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Description 1, title of the invention
Coaxial speaker
3. Detailed description of the invention The present invention relates to a coaxial speaker using a
7 g flat-plated work plate as a loudspeaker for bass. O The coaxial loudspeaker conventionally
used is the center of a cone-type loudspeaker for bass There were several high-pitched speakers
in the form of horns or horns, some of which were in the company. The coaxial speaker has the
advantage that the low-pitched speaker and the high-pitched speaker are on the same axis, so
that the sense of direction of the sound and the sound image become clear. Since the radiation of
the sound from the high-tone speaker attached to the center of the low-pitch speaker is reflected
on the diaphragm and the edge of the low-pitch speaker, f # is generated and the pressurefrequency characteristic of the high-tone speaker Peaks and dips have occurred 0 In addition to
the low-pitched speaker itself, a high-pitched speaker exists as a protrusion at the center, 67t. It
had an adverse effect on ti. Well, the coaxial speaker according to the present invention is all
this? (2) EndPage: n'rc in view of a smile, using a ring-shaped flat diaphragm as a bass speaker,
centering on the above-mentioned bass speaker, and arranging a ring-shaped flat plate vibration
[II] Because it is a structure that can be placed in the high-tone speaker 6c on a plate and almost
one hundred, the efficiency of the high- and low-tone speakers is improved to make all the
characteristics of the high-peak and low-pitch speakers high. While removing the drawbacks of
the conventional coaxial speakers such as ◎ that increase the air escape from the back of the
diaphragm of the speaker, it is all-purpose to make it easy to install the speaker for cylindrical
sound The following is a brief description of the figure below. Figure 1 shows one embodiment of
the present invention. The ring-shaped flat-type moving plate shown in the present invention is
the same ll1iFI type consisting of a loudspeaker for the bass and a speaker for the high-pitched
cone Speaker disconnection! It is an lI figure. In the figure, the ring-shaped flat diaphragm of the
low-frequency speaker, 121 U! m * tllll UIDt, b Heuss coil% (31 is a magnetic circuit portion of a
high frequency sound speaker having a circular hole-like opening (3a) for attaching the high
frequency sound speaker (9) in the central portion. "K (3) (4) is connected to the circumferential
side of the ring-shaped flat plate plate". Fixing the inner edge 16+ to wait for the diaphragm ill
tine. Columnar support member waiting for pressure contact of the high-pitched speaker (9) of
the coaxial speaker (51 is connected to the outer peripheral portion of the ring-shaped flat
diaphragm, and the outer peripheral edge (7) to wait for the horizontal plate fork) Fixing /)
frame, (81 is a damper for increasing the linearity of the binding yarn, αU is mounted across the
back of the magnetic circuit of the high-tone speaker (9) and the back of the magnetic circuit of
the low-pitch speaker A non-magnetic body (a magnetic body is also acceptable) that has an
elastic ridge that is bridged and joined together 0 is configured as described in the present
invention, and an embodiment of the present invention uses a ring-shaped flat plate as a
diaphragm for bass The radiation of the back from the high-pitched speaker is a treble for the
[A scale that solves the major drawback of the conventional coaxial speaker that is reflected by
the 7I plate fi + and disturbs the characteristics of the high-tone speaker (9), but the flat-peaker's
own characteristics are also flat or not In the embodiment of the present invention, the support
member 141icEE is attached to the center part-mouth (3a) of the high-pitched speaker (9a) and
the back of the low-pitched speaker (6a). In order to obtain the high-temperature speaker (9), it is
possible to use a magnetic circuit portion larger in light than the diameter of the diaphragm, and
a high-efficiency speaker can be realized. Further, Vc is a flat-plate vibration used as a low-pitch
speaker! As the sound radiation from the I21 plate fir 躾 surface can be seen in the conventional
cone-shaped speaker, 1 outside the voice coil! 112) · Not only the radiation that escapes, but also
the high sound speaker (9) and the edge of the low sound speaker (the support member to
identify 61 ヲ + 41 vc through the opening that is opened the central portion of the magnetic
circuit of the low sound speaker (3a F) Because of the through hole 6, the sound quality can be
improved as compared with the conventional bass speaker. In addition, the speaker for tubular
sound (9) is an edge of the low-pitched speaker because the high-pitched speaker (connected
with the back of the 9's magnetic circuit and the back of the magnetic circuit of the low-pitched
speaker) For this reason, f6i is attached to the support member (41 always attached to f'L6o) For
this reason, how to attach it from the front of the high-pitched sound 1-ca (9) ヲ bass river
speaker (lab, inner diameter of bass speaker) Side edge (5) (6) paste 10,000, high-tone speaker
(9) 51: l18 workability of temple becomes good 6 o Note, high-tone speaker (9) magnetic circuit
part and bass speaker It is hoped that all the nonmagnetic materials can be used in connection
with the leakage magnetic flux, but it is also possible to use magnetic materials depending on the
purpose. FIG. 2 shows another embodiment of the present invention, in which ttll is a speaker for
a noise (the end of a ttyc coil L is fixed to the back of the magnetic circuit portion of 91, and (12+
is one of the above coil springs 1ull) At the end of the 'kt M add and bridge the center S opening
of the magnetic circuit sMt plane of the speaker for bass and attach and connect it. This
embodiment is also an object of the present invention. Crimping the high-pitched speaker to a
support member that identifies the circumferential edge of the low-pitched speaker is sufficiently
different. As described above, bear 1: L u vc1 The coaxial speaker Fi of the present invention uses
a ring-shaped flat plate speaker for bass speakers, and all the high-pitched loudspeakers on the
back side at the central portion of the magnetic circuit portion of the bass speaker. Inserting a
speaker for low frequency sound, for a low noise, for a high noise, since it is fixed to the support
member for supporting the inner peripheral edge tube of the 2 h. All the characteristics of the
speaker can be made good, and furthermore, it is possible to realize a loudspeaker for highpitched sound with a local efficiency or to make it easy to assemble, etc.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a coaxial speaker showing
one embodiment of the invention. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a single speaker showing
another embodiment of the present invention. In principle, the mountain is a swing El plate, (21
is a voice coil, (3) is a magnetic circuit unit, (41 is a support member, (5) is a frame, (6) is a
circumferential edge, (8 j is a damper, (9) ) Is a speaker for direct sound, QOI is a fixture, Qii is a
coil σ 1 one has a mounting bracket 0, and the same symbol indicates the same or equivalent
cold 1 minute ◇ agent forgery false-(7) EndPage: 3
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