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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of the
present invention 2-way headphone, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of one side thereof. 1 is a
support, 2 is a listener, 3. 4 is a housing, 5 and 6 are high and low frequency transducers, 8 and
9 are apertures, 10 is a transducer mounting plate, and 11 and 12 are ear butts.
[Detailed description of the invention] In general, the headphones are located at the two sides of
the line connecting the left and right lines, so that they radiate toward the reproduction volume
outer ear introduction port, and the ear bats It is 1: 1 to press or to cover the earlobe tube
uniformly. Therefore, the circumference of the ear, the outer ear, etc. Circle O sound pressure
distribution, phase component lJ ψ & S-Side II (nearly two, feeling that the auditory sound is on
the back 1 [11]. 1 /-The present invention provides a headphone which can obtain a sound
pressure distribution / phase distribution tube around the ear and in the external ear when the
sound source is forward or oblique forward in view of the above point ε; To aim. The proposal
was designed for this purpose. As shown in the drawing C2 C: Support 7t2] The front and rear
two high-frequency reproduction transducers in the front and rear direction in the left and right
housings 3 and da circles respectively held in place on the left and right ears of the listener Ko!
Rear 6- low frequency reproduction F housing the rear juxtaposition of the transducer j @ 乙
playback of the front tube listener's outer ear introduction lower c radiation opening t · t t
provided with a transistor mounting plate / OC, the direction opposite to the ear And back
direction 6; ear bat (earlache) / l @ 12 構造 with a structure in the shape of a dent in the form of
soft urethane 7 ohms or pinna that is acoustic and impervious to the auricle 13-/ 4 tt There are
nine headphones. Note that the inner surface C of the regeneration transducer tj · 4t housing 3-4
t; when directly attached, * Fi, * the attached plate IO is unnecessary. As a means of changing the
above-mentioned earpad 3-14 tt without pressing it to the ear pad 1 /-/ 2 1 I 6 “檜 IC two-tone
transparent Yr 4 1 for example as shown in the example shown; of the ear pad ii @ ia The front
thickness T is made thicker than the rear thickness T ', and the front part is pressed against the
ridge # 1 near the outer ear introduction port, between the rear part of the ear butt and the
auricle 13 // l 5 : Just O! INtができるようC:する。 Alternatively, after the ear bat facing
the auricles 13 and 14t, it is made of a soft sound to transparent material such as St-, an opencell urethane foam. Alternatively, an 'r% vent tube may be provided at the rear of the' i 'ear bat.
The proposed solution is the above configuration, so the high-frequency playback transducer j
emitted from the front is the playback sound of the high-frequency playback transducer. At the
same time when it enters the outer ear inlet 2, it is emitted backward. -Ear circumference JtO
sound pressure distribution in the strength range The working phase distribution is substantially
the same whether the sound source is in the front C: when it is present or just beside I: when it is
present. Therefore, even if the low-frequency reproduction transducer t is after s1; the sound
pressure distribution / phase distribution of the circle around the ear, outer ear, etc. become
close when the sound W4 is on the oblique front blade.
Therefore, IJIL can be used to monitor and reproduce sound effects on pinaural recordings. In
addition, since the headphone according to the present invention is communicated inside and
outside by the rear sound transmission C2 of the ear bat, there is no feeling of pressure like the
conventional closed type headphone and there is no inconvenience such as body temperature rip
. It has the effect of reducing physiological pain.
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