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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the configuration of a specific
vehicle detection apparatus including an ultrasonic transmitter head according to an embodiment
of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view of the head. 10 ... electro-acoustic
transducer, 11 ... horn, 1'3 ... horn bottom, 14 ... small hole. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-121-?
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an ultrasonic wave
transmitter spatula X1l (a steep, broad directivity is obtained as described below, which is
mounted on a mobile vehicle and transmits a cumulonimbus signal). For example, as shown in
FIG. 811, a head 3 receiving a super fiR signal at a screaming place on the road 1 has nine
columns 2 and receives ultrasonic signals t hed 3 transmitted from the moving vehicle 4 In such
a system, it is necessary to provide the moving vehicle 4 with a transmission a (ultrasonic signal
generator and electric sound 11 converted river head ") for transmitting an ultrasonic sound # 1
signal. In addition, the above-mentioned 't' needs broad directivity-one! ?????? This
invention is in Fig. 2 in-! ! ! As shown as an example, the ultrasonic wave emitted from the
electric sound conversion unit 10 composed of ceramic elements is directed to the a portion 13
of the horn 11 and the reflection fll thereof is transmitted through the horn 11 to the top: a (7+)
It is made to be able to launch. и Also lfl bottom outside of horn 11! ! On the Il side, the angle C is
recommended. 141 C. A concave portion 12 is provided for easy access. The bottom 131 C is a
small hole 14 for removing water and dust from the bottom. According to the head for
transmitting a sound wave signal according to the present invention, the signal emitted from the
electric sound 1 conversion unit 1o [reflecting at the horn bottom g13 so that it can be emitted
upward through the horn 11] Because of the small size, broad directivity can be obtained. The
water accumulated in the horn bottom 13 can be removed by removing it through the small hole
14 with respect to the dripping weir, and the electroacoustic transducing part 10 is damaged by
the dripping by the dripping weir. Don't give all. 1) Further, the ultrasonic signal transmitting
head can be installed in a direction corresponding to 4- ? ? 8: иии with respect to the head 93
provided on the road 1 Vc, and reception of the ultrasonic signal can be reliably performed. .
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