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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a headphone speaker, FIG. 2 is a plan view of the headphone
speaker of FIG. 1, and FIG. It is a graph which shows the output sound pressure frequency
characteristic of the speaker for headphones by. 4... Diaphragm, 6.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a headphone KI & K.
Loudspeaker for headphones, different from general speakers, its output sound pressure group
wave quality or low, the middle range is flat rather than flat, rather, the output sound of the
middle, low and mid range 5 · · · · It is known that it is preferable in terms of hearing that
pressure is falling down. In general, when an equalizer having a nine positive t11 f hole having a
constant resonance resistance is disposed in front of the diaphragm, the lowest resonance
frequency f. It is known that lower range elongation can be obtained and the flat characteristic is
obtained as a whole, but this is not the preferable characteristic as the headphone cow speaker
as described above. The purpose of this is to have a sound output frequency characteristic of
earth sound as a ho-no-phone 7) · \ Loudspeaker for loudspeaker: There is K to be violated. In the
drawings, 1 denotes a frame, 2fl is a magnetic concave path attached to a frame 1, a magnet 2 &
a yoke 2b. □ A magnetic air gap G is formed between the yaw 2 b and the fray 20, consisting of
2 δ and δ 2. Reference numeral 3 denotes a whistle coil disposed in the magnetic gap G, and
reference numeral 4 denotes a diaphragm connected to the voice coil 3. The periphery of the
diaphragm 4 is supported by the frame 1 via an edge 5. Is an equalizer which is disposed on the
surface A11 of the diaphragm 4 and attached to the frame 1 and also serves as a noodle-holding
board which can not contact the diaphragm 4 from the outside. The equalize f-9 has a front
sound hole 61 of a shape, size and number as can be seen in FIG. 2 so as to have a constant
acoustic resistance, and in the embodiment, three points on its outer periphery are It is attached
to the frame 1 by projecting an appropriate thickness and applying the projection P to the frame
1 by an adhesive means such as a one-sided adhesive tago. I) By attaching the equalizer 6 to the
frame 1, a gap 8 corresponding to the thickness of the upper portion 1C and the projecting
portion P is formed in the non-adhered portion of the equalizer 6 to the frame 1. This
corresponds to the equalizer 6 and the vibration 1.1i4. The sound pressure during the period is
reduced to k (a single step of sound enjoyment (· “stops as a silent hole” I <, to change the
sound feature · positive I, the non-adhesive portion, ie the protrusion The thickness of the
projection P and the area of the projection P may be changed. The equalizer 6 is a frame 1 so
that the convex portion 6 b of the equalizer 6 enters the recess 1 & 7 of the 7 frames 1 so that
the frontal sound hole 6 a of the equalizer 6 maintains a constant position relationship with the
vibration & 4. Mounted on
Only the equalizer 6 having the front sound hole 6 & having the above-mentioned configuration
and having the front sound hole 6 & 6 attached to the front of the vibration 歇 4 without the
noise hole 8 is shown by X 'in FIG. As you can see, the relatively flat output sound pressure
characteristics. This characteristic is good as a general sneaker, but as the headphone width
headphone 9 that pushes the speaker unit to the pinna and listens to the sound, the low-mid
range is more negative than the leakage in the low-mid range, and Poor balance above. On the
other hand, in the case of only the side sound hole 8 without the positive [III sound hole 6a, as
shown by Y in FIG. Thus, “JQ'c pretends to be pregnant, this proposal has the characteristics
shown in FIG. 3, which is ρ by the front sound hole 6 & of the above-mentioned equalizer 5”. ,
FIG. 3 which is beaten by the side sound hole 8 between the equalizer 6 and the & moving plate
4! Synthesized with the characteristics as shown in # 13 and shown in FIG. U ・ Low low midrange is not much larger than high low, and a small valley is formed between the low of 500 Hz
and the low of 2 to 4 KM ・ ・ ・ ・ ideal as a speaker for / It is a practical output that the
characteristic output masonry frequency characteristic is obtained, in particular the smalldiameter iI (I) effect, the input type large 1 f, the number characteristic improved, and the
speaker capacitance of f-headphones It is very effective.
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