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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an acoustic effect
box according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a view for explaining an electronic musical
instrument used in FIG. 1 и и и Outer plate, 2 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и speaker и и и и и иииииMicrophone.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is particularly an acoustic
effect box KM for removing noise components and obtaining an effective sound. Generally, a socalled reverberation box is known as a housing that has internally robbed a speaker ? and a
microphone; the interior of this box is a wall each time a sound is produced, and the sound
generated by the S-shaped character Bekaka is added. It is a book that picks up and outputs a
reverberant sound full of echoes and variations caused by diffuse reflection in the box. Therefore,
this reverberation yy cox is limited to the structure to obtain only the reverberation effect. By the
way, in an electronic musical instrument, since a predetermined musical tone is electronically Kff,
it generates various noises, which are increased by 1-hyr-3'13W, i "II through a speaker and a
speaker. By being output along with the musical tone, it is misunderstood by the perception and
can be heard clearly. For this reason, although a circuit-like device for removing noise is widely
used, the current situation is that the generation of some sort of noise 4 is inevitable at the time
of final output Klf. Because this fact was made in view of the above-mentioned circumstances, 4!
(2) After removing the generated musical tone in the ?I space, the sound is collected on the
inner wall of the next case by collecting the speaker and the microphone to obtain the correct
output sound. , The sound added to remove the noise component + !! ll provide an effect box. An
embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawing
surface KM. A book showing the sound effect box of the present invention on the IEI river, the
inner wall KFi sound absorbing material 8 of the outer plate 1 is attached and equipped, and the
inside is a case 4 composed of a hollow chamber and this case 4 The structure has a small
speaker 6 and a micro inside. The sound absorbing material 2 is made of, for example, a member
of a material that totally absorbs sound, such as glass wool. Further, the speakers 6 and 2-\ and
micros are attached to the inner side wall in the housing 4 at a predetermined interval tsP so as
to face each other in an arrangement relationship. The speaker S is connected to the amplifier 7
and emits an acoustic output sound when an acoustic signal is input, and the micro picks up the
output sound from the speaker 6 to obtain a final loud acoustic output sound through the
amplifier. It is connected to the speaker I. The sound effect box constructed in this way obtains,
for example, an acoustically generated sound with a three-character grid pattern by removing
noise from the sound signal produced by the electronic musical instrument shown in FIG. Used
for E. When the performance operation according to the music is performed on the performance
keyboard 10, the key operation signal rj band tone control unit tttc is supplied.
The tone control unit 11 uses the tone setting switch 12 in advance to make a tone color, a beep
foot and a finger. , And the seven tone designation, such as the tore seven-port designation, are
selectively set, and a quasi-sunset tuk (PG) IJIK! When controlled, the key rendition signal is
output to the republic performance keyboard 10. Then, the tone signal is generated from the
speaker 6 in the sound effect box through the amplifier of FIG. However, the sound produced by
the speaker 6 includes, for example, a click sound, sampling noise, and other unpleasant noise
tubes which are unnecessary as so-called noise-like musical tones. Therefore, the turtle noise
component such as a queen generated from the speaker 6 is represented by the fact that the
energy thereof is converted to the vibration Kf of the sound absorbing material 2 and waved by
touching the sound absorbing material 2 of the casing 4. Then, only the originally desired
pleasant sound-output sound from which the noise component has been removed is discarded by
the micro, and the final comfortable sound-output sound is generated from the speaker 9
through the amplification M8. Of course, the above-mentioned sound absorbing material 2 is
designed in consideration of the shape, consideration, material, and the like in the housing 4. f,
the outside $ lll shape of the case 4 may be any shape without being ? in a rectangular
parallelepiped, Ptc, the sound w effect box may have other acoustic effects besides the noise
removal K For example, a '4-,-' piece is formed in an arbitrary shape between velocity 6 and force
V in the room 8 to change the timbre of the sound from the speaker 6 toward the micro, etc. Can
be configured to obtain an effective sound. It is needless to say that the sound effect box of the
present invention can be variously modified without being considered in the embodiment. As
described in detail above, according to this invention, by installing a speaker and a microphone
inside and equiping the indoor wall of the dangerous case with a sound absorbing material, it is
possible to obtain a comfortable sound from which noise has been removed. You can get an
effective sound output sound that is completely different from the one & remaining W box, and
the electronic musical instrument (using its effect is unremarkable.
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