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False patent "Applicant (? da IVJ B ,; 48.2J121 ░ 1 77 771) Secretary of the Office Director's
name invention speaker". $ -7 inventor 4;); i'l'lit INI /, "" ░ "If I и (r bundle eastern part Chiyodaku Marunouchi-5th No. 1 name H: (s + o) Hitachi, Ltd. (11 or 1 Le) substitution 8 Hiro Hiroshi
Yoshiyama ancient name ('y ? ? 1) Toshiyuki-? # 1 ? name of the invention ? ? ? ?
speaker ? ? ? speaker horn or a speaker horn consisting of a mixture of powder or fragment
and synthetic resin.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention adjusts to the horn of a
speaker system connected to a No. 4 or 15 radio receiver or the like. For stereo rIL storage, a
speaker system in which radio receiver 1 is connected to one hundred million radios, the
speaker's 11% rate is superior and the good frequency% is obtained 7 ') not the horn speaker 2
for flight 6 There is a tie. This horn speaker is configured by attaching the exbonen 7 dial city +equally hunted horn to the driver unit nilm that converts 'A1d No. ktj # 11g No.' Horn of the horn
speaker is its horn wall The sound pressure acts on and vibrates at the natural frequency of the
horn. L) It is necessary to increase the vibration of the material that constitutes the horn so as
not to cause vibration. There are horns molded using synthetic resin, but both have horn walls.
The horn itself is thin and fM. Because of this horn wall. There is a lip on the outside to prevent
3si movement, but by making the rib it is difficult to make the horn and it is not desirable in
design. In addition, there is a horn that is formed by cutting and cutting the inside of a metal
cylinder, but because it is manufactured by machining, it is expensive and expensive, and it is a
drawback that the material is wasted. There is. The present invention is superior to a horn which
is less expensive and does not cause unnecessary vibration. (10) Infidelity is a mixture of mineral
powder, fine particles, fragments of fragments such as rocks, pots, glass, plaster, thermosetting
thermosetting resin, thermoplasticity side, synthetic bankruptcy of boto , Injection. A speaker
horn having a predetermined shape is obtained by molding, injection molding or the like. The Ho
7 according to the present invention will be described below with reference to an embodiment
shown in FIG. FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing an embodiment of the horn according to the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view thereof, wherein l is a main horn of the horn
and 2 is a horn F) 3 provided inside the horn main body 1. To exbonen 7 dal city, it has a curved
surface such as conical and has 2 и 0EndPage: 1. Further, a circular recess 5 is provided on the
back surface 3 of the horn main body 1 around the throat of the horn, and a driver unit (not
shown) is attached to the recess 5. Further, on one side 3 of the horn book-41, 3 + [610 nut 6]
for fixing the driver unit is embedded. The nut 6 is embedded when the horn body 1 is formed.
Such a horn can be obtained as follows. Limestone fine particles first order diameter 0.6-o, 8 и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 120 g non-polyester
November effect ............. 90 g methyl ethyl ketone collar - oxide b5 ? bath ....... 1 ... white .. 1 ..........
JJC naphtheno cobalt 1% bath solution ииииии 0, 5CiO This is mixed and defoamed or poured into a
pre-formed cast iron while degassing, approximately 3 o'clock -1 release Then, the resin is cured
and then allowed to cure for about 3 hours in an atmosphere of phantom 809C, and it is taken
out from the light leg and the C-shaped fitting horn is obtained.
Depending on your needs, you may also get it as: ???? Limestone fine particle size 0.0 ~ 0.8 ~
180g и Limestone fine particle size O8S ~ 1.0 ~ 90g Limestone fine particle size 1.0 ~, Ova 90g и
methyl methacrylate 90g benzoyl peroxide 0.25g? Limestone 1a is well mixed and dried so that
those with different particle sizes are uniformly mixed. Also, do you mix methyl meta-all) acrylate
and beryllium / silicon oxide? The mixture is mixed to obtain a mixture, to which limestone fine
particles are added and mixed well. Put it in a mold made in a predetermined shape, made by
degassing it by vacuum removal, etc. in a bottle, and J & move it in a person using a vibrator etc.
g! 1) Fill the mold well so that Ji does not occur. After pouring into the mold, leave it in a qq
atmosphere of 90 Qc for 3 hours, then cool it down and remove from the mold to obtain the
specified J) horn. Also, other rocks may be used instead of limestone, or powders, 2CI, or
fragments of metal, glass, gypsum, etc. may be used. Alternatively, minerals of 2a [class or more
may be mixed. Furthermore, it may be obtained by injection molding instead of injection molding
which is injected into a mold and molded. The horn according to the present invention obtained
in this manner is larger in size than the horn molded by synthetic fI 4 skin and the horn itself
does not vibrate and can be made of an inexpensive material compared to a synthetic resin. Also,
compared to metal-formed horns, their fabrication is simple and it is rich in spit.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The first laA is a cross-sectional view of one
embodiment of the horn according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view. 1 is
a horn main body, 2 is a horn inner wall, 3 is a back of the horn, 4 is a throat, 5 is 4 parts, 6 is a
nut. Attorney Attorneys Attorney Hiroyuki End Page: 2 List of documents attached with
documents (1) Details, 1 copy (2) 1 drawing (3) 1 letter of attorney (4) Revised Japanese Patent
Application 1 copy + 1 + 'other than iJ Inventor, patent applicant or agent Inventor patent
applicant address Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Yurakucho, Tokyo-Chome 5 Landing name (,) E1 fats and
oils Ltd. Representative village 1) Tsutomu EndPage: ?
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