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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A, a horn according to the present invention, and
a mouth 9 of FIG. 2 show sound pressure characteristics. 1 ... housing, 2 ... vibrator, 3 ... plate.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
horn. Conventional ultrasonic horns have often been used indoors, and thus have not had their
own rainproof construction. However, when it is used outdoors, there is a risk that the rain may
get into the horn due to the rain accompanied by the rain and the photographing moving
element may get wet, so that the characteristics may change. The present invention is proposed
to ameliorate the above drawbacks. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 (b) is a cross-sectional view of the horn of this
inferior, (b) is the front) / 2 ') still? Figure shows. In the housing of the horn (1), a vibrator
mounting portion (1a) of a so-cylindrical shape and a trumpet shaped horn opening (1h) are
formed in the housing of the horn. 2) is housed, the middle of the transducer surface and the
horn opening portion is provided with a middle plate for preventing medium (3), and the plates
(3) are arranged in parallel to each other of a plurality of sheets It is comprised from the element
board. Each element plate is preferably mounted at an inclination of about 45 ° to the opening
surface from the transducer side with respect to the horizontal direction, and when this horn is
used for an outdoor ultrasonic sensor, the wind is used. Even if it is accompanied by rain, there is
no fear that it will be used directly on the transducer surface. Therefore, the homologous
character is not always changed by rainwater. According to experiments, it was found that the
plate did not prevent the emission of ultrasonic waves out of the horn, and the side ropes were
smaller than conventional ones. The t2F figure shows the sound pressure characteristics of the
ultrasonic horn, (1), when the plate is not attached, (b) when the plate is attached, a is a side rope
I will. It can be seen that the side rope (2) creep is low when the plate is attached. In the present
invention, the plate is mounted in the horn opening (xb) as in the case of the weir, so the
transducer surface does not get wet even with rain accompanied by wind, and the directivity
does not change, and the side The rope also has the effect of being smaller than the conventional
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