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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a composite speaker used in various
acoustic devices. 2. Description of the Related Art Recently, there has been a strong demand for
an on-vehicle speaker having a configuration that enables optimal reproduction according to the
in-built iriff. In addition, when the V-in-car (in the C ↓, space-wise, more compact and highperformance) is required when assembling in-vehicle, complex-type speakers are often used
because of this. As a conventional composite type speaker of this type, it is configured as shown
in FIG. 1 / co, that is, a plate 2J- having a center pole 1, VCl, and the same magnet 3 as a knoblike magnet 3) 11S play A magnetic circuit 5 (a frame 6 is connected to a peripheral portion of
the frame 60 and a peripheral portion of a cone-shaped diaphragm 8 is fixed to the peripheral
portion of the frame 60, and the vibration is generated) The voice coil 1 o 4 · coupled to the
center of the plate 8 held by the intermediate glIA ′ damper 9, and this voice coil 10 is not
eccentric to the magnetic gap 11 of the magnetic circuit 5, and the iJ embedded bass speaker 12
is A support 13 made of synthetic 4α1 fat or the like is fixed to the center pole 1 ′ ′ of the
magnetic circuit 5 of the bass speaker 12, and the support 13 is formed on the support 13.
Connecting the spino J 14 for sound, connecting the relay lead 16 to the terminal 15 provided on
the frame 6 of the bass speaker 12, connecting the relay lead 16 to the relay point of the
diaphragm 8, and connecting the high sound speaker 14 It was connected to terminal 17 and
configured. In addition, since the composite type speaker is mainly used for on-vehicle use, it was
necessary to provide a wire mesh 18 for protection and dustproof on the front of the speaker. 0
and the one shown in FIG. A support frame 19 made of synthetic resin is attached to the
periphery of the frame 60, the high sound speaker 14 is coupled to the inside of the support
frame 19, and a wire mesh 18 is provided on the front surface of the support frame 19. In such a
configuration, the high-pitched speakers 14 are all fixed to the low-pitched loudspeakers 12 and
can not be attached or detached. There was a problem that the performance of both speakers
was not fully exhibited when Further, in the conventional example shown in FIG. 2, there is a
drawback that the medium and thin (the wiring operation of the lead wire 16 becomes difficult.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned
conventional drawbacks, and provides a composite type speaker in which a high-tone speaker is
detachable from a bass speaker and performance is sufficiently maintained for the type of vehicle
used. The purpose is to
In order to achieve the above object, according to the present invention, a diaphragm is
incorporated in a frame coupled to a magnetic circuit, and a voice coil, which is embedded in a
magnetic gear knob of the magnetic circuit, is coupled to the diaphragm A speaker having a builtin concave portion on two surfaces and a support body provided with a relay terminal in a part of
the built-in concave portion is erected at a central portion of the low-tone speaker, and a relay
point of the relay terminal and the diaphragm The terminal is connected by a full relay relay wire
provided on the frame, and the high sound speaker is incorporated in the built-in recess of the
support, and a combination in which the input terminal of the high sound speaker is provided on
the outer peripheral surface is incorporated. The combination of the bass speaker and the treble
speaker can be arbitrarily selected, and if the treble speaker is simply incorporated into the
support recessed portion of the support via the combined body, electrical connection can be
simultaneously made. Is shall. Description of the Embodiments An embodiment of the present
invention will be described below with reference to FIG. 3 and FIG. A bass speaker 20 includes a
magnetic circuit 26vLc frame 26 which includes a play 1-22 having a sensor pole 21, a ringshaped magnet 23, and a ring-shaped upper plate 24. The peripheral portion of the frame 26 is
coupled with the gasket 27) and the peripheral portion of the conical diaphragm 28 is coupled,
and the central portion of the diaphragm 28 is coupled to the voice coil 30i supported by the
damper 29 The voice coil 3 ° is inserted in the magnetic circuit 31 of the magnetic circuit 25
without cjlili centering, and the lead wire of the voice coil 30 drawn out at the terminal 32
provided with the frame 26V and the middle part 1 of the diaphragm 28 Are connected by a
flexible relay lead 34 (· C, such as a copper foil wire). The On the upper surface of the sensor pole
21 of the magnetic circuit 25 of the low frequency speaker 20, a support 36 composed of a
composite (an i-type material such as 01 fat) is erected f '. At the upper portion of the support
body 35, there is provided a stepped incorporating four portion 36 having an upper portion or a
large diameter and a small diameter of the first protrusion 113, and one 11η11 of the inner
circumferential surface of the incorporating four portion 360 large diameter portion An L relay
terminal 37 is provided, in which the fit 'terminal 37 is connected with the extension i'il + of the
relay lead 34 described above. Such a support 35 built-in gate? A combined body 39 fitted to the
bottom of the high sound speaker 38 is inserted into the KISS 6 and lf. This combined body 39U1
is made of an insulator of synthetic resin or the like, and a concave portion 407 is formed in
which the magnetic circuit of the high-tone speaker 38 is fitted in the two parts.
(-The peripheral wall has the same outer diameter as y in the large diameter portion of the
support 350 incorporating four parts 36, and the lower part of the mounting recess 36 of the
support 35 in the lower part has the protrusion 41 Recess 40'f: The input terminal portion 42 of
the high sound speaker 38 is provided on the outer peripheral surface K of the portion to be
formed. With such a configuration, the performance of the bass speaker 20 and the treble
speaker 38 is selected according to the conditions of the reproduction sound field to be used,
that is, the size of the vehicle to be incorporated, etc. A composite speaker is formed by pressfitting and coupling the combined body 39 incorporating the selected high-tone speaker 38 in
the recess 36 with the input terminal portion 42 and the relay terminal 37, whereby a composite
type speaker is formed. Connection will also be possible at the same time. It is also possible to
replace the high-tone speaker 38 after confirming the reproduction state by actually listening to
it after actually incorporating it into a car. Effects of the Invention As described above, the
composite speaker of the present invention is a detachable speaker ((the support provided with
the high sound speaker is made detachable by the combination body incorporating the high
sound speaker, the bass according to the sound field used The performance of the speaker for
high-pitched sound and the speaker for high-pitched sound can be fully exhibited, and enjoyable
playback can be enjoyed, and the V-high-pitched speaker can be incorporated into the
combination through the combined body. Electrical connection is also eliminated t'L saves time
and effort of wiring work, moreover, even after V in the car, etc., the high-pitched speaker can be
replaced and the high-pitched one can be used according to the internal use for reproduction. It
has all the advantages such as replacement of speakers and failure station V (it becomes easy to
replace, etc.), which is a great industrial value.
Brief description of the drawings
1 and 2 show a conventional composite type speaker, and FIG. 3 is a sectional view showing one
embodiment of the composite type speaker of the present invention, and FIG. 4 is a sectional
view of the main part 020 · · · Bass speaker, 25-magnetic circuit, 26 · · · Humm, 28 · · Diaphragm,
30-Hoist coil, 31 · · · Magnetic gap, 32 · · · · · · Terminal · · · · · Relay point · 34 · · · relay lead rod,
35 support, 36 · · · built-in recess, 37 relay terminal, 38 · · · · Loudspeaker, 39 · · · · · · 4 o · · recess
41 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · projection part, 42 · · · · · input terminal portion.
To the name of one person Patent attorney Toshio Nakao and one other person Fig. 1ff2
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