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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are sectional views showing a
conventional headphone, FIG. 3 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of the headphone of
the present invention, and FIG. Sectional drawing explaining a dimensional relationship, FIG. 5 is
a sound pressure frequency-characteristics figure of each Example of the same headphone. · · · ·
"Pants" plate, 10 · · · speaker 12 12 housing 13 earband 14 non-breathable pad structure 15
breathable pad structure hood Figure 3 Figure 4
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a headphone
which can be made to have an arbitrary sound pressure frequency characteristic by applying an
improvement to the ear pad. Conventional headphones are configured as shown in FIG. 1 and
FIG. First, the one shown in FIG. 1 has a speaker 2 mounted on one side of the baffle plate 1 and
an opening 3 at the back so as to cover the speaker 2. The ear hat 6 which consists of a urethane
foam etc. which have the closed cell which has the opening 6 at this is attached, and is
comprised. Due to this configuration / J, although the ear pad 6 is made of non-air-permeable
material such as urethane foam with closed cells, it is not completely non-air-permeable but has
some air permeability, and the air permeability varies. There was a cause to disperse the
characteristics as a headphone. In addition, although the one shown in FIG. 2 has a 1-foam
urethane earhat 7 having open cells attached to the entire surface of the baffle plate 1 on one
side of the baffle plate 1, this ear pad 7 is also an ear pad. The air permeability of the upper,
middle, and lower layers of the foamed urethane before being processed into is not constant, and
there is a variation in the air permeability of the ear pad 7 as well, and a large variation occurs in
the sound pressure frequency% note as headphones. The The present invention seeks to
eliminate the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. An embodiment of the invention will
now be described with reference to FIG. A baffle plate 8 having a sound emission hole 9 at the
center is combined with a speaker 0 on one side of the baffle plate 8 and an opening 11 is
formed on the back so as to cover the speaker 1 o. A housing 12 having the In addition, an ear
pad 13 is attached to the back of the buff full plate 8. This ear pad 13 has open cells around the
ring-shaped non-air-permeable pad structure 14 composed of foamed urethane with closed cells:
/, foamed polyethylene, rubber, etc. -A ring-shaped breathable pad structure 16 made of foamed
urethane which is made to be breathable and stabilized is arranged and configured. That is, a
concentric recess is provided on the side of the breathable pad assembly 16 attached to the
baffle plate 8, and the non-breathable pad assembly 14 is fitted in the recess to form the ear pad
13. The difference between the height h of the breathable pad structure 16 and the height 2 of
the non-breathable pad structure 14 is a portion through which air passes. By selecting the f size,
the headphone O sound pressure circumference is selected. The best branch number can be
obtained as' # note.
The following specific examples are described in-). As shown in FIG. 4, the outer diameter a of the
ear pad 13 is 63, the diameter of the speaker 1o is 60, the outer diameter C of the nonbreathable pad structure 14 is 48, and the inner diameter d is% The inner diameter e of the
elastic pad structure 15 is 28 cabinets, the height h of the breathable pad structure 16 is 10%,
and the height 2 of the non-breathable pad structure 14'7 is variously changed to -fl, h- The
sound pressure frequency characteristics (coupler characteristics) as head phone-X · n t # 6 · one
= -n were examined by changing the size of the air-permeable portion with u = f. FIG. 6 shows
sound pressure frequency characteristics when 2 is set to Om, 3 + a + @ 5 and 7 + a +++. The
sound pressure in the low range is lowered as the size of 1 increases. This is because the bass
escapes to the outside due to the breathability of the dog. Thus, even if there is variation in the
air permeability of the material constituting the ear pad 13, the desired sound pressure
frequency can be obtained by designing the height dimension of the non-air permeable pad
structure 14 in accordance with the air permeability of the material. Headphones with
characteristics can be obtained. As described above, the head of the present invention 1.
According to the configuration of the ear pad, the variation of the characteristics is eliminated,
and the quality is remarkably excellent in terms of quality, and the practical value is great.
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