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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a flat type speaker according to the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along line 1--2 of FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is a perspective
view of the main part, and FIG. FIG. 5 of the example shows the sound pressure frequency
characteristics of the present invention respectively. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 иииии Flat
diaphragm, 2 иииииии Voice coil, 5 ииииии Magnetic circuit, 9 ииииии Equalizer body, 10 ииииииии Spacer, 11 ......
radiation path, 12 ...... throughway, 13 ...... acoustic resistance member.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a flat loudspeaker for high sound using a flat diaphragm. This kind of traditional! Since the
weight of the im speaker L1 plane diaphragm is large, the magnetic circuit K needs to be
enlarged to obtain a desired sensitivity, but there is a possibility that the cost becomes high. In
addition, as viewed from the voice coil driving part of the flat diaphragm, the grip is generated on
the inner side and the outer side, so that the sound pressure and distortion characteristics
deteriorate. As the size of the diaphragm is approached, the phaser (1) k near the At diaphragm
causes At room 4 ? to deteriorate the sound pressure frequency characteristics. Therefore, the
applicant first devised and applied a flat type speaker in which a plurality of horn-shaped
radiation paths were provided separately on the front surface of the flat diaphragm to solve the
drawbacks of the conventional example and obtain sufficient effects. It succeeded. However, the
present invention aims to further improve the above-mentioned invention and to improve the
sound pressure frequency characteristics and sound pressure sensitivity of the flat type speaker.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail according to the illustrated
embodiment. In the figure, 1 is a flat diaphragm such as aluminum / 13-cam, 2 is a voice coil,
3F1 fyper, 4 is one damper. A magnetic circuit 5 includes a magnet 6, a pole 7, and a plate 8. The
front i [K of the flat diaphragm 1 described above distributes the equalizer main body 9 which is
a true rectangular parallelepiped. A spacer 10 is interposed between the diaphragm 1 and the
equalizer main body 9 to separate them 1 and 9 from each other. Then, the equalizer main body
9 is provided with a plurality of horn-shaped radiation paths 11 having a small diameter (2). At
this time, the tapered inclined surface of the nine radiation paths 11 is disposed at the central
portion and is formed looser than that of the surrounding radiation paths. Further, a cylindrical
through hole 12 is formed in the central portion of the equalizer main body, and the pattern hole
12 is filled with a glass wool or an air-permeable acoustic resistance material 13 of urethane
foam. Therefore, the sound generated from the flat diaphragm l driven by the voice coil 2 has a
horn shape in the radiation path 11, so the acoustic radiation resistance is increased, the
matching is taken off, the efficiency is improved, and the sound pressure sensitivity is increased. .
Also, by appropriately selecting the arrangement of the inlet of the radiation path 11, the sound
pressure frequency characteristic in which the peak at the high frequency limit is suppressed
becomes flat, and the through path 12 and the blue tatami mat resistance material 13 have the
same effect. Further, the Q of the high-frequency resonance can be lowered by appropriately
selecting the entire distance between the flat diaphragm 1 and the equalizer main body 9 and
applying the low resistance to the flat diaphragm IK.
From the above, the sound pressure frequency characteristic of the flat type loudspeaker
according to the present invention of FIG. 5 in comparison with the sound in the case of only the
flat type loudspeaker K of the conventional example of FIG. In particular, it was found that the
high region became flat, and the directivity was also improved.
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