as to be rigid. In addition, the second
partial piece 62 has an inner crest (1 to 1) against the outer surface of the first partial piece 61.
To form a toe portion 62a which forms the remaining portion of each of the @ii 鯖 and 6b, and
forms a substantially conical surface-like outer circular surface (C in F11 ′ ′ A pure groove
portion 62b is formed, which forms a part of each of the awful tone non-prints 6c provided by
−j1 so as to further surround the desk side of the plurality of sound path holes 6b. In the eighth
partial piece 63, an MW corresponding to the ai 62b on the inner circumferential surface of the
second partial piece 62 corresponding to the outer question The groove 63a of the The small
pieces 61 to 63 of the first to fourth vehicles 8 are all easily molded by resin, a one-piece
molding with a gold die casting frame, or the like. Therefore, after hitting each of them separately
(after cutting them separately, each groove 61a, 628.62b, 638 is made to correspond to the ridge
shown in FIG. 4, and the sound path holes 6b, 6c are made. Each partial piece 61.62.63 is
combined with each other to form, and BV of the porous equalizer 6 is completed as shown in
FIG. Also, in this assembly, each partial Oda 61, 62, 6.9 shall be worn by 1000 people, or # each
may be incorrupted in a suitable manner as required. Such consistency and fine l-! As described
above, each partial car weight ezIe: t that bottoms the porous equalizer 6 as described above.
Since it becomes an icy form like 63 ounces, it is easier to make each piece by -a molding book,
and it is squeezed by 2 嶌 high 粕 9)! The day is easy too. In addition, a working book for
assembling the porous type equalizer 6 by combining these, it is only simply combining and
fixing, so it can be easily performed and the workability is good. You will be able to easily make
the porous equalizer 6, and it will be costing you the cost of 71 yen. Therefore, if a horn driver is
configured using such a porous type equalizer 6, it can be manufactured inexpensively by
manufacture 41 comet. In addition, this study is not limited only to the example of the right
described above and shown in the drawings, and the gist of the present invention is not limited to
the example shown below. It goes without saying that there are ten.
For example, in the ± 1 practical right example, it is divided into a substantially cylindrical shape
and used as a porosity equalizer 6 of t 捲, but in this case six parts along the light diameter
direction at the central part as shown in FIG. It is divided into small pieces 71 to 76, and only the
outermost opening portion is composed of the eighth partial piece 63 of a part of 8 8 in FIG. The
publication type equalizer 7 or the like may be used as appropriate so as to facilitate molding as
appropriate. In the example of the same actual rotation, the sound path holes 6m, 6b, 6e, etc. are
not tapered 4 as S.phi. [7], but if they are Mk as above, they will have a tapered shape as shown
in FIG. There is also an advantage that it is extremely easy to take a bamboo-like shape as well,
for example, to make the first fore-passing hole H in the first place. According to the hJ-hi, one
five-base mock-up, the processing and molding of the porous equalizer becomes extremely easy
and it becomes a bamboo navel juice and it is possible to see the whole of the porous type
equalizer 1 We offer a horn driver that is easy to build and easy to build and offer a 9-build horn
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