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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing an installation state of a
conventional car stereo rear mounted speaker. FIG. 2 is a view in which a speaker adapter
according to the present invention is covered on a rear mounted type speaker of a car stereo.
・ローパスフィルタ、64・・・・・・ネットワーク、7・・・・・・コード。 -67- one
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker adapter
for use in connection with already installed speakers, and more particularly to a convenient
speaker adapter for use in rear mounted speakers of car stereos. . In a conventional car stereo, as
shown in FIG. 1, a full-range speaker 4 is installed on Th3 between the backrest 1 of the invehicle rear seat and the rear window 2 and used as a so-called rear-mounted speaker There
were many. However, the sound emitted from the speakers 4-bh and so forth is reflected by the
rear window 2 and the ceiling 5, and almost no direct sound can be obtained which directly
reaches the occupant. The object of the present invention is to reduce the high-frequency
attenuation on the apparent feeling of a car stereo rear-mounted speaker firstly, secondly to
improve the stereo separation on Me of the speaker, and thirdly to reduce the speaker The point
is to obtain a speaker adapter that can be easily made into a two-way speaker system.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail according to FIG. 2 showing a
practical example. The same part # 'i times as in FIG. In FIG. 2, the six-company adapter cabinet is
a speaker 61 for high-pitched sound, a sub-cabinet 小型 2 forming a small cabinet behind the
speaker 61, a low-pass filter 63 for attenuating high-pitched sound, and It is cheating the
network 64. The cord 7 connected to the speaker feed of FIG. 1 is disconnected to make a
tangent to the network 64, and the network 64 divides an eye from an amplifier (not shown) into
a high band and a low band. Then, the speaker 4 is connected to the low band signal output
terminal on the 21 arrow side of the network 64, and the speaker 61 is connected to the crystal
band f bow ■ output terminal. Therefore, the signal from the amplifier is divided into a high
band and a low band by the network 64, and the Ibaraki signal is radiated from the speaker 4
through the low pass filter 63 into the room and is it in the rear room? The light is reflected by
the ceiling 5s and reaches the ears of the occupant. On the other hand, a speaker 61 for the high
frequency signal FiM + sound directly radiates along with the passenger in the room. As
described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to extremely easily obtain a
two-way speaker system by utilizing the full-range speakers already installed. In addition, it can
be used especially in car stereos to obtain the advantages of the frame, such as improved highfrequency striking ability and better stereo separation.
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