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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is an old view, FIG. 2 is a partial cutaway side view, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a perspective view of
a part of the separated state, and FIG. 5 is a partially cutaway side view. ?? | иииии AX speakers
support plate, 10 ... ... speaker, 11 ...... back cover, A и = иии storage room, B иииии national polity. Fig. 1
Fig. 2-4-50-112 120 (2)-42-50-12 120 (3) Fig. 3 \ B-43-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic box
such as a speaker or a player used as one of the acoustic devices. Generally, this block box is
made of a wood material that is acoustically preferable, so it is complicated to manufacture and
expensive, especially using high-grade wood and other special wood, and only S, a homogeneous
place of quality If you do not use it, you will not be able to get good sound, and it will be
expensive. It is an object of the present invention to provide an acoustic box which has excellent
formability, is suitable for mass production, and is extremely inexpensive and easy to configure. .
Moreover, in the present invention, there is no co-shooting at the time of iK, and the inn future, in
particular, even if the volume is raised, good performance t-shows in the bass band without
breaking the sound, and always maintains a stable state in all bands, It is considered to be one of
t-weights that can be configured in a well-designed and harmonious manner in a room. According
to the present invention, the large fracture 2 and the both side walls 2 'and 2' and the bottom
wall 2 ", which become the body of the tooth body, are integrally molded by heat / pressure
molding or room temperature curing using a resin concrete material, The grill net 8 which
becomes an airframe in the front and the rear face opening and the back cover 11 are provided
respectively, and it is set as a speaker box. In the illustrated one, the core material 1, for example,
a wire mesh, a porous mesh, a lattice material, a cardboard, a glass fiber mat, etc., is used in
combination with the resin concrete material, if necessary, in the west side wall. Materials of
synthetic resin such as polyester resin including unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin,
polyurethane resin, phenol resin, furan resin or resin composite of these materials, aggregate
such as crushed stone, sand, gravel, cold water sand, inorganic material A mixture of both
materials is poured into a mold so as to solidify an aggregate such as fine powder, silica sand,
white dragon sand, serpentine, or organic peroxide, and is heat-formed and curved wall The body
is m. The mixing ratio of the resin and the bone I is 1 to 50 to the aggregate, preferably 1 to 50
parts by weight of the resin, mixed and cured, curing agent (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide),
accelerator (off-lan acid) Cobalt, naphthene-cobalt, etc.), other glass fibers, sebum foam, asbestos,
etc. may be appropriately mixed to make it 7--. In addition, the outer frame 6 that combines the
dimensioning and the connecting member is integrated with the edge of the bent side of the
Kushimoto B, the edge of the resin concrete material solidified as a body, and the outer periphery
of the mouth. It is also possible to cover and hold the costume member 4 for the surface of the
backrest 1j or the scorpion.
This covering member 4 is a relief paper such as a mottled paper or a wood grain, etc.] printed
sheet or cloth, non-woven cloth is resin concrete element, Tenri, old, и и и i4V + 2 ', 2' surface or
stone Non-combustible agents such as, for example, can be sprayed with a binder or paint, etc., or
replaced with a film ditch. Resin concrete 1: Body is swollen, unification pile pile is integrated 1
group, r Ц: 1 stalk circumference except for the opening of the face and rear face, 19 :: both sides
2 /, 2 /, the ceiling wall 2 and the low wall 2 "are integrally formed without grids, and d is formed
in the forward and backward positions on the periphery of the opening connected to the storage
room A as one integral part of d A grill net or a sample can be easily attached and shuffling, the
kj- of the horizontal seat can be made uneven, or cloth, sponge, and four absorbent materials can
be bonded to perform internal processing. ?????? In the figure, 6)) k: 8.7 is required to be
completely adjustable: 1, C, and 7. The numeral 8 is a grill net which also serves as a decoration,
and is configured to be removable in a box according to the mood. A combination of 90
Yubatuful arcs and 10 high-pitched, high-pitched, medium-pitched, and low-pitched ones is
mounted on the baffle plate 9 in any combination. Then cast cast resin concrete material into the
formwork by castle frame construction and solidify it to form a box of the wall body 2, 2 ', 2' and
make a box which is formed from the opposite side root, canopy facing, bottom plate and back
and forth Covers necessary for both sides can be attached to form a speaker box. The proposal is
sky wall 2 and bottom wall 2 "and II! 11 m 2 'is integrally molded with resin concrete based
material, and grill net 8 and back cover 11 are arranged at the opening (The curved wall of the
box has a joint by mounting the acoustic member. It is not strong and distortion in the low
frequency range is properly suppressed and there is no co-imaging, ie a low co-image frequency
is lower than in wood, a lid with a feeling of lid can be produced, and a good acoustic effect can
be produced. Even if the box can be produced with high output, the sound transmission does not
break even if the volume is raised, the sound transmission is certain, the directivity of the sound
flow is also improved, and a moderate jJL amount is given to the box It is also possible to prevent
the occurrence of standing waves and to produce rich bass and clear high-pitched sound, and it
becomes possible to make only the resin concrete surrounding wall surface and the outer surface
to be harmonized with the indoor space. Good and good It is easy to form in a slick dignified
design, for example, the surface can be covered with a resin or a bonding material to improve the
feeling, and the design b can be changed in bulk, and the wall is made of resin concrete. It can be
manufactured by casting with a mold, can be manufactured at low cost, and the formability is
extremely good, and there is no joint portion between the walls in the box connection, and the
process of forming the frame and the joint may be a little. The joint is also easy to seal in advance
due to the presence of broken bodies, and a clear sound can be obtained without the occurrence
of chattering noise, and it is stable at a construction rate and inexpensive, and has no influence
on outside air fluctuations and is stable. In terms of construction, there are practical effects such
as not having to take into consideration the conventional complicated woody considerations.
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